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"Which Part of They Want You Dead, Don't You Understand?"

Was showing an old friend a type of detergent I use (Dr. Bronner's), versus Tide and all that other poisonous crap called laundry detergent. My bud and me are both Vietnam era vets, him Da Nang, Air Force, me Waikiki, Navy. He is quickly awakening to what is going on around him, the constant Chem-trails woke him up. Now he questions everything going on around his small part of the World. While explaining why everyone is walking around inhaling poisonous vapors coming from there clothes, I said. ‘Which part of They Want You Dead, Don’t You Understand’. That’s all it took, to see the reason I was trying to help him out. Once you eliminate the chemicals from your clothing, you’ll notice how others stink from the chemicals in there clothes. Quit eating red meats and go to a butcher shop specializing in meats. The smell will knock you over instantly. Smokers don’t realize how bad they smell to others, same thing.

Now once you realize that the ‘powers’ want the masses sick and dead. It will change your shopping habits totally. I was going to get new carpet for my home from Home Depot. I’d read about all the chemicals used in carpet manufacturing. So while talking to the sales lady at HD, I asked her how long (years) the chemicals are emitted from the carpet. She told me up to 15 years in the cheaper carpets. Asked her why there isn’t some type of warning to the buying customer. She said by law she didn’t have to bring it up. And if the customer did ask, then they would respond to the dangers of new carpeting in your home. This is just another example of how the masses will endanger the masses. She knew if she told the customers about the dangers of new carpet, she would be looking for a new job. Not very funny how after asking her how to avoid this problem with carpets she had an answer. She said what you need is a carpet cushion made from soy husks. And the carpet would have to be made from 100% wool to avoid the chemicals poisons. When I did the math, a room of 20’X20’ would cost from $4,000 to $5,000 to carpet with 100% wool with soy husk cushion.
The ‘powers’ whores who control the masses for them, can afford such luxuries, but not ‘Joe 6 pack’. And have you ever noticed how much healthier the wealthy look, here is are some examples. They can afford the best doctor, organic foods, vacations, rest, safest cars, education and so on. While the masses go through life expecting to die of cancer eventually. The masses foods and everything around them reeks of chemicals. The masses go through life just getting by, hand to mouth. They cannot afford to eat correctly (organic), rest, must work in chemical laden environments. Next “Time” you walk into a department store, stop and take a big sniff of the air, then think about what you are smelling. To me I start breathing shallower, I want to limit inhaled the toxic chemicals in the air. Love that new car smell, it’s trying to kill you. Cars it turns out, take up to 5 years to neutralize the chemicals in the manufacturing process. Want a new coat of paint on your home surroundings, might as well get yourself a cup of gas and walk around sniffing it.
Try and think what in your environment is not loaded with chemicals? Can’t trust the food, air, water, toothpaste, soda, sports drink, detergents, hand soaps, plastic containers, air fresheners (the worst), new clothes, the list goes on forever. The fact that the government now lets big business run amok is the reason, the consumer is backed into a corner. A corner that will eventually kill the buyer as in, ‘buyer beware’, ‘Buyer beware’ has a whole new meaning in America now.

One side effect of the attacks on the good folks of America and the World. It has opened many eyes to what is being done to the general public. Once I realized years ago that the 911 attacks were not what they first appeared. A whole new world of ideas opened up. If the system is lying about 911 attacks, what else are they lying to me about? And I’m only one of millions in America alone who have woken up. If I tell someone that the lines in the skies are not natural. At first they are skeptical of my words. Then once I explain it to them it’s always, ‘it so obvious once you think about it’. And if there is still any lingering doubt, I remind them ‘who killed JFK’.

In this last minute ditch effort by the ‘powers’ to corral the the masses, many have awaken. It may be way too late as most are still under hypnotism by the mass media. And still I hope for the best, but without some outside intervention, things look gloomy. Just a few years ago I was an island of thought, not so much anymore. Yet those like minded are still a minority. It’s like a Cult, for those who don’t trust what they are being told. In the sixties if the masses didn’t buy your record albums, it was said ‘you have a Cult following of loyal listeners’. Well I fall into that category. My numbers have grown, but still small in comparison to those who drink up all the lies being told them. And if folks like myself ever did become well known, we'd be taken out. The ‘powers’ have been in charge for so long, there is a reason for it. They are soulless, ruthless killers, who only know dominance of others by suppression. Start with JFK to see just what I mean. Pat Tillman was ready to spill the beans about what he saw in Afghanistan. They shot Pat so full of bullet holes, he had to have closed coffin funeral. There are hundreds of other Pats and JFK's for examples, not to mention all the False Flag events that have happened over the years and throughout history. Staying in power is easy if you have no soul. For the average hard working stiff has none of this blood thirsty hatred in themselves. So thus they don’t recognize it in others, or as I like to say, ‘rat smells his own hole first’. You perceive other as you are in other words. If you're a ‘thief’ you assume others are a ‘thief’ also and because of this fact. You must always look at World leaders as if they are about to imprison you or outright kill you, in other words, ‘Which Part of They Want You Dead, Don’t You Understand’!!!


The Boston Marathon bombing is falling apart for the authorities. My friend Anthea of After Dark Radio and the book ‘First Responders’, has sent me some links I want to share about the Boston bombing. Being a retired NYC cop, Anthea has her doubts about the Boston bombing and especially the manhunt. In fact I’ll share what she sent me concerning the manhunt for the second brother. We both agree this was first of all a test to see if the police could shut down a city, and they did. And now the two brothers are actors it appears. Then throw in the Saudi national twist and the ‘powers’ have clouded the waters as always. (‘Which cup is the pea under’, ‘powers’ been playing this game on the masses forever.)

Jeez. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Boston shut down. For ONE person? A kid? You know how many times I was on searches for armed suspects or an escaped prisoner? Dozens and dozens. In a city of 8 million to boot. We didn't shut anything down, and we usually found the guy in 1 or 2 hours. Sometimes we'd bring in a K9 dog and the dog would take one sniff of something the perp touched and wham! The dog made a bee-line straight to the perp. I guess they were practicing martial law and everybody complied. And it's costing that city 100s of millions$.

Here are some links Anthea and I found about the Boston bombing:

The propaganda machine will stick to it’s lies and the public that doesn’t buy into this lie. Will be swept aside by the media and labeled un-American 'Conspiracy Theorist.'

‘Conspiracy Theorist’, hard to believe but this term comes from Richard (Tricky Dick) Milhouse Nixon. He used the term after the Watergate break in was exposed. And really started to come into play after the 911 attacks. The media has done a great job of putting forth the idea, that if you don’t buy into the government’s propaganda you're a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’.
Got my bitchin tax refund checks from the mail today, only filed 14 days ago. A few less bullets the ‘powers’ can buy with my pesos. Cashed my checks and headed to my Bud’s place (entry ‘I Just Don’t Know Any More’), to buy a few pieces of 99.9 silver. Figure I’ve been riding this horse so long, can’t get off her. Guess what, he had none to sell. Can’t remember this ever happening before. (Stopped at 2 other precious metal dealers, they also had none for sale.) Kitco had silver @ $23.90, already lost a ton of money on recent purchases of silver at $30 oz.. It’s a constant contest that is rigged in some else's favor. Put your money in the bank at basically 0% interest, then hope you don’t have a Tunisia on you. Inflation is eating up your worthless dollars if you stick them under your mattress. Better off buying items you need in the future now with those dollars.
So why is this happening with precious metals? The good and bad news is that on E-Bay the current price for 1 oz. 99.9 is a minimum $31 and up. I thought it would be a good idea to ask the Cats that visit GLP for an answer. Haven’t been banned for a while, so why not, I posted a Thread. A guy from Thailand said there is no shortage there and in America they are creating a shortage, food for thought there. Others who lived in America were having the same problem as me. Here is a biblical quote from the post.

‘[19] They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity. - Eze 7:19 KJV’

Tons of Christian trolls on GLP, I guess Jesus has all the answers to the World’s problems. (So tell me why is it Jesus’s problem?) Another person tied silver and gold to guns and ammo that will become scarce. That does make sense, anything that gives mankind independence is not what the ‘powers’ want. And what you could be seeing is a sort of vacuuming up the precious metals and making them also scarce. Another guy from Thailand said he needs to start selling silver to Americans via Ebay. Saying Americans were paying way over Thailand prices (interesting, why?) Got some ‘thumbs up for Jesus’. Got over 400 hits on my question and stayed on the front page for over a hour and a half. The average is 15 minutes on GLP. And found no Earth shaking answers. My Thread made a comeback to the front page that lasted another hour and closed with 636 hits. COOL
Here it is 24 hours later and my post on GLP is still going strong, just passed the 1,300 hits. And am still on the front page. The most I’d ever got in hits was 850 or so before, talking about Lawrence Taylor's arrest for child endangerment (rape I believe). It was the animal look in his eyes I noticed. This is now like a running ‘play by play’. My very first Pin on GLP or any of the Conspiracy sites, like ATS, LOP. And getting plenty of hits, just went over 1,650. 63 comments with about 30% my response to others ‘replies’. Posted my blog link at like 2:00 AM in the morning before going to bed. Threw in my latest Hopi Carvers vid, to help the Hopi get a little bit of the tough crowd on GLP via the “Gods”. The point I am making is that the value of something is based on what someone is willing to pay for it. You wouldn’t pay that much for a particular item, but someone else will. As an old con-man friend once said about cars, ‘there’s an ass for every seat’. Just went over 2,000 hits. Now 2,700 with 82 comments. 3,500 hits with 104 comments, front page 29 hours. Final count I think 4,856 hits with 130 comments. That’s if it doesn’t get legs again. My silver has made a good rebound up to $24.69. Amazing my post survived the midnight cut is still being posted, up to 5,013 hits, 141 comments on it’s 3rd day of running.

But the real price of anything is what someone will pay for it. Tuesday when silver tanked to just above $22.00 an oz.. In 23 days silver lost $5.80, or 17% of it’s valve. Yet while this was going on, no silver 1 ozs. to be found, just tons of silver jewelry at inflated metal prices. (Fact is to the big manufactures of jewelry, there is no art, just moving precious metals at inflated prices.) There is a lot of silver in the world, in fact last year alone. The World produced 1,056.8 Moz, one Moz equals 31,103 metric tons. One ton is 32,151 troy ounces, or 1,000,000 grams. What this works out to is mining produced 32,869,650 metric tons of silver in 2010. Of this amount of silver that was produced, all was used up. Almost 50% was used up in industrial sector, jewelry 15%, coins and medals 10%, photography and silverware took up the balance. From this it doesn’t take long to figure out who would gain the most or lose the most from price swings. The Big Boys at the top in the industrial sector. You hear of countries moving tons of silver around, now you know why, there’s a bunch out there. Of 32 + million metric tons of silver, only 3,286,965 metric tons are bought up by investors or collectors. To put that in perspective that equals an unbelievable 105,679,211,715 troy ounces. Yes that is 105 billion plus ounces a year. There is 5 “Times” more silver reserves than gold. So shouldn’t silver have 1/5 the value of gold? Instead it’s 60 to 1 in value, while throughout history it has been 16 to 1. So you can see there how manipulated precious metals are. Silver is for the poor, while gold is for the wealthy.
When you are talking these amounts to the real players as compared to the rest of the buyers. You can see why at the very top, why prices are manipulated and how easily done. The industrial sector will control the pricing and that is the Banksters. Everything else just downhill from there. Trickling down to John Doe is what the ‘powers’ might call it. You know it as ‘Trickle Down Economics’. And a growing fear is that precious metals will be swept up. To the real .04% that are the real wealthy. To this group, rock stars are lower middle class and are bought and sold on regular bases. And they are the same ones killing off what’s left of the middle class. They control the armies of the World, and how well you eat and sleep.

Where and who started the Internet, government, Bill Gates, military, industry, “Aliens”, no to all. It all started on a few campus as a way to communicate with each with each other in e-mails. Then taken to where it is today by the private industry and military which is basically the same thing (Ike’s ‘Military Industrial Complex’.). And seeing how most universities survive on federal grants. In the end the ‘powers’ were financing the early invention of the Internet. The ‘powers’ must rely on the masses for new creations. Then ‘Tesla’ the inventor creator (aka steal his mind). The ‘powers’ need a very small at the top to groom future inventions. Then turn the idea over to Industry. Your MITs, Stanford type schools were created to have this mind trust to learn from each other and mold new ideas. To the ‘powers’ mankind is all merely cattle to be branded and graded like domestic animals. The entire public school system is all about programming the child, unknown to the parent. So anything to the ‘powers’ that was created of significance by the masses, it would belong to the ‘powers’. For folks are only part of the herd to the ‘powers’, Maritime Law.
One of the worst thing you could do to your child is allowing all these poisonous vaccinations in the first two years of life. Now the Center for Disease Control CDC is now going to start a registry to keep track of what child has gotten there vaccinations. This program will be called ‘Immunization Information System’ (IIS) if your child is considered under vaccinated by CDC, your child could be forced into isolation until all the child’s mandatory shot are caught up on. And just one more chink in the armor of human freedoms. The next item in line to be passed into law, will be you don’t have the Rights to your own children. All these laws about the children's safety are being used to declare parents aren’t fit to raise there own children. In an Orwellian State, the children belong to the State. The child came down the birthing channel and docked in port belonging to the State.
As I’ve been writing about it seems like from day one, ‘everything is fixed’. Winners in major team sporting events, energy, precious metals, elections, just about anything you hear in the news, food, boxing, horse racing, you name it. Here is an article I found from ‘Rolling Stone Magazine’, which itself can’t always be trusted, about ‘the fix’. In this article the author Matt Taibbi says the ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ were correct. About how the finances of the World are controlled, and many tricks were learned from the Mafia. Thus the term ‘Bankster’ has an ever greater meaning.

Hidden under ‘Around Arizona’ in the Arizona Republic Newspaper morning propaganda pages I found this about the Hopi. For years the Hopi have been trying to stop the use of treated sewer water from being used for snow making on the San Francisco Peaks Snowbowl. This past week the Arizona Court of Appeals overturned a 2011 ruling by former Coconino County Superior Court judge. Allowing treated water to be sold to the operators of the Snowbowl and turned into artificial snow. This now clears the way for the Hopi tribe to challenge the use of treated effluent for snow making. The ruling to allow the use of treated effluent made front page news in the BS Arizona Republic. Now this reversal is hidden in the back of the B section of the newspaper. Just one more example of how corrupt the news media is. FYI: The Hopi hold the San Francisco Peaks to be sacred, for the Kachina Spirits live in peaks of this great mountain.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 4

Yet, even after receiving this introduction, there are those who, owing to their negative habitual tendencies, will nevertheless flee on awe and terror. Not recognizing there own meditational deities, they will perceive them as Yama (laws of cause and effect) and thereby the recognition will not occur. So it is that, on the eleventh day, the assembled deities of the Padma family of blood drinking deities will come to escort the deceased.
Again calling the deceased by name, the introduction should be given with the following words:

O, Child of Buddha nature, (listen without distraction). On the eleventh day, he who is called the transcendent lord Padma Heruka, of the Padma family of blood drinking deities, will arise from the western direction of your brain, in union with his consort, with three faces, six arms, four legs, (firmly set apart. His right face is white, the left blue, the center one dark red. In his six hands he holds, on the right in the first hand, a lotus, in the middle one, a khatvanga and in the last hand a mace and to the left, in his first hand he holds a bell, in the middle one, a blood filled skull and in the last one a small drum. The female consort Padmakrodhesvari is embracing his body, her right hand clasped around his neck and her offering a skull-cup filled with blood to his mouth.

Do not be afraid!, Do not be terrified! And do not be awed! Contemplate them with joy. Recognize this to be the buddha-body of your own awareness. These are your meditational deities, so do not be terrified. This, in Reality, is the transcendent lord Amitabha and his consort, so be devoted to them! Recognition and liberation will occur simultaneously!

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