Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Some Thoughts and Good Bye?"

Here is a great link to explain what is physically going to happen on 21 December 2012.! And how incredible the Mayan calendar was at predicting future Events. What you’ll learn from this video is the fact that what is going to happen has never happened before. With this knowledge the Mayans had, they did not say the End of the Known World was going to happen on 21 December 2012. Is what is said is that this is the first “Time” this particular Event in the Cosmos has ever happened. So the Mayan Astronomers could not say just what is going to happen. As I’ve written before the date 21 December 2012 representing the End of the World the Hopi Fourth World. First showed up in the book called ‘The Mayan Factor’ written by Jose Arguelles in 1987. And the End of the World was never predicted by the Mayans. Some interpreters of Mayan hieroglyphs say that there will be some sort mental awakening. An age of Aquarius to open up. When mankind will go from a Material World to a Spiritual World. As for myself, it’s better to be prepared then to do nothing at all. I’ve got my water, dried beans, rice, candles stocked up. I would try and explain just what is the ‘Mayan Galactic Alignment’, but here is a better description. So if this is my last entry, GOOD BYE. Here is another 2012 video with Santos Bonacci and others. Saying some New Awakening is about to happen.


Is a great Awakening about to happen to the World on 21 December 2012? Many have predicted this while Hollywood puts out movie after movie depicting great destruction for Mother Earth. Santos Bonacci says a Great Awakening is written in the Stars of the Universe. That the Age of Aquarius is upon the members of Mother Earth. That those in power who have brought so much pain to the inhabitants of Mother Earth, there “Time” is short. There has been so much written about these D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bases). And that the elite will soon leave to live under Mother Earth then to re-emerge when it is safe to come back to the surface of the Earth. Almost sounds like the Hopi story of how the “God” of Mother Earth orders the ‘Ant People’ to take the good inhabitants of Mother Earth. And take them underground while the surface of the Earth cleansed of all the bad peoples. The Hopi also have this same type story of how they Emerged from inside Mother Earth. To be able to escape the evil ones who were living inside Mother Earth. That is what the Hopi Emergence Story is all about.

The difference between the Hopi story of the good being taken too safe place inside Mother Earth. Is in the current rumors the truly bad people are saving themselves from destruction. As only the elite and those they need to ensure there own survival. Are taken under the Earth until they are able to return too the surface. There is a reason you have these seed storage banks already built. And that the organic non GMO seeds are safe from destruction. This is all very much like the biblical story of Noah's Ark. Plus the fact that many culture past and present have this same basic story of Noah’s Ark. To the Hopi it’s the Ant People tale.

Makes you wonder if the good elite have used the bad amongst them to do there dirty work and bidding. And the ones who imprisoned and killed those around them thinking they will be saved. Are themselves left to be killed of by some gigantic outer force (CME, Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun) destroying the surface of the Earth. Could anyone be trusted that killed his fellow human being for the sake of a future safety? Why in the hell would those in power want those around them that could be so easily motivated to kill others so easily. Knowing these same type lower forms of humanity would surely turn on them also. Look how the Federal Reserve was set up in total silence. With the elite bankers going off to Jekyll Island in the dead of the night. How few really knew what was about to happen to the money system is America and the World? I’d be willing to bet many thought they were insiders when in fact when the smoke cleared they were left on the outside.

Friday in Newtown Connecticut 27 are killed by gunfire with 20 of them being children. Anyway this is what the controlled media tells the public. Is it true, I don’t know I wasn’t their. America just had a shooting Portland Oregon and before that Aurora Colorado and last year the Tucson shooting. The ‘powers’ who want your guns taken away in America, are behind all of it. This is all planned to make the American population to think it is bad to own guns. Reminder of the fact that 3,000 innocent folks were killed on 911 and millions of children and women in America’s continuous wars. Then in this morning’s propaganda newspaper on the front page is Obummer with fake tears in his eyes. The same whore who has ordered the death of thousands of children around the World. He stands by as Israel used White Phosphorus bombs on the innocent children in the aza strip. Meanwhile American seeds more aircraft to the Israelis to kill more children in the Middle East. While the U.S. continues bombings in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. Does anyone believe these aerial bombing somehow only kill America’s enemies, no. Yet the controlled media pounds the airwaves with how the Second Amendment (the Right to bear arms) should be removed and guns be taken away from all American citizens. Isn’t it funny how just as soon as these shootings occur, you hear in the same breath, ‘ban guns’. The only freedom Americans still enjoy his there rights to have gun for protection from the government of America. As soon as the guns are taken away from the citizens of America. The snare of slavery will be put around the necks of all Americans. If you think this is BS, just look at the rest of the World’s populations.

Right on schedule, because those who perpetrated the shooting in Newtown Conn., have had there controlled Whores ready to introduce legislation to congress. Sen. Dianne Feinstein says she will introduce assault weapons ban on 1st day of new Congress. She was on Meet The Press today, again right on schedule. Just like the after 911 and the Patriot Act was ready to be signed into law. Dianne Feinstein is a j000000w controlled by her Zionist Masters. Also Dianne Feinstein when mayor of San Francisco shot a robber in the back as he fled her home. Just more proof these killing are done by those who are really in power. Didn’t either Homeland Security or FEMA just buy millions of rounds of Hollow Point ammunition? Just who do they intend on using this massive amount of firepower on? John Doe citizen and his buds when the ‘powers’ try and take the guns aways from the good citizens of America? Most guns are now registered and if Gun Control Laws were passed. Is all the ‘powers’ would have to do is tell everyone who has a registered gun to turn them in. This was done before in Europe. And those who refused to turn in there guns, what would the ‘powers’ do? Come and break down those individuals doors and forcibly remove the guns from the owners, you bet-ya.

This in the news this morning from Cedar Lakes Indiana. Von I. Meyer allegedly (this is the key word) threatened to kill and set his wife on fire. Then he would go to a nearby school and kill as many people as he could. When Mr. Meyer’s home was searched police found 47 guns that included collectible guns in that amount. Also searchers found $100,000 in cash and found out Mr. Meyer belonged to a Invaders Motorcycle Club, of course the newspaper said it was a motorcycle gang, not a club. After all anyone who drives a motorcycle must belong to a gang, according to the mass media. #1 Did this event ever really happen #2 If it did, was Mr. Meyer’s wife pissed off at him (copy cat revenge)? # 3 Was Mr. Meyer’s guns registered and this was a way of confiscating his guns? The mass media is so under control, who really knows if this whole thing was just made-up.

After the shooting in Aurora Colorado at the premiere of the new Batman Movie. Obummer jumped in saying, ‘everyday the number of young people we lose to violence is about the same as the number of people we lost in that movie theater. For every Columbine or Virginia Tech, there are dozens gunned down on the streets of Chicago or Atlanta’. Obummer’s masters who were also the one’s behind the killings in Aurora that night. Had Obummer’s speech ready for him the next day or even before the event in Aurora.

This same power system is also part of AMA American Medical Association or FDA. Do you realize that every day in America, 290 people die from FDA approved Drugs. According to a group called ‘Death by Medicine’. 780,000 + are by the medical establishment killed in the United States yearly. This number comes from Journal of the American Medical Association. Wouldn’t you think the power system should ban prescription Drugs. Or at least pass some sort of legislation to investigate medical crimes against the citizens of the United States. Never going to happen, but as soon as a shooting occurs no matter if true or not. ‘Let’s Ban Guns’ coming flowing out the halls of legislation in Washington D.C..

In few days the American citizens will have forgotten about the Newtown shootings and the ‘powers’ know this. So just wait for the next killing of the innocent to occur. I’ve followed the incidents around the recent shooting and they have all had conflicting stories. One common theme they all have, ‘is at first there are reports of more than one gunman.’ Then the controlled corrupt media takes charge and now you have this lone crazed gunman doing the killing. Remember how when the Oklahoma City bombing story broke. John Doe II was being looked for as several citizens recall seeing two at the scene of the Oklahoma City bombing. Then within a day you had this BS about how this crazed Timothy McVeigh acted alone and was arrested. Then in no “Time” he was executed. ‘Dead men don’t talk’. What happened to the shooters in both the Tucson and Aurora? One day front page news, the next you’d think nothing ever happened. it’s not about the killing of the innocent these whores could care less for the life of another human being. These are hard core Psychopaths who will stop at nothing to enslave the World’s population. And at the very top you have the worst of the Psychopaths. Who have no problem finding other Psychopaths to do there killing for them. Will these shooting stop in the near future, I doubt it. Not until all Americans are disarmed and enslaved into this NWO type of system.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 8 from pt. 7

A green light (indicative of) the pristine cognition of accomplishment, which is the natural purity of the aggregate of motivational tendencies, green and dazzling, radiant and clear, bright and awesome, adorned by greater and lesser seminal points, (will emanate) from the heart of Amoghasiddhi and his consorts and it will shine piercingly before you at the level of your heart, (with such brilliance) that your eyes cannot bear it. Do not be afraid! This is the natural expressive power of your own awareness! rest in state of great equanimity(calmness), transcending activity, free from (the dichotomies ‘separation’ of) attachment and aversion, based on (your feelings of) nearness and distance. Together with the light of pristine cognition, a dull red light, (indicative of the realm) of the anti gods and formed by envy, will also dawn before you (and touch your heart). Cultivate an equanimity toward this (dull light) which is free from attachment or aversion! Even if your mental capacity is diminished, at least do not delight in it. At this “Time”, under the sway of deep envy, you will (wish to) turn away in terror from the bright and dazzling green luminosity and you will come to feel delight and attachment towards the dull red light of the anti gods. At this moment, abandon your fear, and recognise the green luminosity, bright and dazzling, radiant and clear, to be pristine cognition. Let your awareness relax and abide directly within it, resting in a state of non-activity. Pray with devotion, thinking: ‘This is the light ray of the transcendent lord Amoghasiddhi’s compassion. I take refuge in it’. This, in reality, is the light-ray hook of the transcendent lord Amoghasiddhi’s compassion, which is known as the pristine cognition of accomplishment. Be devoted to it! Do not turn away! Even if you do turn away, the luminosity will accompany you inseparably. So, do not be afraid! Do not be attached to the dull red light of the anti gods. This is the inviting path of your past actions, which you yourself have engaged in, whilst motivated deep envy. If you become attached to this dull light, you will fall into the realm of the anti gods and experience the unbearable suffering of (unrelenting) conflict and quarreling. This (dull light) is an obstacle blocking your path to liberation! Do not be attached to it! Give up your yearnings! Do not cling to it! Be devoted to the green light, which is radiant and dazzling, and focus intently and single-mindedly on the transcendent Lord Amoghasiddhi and his consort, and recite the following aspirational prayer:

O, as I roam in cyclic existence (driven) by deep-seated envy,

May the transcendent lord Amoghasiddhi draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radian light,

Which is the pristine cognition of accomplishment.

May the supreme consort Samayatara support me from behind,

And, thus (encircled), may I be rescued

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect Buddha.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.



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