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"Genocide of Canada's Native Americans"

Genocide of Native Americans in Canada by the Catholic Church has come to my attention recently. So I must share with others what was done to Canadian Native American children, when Canada was be settled by the Catholic Europeans priests. It is well known what the Catholic Church did under the disguise of Christianity in Mesoamerica. The Catholic soldiers, raped, plundered, stole and murdered tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children, when they first settled into Mesoamerica. Turns out the same thing was done in Canada to there Native Americans. And I’m sure the same thing was done to the Native America’s children in America also. Here in America it has been hidden, but in Canada the truth is coming out. As more and more Canadian Native Americans come forward with there horror stories from the Catholic boarding schools.

Just as here in America, children of the Native Americans were taken from there legal parents. Then put into re-educations center called schools. Here and Canada the children were brainwashed into believing the beliefs of the parents and ancestor was wrong and primitive. The Shamans were ceremoniously killed off, after the Christians learned what they could from the ancient ways. What really happened in those schools has been a well kept secret, but in Canada that’s a different story.

The children in the Catholic boarding schools were tortured, raped, starved and basically treated like animals. In fact the Catholic church priest though of the Canadian Native American children as animals. How else could one human treat another human being the same way. Here is a link to a video showing testimony to what I’m saying. What you have is pure and simple Genocide of the indigenous peoples of Canada. For the indigenous people stood in the way of what the Catholic church wanted and has always wanted, power, control and money. So killing off the children of the Native Americans of Canada was a must. Kill the children and stop the re-population, then kill the elders with bullets, disease and starvation. For the few remaining put them on isolated reservations and wait for them to all die off.

You hear there is no racism in Canada, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. What happened to millions of Canadian Native Peoples? In America the hippie generation of the 60s brought out the Native American issues. And organizations like AIM (American Indian Movement) were born out of nowhere. The Canadian indigenous people didn’t have the same exposure by there white brothers. The Native Peoples of Canada are ignored by the general population in Canada. Here in America it’s cool to say you have some Native American blood in you, how about the Canadian white population?

The problem in Canada goes far beyond just racism, it come down to ownership of the land and it’s resources. British and French colonist devoured the Native Canadians. Which later became Canadian Imperialism. The Bourgeoisie (middle class, capitalist) class descended on the Native Peoples stealing there land, told them there ancient ways were forbidden, put them in concentration camps called reservations. Created a bureaucracy to keep them under control. Pushed the Native peoples onto the harshest land in freezing weather conditions, hoping this would kill the remaining Native peoples. After pushing the Native peoples from there lands, the Bourgeoisie raped the land with every power they had. It started by taking away the fur trapping from the Native peoples. Raping the forest of the deer and elk and other animals for the massive amounts of peoples arriving from Europe. Next came the forest to be raped by the invaders. This invasion sucked the life out of the Native peoples. The Bourgeois class to this day are still oppressing the Native peoples. Knowing if the truth came out what they did to the Native peoples it would undermine there credibility. And in the middle of all this was the Catholic Church and other Christian missionaries killing the Native peoples. What the Canadian middle class and the ruling elite want, is these crime against humanity forgotten. ‘Look at us holsum Canadians, we would harm a fly’, bull shit. The Canadians are willing to jump all over the American system for what it has done in the past and presence. A kind of ‘look over their, don’t look at us’. What the Canadians don’t want is that you look at them for the own terrible deeds they have committed to the Native peoples of Canada. And which they are still doing to this day by cover up these atrocities against the Native peoples.
For all the terrible deeds that were done to the Native peoples in America. At least these things are trying to be rectified, through a better education of the Native American past ways. 

Another slap in the face of the Native peoples of Canada was a treaty in 1880 called the ‘Indian Act’. What this act did was to determine that the Native peoples were a ‘ward of the state’. And that the Native people were unable to take care of there own affairs. This same policy would be used all over the World with the Native peoples. As the invading hoards of Europeans invaded countries Worldwide. What this is called is ‘paternalism’, or I’m your keeper. You (Native peoples) cannot handle your own resources or money. This system turned the Native peoples of Canada into beggars. Canada’s Native peoples were forced to live in the harsher conditions, thus turning them into helpless beggars. A simple policy of pushing the citizens to there limits so they are forced to ask for help. Then the master would say, ‘see you can’t help yourself, you need us’. Folks in America this very day are being pushed onto the reservation system without even knowing it. As over half of the American population is now getting some assistance from the government in the form of ‘food stamps’, ‘unemployment checks’ and etc.. The economy has been collapsed by the same powers who raped the Native peoples around the World. Now folks around the World are looking for handouts from the same system that pushed them into the situation they are currently in. The saddest part of all this is, the ‘powers’ used the same class of people to inflict harm on those around them. If you are Canadian and do not support the facts of Genocide to your Native Peoples. You are just as guilty as those who perpetrated the horrible crimes against the Canadian Native People. THERE IS BLOOD ALL OVER YOUR HANDS!!!

Hear now a bargain was made in the West With her
shivering children at zero degrees Blankets for your
land, so the treaties attest.
Well, blankets for land is a
bargain indeed.

Words by ‘Buffy St. Marie’ a Canadian born Cree tribal member

Here in Arizona the federal government has turned over some Hopi Sinagua ( ) ancient artifacts to certain Hopi tribal members. Secrecy surrounds the turning over of Hopi artifacts to the Hopi. And the individuals names who received the artifacts will not be let out. In 1990 a law was passed that allowed Native American tribes to reclaim there stolen or scientist removal of artifacts. The name of the act is ‘Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act’ (NAGPRA). Native American tribes are totally behind the Act. But archaeologist and anthropologist say giving back such artifacts destroyed there ability to do research on human history and cultures. Here again treating the Native people like a ward of the state. These Hopi artifacts were stored at The Museum of Northern Arizona. In items claimed by the Hopi, one was the remains of the ‘Magician’ and items buried with him. These remains were discovered 20 miles outside of Flagstaff. In a burial house of of stones and clay in a place called ‘Ridge Ruins’. The remains are said to be 800 years old. Archaeologist John C. McGregor found the location along with 600 carefully placed funerary objects. Ornate jewelry, baskets, cutting blades, Mountain Lion teeth, shells, a pointed cap made of beads and 420 arrows. Also McGregor found one the most decorative baskets ever found featuring 1,500 precisely cut pieces of turquoise. What is interesting about the turquoise cut stones is the fact that in Arizona turquoise is only found in southern Arizona. And the sea shells had to of either have came from the Pacific Ocean or Gulf of Baja in Mexico. And shows what a great trade routes were open to the Hopi ancient ones.

Another item found with the burial site was a Central America Macaw corpse. This lead some researchers to believe the person was either a Aztec merchant or a pochteca (Aztec long distance traveling merchants). I’m not buying into this theory because why such an elaborate burial for just some traveling salesman's. Here is where it gets really interesting, what the Hopi believe about the person. The Hopi believe that many of the objects buried with the body were, associated with ancient Hopi tribal skills such as Shape-shifting. You need to look no farther than the Hopi Kachina Dolls to see this. For the Hopi Kachina Carvers were only replicating what they saw. One day the Hopi just didn’t wake up one day and say, ‘lets carve bazaar figures in Cottonwood root than can only come from one location on the Verde River’. Which is over a hundred miles south from the Hopi Homeland. The Hopi call the man ‘Moochiwimi’ or, Swallower of Sticks. Because also with the body was found 13 wooden pointers laid over the remains. These ‘Moochiwimi’ of the Hopi were members of the warring society. They were believed to be able to control weather, combating Witchcraft, and controlling battles. These men were also called ‘Magicians’.

Even in Hopi society you have specialized groups. Each group holding there own rituals or dances. I’ve learned myself that as you go from one village to another on the Hopi rez. That each clan seems to have there own take on Hopi Tales. I hear something on Old Oriabi, then talk to someone in Hotevilla and tell the same story. The person in Hotevilla would say, ‘no, no, they got it all wrong’. Religious practices are keep secret and are considered to be sacred. And tales are not even share with other clans.

As far as Hopi artifacts go, I have my own that were found west of Keams Canyon. On my first trip to the Hopi Homeland I stayed in the hotel in Keams Canyon, which is now closed. Even odder is the fact that me and some nephews wired the hotel here in the Phoenix area. The hotel was a modular units that were built and wired on there side in a friends construction yard. Then the pieces were then trucked up to Keams Canyon and assembled by some Navajo construction workers my friend employed. The first day I arrived I was given room 21 at the hotel. Next thing I did was to go drive around the Hopi rez. I drove west out of Keams Canyon, looking for a spot to get an overall picture of the Hopi rez. Found a narrow dirt road that looked like it was leading up to a ridge line. As I got out of the truck I saw some dark brown and black stones sitting on the ground. They seemed really out of place. That is because the Hopi rez is pretty much a beach of tan sand. I started picking them up, not knowing what they were. At first I thought they were from Meteor Crater near Flagstaff. And as the Meteor came close to impact or after impact that these were pieces of the Meteor. A few years later I was telling some nephews about what I’d found. One of my nephews knew a geologist. I took what I thought were pieces of a Meteor to him to find out just what they were. he looked at them then asked me ‘where did I find these stones and there not pieces of a Meteor’. He said they were Moeki (spelling?) Balls that are found in parts of Utah and a state back east. They are created by lighting striking the ground that is high in iron ore when damp. They iron ore forms up to make a round ball. Next thing he asked is, ‘where did you find them?’ When I told him I found them on the Hopi rez, he said, ‘let me do a little research on this, because the balls are not found on the Hopi rez’. After a few days he called me and asked me to meet him in person. I went and meet him in private as he asked. He told me what I had found were Hopi Shaman Stones. He said it took a few days to find why these stone would be found on the Hopi rez. The only logical answer was they were one a Hopi Shamans Stones used in healing ceremonies. He ask what I planned on doing with them? I said I’ll hold onto them until the Mayan date 21 December 2012 came and gone. Well that “Time” has passed by now. Not sure what I’ll do now because the tribal conditions up on the Hopi rez have deteriorated terribly. They are warring faction among the Hopi leaders now. Just like what happened on Old Oriabi over 100 years ago. Some want to follow the White government ways and others want to stay Hopi traditionalist. So which group can be trusted. Some have told me that maybe the stones were mine from a previous life. While others say they were left on the ground for me to find, to be used later in my life. Not sure what to do as I’m also sitting on a Meteor that is show on this blog, (picture of Stone is on cover of Hopi Picture book) I turned down a million dollars for. Again I told folks I’d wait for 21 December 2012 to come and go before a decision was made. Here is a video I made on Christmas day of the Grand Canyon.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 10

O, Child of Buddha Nature, (at this “Time”) the four colored lights, which are the pure forms of the four elements, will dawn before you; and, simultaneously, the buddha Vairocana and his consort will arise, as before you, from the central Buddha field of the Pervasive Seminal Point (i.e. Akanistha-Ghanavyuha). (At that same moment), the buddha Vajrasattva and his consort, surrounded by their retinue, will arise from the eastern Buddha field of Manifest Joy (Abhirati). The buddha Ratnasambhava and his consort, together with their retinue, will arise from the southern Buddha field of the Glorious (Srimat). The buddha Amitabha and his consort, together with their retinue, will arise from the western Buddha field of the Blissful (Sukhavati), and the buddha Amoghasiddhi and his consort together with their retinue, will now rise before you from the northern buddha field (called) Matrix of Enlightened Activities (i.e. Karmaprasiddhi), (all arising together) out of a space of rainbow light.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, encircle these male and female deities of the five enlightened families, the male gatekeepers, (Trailokya) vijaya, Yamantaka, Hayagrivaraja, Amrtakundalin, will also arise, together with the female gatekeepers, Ankusa, Pasa, Aphota, and Ghanta. In addition, the six (emanational) sages who are transcendent Lords, will also appear before you: Indrasakra who is sage of the “Gods”, Vemacitra who is the sage of the anti gods, Sakyamuni who is sage of the humans, Sthirasimha who is sage of the animals, Jvalamukha who is sage of the Hell Beings. (Acompanying the above array), Samantabhadra and Samantabhadri will also arise before you, (in the form called) Samantabhadra and Consort in Union, (the coalescence) which is the progenitor of all Buddhas.

These, the fourty-two assembled deities of the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource, will emanate from within your heart and then appear before you. Recognize them! For they have arisen from within your own pure vision! O, Child of Buddha Nature, these buddha field do not exist extraneously. They are the five aspects of your own heart; it’s four directions and center. Emanating now from within your own heart, they have arisen before you. These buddha-bodies have not arisen extraneously. They have spontaneously arisen, a temporally, from the natural expressive power of your own awareness, Therefore recognize them as they are!

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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