Saturday, April 13, 2013

"If They Ever Knew, Tumbling Through Space"

If the majority of the nation only knew what was being done to them. But they’ve been put to sleep with a multitude of distractions. Sports, bills, places to be, on the phone, your rung on the ladder, religion, booze, drugs, etc., etc., etc.. Meanwhile the Mother Earth Spins through the Universe. Those on the back of Mother Earth, don’t get a second thought with Her. Mother Earth has Her own places to be, somewhere out there is the distance. She’s been, where She’s going now. Layers in the ice keep a recording of Her travels. She goes places that make the surface of the Earth get Reborn. She take the inhabits from seeds of grass to mankind walking around today. To places where they all die, everything. Mother Earth takes Her inhabitants to places of many Meteorites. She will occasionally stop spinning. (That's why when you see the mountains of both North and South America, they run north to south. This is the effect of a sudden stop. Where the Earth’s mantels actually shift from this sudden stop. This sudden stop in rotation created the Alps, Himalayas , Rockies, Andes, etc..) Her atmosphere will not stop massive CME (Coronal Mass Ejection). One half of the Earth’s inhabitants wipe out instantly, everything sterile. Mother Earth will cover her entire body with ice. She’ll let the skies open up with rain for week upon week, Noah’s Ark.

Mother Earth moves through the Heavens with a orbit all her own. Where She goes is a given. What inhibits are on Her surface, are only along for the Ride, a short ride. Mankind wants to control Mother Earth, cut Her Mountains down, disfigure Her face. Humans like ants roam Her surface, living in the moment. For mankind has only been on Mother Earth for only a moment. With the last folks to treat Mother Earth like She should be. Were the Native Peoples of North and South America. The Shamans help keep the ‘Laws of Nature’ in order, they were the first to be killed of by the ‘powers’. So that now, thousands of millions of folks, who have no idea who they are. This is just one of many things that have been done to the humanity of Earth. While Mother Earth is moving along with Her family, through space. And what happens on Mother Earth’s surface, are only minutes, moments. For change is always in the near future with Mother Earth’s “Time”..

When you think about the billions of solar years Mother Earth has seen, “Time” takes on a whole new meaning. And then stick a “God” into the Reality of “Time”, that puzzles one. Not to mention the “Alien” thing like the Mayan Factor, always got to figure them the “Aliens” in somewhere. It’s kinda like looking at blackboard of “Time” and figure where you put “God” into the sequence. After you find a place for “God” on the blackboard, where do you put you? This all makes life seem so minuscule. Compared to “Time” on Mother Earth’s, traveling through the Universe. A mere speck of “Time” in the Universe. Could you now explain the meaning of “God”!!! How about what really happens when you die. Here is an easy one, ‘what are Dreams’?
If They Ever Knew, they would think about “Time”. If They Ever Knew, they would wonder and wonder opens minds. If They Ever Knew, they might realize they are “God”. If They Ever Knew, just don’t know. If They Ever Knew, knew they didn't know, they would start to know. If They Ever Knew, knew there reality is created for them. If They Ever Knew, there lives have been stolen. If They Ever Knew, they have been conned into selling there souls. While all this goes on, Mother Earth is Tumbling through Space.
The Earth spins at the Equator, 1,038 miles per hour. What is interesting is the fact that if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning. The atmosphere would still be cruising along at 1,000 miles per hour. This sudden stop would kill every living thing on Mother Earth, be scoured from high winds. And fits right into how the major mountain range run north and south. Take it a step further, most ancient societies have a Mighty Wind story. At 1,038 MPH it’s a Turtle compared to how fast the Sun and it’s satellites move through the Universe.

The Earth is traveling at measly 67,000 MPH on it’s orbit around the Sun. Right now you and every other thing in the local solar system are moving along at a rocking and rolling 486,000 miles per hour. When I said mankind was just a moment in the Reality of Things. It takes 226 million years for the local solar system to make 1 orbit around the center of the Milky Way. Wonder how many “Times” home has made that journey? Last “Time” the Earth was where it is today in it’s orbit, the Dinosaurs ruled. The vastness of Reality is unmeasurable. And all this leads to why a many of Astronomers are Atheists. Trying to stick Jesus into the vastness of the Universe, it’s a tough fit. And where would mankind fit into this vastness? (The Hopi have a tale that explains how mankind fits into this vast Reality, with many “Gods”.)

While the local Universe is spinning through space at a breakneck place. The Sun has a another destination with another Sun. And it has been theorized that the other Sun is ‘Sirius. ‘Sirius A’ to be exact. The solar systems have 80% binary (2 Stars) systems. Each bound to the other, like the ancient tales of ‘The Twins’. A gentleman on Ohio Exopolitics On Blog Talk Radio named Henry Kroll said he could prove this by the Ice Ages. And that these Ice Ages happen systematically. This theory would help tie in the Dogon tribe who said there ancestors came from ‘Sirius B’. Which is part of Sirius system. I’d be willing to bet that the truth is hidden in some old Hopi Dance. Every Hopi Dance I’ve ever been to, was like a long drawn out Opera. Most Dances mimic history, a Hopi way of having history told without being changed. Like almost all history taught in public and private schools is changed, because the winner writes history. And the current ‘powers’ are real good at creating other’s Reality. So here mankind is, ‘Tumbling Through Space Living Someone Else's Reality’. Which happens to bring another ugly saga in American history, when George H. W. Bush was president. And the If They Ever Knew, was mentioned by Americas best friend Bush jr.
‘If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts.” George H. W. Bush That’s kinda in your face isn’t it? If They Ever Knew, knew they were being mocked in there faces. They wouldn’t be, If They Ever Knew. So here the World’s population for the most part is, If They Ever Knew. Somewhere out in space as this Circus moves along. Just no one can figure out who starts the Circus all over again, when the face of the Mother Earth is wiped clean. Where will you be, when Mother Earth throws all Her inhabitants off again?

You know, there’s always someone turning good folks knobs. If you're married either the wife or husband is turning the other one’s knob. Got kids, never a moment rest, you’re constantly reacting from abuse of your knobs. Your government never wants you to have a calm moment. You just might rise up against them. The ‘powers’ use the government and media, to keep your knobs on 9 of 10. Wars or rumors of War, beat you mindless. Higher taxes, energy prices, food prices who’s president (Obummer keeps everyone on EDGE). On the way to and from work, always the thought in the back of your mind, ‘will the cops mess with me today’? Can I keep my job and if I get laid off, will I find another?

No “Time” to be creative, thus you become a Clone. No “Time” to think and ponder, you’re life is being stolen from you. Mankind reaches middle age and goes, ‘what just happened’? Good chance anyone reading my stuff, try not to fall into that trap of a stolen life. But for the most part, this is Reality. I was always forced to take “Time” off by the “Gods”. Always bills payed some how. Forced “Time” off started me carving wax, for my Lost Wax jewelry method. I picked the hardest way to create jewelry. That took a few years to perfect, couldn’t make a living selling my original cast pieces, not going to give them away. “Gods” set me down so I was forced to start re-reading my Urantia Book. My views on the Urantia Book change day to day, a lot there to ponder. Started doing these writing because of forced “Time” off. The “Gods” know I won’t just sit around drink beer and ponder. Wonder how many others got the same messages I was getting from above, ignored it? I believe there is a Guiding Light that surround folks. It’s just up to the individual to recognize the messages. Whatever is surrounding mankind, is definitely their.
When I would be sit down, that was a much greater power than this Reality. My knobs were being turned, and I had no power over it. Everyone else around me running back and forth to work, me at home creating. Working for the most part 9 or 10 months out of the year. Wasn’t getting rich, just growing mentally. I was lucky, I rolled with the punches. Others may have become misfits, drunks, suicidal, didn’t get the hidden message. Not a good idea to try and take control over your own life, when there are ‘Others’ above trying to help you along in life. Trying to remain calm when others run about is hard thing to do. You weren’t born that way, just been programed that way. Someone always turning your knobs since birth. Being Humble has been robbed from your soul. The volume is always on high. Mankind never had a chance, the deck is stacked. I was forced to get away from this high pitched Reality and I’m the better for it. Tell someone that there Reality isn’t real, you gotta fight on your hands. As always the first step is to close out the Reality chosen for you. TV, movies, any song you hear on the radio, billboards (electronic are the worst by far, there programmed to pull you in.), anything in the newspaper, other than sports scores, even the food and cartoons are rigged against you. GOOD LUCK you’ll need it!!!

I listen to Fusion Jazz on DC Soundstream No hidden messages in Fusion Jazz, just always a drummer going a million miles an hour. Isolation can be painful, but rewarding in it’s same ways. Folks can insulate themselves by diet, exercise, hobbies, gardening anything to remove the High Pitch that controls others. Writing for me does wonders, I’m forced to wonder, imagine the next line.
Here’s a little about Hopi history that keeps being put under the rug. Who knows for how long in Hopi tradition this annual tradition started. This “Time” of year certain members of Hopi Clans are allowed to capture baby Eaglets. The baby Eagles are Golden Eagles. No easy task to retrieve a Eaglet, as the Eagles nest is high on the cliffs of the Mesas. Once the Eaglet is retrieved from the nest. They are taken back to village and put on the roof of the Hopi tribal member who is allowed to take part in this part of the ceremony. Ankle tied to the roof of the Kiva via a leather lanyard. Here the Eaglet will stay for the rest of it’s life, a Solar Year Life. The Eaglet will be feed fresh rabbit, the diet the Eaglet would have had in the wild. Then the coming winter the Eaglet will be sacrificed. This is done to ensure future generations of baby Eaglets. No other Native American tribe has this tradition. The Navajo have some degree of it, but that was stolen from the Hopi. The Navajos were originally from Canada. Makes me wonder who asked the Hopi to do this ritual? A few Hopi setting around one day decided, ‘let’s capture a baby Eagle, feed it, then kill it, yeah that’s what will do’. Not buying into that, as why did all of a sudden Hopi men start making abstract Kachina Dolls.


This year the Hopi were allowed to take 40 Eaglets. 18 will come from the Navajo rez, which has some ancient Hopi Sacred sites. The whole place was just Hopi at one “Time” anyway. The Navajo don’t agree with the Hopi tradition, but they get along like Arabs and Jews anyway. In the World where everything is under control. The permits to take the Eaglets is issued by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Navajo use the Eagle feathers in there traditions and ceremonies as do the Hopi. Some day I’ll tell the story of how a Eagle landed on Lonnie’s (pic sidebar) mom’s kiva and let it be tethered to the kiva roof.

Hopi Kachina Dolls and Masked that were to be auctioned off in France under protest. Went off as planned. The final price for the Sacred Hopi collection was 1.2 million dollars.’Mother Crow’ sold for $209,000, three “Times” what it was thought to sell for.

Transhumanism: the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology (Oxford dit.). Guess what’s on the human’s races horizon, Transhumanism. The masses are always told by the ‘powers’ what coming. A hard working human who is totally controlled, soul removed. Mankind is being blasted with this futurist human being. Look at the cops today, military soldier, movies, TV, commercials, music, Transhumanism is around the corner. It’s as if some Dark outside forces has taken over the planet. Everyone is being poisoned constantly, all moral values are being removed. Like a bunch of monkey running around screwing each other. Tattooed Freaks abound, what happened so quickly? Skinny malnutrition children walking the streets. All the families are single moms now days. The women's heads have been poisoned by the mass media. Folks this just ain’t right, I was a child in the fifties, this just ain’t right. A ugly force has ripped the children's childhood away from them. Just don’t see how you get here from there without some powerful outside forces directing traffic. And now it’s just, ‘all up in your face’. Obummer the buffoon as Santos likes to say, stands proud in the face of his lies. Posing like some moron Hollywood whore, ‘where do you want me to stand, read what’. Those bringing the new human, don’t care if they are recognized. Hell, there filling the skies with chemicals constantly, what more obvious than that? While the masses next generation will be broken down then transformed a generation of two later, ‘BANG’. Genetically engineered humans, soul long gone. The ‘powers’ will need to find a new way to do there Blood Rituals. Is Jesus coming back to stop all this?
Going to record the Hopi Kachina Carvers tomorrow at the Heard Museum. I’m going to take many photos and link them with music. A friend reminded me that I should share all the photos I’ve taken in my travels. He wanted his grandkids to see them. I’d posted a few others in the past, there on my Youtube channel. Just posted a new one today with Hopi and Southern Sinagua Petroglyphs.

Matter is .03% of the universe, Anti-Matter is 99.97%. Stick your arm out, you stuck it into Anti-Matter.
“God” bless





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