Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Here We Go Again"

‘Here We Go Again’, just seems to be a way of life now unfortunately. Today’s bombing at the Boston Marathon, has the smell of ‘False Flag’ all over it, like white on rice. Lee Harvey Oswald is already being held by authorities in Boston. This Lee Harvey Oswald is said to be from Saudi Arabia. These insider attacks will continue, like I’ve written before. Until the ‘powers’ get what they want, ‘total and absolute control of the masses’. It’s getting too far down the road now, to not recognize this fact. This Earth is so under control, nothing goes on that the ‘powers’ don’t approve. The World has become Tombstone Arizona and the Earp Brothers are in control of the town. (OK Corral Shoot-out) And the Earp Brothers decided to shake things up a little today, 15 April 2013. Blow some folks up at the end of the Boston Marathon, drive down the Stock Market, crush all precious metals (all metals went down across the board, very unusual ), oil driven down, tin, all metals, ores. It was like turning the American public upside down and shaking out the last remaining change in there pockets. There have been rumors for years that the Baby Boomer's retirements will be robbed. The equity in the Baby Boomer’s homes was stolen a few years ago. So now any hidden money like metals, art, collectibles, you name it, the ‘powers’ now want that, got any hundred dollar bills under your mattress? You might be having to pull those out, to maintain your current lifestyle. A good old fashion ‘street shakedown’.

Think of the billions of dollars in precious metal alone that have been stolen. Gold closed at $1,360 area, sliver $22.90 range. Silver is less than half it’s high of near $50. Gold down $500+ from it’s high. The manipulators will drive everything down then buy up everything, been doing it for ever. Buy low, Sell high. The masses are like a herd of sheep to the manipulators. And every now and then, the herd needs shearing and culled. Wither the sheep want it or not. Need I say anymore?

This is a sort of vacuuming the precision metals ups. Which is done by driving prices down. Which is very much part of ‘Agenda 21’. No one will be allowed to own precious metals. And after the gun grab is complete, precious metals will be made illegal. Then a digital age and a ‘Chip’. Just like a biblical tale, because those who wrote the Christian bible, are still in charge. Making there own Biblical Tales come to pass.

As for the bombing, just part of a spectacle sideshow, to take the minds off the Reality, the masses have just been robbed. And it’s always a good idea to keep the masses on edge at all “Times”. Keeps reminding the masses that a Boogie-man is around every corner. Like sharks in the water, swimming around the non killers, the non killers, must think of the killer sharks constantly. And to the killer Sharks, everyone’s food. The killers in this pond, tax the food, and everything else, then kill it off the non killers with bad medicine at the end. Just like the marauders in the past had to break down walls to claim there prize. Today it’s all done electronically. Same DNA from the same bloodlines.
Found this cartoon clip on GLP, pertaining to the Boston Marathon Bombing.. It’s a scene from the Family Guy and in keeping with the ‘powers’ always letting the masses know what is coming at them. 47 seconds says it all and right in your face, down to a guy in a wheelchair.
In Italy in 1965 a group of the most powerful and scholarly gathered much like the Bilderberg group does today. These Italian leaders goal was to fight communism with any resources available. They believed they needed to control the ‘guy on the street’ to get to where they wanted to go, stop communism. Which may have been a ploy using the communist as a scapegoat or false flag. What the Italian leaders started doing to the masses of Italy. Is being done this very day to the citizens of America. Project Gladio was the name for project to control the masses of Italy. Idea was the use of domestic terrorism. Staged killings forced the public to turn over there freedoms to the government, sound familiar? Governments doing what they do best, creating an enemy. Then offering a solution. Makes you wonder how far back in history, this trick has been used to control the masses. The enemy has come home to roost, this pretend enemy. He’s now a kid with guns, social outcast, loner, veteran, anyone one not like you. So he could be anyone you meet on a daily bases. The ‘powers’ have used there propaganda machine to drive the fact home, ‘you can trust no one anymore’. Now everyone is divided as the ‘powers’ keep the chili on simmer. And the rash of recent killings are doing quite well. The pot not boiling over, just bubbling along. When the ‘powers’ want, they can turn the flame up. That’s when the masses will have had enough and revolt, the ‘powers’ are ready, been preparing. The masses unorganized, while the ‘powers’ have been at war forever.
I’ve posted my new 2013 Hopi Kachina Carvers video Sunday morning. Got good news from the Hopi is these gloomy “Times”. I mention in the video, the Kachina Dolls show HOPE. The craftsmanship was superb and the colors encouraging. And the best part, most of the carvers knew me, or heard of my videos. I talk to several of the carvers and those who knew of me, agreed that right now, I’m doing more for the Hopi than anyone. No one has my collection of videos and interviews. All the Internet programs I’ve be a guest on, mainly talking about the Hopi. And the neat part many of the carvers said they follow my Youtube videos. When I left the show, I felt Lifted. It’s hard not to mention what is going on now in the World in my post. Hard to find a lighthearted subject now to write about. So the Hopi were good for my spirit. I’ve made arrangements to get another Hopi artist to do a video from the cliffs at Bacavi, if the winds (Gods) allow that. If not will have to do it tucked under a Juniper tree. With the view as the backdrop. We discussed a topic already, he agreed to let me pick out what I think folks want to hear most. I’ll tell him the topic and have him find out what he can from the elder Hopi. The kid lives in the same village as Ahkima and knows Ahkima. This trip up I want to find “Time” to just set my camera up at the little general store in Kykotsmovi. And ask passerby to let me record there UFO stories. I’ll try and get Earnest to set with me, because he lives right down the street.

Good to talk to Earnest again, thought he was mad at me. I wanted him as a guest on my ill fated series of Podcast with Jamie H.. Wanted him to be on one of my first Podcast after the Ahkima one, we have running now. But that fell apart because of outside pressures being put on Jamie to only do a Native American interview every so often instead of weekly. That pissed me of because I’d already contacted folks about coming on. Had a guy from Zuni Pueblo scheduled as the 3rd interview. He was the leader of a group of Dancers. I’ve recorded several Zuni Dance groups, so not sure if I’ve recorded his group. Got a stack of business cards from various Native American artist, so getting guest was no problem. Back to Earnest, he never returned any of my calls so I could line him up for the show. Figured he was mad at me because of the Ahkima stuff I was recording. He even said once that the elders in Hotevilla might not be agreeing to what Ahkima and I were doing. In my interviews with Ahkima there are no Earth Shaking tales. Most of what Ahkima said you could find out from all the books written about the Hopi. What Ahkima, Earnest and others have accomplished was a short cut to a lot of Native American tales and history. Some good insight you can’t get from books. I was there to record it and that was done via the “Gods”. And this summer I’ll add (“God” willing) to my collection Hopi insight. 2013 photos of Kachina Dolls

Stephen Jacobson, via William Cooper, Mind Control from birth. (well worth the “Time”):// When you listen to educated men like this telling you your real Reality, and how mankind in the civilized World has been manipulated for ever. It all seems so obvious, right before your eyes. You just couldn’t see it because your reality did not include thinking, ‘am I under Mind Control’? Mankind had been programmed not to question authority, or there Reality, from sitting in front of the TV before learning to walk, through high school and beyond. You can see why the World has such an affection for the Native Americans of both North and South of the equator. Over hidden away from all the controlled masses. The occupants of the Americas had there own issues, but none compared to the Europeans and Asians. The Americans took dieing as just a step in your life’s journey. They all believed they’d get another swing at life. While the Europeans and Asians were given the fear of Death. Big spread there in Realities!!! One living life, one just trying to stay alive. The peoples of the Americas were free in there small clans. They still retained the rituals there “Gods” gave them long ago. While in Asian and Europeans were in Reality created for them. It was easy to kill off massive amounts of people Asia and Europe quickly, and still goes on today, only brown in color. That would be really hard to do in the Americas, with the tribal system. Communities in the Americas were sparse and isolated from each other because of the limited resources. Most tribes were nomadic, to make the best of there resource management. The tribes worked as a team to survive, everyone was assigned. Tribal members were counting on other tribal members to carry there load. This creates bonding among men, a group becomes one. This bonding also put pressure on the chief of the tribe, who was usually a Shaman, not the best warrior. This unit of bonded men lived and died for each other.

While in Asia and Europe the 'Reality' was set with religions. Religion to the Americans was living. Not so in the civilized World. The Asians and Europeans were mere cattle to there masters. There was no bonded units of men to rise against there masters. It was a life of ‘one on one’. And if you look around you’ll see nothing has changed in hundreds of years. When the Europeans invaded the Americas, they had to break down these bonded units of men. Starting by rounding up the Shamans first, to get there knowledge of ancient history, then kill them off. Then introduce religion and diet to the tribes, and now you have Asians and Europeans. Who are totally under control and don’t even know it. And now of course this also includes the Asian and Europeans who think there Americans. Buying guns and ammo because they have been conditioned to, for a future move by the ‘powers’.
Trial Balloon Streets of Boston (19 April 2013). From these photos you can see that the authorities have asked for the citizens of Boston to stay inside. And the citizens of Boston have complied with the orders. This is what you would see if a city was put under Martial Law. Was the Boston Marathon bombing just a way to see how far folks can be pushed into a corner? There are currently over 3,000 police and military looking for 1 suspect in the bombing. Even odder is the fact that right after the bombing of the Marathon, it was reported a suspect had been arrested in connection with the bomb placement. Now a few days later John Doe two cannot be found. Just as you had in the Oklahoma City Bombing, a John Doe two. Folks don’t want to call the Boston Marathon bombing a False Flag Event, but it sure smells like a False Flag Event. And if at first it may not have been one, it’s been turned into a ‘test bed’. A ‘test bed’ to see if you can paralyze an entire city with only one suspect running amok. And it appears the test was successful from these photos. Not sure if it was William Cooper who started the term ‘Sheeple’, but in Boston today the ‘Sheeple have submitted to the authorities in full.
Don’t know if I’d want to be walking or driving in Boston today either. Pictures I seen of Bostons finest scared me. These aren’t cops anymore, these are paramilitary trained enforcers of the ‘power’s’. (Many police department are now trained in the paramilitary style in Israel.) These cops looked they were going into kill someone. And this is exactly what the ‘powers’ want. The ‘powers’ want you to show your hatred for the police and not them. While the ‘powers’ hide behind the curtain. And all you need to get mankind to control mankind is a few extra pesos. Now what you have are cities police departments with a paramilitary swat team in them. This is akin to what Germany under Hitler had, and only a few of us notice. This is not a pretty picture for humanity in the near future. What is happening in Boston, could be happening in any city, town or village in America. What America is seeing is there own future and what has already happened in most of the World already. Whether you use a bomb, gun, knife, poison, whatever, a murder is a murder. How many murders are there in Boston every year? Yet this one suspect has shut down a city, something smells. This looks like a dress rehearsal, from this corner of the room. All the police had to do was label the suspect a possible terrorist and you get what you got. ‘Hey you all, were really in charge!!!’ ‘Are you a domestic terrorist my friend?’

To free up my weekends, started writing for a couple of hours each evening. Was researching a subject or subjects during the week. Then try and cram out in about 8 to 10 hours of converting it to my post. This make more sense, and this week there has been so many things going on. The main subject has been this week. MIT shooting, Texas fertilizer factory, Texas stabbings, explosion, Boston bombing to mention a few. Just like Italy in the sixties, constant turmoil. Keeping the Rats on edge, what’s next, and I going to be a victim? Makes you wonder what’s going on in the background. Keeping everyone focused on current events, while Nel’s being tied up on the railroad tracks. Because the events of this week for the most part are well planned events, even the Texas explosion (later on this). These Smokescreens are effective and keep the tension up. And when this becomes old news, there are always the Iranians and North Koreans waiting in the wings.

Speaking of Hitler, how about he died in Argentina. Here are a couple pages of photos from a site called ‘Shark Hunters’ which collects history about the German WWII U-Boats and there crews. There are even former U-Boat seaman included in the search group. In this group of photos you will even see a picture of Hitler taken in Argentina long after WWII was over. Hitler was only a pawn in a much bigger picture, like the formation of Israel after WWII. So there was no reason for him and Eva to die in an underground bunker in Berlin. The German peoples surrendered after WWII, not the Nazis. Many of the Nazis relocated to Argentina after the war along with many top scientist coming to America as part of ‘Operation Paperclip’. And there are of course many written stories about the Nazi’s secrete base in Antarctica.



The East Texas Fertilizer explosion in Waco takes on a whole new twist when you find out that the East Fertilizer company sued Monsanto. And in case you were unaware of it, the former Blackwater was bought by Monsanto to be there private army. The suit, filed as a potential class action in U.S. District Court for the western district of Texas, claimed that Monsanto had artificially inflated prices for its herbicide Roundup through anti-competitive actions. The suit did not relate to storing fertilizer, believed (believed is the key word here) to be at the root of Wednesday’s blast. Here is video of the blast at the fertilizer storage facility, notice the flash at the left of the video. Now that the government is under control by the corporations or Fascism. This incident in Waco (interesting fact) could be ‘corporate war’.

It is now Saturday morning and last night the subject of the Manhunt in Boston has ended. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev age 19 has been arrested and charge in the Marathon Bombing. His brother Tamerian age 26 was killed in a shootout with police. The two are ethnic Chechen who arrived in America in 2002. When the Boston Marathon Bombing first happened it was reported that a Saudi national had been taken into custody. Where that story leads from there is mass conjecture. These two may have been patsies like so many others have been in American history such as Lee Harvey Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan. Now the rest will play out in history via the controlled media. The Boston police are portrayed as heroes instead of the goons they may have been. When they were going house to house in search of the so called bombers. The big question will always remain, ‘was this all a staged terrorist event?’ When a bomb is set off, then the government comes right out and brings up the subject of Gun Control???


This past week I got a type of illness where my entire body ached. I try and ride my mountain bike as much as possible during the week. I ride about 10 miles on a round trip down to Tempe Town Lake and back. Two of the days on my ride there was heavy Chem-trail spraying. I stayed off my bike for a couple days, hoping this might help with my soreness. And within a few days I was back on my bike. With no Chem-trails in the skies, my body returned to normal. I’ve read from others who say they have physical problems when the skies are being sprayed with poisonous chemicals like barium and aluminum. The Chem-trails have started again today, after a couple of days break. With the spraying going on, I will now curtail my riding on Chem-trail days. Reminder ‘Three Legged Dogs Who Live Near the Freeway, Move to Slow to Get the Message’.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

Liberation by Hearing pt. 3

Yet if those individuals who are greatly obscured by past actions, again flee in awe and terror and thereby do not attain recognition, then on the tenth day, the Ratna family of blood-drinking deities will come to escort them.

Again calling the deceased by name, the introduction should be given with the following:

O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. On the tenth day, he who is called Ratna Heruka, of the Ratna family of blood-drinking deities, will arise from the southern direction of your brain and appear before you. His body is dark yellow in color, with three faces, six arms, and four legs, (firmly) set apart. His right face is white, the left red, and the central face is a burning dark yellow. In his six hands he holds, on the right in the first hand, a jewel, in the middle one, a khatvanga (bedpost) and in the last hand a club and to the left, in his first hand, he holds a bell, in the middle one, a skull-cap and in the last a trident. The female consort Ratnakrodhesvari is embracing his body, her right hand clasped around his neck and her left offering a skull-cap filled with blood to his mouth.

Do not be afraid! Do not be terrifies! And do not be awed! Recognize this to be the buddha-body of your own awareness. These are your own meditational deities, so do not be terrified. This, in reality, is the transcendent lord Ratnasambhava and his consort, so be devoted to them! Recognition and liberation will occur simultaneously!

If, upon hearing these words, (the deceased) recognizes the meditational deities, he or she will dissolve indivisibly (with them) and thereby attain buddhahood (in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource).

“God” bless






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