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"Guns, Guns, Guns"

Guns, Guns, Guns, are everywhere in American culture. Kids grow up watching violence in videos game, TV, and the movies. The Rap Music songs are filled with it. Kids are blasted how great it would be to grow up and be either a Marine, Navy Seal or Army Sniper. Ghetto and Barrio kids know they can only survive if they are armed. Does this equate to the recent shooting and mass killings, no. These mass killing are done by a much more evil force that comes from outside the American society. Some say they are Israeli Death Squads, power broker hit men, Satanic Rituals for the ruling elite. Could it be the real owners of gun and ammon manufactures, that rake in the cash every-time there is a mass shooting. Now laws are being passed to arm teachers and have police in every school room. And the paranoia keeps growing, while a few get rich off it. Then to stir up the paranoia, rumors of Gun Control spread like wildfire. AR-15 doubled in value over night if you can indeed find one. .223 (used in AR-15, AK-47, M16) ammunition is hard to come by and most other common ammunition. The day after Obummer was elected, gun and ammunitions sales rocketed. And they they just keep rocketing along. So just how will the ‘powers’ un-arm American society? As the propaganda keeps mounting, they won’t be able too.

Here are a few example of how the ‘powers’ will never be able to remove all the guns from Americans. First of all, how many millions of guns were in the hands of Americans before gun registration started? How can you stop folks at Gun Shows from selling guns under the table? How easy is it for a buyer to say to the gun seller, ‘I’ll meet you after the show and pay extra cash for this gun not to be registered’. If illegals can cross the borders both north and south. How hard will it be for people to smuggle guns across disassembled? How many guns can be built in folks basements, tons. Look at all the reloading equipment on the market, like the ‘powers’ will be able to remove them. Lets say the government tells everyone who has registered guns to turn them in, or will come break your door down and take them from you. How many cops would be willing to do this, knowing there guns would be confiscated next? Will the cops or military turn against there neighbors and be pawns in this? There will always be a few fools who will, but not enough to carry the law out. Like a good friend said to me recently, ‘sure you can have my registered guns, but how about the other ten I own that aren’t registered’.

The ‘powers’ say they only want assault rifles taken away from the citizens of America. To stop these mass killing they claim the citizens of America are doing. What a joke, you can go online and learn how to make almost any rifle a automatic weapon. The ‘powers’ want it so only a ammunition clip can hold only a few rounds. I’ve saw videos of fighters in the Middle East making there own clips that hold over a 100 bullets. Just these automatic gun control laws will only be the beginning, just like so called temporary taxes. Once passed these tax laws seem to stay on the books for ever. Next will be laws about pistols, knives and face coverings. In England you can’t even wear a bandanna that covers your face. Many states outlaw the use of tinted windows on vehicles. Saying the police cannot see what is going on inside the vehicle.

This mass brainwashing about guns has been very effective. What prompted me to write about this subject was an elderly man I ran into while riding my bike for exercise in the park. He was from Austria and walked up to me to rest for a moment. He was 83 years young and still walking every day. As we talked I asked him about gun laws in his home country. I’ve been lead to believe no one in Europe could own a gun. This gentleman told me he had a gun since he was a young man in Austria. And that guns were registered and must be locked up at all “Time’s while not in use. Also the ammunition had to be kept in a different location than the gun. He said he was in total agreement about the assault rifles being banned, but thought that law would never be passed in America, because how much money was being made from Americans owning assault rifles. He said he still hunts every year here in America but with a bow and arrow. He reminded me that when you go hunting you can only have 3 shells in the gun at anytime. So why in the hell do you need assault rifles with clips holding a ton of bullets. I reminded him that here in American assault rifles were not for hunting. They were to deter the federal government for overstepping there boundaries. You know, ‘keeping an honest man honest’. And that America once had many powerful Militias. That after the ‘powers’ blew up the building in Oklahoma City and blamed the Militias, they have come under great attack and many have broken up or gone totally underground.

So I thought after talking to the gentleman from Austria I’d do some research on Gun Laws in a few other countries. Starting with Americas neighbors to the north and south. You might be surprised like I was about Gun Laws in other countries.


To own a gun in Canada legally (key word, as criminals will always have guns) you must first obtain a possession-acquisition, or possession-only, license (PAL/POL); either of these licenses allows the licensee to purchase ammunition. These are issued by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). Next you must have a background check done on you, to see if you qualify. With a minimum of 28 day waiting period. Then you must take a gun safety course (good idea). This course is called a Canadian Firearms Safety Course. This license is good for only 5 years and must be renewed before expiration date. After this license is issued you may apply for a Firearm Transfer permit. And a authorization to transport permit. You may hunt in Canada with a gun but you need another Hunting with Firearm course.


This is the one that surprised me the most. It is legal to own a gun in Mexico. You would think with all the Drug Cartel problems in Mexico everyone would be walking around armed to the hilt. Mexico does have strict gun laws but they are for type weapon and caliber of weapon. As only the military, police and certain security agencies can have the automatic and higher caliber weapons. The acquisition and ownership of certain munitions is a Constitutional Right of all Mexican citizens and legal residents. The Right to keep and bear arms goes back to Mexican Constitution of 1857. This was later changed in 1917 to mean, you can own arms but not carry them on you. So this explains why Mexican citizens are not walking around armed. And the weapons used by the military and law enforcement agencies could only be used for weapons of war. I guess you could say, ‘there is war going on in Mexico now, not with a foreign power, but the Drug Cartels’.


To purchase or have a gun legally in England you must prove why you need a gun or good reason. You must prove that your ownership of a gun without danger to the public safety. Only guns allowed are for the purpose of legitimate sporting, collecting or work related. Here is the saddest part about gun ownership in England. Since 1968, self defense is not a reason to own a gun. What an incredibly stupid law, basically saying you cannot defend yourself unless you use your hands. While the person perpetrating the crime may be armed. Here again if guns are illegal only criminals will have guns. The current licensing procedure involves: positive verification of identity, two referees of verifiable good character who have known the applicant for at least two years (and who may themselves be interviewed and/or investigated as part of the certification), approval of the application by the applicant's own family doctor, an inspection of the premises and cabinet where firearms will be kept and a face to face interview by a Firearms Liaison Officer. A thorough background check of the applicant is then made by Special Branch. Anyone having spent over 3 years or more in prison cannot own a gun. Any person holding a Firearm or Shotgun Certificate must comply with strict conditions regarding such things as safe storage. Storage arrangements are checked by the police before a license is first granted, and on every renewal of the license. A local police force may impose additional conditions on possession, over and above those set out by law. England has always thought of as a slave State and a test bed for what will be done in America.


State laws govern the possession and use of firearms in Australia. These laws were largely aligned under the 1996 National Agreement on Firearms. Anyone wishing to possess or use a firearm must have a Firearms License and, with some exceptions, be over the age of 18. Owners must have secure storage for their firearms.
Before someone can buy a firearm, he or she must obtain a Permit To Acquire. The first permit has a mandatory 28-day delay before it is first issued. In some states (e.g., Queensland, Victoria, and New South Wales), this is waived for second and subsequent firearms of the same class. For each firearm a "Genuine Reason" must be given, relating to pest control, hunting, target shooting, or collecting. Self-defense is not accepted as a reason for issuing a license, even though it may be legal under certain circumstances to use a legally held firearm for self-defense. Each firearm in Australia must be registered to the owner by serial number. Some states allow an owner to store or borrow another person's registered firearm of the same category


A firearms ownership license must be obtained before a weapon can be purchased. Owners of multiple firearms need separate ownership licenses for every single firearm they own. It entitles owners to purchase firearms and handle them on their own property and any private property with property owner consent. On public premises, a licensed firearm must be transported unloaded and in a stable, fully enclosing, locked container. A weapons ownership license does not entitle the owner to shoot the weapon or carry it on public premises without the prescribed container. Owners must obtain mandatory insurance and a means to securely store the weapon on their premises (a weapons locker). Blanket ownership licenses are issued to arms dealers, firearms experts and – with limitations – to collectors. A number of criteria must be met before a firearms ownership license is issued:

  • age of majority (18 years)
  • trustworthiness
  • personal adequacy
  • expert knowledge
  • necessity
Persons who cannot own a gun
  • convicted felons
  • have a record of mental disorder or
  • are deemed unreliable (which includes people with drug or alcohol addiction histories and known violent or aggressive persons).


In Switzerland you have a unique system for gun ownership. Switzerland has no standing Army, so the People Militia is used for national defense. Most men between the ages of 20 and 30 years old are assigned to a military unit. There they go through military training and are required to have a gun in there home. Thus Switzerland has the highest gun per capita ownership in the World. As of 2005 29% of the households in Switzerland have guns. In America that number is 43%. In the rest of Europe that number of legal guns per household would be under 10%.

So here are some examples of gun ownership in the World. You can see how your country stacks up against the rest of the World by going to this link. History does prove that those who are armed are safer and a town in Georgia requires the citizens be armed. There police force has been reduced greatly so folks were asked to protect themselves. This town has one of the lowest crime rates in the World. An old friend had some Chicano kids point a .22 pistol at him at a stoplight. My bud point back at them with a Glock 9MM that he always carries next to him in his truck. You know those kids couldn’t get away from him fast enough. If you take the guns away from the citizens you will have what happened in Germany with Hitler. Or what you have in countries like England, unlimited security cameras everywhere. And the citizenry have no power over the ‘powers’ over them. That’s exactly what the ‘powers’ want in America. The complete power to do what they please to the masses with no repercussions. Without protection from the government system you are helpless. I have contact with folks all over the world because of my videos and writings. And one of the common denominators is America’s gun rights. They all say, ‘don’t let the ‘powers’ take your guns away, you stand for all of us’.

OK 21 December 2012 came and went without a whisper. And today is the 23d of December and still nothing. Poor old Ahkima’s video warning the World has been under great attack the last couple of days. A bunch of ‘I told you so Indian’, type stuff. Some I’ve rejected, some I let stand. Neither the Hopi or the Mayans never did say it was going to be the End of the World. First of all the Hopi never had a numerical system, so how could they have a calendar. The Mayans never predicted the End of the World either. They said it was the beginning a new Universal Calendar. And a Great Waking was about to happen. Never was it stated this would happen over night. All I know for sure is a bunch of people go rich over this Domesday propaganda. The Alex Jones type selling dried food, seeds, bullets, bug out bags, water purification system, silver, gold and a ton of other things. And myself I’ve turned into a sort of Mormon by stocking up myself on food and water and such. But that’s never a bad idea anyway.

And many have predicted that the current power system in the World that goes back to Egyptian “Times” is about to end. “God” I sure hope so, this constant wars by America’s leaders is getting to be old news. One of my favorite people to listen to on the Internet is Santos Bonacci. Who keeps reminding folks that according to the Stars in the Universe the current power system is short lived. And that those who have been so corrupt will have a terrible fate. Here is a interview I listened to of Santos last night, reminding folks of what the future brings. His teaching on Astrotheology are right on and tell biblical stories how they should be taught. That “God” is not a ‘Spiteful One’ willing to bring harm to you in the Christian manner. And we both agree that the “God” you are waiting for ‘is you’. The Christian bible is not to be taken literally and is a metaphor. Just as the Mayan Popol Vuh is. And both are more about the movement of the Stars in the Universe. Jesus was the Sun and his 12 Disciples are the 12 months in the calendar are an example. Santos and me keep in light touch by Skype message. As I said last night to him, ‘you, me and the Freemasons have one thing in common, we want the same people dead’. His response was ‘hehe’.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 9

By making this aspirational prayer with fervent devotion, you will dissolve into rainbow light in the heart of the transcendent Lord Amoghasiddhi and his consort, and you will attain buddhahood, as the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource, in the northern Buddha field (called) ‘Matrix of Enlightenment Activities’ (Karmaprasiddhi).

By giving this introduction repeatedly in this way, however weak the (positive) residue of (a deceased individual’s) past actions might be, he or she will (have the opportunity to) attain recognition at one point or another. As recognition occurs at any point, it will be impossible for liberation not to be achieved.

However, owing to a long association with myriad habitual tendencies and an unfamiliarity with pure vision cognition, even after being introduced repeatedly in this way, there are some nevertheless led backwards by negative propensities, despite this setting face to have been given. Failing to be gripped by the light-ray hook of compassion, they will overcome by awe and terror (upon the arising) of the lights and rays, and continue to wander downwards.

Thereupon, on the sixth day, the male and female deities of the five enlightened families, together with there retinues, will arise simultaneously, and at that very moment, the six, (dull) lights, (indicative) of the six classes of beings, will also arise simultaneously.

Therefore, calling the deceased by name, the introduction should be given with the following words:

O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. Until yesterday the vision of the five individual enlightened families arose before you. Despite this, even though the (former) introduction was given, you experienced awe and terror; a response generated by our habitual tendencies. Consequently, you have remained in your present stare, until now. If you had previously recognized (one of) the natural luminosities of the pristine cognitions of the five enlightened families as being a natural manifestation (of actual reality), you would have dissolved into rainbow light (at the heart) of (one of) these buddha-bodies of the five respective enlightened families, and attained buddhahood, in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource. Yet, since you have been unable to recognize these (experiences) as being natural manifestations, you have wandered here. Therefore, listen now, without distraction. The vision of the entire (peaceful assembly) of the five enlightened families, together with that which is called: ‘the vision of the four pristine cognitions combined’, will now come to invite you. Recognize this! (will finish in pt. 10)

Merry Winter Solstice and New Mayan Calendar. I’m heading up to the Grand Canyon and try and get some great new photos for my blog. Hopefully there will be snow on the ground after a storm passed through this week. Last couple of years I went up to Sedona, so the Grand Canyon seems like a good idea. The Hopi say they Emerged to the surface of Mother Earth at the Grand Canyon. And there have been Egyptian artifacts found in the Grand Canyon’s walls. Some believe that you can tell the Earth was created in 6 days by the layers of soil in the walls of the Grand Canyon.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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