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"How Religion Enslaved Humanity"

Religions, which came from the science of Astronomy and Astrotheology. Has been turned into slavery of mankind. And those who are not enslaved by religion, are enslaved by those who are enslaved ‘by’ religion. The military and police believe there doing “God’s” work, by enforcing laws based on religion. So the military and police are slaves themselves, and are at the same “Time” throwing there Souls away. The majority of the World’s population at birth, are pushed into some type of religious slavery. And those who created Maritime Law, enslave  the masses with religion. This whole system of control is quite amazing when you think about it. Could of all this just fallen in place all by itself? Like Darwinism all coincidence, luck of the draw? ‘No magic here my friend’, that’s what the ‘powers’ would like the masses to believe. That way the masses don’t recognize there own enslavement. Was this elaborate web of deceit, thought up by Bob and Bill one day while having a beer?  
Whoever was behind what you have today, must not of figured it all out on there own, or did they? Is mankind just traveling through space on this rock called Earth? And do other entities from space drop by every now and then and mess with Earth’s inhabitants? Did the original creators of the inhabitants of Earth split? How could someone as amazing as those or it who created mankind, let what is happening to mankind happen? Hard to blame the “God” creators of mankind, for what is happening currently. If life on Mother Earth is truly one of ‘free will’, mankind must have put themselves in this predicament. On the other hand, maybe an outside intervention has stepped in. Is what you have at the top of the pyramid, the masses Karma? Will those who have tried there best to live by the ‘Natural Laws of Nature’, be exempted from all that goes on around them? Anyway that’s what ancient Hopi tales speak of. As do all religions offer hope, they are protected from the cruelest of the cruelest at the top of the pyramid.
Of all the “God” figures of major religions, the Christian's “God” has to be the cruelest. Either play by ‘his’ rules or your damnation will be an eternity in Hell. In the Tibetan Book of the Dead there are blood drinking entities that await you after death. And to avoid these blood drinking entities in death, you must live your live in a “God” like fashion so you don’t encounters these demon at death. Not that far from what Christianity and other religions teach. And the reason for that, so that religions of any kind will enslave the masses to do as the church or leader of the group preach. And the only way to stop the majority of the masses from killing each other off, is to give them religion. So that they kill each other in the name of there “God”. Without the fear of “God”, most of the World’s population would still be sleeping in trees. It’s all such a Catch 22.

So without some sort of greater power over humanity, there would be total chaos. And today you have a sort of controlled chaos, with mankind still more than willing to kill another human being in the name of there particular “God”. And I guess as long as you have this factor in mankind, then mankind will for eternity be enslaved by outside forces.

Some believe mankind is being pushed into a new conscience by all the current strife. Many believed that’s what 21 December 2012 was all about. The good folks of Mother Earth would suddenly awaken to the Spiritual Reality that is truly mankind. And the giant step never took place.  And the only way to scratch your way back to where your birthrights gave you, is to seek your own path to it. All the paths to your Spiritual Reality have been disguised, hidden in the Material World, self importance.  You can only pick up pieces here and there that help your personal journey to where you might be going. Not good to wrap your life around a book you’ve read. Someone you listened to, when there was much doubt in your own personal life. A cult or religion that traps you, with a bright future. Mankind's future is mankind, each individual person, pulling away from what is killing them, this created Reality. When the masses learn to govern themselves from within and not from outside. Then there will be freedom for the masses. And Spiritual growth back to where mankind should be, can start to develop. This cannot happen within the current structure of a created Reality.
You see glimpse of this past Reality in Native American tales in all of the Americas. Great things have been done on dear old Mother Earth. All the ancient structures around the World such as the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Mayan Temples, etc. that cannot be duplicated today, are a slap in the face of how ignorant current mankind is. And mankind is being kept in an uneducated state for hundreds of years. When these great thing that were done on Mother Earth long ago, all show signs of a Spiritual environment around the creations. There is always great artwork associated with these great structures, that can only be done in a Spiritual Reality. Art isn’t created by someone putting a gun to someone head and saying ‘create art’.  The current Freaks in control, paint the past as murderous, corrupt individuals that ruled. When in the fact the current Freaks in charge are the worst. The Freaks who have the control over mankind. Must keep the idea that you're a Spiritual Being first, far from humanities thoughts. This is done by obviously the media. So now you have what you got, a handful of individuals trying to scratch there way out of the current Reality.

It’s like everyone starts in the bottom this bowl, that is the current Reality. And the whole idea is to pull yourself up and over the edge of the bowl to find the real Reality. As you can see, very few ever reach the edge of the bowl, to be able to look out at Reality. If the group would have worked together as a Spiritual group, all could have reached the edge of the bowl. But in this bowl, the masses are kept divided against each other. So that only a few ever get to the edge of the bowl, to see the Reality of Things. And the Freaks don’t seem mind a few escapees, or they can do nothing about a Spiritual Being. For the Freaks keep the majority of the masses enslaved with all these thousands of types of religion.

What you have in America in recent years was a ‘Bloodless Coup’ and capped off with 911. Now what you have is globalist corporation now are the countries. Only 147 corporations control 60% of the World’s wealth. These globalist counties via the banks, loan countries more money than will ever be able to pay back. Then want countries resources as payment for defaulting on there loans. America will never be able to repay the loans America has out. This can’t go on forever. Will banks foreclose on America? For now the banks are the government. This whole thing has rocketed ahead in a heartbeat. It was always there, the banksters, just now it’s in everyone’s face. On the day of 911, before, and after, the Freaks announced there thievery. Starting by the government saying it lost 2.3 trillion dollars. Next day you have 911 and the thievery that happen by gold being stolen before Trade Center Building 7 fell suddenly and much more. And the after effect would be this full “Time” war. The killer of all this is, who are the Freaks? You see the Freak’s talking heads in the media, Obummer on down. (Only in the movie Wizard of Oz, do you get to see who’s the Freak behind the curtain.)

With all this stuff going on in the swirling Reality of uncertainty, the ancient Hopi tales are grounded, grounded in Reality. You hear this and you hear that on the airwaves blasting constantly, I’m right, ‘the rest got it all wrong’. All these Freaks abound coming in all tones, Catholic Church, Zionists, j$$$$$$ws, Christian Right, Muslims, Satanists all wanting everyone else dead but themselves. Swirling down they all go, never up, only death, taking those who would care to listen around, along for the ride. These are the blood drinkers in the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, these Freaks come in all forms. So it’s easy to see why so many people contact me and want me to accompany them up to the Hopi rez to me my Hopi buds, for the Hopi are grounded in many ways still. Things have changed drastically in recent years for the Hopi, but that Earth Mother Earth is in all Hopi still. You hear it when you hear a Hopi giggle, never a gut wrenching laugh, just that conservative giggle.
In 30 days it will be “Time” for me to head up to the Hopi rez and record what I see. I feel all these souls on my shoulders when I venture out. I use to tell the Spirits that live in my home, a goodbye and a lit incense when I left overnight. Now it’s, everyone in the car, lets go see what we can find. And I know they all got there own buds to invite along. I feel ‘them’ most on those long treks across the rez flatlands, it’s such an odd feeling, maybe a tear I guess. The “God’s” tell me I’ll be safe, so go record what you find. Many have asked how this happened, even Hopi. This was the plan some else planned out, I’m a mere pawn. Can’t say I planned any of it.  This current “Time” in this  current place in the Universe, this was my destination. ‘Plans are made by fools’ I read somewhere. For the Universe has it’s own agenda of Reality. Most are lead by the Material World that was created for them, never seeing there own destiny. I was lucky you could say, I saw that I was being lead along and went with the flow, life taught me that. I was meant to help fill a Hopi Prophecy that the Hopi would be recognized by the World one day, and that one day is now.  Would this day coincide with the coming End Times, many ask?
The Hopi offer a peek at the past without some agenda they have of there own. A sort of, ‘it is what it is’. All that is offered in today’s Reality is loaded with back doors and lies. Hidden agendas that have to do with the enslavement of the masses. And the Hopi have this coming enslavement in there prophecies. This Great War or Shaking will be folks Karma, (Hopi). Ancient Hopi tales tell how to avoid the coming calamity, with no self agenda except a welcome to safety.  While all else (religions) offer nothing but hell if you don’t follow there doctrine. They all offer a “God” of control, they disguise. None of this with the Hopi ancient tales, you have a path that’s within, no certain “God” to worship and fear. A “God” of your choice, ‘you’.  
One thing I’ve notice when talking to other Native Americans about the Hopi. You hear the Hopi described as ‘First People’. The different Native American tribes are very competitive with each other, it’s very underlying, but it’s there. But without a doubt all the other tribal members respect (Navajo?) the Hopi. As in the Hopi being the ‘First Peoples’. So no matter what member of a American tribe someone is, they are Hopi first. That’s one of the reasons I always say, ‘we're all Hopi’. For the Hopi were the original settlers of North and South America. Hopi Way is the counter of what you have today, a subtle ‘Antichrist’. the “Gods” would have known how future events would turn out, for they were the same as previous Worlds. Isn’t it said, ‘mankind is doomed to repeat himself’ So this Monstrous Freak that now controls the World’s future, see the real Reality in the Hopi past. So the Hopi as always in the past, are left to there own demise. In an area where they started long ago. Even the Freaks don’t want a piece of the Hopi Way. What does that tell you about the Hopi Way. When millions of Native Americans from North to South America were genocidal away. The Hopi were never genocidal by outside forces.
Watched this video all about villages and towns in Mexico arming themselves against the Mexican Drug Cartels. These Mexican citizens were fed-up with being robbed and murdered by the Drug Cartel’s hit men. So they set up there own vigilante watch groups, because the city police and military are so corrupt, they couldn’t be trusted to protect the citizens of the communities. In Mexico the Drug Cartels are the controlling power. In American you have the same thing, only the government is the thugs who kill and steal from the masses. As you watch this video you will wonder if this is coming to America? Where communities stand guard at the entrance to the communities and patrol the streets. The communities in America in the future, are going to be forced to do this, to keep the federal government goons out. The federal government insist that all local laws can be overturned by the federal mandated laws. And laws passed by the states are worthless. You see this in the marijuana laws passed by states, where the federal government claims have  jurisdiction over state passed laws.
Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 5
If, upon hearing these words, (the deceased) recognizes the meditational deities, he or she will dissolve indivisibly (with them) and thereby attain buddha-hood (in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resources).
Yet, even after receiving this instruction, there are those who are held back by their negative habitual tendencies and there are those who will not recognize there meditational deities because they have fled in awe and terror. The recognition not having been attained, so it is that, in the twelfth day, the assembled deities of the Karma family of blood-drinking deities, followed by Gauri, the Pisaci, the female Gatekeepers, and the Isvari, will come to escort the deceased. Since an even greater fear and terror will arise if these are not recognized, again, call the deceased by name, and offer the introduction in the following words:
O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. When the twelfth day comes, he who is called the transcendent lord Karma Heruka, of the karma family of blood-drinking deities, will arise from the northern direction of your brain, in union with his consort and appear vividly before you. His body id dark green in color, with three faces, six arms, and four legs, (firmly) set apart. His right face is white, the left red, and the central face is an awesome dark green. In his six hands he holds, on the right in the first hand a sword, in the middle one, a khatvanga and in the last hand a mace and to the left, in his first hand he holds a bell, in the middle one, a skull and in the last a plough-share. The female consort Karmakrodhesvari is embracing his body, her right hand clasped around his neck and her left offering a skull-cap filled with blood to his mouth.
Do not be afraid! Do not be terrified! And do not be awed! Recognize this to be the buddha-body of your own awareness. These are your own meditational deities, so do not  be terrified. This, in reality, is the transcendent lord Amoghasiddhi and his consort, so regard them with intense devotion! Recognition and Liberation will occur simultaneously!
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