Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Did I Happen To Tell You?"

Did I happen to tell you about the Blue UFO Carlos and I watched over his house in Mesa, the town I grew up in? Did I happen to tell you how my Earth mother scolded me, ‘shame on you for making us think you were dead for 6 years’. Did I ever happen to tell about how I got connected to the Hopi? Did I ever happen to tell you about how I found my first Urantia book?

Must have been mid 70s a day me, wife and kids went to Metro Center Mall. I was walking through a bookstore, looking for answers to my reality. At the bottom of the shelves a big blue book that jumped out to me. I picked it up and started reading. The book was the Urantia, I was pulled in within a few words. Eloquent wording that flowed effortlessly. Knowledge of the Universe, tectonics, the story of Jesus that could make you cry. I was in my mid 20s and I had no chance, paid my money and took the book home. I still have a Urantia book, but maybe not the original one I bought. If you’ll notice there is even a link to the Urantia Foundation at the bottom of my entries. The reason that was put their was, when a guy at the Urantia Foundation asked my to give them a link to there site. Always felt that was pretty neat, so they went in the Urantia link and Adsense went out.

Today I seldom pick up the Urantia Book. What I knew in my mid 20s as compared to now is like, ‘night and day’. The Urantia taught me how to expand my reality, my vocabulary, my spiritual being. It opened my mind to a whole new types of reality, look beyond the box I was living in. What I liked most about the Urantia there was never to be a church built in the name of Urantia. And reading and learning from the Urantia was a personal thing. Just like Jesus would have wanted it. But today there is a division amongst the readers of the Urantia. Very much like the ancient Hopi would tell the new generation, you can never change from the original ways. So in the 80s some new ideas were presented to the Urantia Foundation. Some claimed they channeled new information that needed to be taught. Somehow this never works. The whole idea behind the Urantia teaching was the idea, ‘what you learn from reading the Urantia is a personal journey’.

If you have ever read the Mayan Popol Vuh and studied the Urantia Book you will see many similarities. In the Popol Vuh you learn that Entities from another Space Time Reality created Mother Earth in preparation for the eventual arrival of mankind. The Urantia has this same story along the lines of ancient Hopi teachings. And that these Entities were what you would call, local “Gods”. The Hopi called the ruler of Mother Earth “Taiowa” the Creator, the Sun “God”. To the Mayans Quetzalcoatl The Great Plumed Serpent. In the Urantia ‘Celestial Beings’ created mankind. All have a common denominator, ‘Mankind was created by those who “God” created’. With a little help from the “Creator”.

The Urantia has been in publication since the early 50s. It has never caught on with the masses. And some think that the book has been suppressed by those who control what is read. What I mean by this, is what the mass media pushes onto the public. If the ‘powers’ wanted the masses to know about the Urantia, it would be pushed on them. The original authors of the Urantia are unknown. There were several so called Celestial Contacts who authored the book. There was 196 of these authors. The biggest problem with the Urantia is you just can’t set down with someone and tell them what the book is really about. It is so complicated and so in-depth, your words would get lost. In this day and age of short sound bites with ‘Talking Heads’, the Urantia is a dinosaur.

Maritime Admiralty Law is the reason you are proclaimed a Slave at birth. Maritime Admiralty Law come from the law of the sea. You have Civil Law also which is the law of the Land. Banking Law is Maritime Admiralty Law, that’s why the banksters believe they own you, you are collateral from birth. Look on your birth certificate of live birth, your name is in all capital letters, you are a corporation by birth. Your drivers license is the same, your Social Security Card has your name in all capital letters. Maritime Law is based on the fact that you came from your mothers womb, encased by water. You came down your mothers Birthing Channel. When you are born you are birthed, same as a ship that is birthed at a dock. Your parents unknowingly signed you away by giving you a name and registering you to the city, county, state, country you were born in. They represent the Port Authority. The Birth Certificate does not say parent or mother, it just states that another product has been delivered to the State. And you are a product that can be bought and sold. Seeing how America is in reality under British Crown control, International Bankers own you. The numbers on the back of your Social Security Card are RED, on the front they are either black or blue. The RED designates your body, your blood. Therefore your are no more than registered stock like cattle or other domesticated animals. If you are wealthy you are preferred stock, poor and your common stock. This is another reason the ‘powers’ have no problem killing off the poor blacks in Africa. The poor in America are the most heavily taxed percentage wise. The poor’s medical care is provided by the state, and we all know how bad Social Services are. Go to the county hospital and get in line with the poor. You’ll go screaming out of there.

Look at your utility bills, lawsuits, fine, traffic tickets or mortgage payment coupon, checking account, they all have your name in uppercase letters. Even my HOA payment coupon book has my name in uppercase letters. If you name is in upper and lower case letters, you are a human individual, a soul. Uppercase letters mean that the system has power over you, you are only a corporation. You can be sued, fine, imprisoned at will. The judge that rules over you in court sets at a Bench, bench in Latin means Bank. Whenever you are fined, a piece of the money goes to the Queen of England (War of 1812). Part of your mortgage payment via taxes goes to the Queen of England. Your life does not belong long to you, it’s all just a big game to those that control you. As the old line goes, ‘those who think they are free, make the best prisoners’.

Just try and count up the thing you can do without permission or a license. Bet that number is real small. A free person does not need to ask for permission from no one. Only “God” has control of you in the Universal Laws of Nature. Problem is most folks never realize this fact. Folks are conditioned from there childhood school system to answer to authority. The school bell tells you where to be and when. Religions pound in your head you are unworthy, ignorant, need direction. Christians preachers tell there followers they are bound for Hell if they don’t do as the bible tells them. If you don’t report your income you are subject to heavy fines including imprisonment. There are thousands of laws on the books in America, to keep everyone in constant fear. Feed the Wild Geese here in Scottsdale and you can be fined and if you don’t pay that fine, they can put you in jail. Your dog has no tags or shots, they lock you dog up, fill the poor animal up with vaccinations then make you pay for the vaccinations then fine you. Don’t pay the fines, they kill your dog then send you a bill for killing your dog. All of this ties into what is called ‘Back Door Slavery’.

In ‘Back Door Slavery’ 1 in every 100 Americans are in prison. 6 times the average in China, U.S. has 5% of worlds population 25% of the worlds prisoners. This is why ‘3 Strikes and you're out’ was created with prisoners working for $.25 cents an hour. Black men ages 20 to 34 are 29% of the prison population. There are more black kids in prison ages 17 to 21 than in college. Prisoners product 100% of military helmets worldwide. This is one of the main reasons there are so many laws in America. What you have in essence is, Slaves controlling Slaves. No country in history has imprisoned more of it’s population than America.

‘Women in Combat’ the headlines say, telling the women in America ‘you have finally made it baby’. What a bunch of BS. This race to kill gender is moving along quite fine now isn’t it? Young women all think there lesbians, boys think it’s cool to be gay now. None of them have a clue what is being done to them. It’s all got to do with Controlled Populations. Break down the family unit and reproduction stops on a massive scale. Then all you have are guys like Ray Lewis the football player, who has 6 kids with 4 different women, none of them he married. After all you do need someone to pick up the garbage from the very wealthy. So women jump right into the battlefield, get yourself killed, that’s cool now days.

Will your attitude about life keep you healthy? When I get a chance I go down to my buddy’s place who has a Naturalist Vitamin Store here in Scottsdale. We sit around and ponder the World’s problem and have are own clues on how to cure them. Of course none of our ideas will even be enlisted into the corrupted system call America today. An older lady stopped by to get here natural cream for her skin Dave sells. She was 95 years young and bouncing all over the place. She had out lived a couple of husbands and all her kids. I asked her if she was a vegetarian, no she replied. As I wanted to know her magical secrets to a long healthy life. After she left the store I turned to Dave and ask him what he thought was her secret? Dave replied, ‘her attitude’ and the more I thought about it, the more I realized he was probably correct. After all the brain tells the body when to shut down and here is proof. Ever notice that when a doctor tells someone they only have X amount of days left in there life. They always seem to die close to the “Time” the doctor said. That’s because the mind told the body we’re shutting down. Think positive thoughts and the body will respond positively. Attitude, Attitude is the answer to a healthy good life. We all die eventually, you just want to die respectfully. Not a bunch of tubes hanging out of your body and wondering who in the hell are all these folks standing over me.

Were the recent mass shooting like Sandy Hook, Aurora Colorado, Tucson Arizona, Fort Hood and others staged by the same group of actors. Here are some links to a guy named Dallasgoldbug, who shows how the same old faces seem to always show up at these Mass Shootings. The Tucson Shooting never added up for me and in his these 3 videos you will see the same faces showing up in other shootings. Here is the link to the first video of 3. If would like a condensed version here another link. Here again there is so much misinformation being put out today. What a lot of this information does is cause confusion amongst the ‘Truth Seekers’. You see this same thing in the Medical Marijuana now. Yea the system lets you get your Medical Marijuana Card for a price. The payback is you are not allowed to own a gun. Plus you have to pay for the ‘Right’ to buy your Marijuana to the state government annually.

‘We are so screwed’, Michell Obummer eating at president inauguration dinner.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 12

O, Child of Buddha Nature, these (radiances) are arising out of the natural expressive power of your own awareness. They have not come from anywhere else. Therefore, do not attached to them! Do not be afraid of them! Relax and rest in a non-conceptual state. (Abiding) in this state, all the buddha-bodies and light rays will emerge into you, and buddhahood will then be attained.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, (during the above series) the green light (indicative) of the pristine cognition of accomplishment will not arise. The reason for this is that the natural expressive power of pristine cognition, which is your own intrinsic awareness, is not yet perfect.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, this (array of luminosities that you are now experiencing) is called: the vision of four pristine cognitions combined’. It is (also) known as the ‘hollow passageway of Vajrasattva’. At this “Time”, therefore, you should recall the oral instructions, which your spiritual teacher formerly introduced to you. If you (successfully) recall this (former) introduction, you will have confidence in the vision that have already arisen, and you will recognize them, just as there is instant recognition at the meeting of a mother, and her son, ot just as one instantly recognizes an old acquaintance the moment one see them. Cutting through any doubt, you will recognize (these radiances) to be a natural manifestation (of actual reality). Achieving confidence, in this way, in the unchanged path of pure reality, and sustaining a continuous meditative stability, you will dissolve into the buddha-body of great spontaneously present awareness and irreversibly attain buddhahood in the Budha-body of Perfect Resources.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.




I’m going to post next (separately) something sent to me from Jonathan Mack a Cree Aboriginal from Ontario Canada. Calling for the Freedom of Native Americans and of all peoples.

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