Saturday, January 19, 2013

"What Me Worried?"

‘What me worried', you damn right and everyone should be. Do you realize that a drone aircraft can now kill you from the air. You can be walking along, say out in the desert or forest with some like minded friends. Then all of a sudden you're all dead from a predator drone aircraft machine gun blast. No arrest, no trial, no verdict, just suspicion you are planning act against the government. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) ‘Reauthorization Act’, will give the FAA power to develop regulations for testing and licensing drone aircraft by 2015. The reason behind all this? The ‘powers’ are still in shock that the masses have not woken up to what is being done to them. And that eventually the masses will be pushed into a corner of starvation (Hunger Games). The ‘powers’ have no way to gage just how much the masses will take. One day the collective consciousness of the masses will wake up and say ‘enough’. You will have small at first then larger bands of individuals at war with the government. But with control of the air the ‘powers’ will be able to use aerial surveillance on the masses.

Currently the U.S. Customs and Border protection has 9 Predator Drones in operation. These are the same type drones used in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are the same drones used to kill hundreds of innocent civilians in Pakistan. Plans are for these type of surveillance to be flown over all major cities in America by the year 2020. There will,be thousands of these drone in the air constantly. The ‘powers’ will give local, state and federal police these drones for local surveillance. The ‘powers’ will tell the public this is for there own safety. It will help with traffic control, power outages, weather forecast for road conditions. This will be part of the conditioning of the public to get use to the idea of constant surveillance from the air. In just the same way the masses are currently being conditioned to the idea that Chem-trails are just part of everyday life now. Soon even private companies will be allowed to use drone surveillance aircraft. There will be a great ‘push-back’ on the drone surveillance aircraft. With the last of Americans freedoms being taken away by constant surveillance from the air. This push-back will be silenced by the controlled mass media. In the same way protest about the America’s illegal wars going on today.

These new type drone surveillance aircraft will be silent, almost un-sightable from the ground. Some as small as a R/C aircraft or helicopter. They will have camera systems in them that detect a person holding a weapon or gun in there hand. Any gathering of a small or large group of individuals. All this information will be sent back to a central database for evaluation. Local governments information will be compromised without them even knowing it. As the FAA will have control over what local governments are allowed to have drone surveillance aircraft. The drone manufactures will be licensed and controlled by the federal government. These drone will have a backdoor in them that will send information to not only local governments but also to the federal government. If you think your computer doesn’t have a backdoor in it, you're mistaken.

When you have only a few controlling millions, drone surveillance aircraft will be a must. With new federal laws that say anyone can be detained indefinitely without be charged. Done surveillance aircraft will be the front-line defense against an uprising against the ‘powers’. In fact most Americans are in a prison they can’t even see in front of them. This prison is the personal debt. Most Americans live in total fear of what they say, will be used against them. Not to put them in jail, but more in fear of losing there job. I deal with individuals who work for large globalist companies. If I say something to them on the phone that may be interpreted as anti-government, they act as if I said nothing. This is being in jail already. For the individuals freedom of speech has been taken away from them. Because they know that whatever they may say on the company phone lines is more than likely being recorded. This idea that ‘Big Brother’ is everywhere, has been instilled in most folks minds.

The ‘powers’ have a way of telling the masses who will be there next victim. In this current system of propaganda the American enemies are the Syrians and Iranians and of course any citizen of America the ‘powers’ deem not buying into there BS propaganda. If you own an Assault rifle, store food and water, think the government is totally out of control, you are a terrorist. This BS game has been being played out for hundreds of years. The propaganda being used against the citizens of Iran, is the same BS propaganda used against the Native Americans hundreds of years ago. You heard all this same type propaganda being used against the citizens of both Afghanistan and Iraq before they were invaded by American forces. American forces are no way near a force for keeping America free. They are the puppets of the ‘powers’ who control the World’s banking. Countries must use the American petro-dollar or be invaded and taken over. Look what has been going on in the Middle East in recent history. Country after country has been destroyed from within. American’s tax dollars have been used to finance insurgent armies to undermine the governments of all Middle Eastern countries. The only one not under attack is Saudi Arabia. And the only reason the Saudi government has not be replaced is because the are using American Petro-dollars. If they were to use a gold standard (gold for oil), do you think the government of Saudi Arabia would still be standing? Of course it wouldn’t be!!!
Here is a video I found about a guy from England riding his 90cc scooter across Iran. First of all what I noticed was how much Iran looks like Arizona. Next I noticed how friendly the citizens of Iran were. Reminded me of here in Arizona in the early 50s. Every “Time” my parents stopped some places, everyone was glad to talk to them and asking them where they were from. The same type of thing you see in this video. Then folks couldn’t do enough to help each other out. That has all be destroyed now by the controlled mass media. Everyone is afraid of everyone else now. Now you hear only how terrible the citizens of Iran are. How they are treated so badly by there government. And it is America’s place to go in and destroy a culture thousands of years old. The so called Iranians are savages, unclean, treat there women badly and mainly they do not have a democracy like America (mob rule). Look how terrible these folks are. America must kill thousands of Iranian children and women. Like one soldier said in an interview, ‘I get to go to far off lands and kill there citizens’.

I sent this video to a few friends to get there reaction. I got two responses, one positive about the citizens and country of Iran. And the other whose comment was, ‘good thing that guy wasn’t taken hostage’. Now this comment come directly from media propaganda. When recently in the news there was a story about some hikers taken hostage in Iran. There is no way in hell if anyone knows if this hostage story was even true. But as the old line goes about good propaganda. ‘Tell the same lie 3 “Times” and folks will think it’s the truth’. So here my friend who is very educated, gets taken in by the BS propaganda. I heard on the TV and radio several “Times” so it must be true BS. With all this bad propaganda in the media about Iran in the last few years. You know Iran will be invaded and hundreds of thousands innocent children, women and men will be killed. This of course will be good for them according to the American propaganda machine. Madeleine Albright was recently asked if the fact that thousands of innocent children were killed by the invasion of Iraq was worth it, her reply was ‘yes’, what a WHORE!!!

Bringing death to the innocent folks in foreign countries is no problem for those who want to control the World’s population. It’s been going on for ever, so why stop now. Look what the Catholic Church has done in the name of Jesus Christ, killed millions of innocent children. Destroyed ancient cultures and history. So the invasion of Iran can’t be far off now. And you know America’s propaganda machine will convince the citizens of America it was for the good of the folks of Iran.

This same type of propaganda lies are being used in the Sandy Hook so called children killings. In this case it’s all about Americans and there guns. As I’ve written before, the ‘powers’ must disarm the citizens of America, before they can have total control of the American masses. The Sandy Hook shooting is so full of holes. That the ‘powers’ puppets have been coming out and saying, ‘anyone who doesn’t believe what the government has said about the shooting are conspiracy theorist’. This same BS about 911 was used by Bush, ‘you're either with us or against us’ BS. Here is a video released by the ‘powers’ puppets in Hollywhore, within days of the Sandy Hook shooting. Here is one of the actors used by the ‘powers’ who claimed one of the children killed was his. Here is another video exposing all the holes in the Sandy Hook shootings. It’s getting a million hits a day. My news comes from the morning paper and sites like God Like Productions and Lunatic Outpost. And what I get from Youtube recommended videos. Which the majority of it I don’t trust. But in this day and age, one must be good at filtering through what you read, hear and see. And follow your gut reaction to what BS is being pushed onto you. There is no real escape from all the propaganda. But if it smells and looks like a dead rat, good chance it’s a dead rat. A common practice used this day is to give the reader or listener 85% truth with 15% a hidden agenda that is set up by the 85%. As I like to say, ‘your hook when fishing needs bait on it’.

Just thought I’d give a link to the video Ahkima and I did this last summer together. The hit count I’m quite sure had been messed with, as Youtube is known for that. What is interesting are the comments on what Ahkima has to say in the video. At first there was a lot of backlash about what Ahkima said about the gays. That has stopped now but the comments just keep coming. One person accusing me of acting like I’m Jesus, not sure how that was picked up in the video recording. I’ve even had to stop fights between people who made comments. All I need to do is delete them. Which I’ve had to for many of the comments. It is a fun read to look at all the comments. Neither Ahkima or the Mayans ever claimed the end of the World on 21 December 2012. But somehow this video got construed this way. (213 comments) With several folks wanting to contact Ahkima.

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