Sunday, May 19, 2013


When I was a child in the 50s, I drowned. The family was at the Verde River on the Beeline highway east of Fountain Hills, just south of the bridge. There was no air-conditioning in the 50s for most if not all families. So weekends folks who lived here in the deserts of central Arizona, headed for water. Public pools were rare then, as the metro Phoenix area was growing so fast. Whenever a wellhead dumped water into the canal system, folks would be gathered around it on evenings and weekends.  There were actually families living out of there cars on the banks of the Salt River at Tempe Bridge. Looked like something right out of the book, ‘Grapes of Wrath’. You sure couldn’t do that in this generation.
So like most families my family with friends were at the Verde River on a summer weekend. Air mattress float was new and perfect for running the river on a hot afternoon. We'd hike upstream and float under the bridge to where everyone parked. I was on the front because I was the youngest, with an adult on the back of the air mattress. Being relatively new to floating the Verde River with family and friends. There was no way to know if the river was running high or low. As summer rains upstream could greatly increase the river’s flow. We would soon find out it was in flood stage. We left the shore and headed down stream at a rapid pace. We’d crossed under the bridge, heading south to where everyone was parked and in the water. All of a sudden a Cottonwood tree fell in the river just in front of us. I was sent under the tree, it all got so surreal, beautiful actually. I’m sure my body was struggling to survive, but mentally I was just seeing how beautiful the sky looked through the water and Cottonwood limbs and leaves. I was told I drowned, but somehow came back to life. (in the 50s there wasn’t CPR, etc.) The Cottonwood tree roots and Verde River connection would loom large much later in life, in the Hopi connection.
So what are the odds of all these sequence of events to come together at once? Starting with I had to be born in the late 40s and work from there. I had to be in central Arizona in the 50s. Plastic products were just coming on the market, air mattress was brand new. I had to be placed in this family, who moved to Arizona in the early 50s. Needed brother who were old enough to drive. Who had friends (the guy on the air mattress was a brother’s friend.) who came along. It had to be raining upstream to cause the flooding on that particular weekend. The Cottonwood tree had been in the same location for many years and never fell. I had to be at the perfect location at the perfect moment for this all to come together. Kind of makes one wonder, how well things are planned out ahead in one’s life. Just what are you really in control of.
As incredible circumstances and coincidence that brought me to that particular Cottonwood tree and River, on that summer day. What are the incredible Odds did it take to get the Universe from where it started and what mankind lives in today? The mere thought of it vaporizes the Darwinism theory. To say mankind stumbled forward to get where mankind is today. Without outside intervention being a part of it, is ludicrous. The only thing to question is, ‘how much control is there’?
Did this little blue ball suddenly happen magically, out in the Universe somewhere? Or was there a set of controlled circumstances that moved Mother Earth forward. For first and foremost, every living thing needs a home. A rock needs ground to lay on. And every one with a naval has a Creation story. Only a handful of control Freaks push along the Darwinism crap. And this is done to convince mankind there no more that herd of cattle, that must be led. So now after thousands of years of the development of mankind, there’s this sudden U-turn. As mankind is being turned into robots via the mind and diet.
Hard to believe that the same Entities who created what you have today, this utopia called Mother Earth. And nurtured mankind along to be a Spiritual Being, now is suddenly trying to change mankind into some sort of monsters. You're a soldier first, with no soul scenario.
If these Freaks of nature have such a hatred for mankind, why not  wipe mankind out? It’s been done before. Why watch the uneducated ones suffer, what is the point?  These ‘powers’ will always have there place with mankind, they came with the seed. So forcing folks to suffer, take a certain type individual, whether they are giving orders or taking them. But that type of controller is what you have today. This place that’s traveled millions and billions of years to get to where it is today. And mankind was brought along slowly, incorporated into nature. Treated like a “God”, given great powers. That all is being taken away by some sort of outside force, a wicked and powerful force.
Just look how mankind has moved both forward and backwards since the Industrial Revolution. From the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, to low Earth orbit in 60 years (not the Moon). Went from dirt roads to modern highway systems to accommodate the advancement in the automobile. Went from a subsistence farmer to a factory worker, left the country and moved to the cities and suburbs. Went from a basic organic diet to what you have today, chemical laden processed foods. Mass media came along and was soon turned into a way to control the masses through there minds. You now have this group mentality because of the programming from a young age. You still have children going to bed hungry. And the degrading part of recent history is.
Spiritually mankind has fallen greatly since the Industrial Revolution began. It was discovered during World War I, mankind can do atrocious thing to another human being. This discovery opened the floodgates to all kinds of other possibilities, mainly mind control of the masses. Here are some of the byproduct of this mass mind control. Mankind's connection with Mother Nature is almost totally lost. Because mankind does not see or know where there food comes from. There is this disconnect to the true meaning of air, water, soil, “God”. Mankind went from a family unit before the Industrial Revolution to broken and splintered families. Families members all have there own place to be and do now. ‘It’s all about you’, has been instilled into the human conscience. Constant war is just a part of Reality now. Put that headset on and tune out Reality, be told what your Reality is via the words in the music. Go to church, worship the “God” that has been given to you. Let your children be dumbed down in front of your very own eyes, as you send them off to public schools. Drink, bathe in fluoridated water. Let Walt Disney raise your children. I could surely go on for hours bringing out what has happen to mankind in such a short “Time”. The point, ‘what are the ‘Odds’ of this happening. For generations, mankind progressed at a low rate. Then a giant leap forward, in a short  amount of “Time”.  Problem was the quick leap forward materially, took Spirituality backwards at the same rate. I struggle with, who brought about this sudden change and at what price?
While mankind was lead to believe the better life awaited them in the Modern World, it was all just an illusion. The big picture was the absolute control of the masses by a handful at the top. Something or someone kick started mankind's rise out of the Dark Ages. Into the Industrial Reality of the Modern World. The price for these refinements in mankind's life was his and her souls. So was mankind pushed forward rapidly, only to be cornered? Because if the life on Mother Earth was a Chess game, mankind has been Checkmated. Lured away from being self sufficient with Mother Nature and to now being against Mother Nature. Dependent on the material system to provide all essentials in day to day survival. A good example of this. Only a few would survive returning to the wild, most would be dead after the first winter. This transformation took just over a half a century to be completed, 1870s too the 1930s. No one saw it coming but the BANKERS. Because without the BANKERS, none of this happens. Odds say this was all quite well thought out, but by who?
OK as the World knows, ‘everything runs on money’, BANKERS controlled the money, who ate well. And there are a thousand different stories about how all this came about. Bottom line is, ‘are the BANKERS the bottom line’? What are the Odds the BANKERS are in charge of the ‘whole shooting match’? The man with the gold rules Reality? Because there is no denying, mankind has reached a junction into a new Reality. A U-Turn backwards, dumber, dying younger. What were the Odds of this all happening, was there a Line in Vegas on it? Even worst, as folks wake up, is the Trojan Horse already inside the gates? Bet Vegas has mankind as a overwhelming underdog.
Water, Water, Water, driving up to Sedona Saturday morning for one main reason, ’Water’. Went online and found an artesian well head just off Oak Creek north of Sedona. Got to where I don’t even trust the bottled water now. Just to few super large corporation controlling the water supply now. Most of the bottled water now days is controlled by corporations like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and Nestles (I don’t trust any of them.). And all these vendors say there water had been treated, filtered, reverse osmosis, chemicals added to it for my good BS, etc.. I want water how “God” intended it, untreated. Bubbling right up out of the ground. Far away from some large metropolitan area. Water on the Hopi reservation taste great, but a 10 hour drive is nuts. Oak Creek water is fed from mountain snows around the Flagstaff area. Then filters it’s way down through 2,000 feet of mostly volcanic rock, into Oak Creek Canyon.
Another good reason not to trust bottled water is the fact that the chemicals that are in plastic jugs, are cancer causing and not allowed in most European countries. (In American killing the population is merely ‘Par for the Course’.) So I’m now willing to do a 200 mile turn around for 32 gallons of Oak Creek Canyon water. At approximately 10 pounds per gallon. That’s equal to one obese American, somehow squeezed into the Jetta. Plus I’ll spend $30 on gas and there is no cheap place to eat in Sedona, it’s tourist “Time”.
It’s Sunday morning and I getting ready to post my entry for this week. The trip too Sedona went well and I got my water. There were plenty of folks lined up at the water source for water. Filled my 32 1 gallon jugs and went to find some photos to take. I’ve never seen Sedona as crowded as Saturday was. It took me over a half hour to get through the village of Sedona, stop and go all the way from the Village of Oak Creek. And as usual Slide Rock was packed with people. Found some great sculptures to photo and I’ll post them with music on my YouTube channel. Not sure if it’s psychological but my tea made with the spring water I got, taste much better. And well worth the ordeal to get the water, then to get all 32 jugs of water up a flight of stairs to my small condo.
Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt.7
O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction! The eight Gauri will now be emerging from within your own brain and appearing before you. Do not be afraid! From the eastern direction of your brain the white Gauri, holding a human corpse as a cudgel  (stick or weapon) in her right hand and a blood filled skull in her left hand, will arise before you. Do not be afraid! From the southern direction, the yellow Cauri, shooting an arrow from a bow; from the west, the red Pramoha, holding a crocodile victory banner; and from the north, the black Vetali, holding a vajra and blood-filled skull, (will arise). From the southeast, the red-yellow Pukkasi, holding entrails in her right hand and eating them with her left; from the southwest, the green-black Ghasmari, holding a blood-filled skull in her left (hand), stirring this with a vajra in her right hand and drinking awesomely; from the northwest, the white-yellow Candali, tearing apart the body (of a bloody corpse), holding the heart in her right hand and eating the body with her left; and from the northeast, the blue-black Smasani, tearing a head and body apart and eating them, (will arise). These eight Gauri, who are indicative of the (eight) classes (of consciousness), will emerge from within your own brain, and surround the five blood-drinking deities and there consorts. Do not be afraid!
O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction! The eight Pisaci, who are indicative of the sense objects, will emerge, and appear before you, encircling this array. From the east, the dark brown Simhamukhi, lion headed, her two arms crossed on her breast, carrying a corpse in her mouth and shaking her mane; from the south, tiger headed, the red Vyaghrimukhi, her two arms crossed, snarling and staring with bulging eyes; from the west, fox headed, the black Srgalamukhi, holding a razor in her right hand and entrails (intestine, organs) in her left, eating the entrails and licking the blood; from the north, wolf-headed, the black-blue Svanamukhi, tearing apart a corpse with her two arms and staring with bulging eyes; from the south-east, vulture-headed, the white-yellow Gfdhramukhi, carrying a large human corpse over her shoulders and holding a skeleton in (both) hands; from the south-west, kite-headed, the black-red Kankamukhi, carrying a large corpse over her shoulders; from the north-west, crow-headed, the black Kakamukhi, holding a skull in her left (hand), a sword in her right, and eating a (human) heart and lungs; and from the north-east, owl-headed, the blue-black Ulukamukhi, holding a vajra in her right (hand). wielding a sword in her left and eating flesh. These, the eight Pisaci, indicative of the sense objects, will emerge from within your own brain and rise before you, encircling the five blood-drinking deities and there consorts. Do not be afraid! Recognize all that arises as the natural expressive power of awareness, manifesting naturally.
"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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