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"Rumors of War"

Always Rumors of War, starting with crawling under my desk in 1st. grade. I remember it like it was ‘yesterday’. The Russians were going to drop an Atomic bomb on my home town any day and if I happen to be at school my desk would save my ass!!!. Just an exercise in Mind Control starting at a very young age. I would realize later in life (much later) that’s all it was, just a Mind Control exercise. And here America is 60 years later, waiting for the same Russian Atomic bomb to drop. The end of the old Soviet Union and the Cold War is old history. But it seems things just keep getting recycled, what was old is new. The old stories told about the North Vietnamese, were reused before the invasion of both Afghanistan and Iraq. And today the same old tired lines are being used against the Iranians. Here in 2013 old ghosts have been revived with a new twist. The new threat still includes the Russians, it’s just that the Chinese have been added. Now the threat is Russia and China combining to invade America. The Chinese government now has free zones in the United States and the Russian troops are training in Colorado Yet the American public is being warned of the possibilities of war with both Russia and China. I want to show that this is all BS propaganda. As the best way to control the masses has always been with fear.

Today as I’m chasing Rumors of War, the idea came to me while reading threads on both GLP and LOP last night. The common denominator seemed to be the impending WW III soon to come. And of course all the little things that come with a World War. Sort of like when two Celestial bodies come close to each other. They both have similar satellites that travel with them in orbit. The problem is the larger Celestial body has larger and more satellites that travel with it. In the Christian bible it talks of ‘Fire and Brimstone’ coming from the sky, falling on Sodom and Gomorrah. (Was this actually a Nibiru type tale?) Anyway in supposed coming events scenario. The United States would be the larger Celestial body. The U.S. would have satellites named England, Germany, France, Japan to name a few. The other object would be China and Russia, with fewer and smaller satellites. In a WWIII both sides would show there might. There is one common denominator both warring sides use this symbol to identify there country. You see this symbol on military aircraft and equipment. You also see this same symbol a lot on the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City. This ancient symbol would be the Pentagram or Star. It has become very popular today as a tattoo. Turned upside down it’s the Blasphomet.

Here I’ve shown the Pentagram symbol used by nations that are supposedly soon to be at war with each other.



North Korea:

United States:

What this shows me that they are controlled by the same entity or masters. And it’s all just a massive Mind Control game to control the World’s population. Simple ‘divide and conquer’ technique. With wars between countries no more than a ‘blood ritual’ and population control.

Tax “Time” again in the prison called The United States of America. And most citizens I hope are waking up to just where most of there tax dollars go. It goes to the ‘powers’ so it can be used to kill brown folks in the Middle East. And now that this country is tired of killing innocent brown folks in both Iraq and Afghanistan (tongue in cheek). Looks like the poor old Iranians are next to get some of that good old American tax dollars dropped on them. As the ‘Drums of War’ are drumming out a tune with Iran’s name at the top. While the same ‘powers’ in America use North Korea as a fake enemy. You see the North Koreans have nothing the ‘powers’ that control America want. Then again in Iran they have plenty the ‘powers’ want. Afghanistan had heroin and a pathway for a massive oil pipeline that was soon installed after the first attacks by the Americans. (Still not sure who the enemy is in Afghanistan.) Iraq had oil and history going back to the days of Ancient Sumeria. But there old news now that there country has been used as a dumping ground for Depleted Uranium. So Iraq is pretty much a sterile land. And just like what is still happening in Vietnam, the children will carry the biggest burden, with Birth Defects from the dropping of all those chemical into the jungles of North and South Vietnam. Those poisons will be with that country for centuries to come. Those are just a glimmer of years compared to the Depleted Uranium that has been dumped into both Afghanistan and Iraq. Now you're talking millions of years. Mankind will just be an afterthought by the “Time” the radiation from the Depleted Uranium goes away.
You see those who take your tax dollars, are cruel beyond imagination, beyond thought. They unfortunately know that the Planet is Self Cleansing. And every so often the Planet Earth dies and is Reborn anew. And if this should happen on there watch, they have underground bunkers to retreat too. So the thought of everyone dying but them, would never cross there minds. For they believe there powers are “God” given. And myself I see the need for some kind of, hate to say it, but Cleansing. Those who take money to kill and lock up other human beings, need Cleansed. Most of the ‘powers’ need Cleansed. All religions and there leaders, need Cleansed. Local Leaders who steal from the citizenry, need Cleansed. Corrupt judges, need Cleansed. Military leaders of which there is no real use for, need Cleansed. Cults and Satanic worshipers, need Cleansed. There are so many more, but you get my drift. Take away the tax dollars, and most of these who need Cleansing are gone. They will have to be returned into the public and I’m sure the public won’t be kind to them. Your tax dollars are needed by the ‘powers’, so they can keep everyone else incarcerated. And if everyone is incarcerated or in debt (same thing), they bring no harm to the ‘powers’. So you see your tax dollars are needed to keep you Americans enslaved.Folks have guns, folks waking up slowly, folks tired of paying. The Wardens of the prison know this also. That’s why the ramping up of all the new laws. Laws that divide the public like Gun Control, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Monsanto protection, and Rumors of War. All this to keep the masses under controlled while there own taxes pay for it.

When the European invasion of America was started. One of the main goals of the invaders was depopulation. Many methods were used such as out right murdering men, women and children. No one was spared, both young and old were murdered. Water sources were poisoned, game animals slaughter off the Native Americans used for food, shelter, medicines. And as I’ve written before, those same ways that were used against the Native Americans, are now being used against the peoples of the Americas. I’m going to put a new twist on the idea today. That Doc and me came up with while discussing parasites that live in the human intestines. Do you realize there are more bacteria living in your digestive tract than Stars in the skies. And in the Christian bible it tell you, ‘your body is a Temple’. For you are the Universe to millions upon millions of other life forms that live within you. When you die, they die along with you. The human life form is so incredible, it’s hard to imagine the complexities of your very life. and body.

One of the parasites that live in many humans and animals are worms. These parasitic worms can even have control over what your body is craving, such as sugars (carbohydrates). I’d heard this before but Doc drove this fact home. When you see the diet of the average American, it’s carbohydrates. Bread, pasta, white rice, bleached and unbleached wheat products, corn syrup in everything, processed sugar, your basic carbohydrate diet. This diet is absolutely perfect for the parasitic worms that live in most humans. Not only are most humans not getting the proper nutrition from what they eat. People are sharing it with these parasitic worms in there guts. So Doc and I were wondering if this was part of the plan by the ‘powers’ to create a perfect environment for these parasitic worms in humans. So that there lives are much shorter? Because most of the World’s population is eating what the parasites want most, sugar, sugar, sugar. You’d like to think the ‘powers’ aren’t this intelligent, but this could be an ‘Off Planet’ plan. In Genesis 1:29 “God” tells mankind what they are suppose to eat. These parasitic worms could never survive in this type diet. See where I’m going with this? From a ‘Gathers’ diet to a processed cooked food diet. All with all these ancient tale of how mankind once lived much longer than today. There must be a reason for the decline in the length of the human lifespan. Put a few simple dots together and you come up with you have today. 75 or so years, and you're outta-here, and the last 10 years are terrible. A plan or coincidence??? (Note: If you think you might have some of theses parasitic worms living in you, I have a simple solution for you. Get yourself some MMS and use it as shown for a few days or a week. Stop all carbohydrates along with drinking your MMS. This will kill of the worms and you will simply pass them in your stool.)
The Chem-trails are getting more intense recently and by the posts on GLP and LOP. You can see the same thing is happening here (central Arizona) is going on Worldwide. Here are a few of the theories about this constant poisoning of the skies. Changing the human DNA, Monsanto poisoning the soil so only Monsanto seeds will grow, there is an object in the heavens the ‘powers’ don’t want mankind to see, weather modification, over the horizon radar, soft kill (depopulation), dumbing down the population, weakening the population so they don’t revolt, Mind Control, Global Warming (carbon tax, take less breathes), it’s not happening (it’s your imagination), which one could it be, or all. Like a sunny day in Seattle, Chem-trail less days are a great welcome. This all just seems insane and the World is slowly waking up to this insanity. It’s war against humanity, without the majority of humanity not even noticing. I’ve been working on this post since last Saturday afternoon. And in that that “Time” line there has only been one partial day there have been no Chem-trails. Some of the worst I can remember, clouding the entire metro Phoenix area. Today Saturday morning 30 March the skies are filled with Chem-trail aircraft. You can barely see the aircraft through the chemical haze that has been laid over the valley I live in. One thing for sure you can see the attitude of those you meet when the skies are filled with chemicals. This morning at the farmer’s market I shop at on Saturday mornings to get my local organic fruits and vegetables. The crowd seemed somber, a bit lifeless. And I be will to bet that most folks have no idea what is being done to them, or why there mood is somber. SAD!!!

To get away for a day I’ll be going up too the Verde Valley area near Sedona to record some petroglyphs in a location called ‘V Bar V’. link I’m hoping to find a connection to the Hopi petroglyphs I’ve recorded with Ahkima and others. Spring is upon the northern hemisphere and “Time” for me to get out and about making my videos. A gentleman from Netherland (Hans) I believe, contacted me about some Hopi petroglyph pictures. Hans is writing a book and needed the photos. Thought I’d share some links he sent me, so here they are (good stuff). Of all the petroglyphs I’ve recorded over the years the ones on Old Oriabi are the most unique. And if all the Native Americans originated from the Hopi. You could say all the petroglyphs in North and South America have Hopi Spirit in them. I know my writings are read Worldwide by the countries the advertisers come from that want me to attach there ads. It is still nice to get letters from individuals. Hans asked not to have his letter to me published so I will adhere to his wishes. It is good to see others can see the Hopi-Alien connecting that seems so clear to me. Especially when the individuals are from Europe. Because this would take some great amount of research and intuitive thought. To make the connection between the Hopi and the “Alien” presence in the Universe. Here is video from V-V Heritage Site, recorded Easter day.

Two U.S. Navy Seal Team members collided in mid-air during a parachute Freefall exercise in Tucson Arizona. One of the Seal’s was killed (E-8) and the other Seal (E-6) is now in the hospital. And yes the rumors are flying on conspiracy sites they were part of Seal Team 6. Seal Team 6 incase you don’t know, was the Seal Team that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden recently. Although I’m not buying into any part of that BS. The accident happened a Pinal Airpark a few miles north of Marana. I’ve tried and get onto Pinal Airpark to photograph Evergreen Airline (CIA) aircraft, but was turned away at the gate. The Seal Team members were part of an east coast based Naval Special Warfare Unit. Naval Special Warfare (NSW) is comprised of approximately 8,900 total personnel, including more than 2,400 active-duty Special Warfare Operators, known as SEALs, 700 Special Warfare Boat Operators, also known as Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen (SWCC), 700 reserve personnel, 4,100 support personnel and more than 1,100 civilians." One member of Seal Team 6 came forward recently stating that, ‘the bin Laden incident was total BS’. I just wonder how many “Times” can bin Laden die? There have been reports from way back in 2001 that bin Laden died from lung disorder. And if you put pictures of bin Laden next to each other, none match. Do just a few minutes on this subject and you will find what I found and wrote about long ago.
Here is a link to a recently released FBI file about a Flying Saucer found in New Mexico in 1950. When I see things like this pop up out of nowhere. It makes me wonder if this was just a fluke or is the government is preparing the nation and World for UFO Disclosure? On one hand the government denies an existance of “Aliens” or UFOs. Then something like this comes out.

Bisbee Arizona just passed a ‘Same Sex Unions’, or marriage law. Bisbee was the first town in Arizona to pass such an ordinance. And this law will not have any rights outside of Bisbee. So what every heterosexual married couple enjoy in Bisbee, gay marriages now have the same benefit. Outside of having a job for the city, not sure what benefits gay couple would have. To me it’s just another step in breaking down the Family Unit. And the gay community are merely pawns in a much larger game. Here again the ‘powers’ create the Play and the citizens are actors and audience.

Some Hopi Ceremonial Masks are about to be auctioned off by the French auction house. There are 70 of these Ceremonial Masks know to the Hopi as ‘Friends’. The Heard Museum and Museum of Northern Arizona have joined the Hopi cultural officials in trying to stop this from happening. I can see the Hopi elders being upset for what is being done. But both the Heard and Museum of Northern Arizona have been exploiting the Hopi for decades. There both acting like ‘look how good we are to the Hopi Peoples’. Yet both parade the Hopi artist around like animals who have artistic abilities. Even odder is the fact that the Hopi Tribal Council has yet to address this issue. These masks are intended to be used in Hopi Dances. And were acquired by someone who lived in the United States for 3 decades. The French auction house called the collector ‘a connoisseur with peerless tastes’. So it’s good to know the collection wasn’t stolen. Why this particular group of Kachina carvings are worth an estimated $750,000 is beyond me. It’s not like these same type of carving have ceased to be made. This amount averages out to $10,714.29 for each Kachina item. My Hopi buds would sure like to be making that kind of money for there Kachina Dolls.

Here is an interview of Chris Hedges by Bill Moyer, which is hard to believe is on PBS. PBS is no different that the news that comes out of the controlled media like FOX, CBS, NBC, CNN, etc. The system that allows the killing of innocence, is the same power that give the citizens of America PBS. In some sort of ‘look what the system gives you’, while this underlying propaganda is distributed just as if it was FOX and others. Chris Hedges points out the very thing I keep writing about. And it started with the Genocide of the Native Americans of both North and South America. And now that same system has turned a few against the masses. Corrupt politicians, judges, police and military., control those who choose not to follow the corrupt systems presented to the peoples of the World. Look at these pictures of the Pine Ridge reservation, one of if not the poorest rez in America. The rez is no different than the hills of the Virginia's. Who mountains are ripped apart by strip mining for coal. The system is slowly breaking down the infrastructures of American towns and cities. (I see this in my journeys making my videos.) America is simply being turned into Pine Ridge. Where poverty have created a Reality. That drugs and alcohol are the only escape from the Reality of things around the Native peoples of Pine Ridge.
Got a great letter from a lady in San Francisco who had watch Ahkima’s and my video from last summer. I’m waiting to see if it’s OK to post it here, for others to read (great stuff). She is another example of folks drawn to the Hopi. 2nd “Time” I’ve been contacted by folks from San Francisco and both want to live the Hopi Way. But the Hopi Way is a hard life on the rez. Not sure the white middle class could really endure life up on the Hopi Homeland. But then again, many may be forced onto the Hopi Homeland for survival. When the Hopi ‘Great Shaking’ happens. Not saying when this may happen again, but I can assure it will happen. And just maybe folks are picking this up in there physic (Pineal gland) that something is about to come down. This could be to do with the colors that surround folks, like color of war constant war. It could be much greater than this. For the Hopi tales of why there would be this sudden urge to be Hopi are varied. But war is interwoven in all Hopi tales of why this urge to flee to the Hopi Homeland is in so many people. Folks from all over the World is truly the odd part. Maybe folks just want peace around them, a normality. Not this constant mad rush in to a wall of death. And the Hopi offer this solitude. A trade off, a hard life for normal life. The altitude and the wind will make your face leathery. But you’ll live longer, more peaceful, watching your coal burn on cold winter nights.

I would first like to THANK both you and Ahkima for taking the time to create and share that video.
I've been yearning to live the Hopi way throughout my entire life, although I've not always accepted it - I spent my years trying to fit in the material world, when all I've ever really wanted to do was not live ON the Earth, but WITH the Earth, and all of her creatures and beings.
I'll try to keep this message short, but to summarize, I had my daughter 3.5 years ago and since then I've felt a very strange urgency to prepare for something and protect her as much as possible. I once tried to deny these feelings and dismiss them as "mommy hormones", but the feelings have grown exponentially and I see answers, messages, signs, in all kinds of different things. I began embracing this way of thinking a couple of years ago and have not looked back.
Before I knew it, I began growing my own food, making my own things, and trying to be as bush-crafty as possible. At the time, I didn't know why I was doing all of this, something possessed me. I withdrew from society and went my own way. At times it's really difficult, especially since I still live here in the big city (San Francisco). The couple of friends I have left call me "Noah", as in I'm doing, building, learning and creating all of these "crazy" things for some profound purpose. I've spent all this time preparing for something, and wasn't sure exactly what, until now.
I should mention that I've also grown spiritually - more than I ever thought was imaginable. I am poor, cannot afford the "luxuries" nor do I care. The Earth is all I really need to feel happy, not a bunch of useless, man-made junk.
Anyway, I would very much love to somehow get a hold of Ahkima or even meet you both some day - I am as serious about preparing for what's to come as Ahkima is serious about sacrificing himself for mankind (which, by the way, is one of the most noble things I've ever heard anyone say).
Will you help me and my daughter with our journey?

Wanted to also share a communication with a lady from England. She found me through my Youtube Native American videos. She wants to prove that Neanderthal Man (Could this be the Giants the Hopi talk about in the Emergence Tales?) was walking North American long before the Native Americans. Depending on what story you may believe about how North and South America was settled. Tau Tia I. Douglas the author of ‘Secrets of the Serpent Bloodline - The Unveiling of Profound Esoteric Mysteries’ will show how her research may change the notion that the Americas were settled by the Orientals or the Europeans. The book will be released soon and the author will be a guest on my friend’s show After Dark Radio on Blog Talk radio soon. I hooked them up and this will be the authors first interview concerning her new book. Here are a few other links Ms. Douglas passed along to me.

I’ve been writing this entry for 2 weeks, so if it seems broken up that’s why. I had to start smoking marijuana again because of my mental block trying to put information out. I was stuck so I took out some weed that I’d had for a couple of years out. Soon the ideas started flowing from my mind again. I’m sure this has to do with opening up my Pineal Gland or Third Eye. Maybe all the Chem-trail spraying that had been continuously this winter had to do with blocking my Pineal Gland. Maybe that is one of the by-products of the spraying? To pacify and not allow the Pineal Gland to send thoughts to the inner mind or Third Eye.

William Cooper lecture given at ‘Lil Alien Inn’ Rachel Nevada part 1 of 5

The Andean Anomaly pt. 1 of 3

From a friend who happens to be a Freemason:

‘You’re always where,

You’re suppose to be,

If you weren’t here

You’d be somewhere else’.

"God" bless






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