Monday, May 27, 2013

"Archons, Jinn and Pigeons"

As I am always on the ‘lookout’ for the truth and just who is running the show here on Mother Earth. The pigeons can be eliminated, unless a few of them are  Shape-shifters and are posing as pigeons as a disguise. Here are a couple of other ideas that seem plausible.
There are those who believe, there is this Supernatural Force around mankind. Supposedly Supernatural Force are the ones the currents ‘powers’ answer too and are given instructions by. For years I’ve tried to figure out just who is really in charge. This happened one day while watching G.W. Bush give a speech. I suddenly realized, this guy is one dumb son-of-a-bitch. And there is no way he is in charge of any decision making. Next thing I wanted to know is just how did G.W. become president? I was very naive then and still am learning lots. And just trying to pass along what I find along life’s path. Didn’t take long to figure out G.W. belonged to a cult, like so many other World leaders. And these cults are practicing ancient rituals to contact spirits on the other-side for power. Not that far away from the rituals most Native American tribes still do to this day. Turns out G.W. like many other former president belong to a group or cult called ‘Skull and Crossbones’.
Another Supernatural Force is called the Archons. Archon in Greek means ‘lord’ or ‘ruler’.
Chief magistrate in Greek communities were call Archons. Gnostic (inner knowing) teachings tell of how Inorganic “Aliens” came to be present in mankinds solar system. Gnostic say that the Archons developed in the beginning stages of solar system (Jinn). And that the Archons inhabit the extra terrestrial realm. The Archons can intrude into the realm of mankind at will. These ETs or cyborgs (I’ve been called a cyborg often, not sure why?) are believed to belong to a local planetary realm. Archons are called ‘messengers of deception’, or there ability to corrupt mankind's thoughts. This is done through subliminal conditioning, like the imagines on TV or words in a song can do. One of the main tactics of the Archons is false ideology like religion to control the masses. This idea is not very removed from what you have today. And makes the idea of the Archons in control of planetary life very plausible. The Archons are said to be ‘predatory’. Whoever or whatever is in charge of the planet now would have to be considered to be very ‘predatory’. There are surely other entities who live amongst mankind who would be considered benevolent (kind). But if the Archons are the ‘true powers’ in this realm or reality. It would not be much of a stretch for this to fit. Here is where it get even more realistic about the Archons. There are two types of Archons, Draconic (excessively harsh, severe) or Reptilian and  Neonate (mammal) or Embryonic (rudimentary stage). These descriptions of the Archons would fit the idea of today’s Reptilians and Greys.  (Archons pics)


Another name of a Supernatural Force whose name has been popping up lately is the term Jinn. The Jinn come from Islam or Muslim cult. The Qur’an says when mankind was created also were the Jinn. The Qur'an says the Jinn were created of Smokeless Flame. And there were 3 types of creation in the beginning, Angels from Light, Jinn from smokeless fire, Mankind from the soil of the Earth. There are also 3 types of Jinn, one type with wings that fly, a type that looks like dogs and snakes, and a type that stops for rest, then resumes its journey.

These Jinn live in the hidden World unseen to mankind. The Jinn can bring both good and evil into ones life. The Jinn have a life of Freewill just like mankind does. The Jinn can choose the path of good or evil, just like mankind. The Jinn World is very much like life of there human counterpart. The Jinn have Kings, laws, wedding and mourning for there loved ones. The Jinn are known to take on human form. This is done to mislead mankind, like a false prophet. You could say Obummer is a Jinn, for his abilities to mislead the American peoples. For lies to mislead the public is common for the soulless one called Obummer (Obama).

There are ways to protect yourself from the Jinn. Living your life as honest as you can, will always protect you. Some believe an amulet around your neck will protect you from the Jinn  evil spirits. Maybe this is where the old tradition of wearing garlic around your neck came from? Interesting how many Native Americans tribes were taught to wear a type of amulet around there necks for protection from evil spirits. For the Native Americans of old were very connected to happenings on the ‘other-side’. Here is a link to help understand the secrets of the Jinn. (Jinn pics)

My little condo is upstairs, so I’m in the flight path of the birds. The birds are like my plants to me, I water and feed both. Been doing this for years now, guess I’m in the bird’s DNA by now. I whistle the birds arrive. When I return home, the birds all head for my patio. I believe the birds pray for me. I’m like a “God” to the birds, I provide food and water. The pigeon only get water from me, I made an enclosed area to feed the small birds, of all types here in central Arizona. Noticed the pigeons are bullies and the Mockingbirds can also be bullies. While the small birds of all types get along well. They can eat together in peace. Instead of fighting with the other birds like the pigeons. Say’s a lot about how brain size doesn’t always appear ‘the bigger the better’.
Fine line between the life of a pigeon and human being. Only major differences, the pigeon has no worries. While the human lives in constant fear, so just who is more ‘superior’? Pigeons make a mess wherever they go, just like humans. Pigeons are lazy, just want to lay around all day, just like humans. Pigeons are very pushy, just like humans. Pigeons spend a  of “Time” prancing around trying to attract a mate.  A pigeon will peck another's birds eyes out for food, how many wars is American in now?
Imagine one afternoon, the pigeons were hanging out on a hot Arizona summer day. In the shade of a rooftop A/C unit. One of the pigeon announces to the other pigeons, ‘I’m becoming a politician’. The other pigeons would ignore him. Why can’t the human race figure this one out? When one of the pigeons die, there seems to be no mourning period between the other pigeons, they just walk around the victim of Death. This trait is coming to mankind.

The pigeons have no “God” to fear. The pigeons have no fear of Death. Pigeons live life by the moment, never planning ahead, ‘Que Sera, Sera, what will be, will be’. Pigeons will not eat GMO corn, mankind will.

‘This Is What Winning Looks Like’, America and allies failures one again, this “Time” in Afghanistan.
Monsanto Death (documentary) What Monsanto is doing to food fits ‘hand in hand’ with the future of mankind. To where what you have instead of a human with a soul and eternity, to a Transhumanist,
The ‘powers’ have the citizens of the World feeling like. ‘There is a giant thumb on top of everyone’s head, pushing down’. And Rivers flow downhill, thus mankind has there thumb pushing down on everything around them. This is how the ‘powers’ keep the masses under control, with the masses controlling the masses.
Making a change of plans for my birthday trip, instead of the Hopi visit. I’ll be heading to Monument Valley on the Navajo rez to make some videos of what I can find. Hopefully I’ll find another Pete Gilmore Found a small community called Bluff Utah, where I’ll spend a night   Then I’ll be heading over to Mesa Verde ruins in Colorado.
Which is between Cortez and Durango Colorado. Fill some big changes about to happen in my life, maybe this journey will be the kick start of the changes. It took years to realize I can only control a small portion of my life, like what I eat and wear. But the overall picture is out of my control. And as the old line goes, ‘go with the flow’. Nature (Reality) controls you, you don’t control Nature.
‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

Liberation by Hearing pt. 8
O, Child of Buddha Nature, the Four Female Gatekeepers will also emerge from within your brain and appear before you. Recognize them! From the eastern direction of your brain the white horse-headed Ankusa, a blood filled skull in her left hand: from the south, the yellow sow-headed Pasa, holding a noose; from the west, the red lion-headed Sphota, holding an iron chain; and from the north, the green snake headed Ghanta, holding a bell, will instantaneously arise. These, four female Gatekeepers, will indeed emerge from within your brain and appear before you. Recognize them, as they are your own meditational deities!
O, Child of Buddha Nature, on the periphery of these thirty deities, who are the wrathful Herukas (and there retinues), the twenty eight Isvari will emerge from within your brain and appear before you. They will have diverse (animal) heads and bear diverse weapons. But, do not be afraid! Recognize all that arises as the natural expressive powers of awareness, manifesting naturally. Now, at this point, remember your spiritual teacher’s oral instructions.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, from the west, the six yogini of the east will emerge from within your brain and appear before you: the brownish white yak-headed Manuraksasi, holding (a vajra and) a skull; the yellowish white snake-headed Bramani, holding a lotus; the greenish white leopard-headed Raudri, holding a trident; the bluish white weasel-headed Vaisnavi, holding a wheel; the reddish white brown-bear-headed Kaumari, holding a pike; and the white black-bear-headed Indrani, holding a noose of entrails in her hand. Do not be afraid!
O, Child of Buddha Nature, from the south, the six yogini of the south will emerge from within your brain and appear before you: the yellow bat-headed Pingala, holding a razor; the reddish yellow crocodile-headed Santi, holding a vase; the reddish yellow scorpion-headed Amrta, holding a lotus; the whiteish yellow hawk-headed Saumi, holding a vajra; the greenish yellow tiger-headed Dandi, holding a cudgel (stick weapon), and the blackish yellow tiger-headed Raksasi holding a blood-filled skull in her hand. Do not be afraid!

“God” bless on this Memorial Day









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