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"Hopi Mysticism"

You hear tales of the strange rituals, different groups do such as the Freemasons, Mormons, Satanist, Catholics, j$$$$$$ws, Illuminati, Black Magic (Voodoo), and many others. Who would think the Hopi would incorporate Mysticism into there society, but it’s there. The Kachina Dancers that live on Old Oraibi, go underground weeks before a dance. Where they perform ancient rituals unknown to the outside World. The Kachina Dolls represent Spirits. There are different secrete societies amongst the Hopi clans. In other Native American tribes you have ‘Warring Societies’. The Hopi have a Kachina Doll named ‘Warrior Mother Kachina’. Most Native American warriors wore a leather pouch around there necks, that they believed were magical. The leather pouch had things like herbs, stones and small bones in it. The Pouch contained everything the warrior would need in the next ‘World’, if killed in battle.  Can you imagine that mentality in today’s Reality? (Had a white friend in the hippie days that wore one of the same type pouches around his neck. He died one afternoon, the “Gods” and his pouch didn’t protect him from stupidity. He dropped some Acid, when Acid was Acid, jumped on his Harley when it wasn’t hip to have a Harley. He ran into a car full of kids and died at the scene.) (Just had to add that story.) Back to the chase RD.
“Sotuknang God of the Universe”, was a nephew of “Taiowa” the “Creator of all Ceremonies”. (It doesn't get more Mystical than that.) Taiowa” created “Sotuknang” to create the Universe as ‘First Power’. And just as in every other ‘Creation Story’, the Universe was created from endless nothing. “Sotuknang” who named the First World ‘Tokpela’. Then “Sotuknang” created ‘Her’ or ‘Spider Woman’ as the Hopi call ‘Her’. ‘Spider Woman’ who would remained on Earth as “Sotuknang” helper. ‘Spider Woman’ mixed some of Earth’s soil with her own saliva and molded a pair of human beings. (Most all Native American tribes in the Americas have this same basic tale. Mayan) This would be the ‘Twins’ called ‘Poqanghoya’ and ‘Palongawhoya’. The ‘Twins’ after there initial duties here on Earth were completed, would become the ones to stabilize the North and South Poles. This created seasons, weather, water, then plants to drink the water. Which lead to the insects, mammals, animals, etc., and finally mankind  ‘Spider Woman’ would create all living things on Mother Earth. ‘Spider Woman’ would spread ‘Her’ webs of life throughout Mother Earth. ‘Spider Woman’ represented the DNA strands. A common thread through all of living things.
The ‘First People’ of ‘Tokpela’ would be the Hopi. If you mix Hopi and Mayan tales, you see it took a few tries (3?) to create the type human you have now. With the successful birth the Hopi, the ‘First People’, the Hopi were given Mysticism, there rituals. The Hopi were given there prayers and lifestyle. Hopi were given Dances to preserve there heritage and history. The Kachina Dances are part of the Mysticism. It’s Mysticism that surround the Kachina Dolls. The Hopi build little altars in the area surrounding the village. This is done so the builder of the altar prayers will be answered. I’ve seen altars for dogs even, on Old Oraibi. This type mysticism is in every part of Hopi life. The harvest of Eaglets every year is steeped in mysticism. The sacrifice of the Eaglet to ensure a next generation of Eagles, is pure mysticism. Before planting crops, rituals are performed at planting (mysticism). These rituals insure rain for the plants. And as long as the Hopi are planting there crops every year, humanity will survive. This act alone is Mysticism, a ritual of starting life anew.
When you go watch a Kachina Dance, you are watching a mystical ritual tale. You're watching history that is hidden in a mystical dance. Every symbol you see used by the Hopi is mysticism, for the symbols all have hidden meaning. Much like in current Cultist groups, all these hidden meaning so they may identify each other. The Hopi had these type symbols long before any of your current cultist societies of today. Hopi mysticism is far older and more than likely the Mother of all these modern day cults. Who's been around longer, the Illuminati, Freemasons or the Hopi, easy answer, the Hopi. The Hopi belief of this ‘Other World’ predates all current societies. This mystical World that your eyes can’t see.  Who’s to say that the animals that predate mankind were not in touch with the Mystical World? The Hopi tales tell of the connection between the animal spirits and there own Spirit. This is mysticism of animals and mankind exchanging lives. You see Hopi Kachina Dancers with a bobcat or some other small animal’s skin attached to the lower back of the dancers. This helps the dancer to become the spirit of the animal, that helps the dancers reach the spirits of the Dance.
In modern societies you see the symbolic sacrifices that are made. The sacrificial killing of an animal, to feed the group, still common in most 3rd World countries. This is all new stuff when compared to how long it had been going on the Americas. The Mysticism of Sacrifice can mean many things and the sacrifice of an animal is not needed. Many things you can sacrifice from your life, meat, alcohol, sex, food, rest, etc.. You can only hope that human sacrifice has long passed. And that mankind has made some progress forward.
When you go to a church you see altars, this is part of the Mysticism of the religion or cult. The Hopi also built altars to the “Gods”. Both women and men built altars for there underground ceremonies. Part of the mysticism of the Hopi is the connection to the inner Earth.
The Hopi say that they emerged from inside the Pavisa (brown clay) of the Grand Canyon. And there are many who laugh at the Hopi for this claim. When in fact there are many other cultures who have similar stories. And as I’ve pointed out several “Times” that the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk” tales, is the same as the Hopi tale of Emergence from the Hollow Earth. Tales of the Hidden World underground show up in Chinese, Egyptian, Germanic, Sumerian and many more other cultures. Here is a link to all the various groups who have Hollow Earth tales. When you compare the Hopi Hollow Earth to all the other tales, it’s the same basic story.
The reason the good Hopi had to escape the Underworld was because of corrupt atmosphere. The Mayans tell of the Underground World named Xibalba. Where the evil spirits dwell. (link to free online Mayan Popul Vuh) In Bohemia they have a very similar tale of,  “God” kicked out the arrogant Angels and they fell to Earth. The Fallen Angels who fell into the (Hell) caves and abyss became Devils and Death Maidens. Those that fell into the water became Water Spirits, Water Men, Mermaids. Those that fell into the forest became Wood Spirits, Wild Men, Wild Women. The ones who fell onto the Earth became the dwarfs, goblins, noon and evening ghosts, alps. They all became the tormentors of mankind. WOW!!!
Sacred Symbols are a part of Mysticism and every piece of ancient Hopi art is full of Sacred Symbols. Much like you have in today’s cults. Currently everyone is being force fed all the so called Illuminati secret symbols. But the Hopi Sacred symbols are far older, look no further than Hopi petroglyphs. All the ancient cults are no more than repeaters of what the Hopi brought long ago. Yet these same groups will dismiss the Hopi history having anything to do with there mysticism. These latter day cults have twisted the Hopi Ways to fit there own twisted minds. Twisted Minds that want to control those around themselves. If you want to see ancient Mysticism in action, go and watch  a Hopi Ceremonial Dance. All these mystic symbols you see in modern cults, you will see painted on the Hopi Kachina Dancers. Here is a video I made of the artwork of David Johns a Navajo painter from the Four Corners region. Notice all the current symbols in use in the paintings. They are still in use today by the Navajo, and copied by current cults. The ‘powers’ like the Catholic church, who had the Native American Shamans killed off. Stole from the Shamans there rituals and mysticism and incorporated them into there own cults. Then called the native peoples of the Americas ‘backward, primitive and uneducated’. When in fact these murderous bastards, hid from the World’s population great knowledge of the native peoples of the Americas.
This same propaganda goes on today, only it’s the countries of the Middle East they now call primitive and backwards. Yet these same ‘powers’ do there secret rituals in darkness. Showing how embarrassed they are to show there rituals in the open for fear of obvious ridicule. It is the current powers who are the unenlightened as they live in the past Reality. The ‘powers’ like calling themselves the one with great knowledge, yet they hide in the shadows like a ‘Freak’ who only walks in darkness. Stealing every material and mental thing they can steal from the masses. Like some evil demon who is jealous of all others. And the only power they wield is the power of murder and corruption. The ‘powers’ kill and incarcerate those who have far superior knowledge they were giving before coming into this Realm. Any new invention to help mankind move forward is taken from the inventors and hidden from the masses. The same thing that was done to the peoples of the Americas, who had secret knowledge. That had been passed along for thousands of years has now been kept from the masses by the ‘Freaks’. Most of the ancient knowledge is hidden away somewhere by the Catholic church. This all being done to keep the masses in confusion to what lies ahead for them after death. Keeping the masses in fear of there own death, and at the same “Time” controlling the masses with fear. 
 The Mysticism the ‘Freaks’ have, was stolen from the Hopi long ago. For the Hopi Mysticism was given to all the peoples of the World long ago. It was given to the Hopi by there Creator “Gods” long, long ago. And now has been corrupted by a few ‘Freaks’ who use a few of the masses to control the masses.
‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 6
If, upon hearing these words (pt. 5), (the deceased) recognizes the meditational deities, he or she will dissolve indivisibly (with them) and thereby attain buddhahood (in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource).
Based on the spiritual teacher's (former) oral instruction, as one recognizes these (visionary appearances) as the natural expressive power of awareness, naturally manifesting, liberation will occur. This is like one who recognizes a stuffed lion-skin to be stuffed lion. The nature of the stuffed lion is such that if it’s actual nature is not recognized it will generate awe and terror. But, as soon as someone points out what it really is, the fa├žade is penetrated, and the fear dissolves. Similarly, here, when the assembly of blood-drinking deities arise, with there huge bodies and thick limbs, filling the whole space, (the deceased) undoubtedly becomes awed and terrified. But, immediately upon hearing the introduction, the deceased will recognize the appearance to be natural manifestation (of actual reality), or to be their own meditational deities. (As this recognition occurs) the two (aspects of inner radiance), the ‘mother inner radiance’, which was formerly (introduced) through the spiritual teacher’s guidance, and the ‘naturally arising child inner radiance’, (the experience of) which emerges subsequently (as the result of practice), meets  together - in other words, like meeting an old friend, (the inner radiance) that dawns face to face with oneself does so in a naturally liberated manner and one will be naturally freed within (the expanse) naturally radiant intrinsic awareness.
If this introduction is not received, even a good person may turn away at this point and continue to roam within cyclic existence. (As this occurs) then, the female wrathful deities, the eight Gauri, and eight Pisaci, (the latter) having diverse (animal) heads, will emerge from within the brain (of the deceased), and appear before him or her. Again, calling the deceased by name, the introduction should be given in the following words (pt. 7)
“God” bless
‘Origins of Underground Peoples’
ETs and Gnosis


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