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"I Just Don't Know Anymore"

A good friend of mine attitude about the Real Reality of Things has changed drastically, in a short amount of “Time”. He owns a Coin Shop in the art district of central Scottsdale. So he sees the ebbs and flow of the local wealthy folks. A few years ago I’d go hang out and buy an ounce or two of 99.9 silver (buying insurance). You would see the World flow by, sitting at the counter. X pro ball player, big “Time” Art dealers who dabbled in metals To guys passing through town on there way too somewhere, selling grandmother’s silver. Meet a lady turning in all of her husbands savings into gold coin, I doubt he knew it. Aging Cats with plenty of money come here to Scottsdale to keep warm and wait to die. This town is littered with them. So here my friend sit and watches peddling his medals and any other collectible. With this ‘parade’ parading before him, he just figured he had everything figured out. If metal went up or down he had an answer, back when he was less educated in the Realities of Life.
The economy took a dump and most of my buddies ‘parade’ along with it. So now when you go in, there are few folks, because the artie part of Old Scottsdale is dying. Being replaced by mid rise high end condos and apartments. An old wealthy generation is dying now now, with a New Reality taking over. The New Reality moves quicker, never planing, always spending, the new Mind Control has been applied and accepted by the New Reality. The New Reality idea of buying precious metals is some over priced watch, car, home (all at interest) and a little gold for there old lady in the form of a necklace. So now my buddy looks like the May-tag Man. A relic from the Past Reality. His Reality has changed greatly.
I went over to buy a few pieces of silver from my Relic from Past Reality. Metals have been going down while energy is going up. This is not the way things are suppose to work. In the Old Reality when energy went up, so did metals because it was relative. Because it took more precious metal to buy energy, so metal prices went up to level things out, ‘relativity’ at it’s finest. You know the ‘tide raises all boats’. Right now you have energy up, gold and silver going down. I use to believe my buddy's from the Past Reality stories why life was what it was. I stopped when silver went from $17 an oz., too $35 an oz., to suddenly neat $50 an oz.. Like a dummy I thought the fun would never end, didn't sell an oz., didn’t buy any either. Then it seemed like in a heartbeat silver and gold crumbled. Gold from near $2,000 an oz. to $1,500 25% loss, sliver to the high $20s, the FIX was in.

Walked into Past Reality shop and said, ‘so why is my silver crashing’? Reply, “God” wanted it that way, then quickly corrected that with, ‘everything is rigged’!!! Man from Past Reality has a new twist in his mid 60s Reality. The Reality is he doesn’t know what’s Really going on, he just knows something is, he’s more Humble now for it. Like a farmer in India who can no longer afford to farm, everyone is being broken down into the New Reality. The ‘powers’ created the money and now after everyone has been soften up, it’s “Time” for the kill. While the next generation of the New Reality is running around waving Devil Worship signals with there hands, sporting a new tattoo.
The New, New, New Reality shoved in your face, just watch and think how expendable you are? For you see in the New, New, New Reality, your species was a piece of history on Planet Earth. Like the Dinosaurs, just an era on Mother Earth. And somewhere way down the road as far as you can think. Some Cats will wander in from Eternity, and fuck with the Machines. Maybe They will and try and give the Machines souls, full circle. Put flesh on Them, maybe. A sort of Darwinism on Acid. Most all ancient Societies tell of an outside force coming into there lives. Some outside Entity drop kicks the inhabitants of Mother Earth forward. Then either nature, celestial Events, “God”, or mankind himself, wipe out mankind. With always a few saved for future crops of humans. Like a seed vault only breathers are stored away frozen in “Time”, waiting patiently for rebirth in a New, New, New, New World. Along with all the seeds, DNA, eggs, embryos, etc. needed for Creation. In each Creation mankind's DNA seems to have been played with, like a Hopi and Mayan tale. Mankind seem to reach a certain level, then implode, rebirth, implode, rebirth. Starting with the Hopi and Mayan’s tales of the first creation being made from mud, then all of them destroyed with water. As these progression move along, species are being created, species wiped out forever. If everything has a soul, where’d all the souls go?
Thought I’d share a thought, this is a pretty amazing story and how my life. Had a before the ‘Stone’ part and after the ‘Stone’ part. The ‘Stone’ is pictured on my pics on the side. Before I buried the ‘Stone’ I took some pics. This was before any of my UFO sightings (always with someone, ‘can I have a witness’?) and before the Hopi Reality begun. The fact that I found the ‘Stone’ and lead me to the Hopi amazes me. The math is incredible that I was were I was at, to find the ‘Stone’ near Barry Goldwater’s home. I was running an electrical project at a Motorola Secret plant. It was the first computerized Fire Alarm System. Iridium satellites were being built for their wireless phone system their, the phone system that bankrupted that division of Motorola. I was lighting up the natural desert landscape around a Frank Lloyd Wright designed home. Using all underground light fixtures, so the natural desert look unobstructed. A Navajo kid from Kayenta was helping me when he hit a water line with a pick. We hand dug in all the wires and light fixture to keep from disturbing the natural landscape. Looking for the water main is when I found the ‘Stone’.

It set on my coffee table like a ‘you got one of these’. Then one late Sunday afternoon, I turned down a million dollars for. Long story. As I tried to figure out why the ‘Stone’ was placed their for me. A series of UFO sightings occurred which I’ve written about. Then I found a book on the bottom shelf of a bookstore in Tempe. It was The Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters. Took it home started reading it, some how I felt the ‘Stone’ and Hopi were connected, just couldn’t put a finger on it. Bought some more books about the Hopi. Went and visited the rez for the first “Time”. Stayed in a hotel, room 21, family and me wired in Phoenix (modular housing). The Eagles and Hawks escorted me off the rez, I’d be back with a picture. I’d stepped into another Dimension, lead their.


Hopi lead me to a better understanding of myself, which lead others to a better understanding of themselves. Started my blog, it was terrible in the beginning as I learned to write. Started visiting the Hopi rez on a regular bases. Started doing my videos as a fluke. Started visiting Internet Radio programs, learned about chat rooms, which lead to my first interview. The “Gods” had a plan for me, as I stumbled forward. They put a crescent ‘C’ on my back as a constant reminder. Showed me there presence in the sky, blew wind in my face. A crash course you could say. This was to be the new me, awaken, sometimes by force. Surely others must go through this? Why do so few see where there being lead? Guess that’s why you have reincarnation.

Those Above as I like to say, push me to write, write anything, just write, Those Above will make sure the bills are covered. In the beginning this was called ‘Letters Home’. You don’t see a donate button on my stuff. That would piss off Those Above. You could hear me say on Santos show at the end, ‘I got nothing for sale’. I just constantly search with help from Those Above and try and pass it along. I think I learned that from the Navy years. It seems take so many years to get one’s stuff together. In this constantly being bombarded from Others Reality, blasting Your Reality!!! Some “Times” it’s hard to blame on folks, for where they are, life’s hard. Other’s Reality wants mankind to live there Reality, be a good soldier, pay your taxes. The New Reality has been programed from childhood now, ’just be a good follower’, we’ll take care of the rest for you partner. We got your Reality all planned out for you, now go to work my son. The older I get the more I see that Scenario in everything, down to the color of your underwear, you’ve been covered.

The New Reality of course can’t see this. The sometimes New Reality parent, puts the child in front a TV and tells Walt Disney to raise them. The New Reality has things to do, scam shit, like there own lives. Everyone in the New Reality has a lover on the side don’t they? Isn’t that what there programming has taught them to do? That’s what it looks like from over here. I don’t need a TV to tell me that, Reality. All these single moms running around telling the World they don’t need nobody, just like they have been programmed to. Don’t need a TV to tell me, this just ain’t right. But the New Reality has been programmed this way, so programmed the New Reality have bumper stickers that say , ‘Organ Donor’. LOL You know, you just might be worth more dead than alive.

With ‘Things’ moving along the way they are in the current dilemma. You see a lot ‘Jesus is going to save me’ now. My reply, ‘go save yourself, Jesus has his own Realities’. ‘Yeah I know what I’ll do, I’ll put all my crap on Dear Old Jesus’. ‘He cares for me’, that’s what the preacher says anyway. Had a son-in-law die a few years ago from cancer. He would take his Christian Prayer Blanket with him to get Kemo, tell the attendants, nurses, doctors, anyone who would listen, Jesus would save him and his Prayer Blanket. While the j000000ws in the background look at him as cash flow, lots of cash flow. The Prayer Blanket didn’t save him, nor did Jesus. Funny how that works and a sinner survives.
I feel there’s a silent run on the banks going on now in America. It would be down right stupid have all your eggs in a bankster’s hands. That’s like trusting a lawyer not to take you for all your worth, because he knows what you're worth. If every American one day went to the banks and withdrew all there cash. The bummer is, the banksters don’t have it. And that is what’s going on the island nation of Cyprus. And when the banks do reopen, the banks know depositors will be lined up to get there cash out. And the banks cannot cover there depositors accounts. That money was misspent years ago. The whole World banking system is run like that. (Where in the Hell does all that money go and for what?) Fractional Banking it’s called, the banks have a fraction of what they owe out. All the banks are bankrupt by common law, except banks are immune from being declared insolvent (except to each other). So you see the banks in Cyprus must be bankrupt, insolvent. Open the banks and the folks of Cyprus and other countries mainly Russia, will demand there money. Can you imagine this happening in America? How many guns do Americans have? This is just a test in Cyprus to see how far folks will be pushed, just when the masses are starting to awake somewhat. It looks almost like the ‘powers’ want a confrontation, that could explain the recent large munitions (hollow point) purchase.

My buddy and his wife are shutting down there natural vitamin store here in Scottsdale. ‘Nutrition Works’ will be no more in few months. Reason is because they can no longer keep not making money trying to compete with the large chains like GNC, The Vitamin Store and others. And this is just what the system wants, the complete death of small businesses. Then a handful of chain stores can get together and manipulate the pricing and eventually all natural cures will be gone from the shelves of stores and homeopathic stores like Karen and Dave Stewart’s. You got cancer, you’ll be treated in a fashion dictated by Big Pharma and the AMA. No running to guys like Dave for an alternative cure. You already must go to places in Mexico and other countries if you seek alternative cures. As day by day the freedoms of Americans to choose how they are treated for diseases are removed.


Yesterday Monsanto’s lobbyist got a bill through congress that protects them from harming anyone from the use of the GMO seed crops. There truly is no rest for the wicked, and Monsanto is at war once again against health conscious consumers with the latest ‘Monsanto Protection Act‘, managing to sneak wording into the latest Senate legislation that would give them blanket immunity from any USDA action regarding the potential dangers of their genetically modified creations while under review. The USDA would be unable to act against any and all new GMO crops that were suspected to be wreaking havoc on either human health or the environment. A massive petition to stop what has been labeled as the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ has been launched by Food Democracy Now, detailing what could come if the legislation is signed into law within the coming days or weeks. All is needed now is for Obummer to sign the new bill into law. And seeing how the current president of the United States is only a pawn of big business, it will be signed into law. Just another step in the direction of a country who was once known as the healthiest country in the World. Today America ranks near the bottom in all health and longevity categories. Here is a link to ‘Food Democracy’s’ open letter to the whore Obummer.

As you can plainly see the whole World is now in the clutches of ‘I Just Don’t Know Anymore’. Any common sense has now been replaced by legislators who are at war with the good folks they supposedly represent. ‘I just don’t know anymore’ why I’m not allowed to grow organic crops in my garden? ‘I just don’t know anymore’ why I can’t find alternative cures and vitamins? ‘I just don’t know anymore’ why most food in stores today are based on GMO seeds? ‘I just don’t know anymore’ why raw milk sales have been banned by the federal government? ‘I just don’t know anymore’, why I’m forced to watch Chem-trail aircraft turn clear blue skies into murky white skies, what happened to my clear blue skies? “I just don’t know anymore’, why America keeps invading countries with American’s tax dollars. ‘I just don’t know anymore’ why the children are filled with vaccination, when in the past Americans were the healthiest people on the Planet without them? “I just don’t know anymore’, why Americans are so obese? ‘I just don’t know anymore’, why energy and food prices keep going up while the American dollar buys less and less. “I just don’t know anymore’, why it take both parents working to keep a roof over there children’s heads. ‘I just don’t know anymore’, why the government treats all parents like there incapable of raising there own children? ‘I just don’t know anymore’, why so many Americans are in prisons. ‘I just don’t know anymore’, why must the air, water and food be so full of poisons? This is America and most of the World today, they ‘just don’t know anymore’ about anything, they just march along hoping things don’t get worse. As a good friend of mine said to me recently, I don’t care what the ‘powers’ do, as long as I can keep a roof over my head and feed myself and dog’. You see this is where the good folks of the World have been pushed too. They just want to be left alone to there own devices.

‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘An Elucidation of the Arising of the Intermediate State of the Wrathful Deities’

Liberation by Hearing pt. 2

If, upon hearing these words, (the deceased) recognizes the meditational deities, he or she will dissolve indivisibly (with them) and thereby attain buddhahood in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource.

Yet should (the deceased), one again, flee in awe and terror and thereby not attain recognition, then, on the ninth day, the Vajra family of the blood-drinking deities will come to escort him or her.

Again, calling the deceased by name, the introduction should be given with the following words:

O, Child of Buddha nature, listen without distraction. He who is called the transcendent Lord Vajra Heruka, of the Vajra family of blood-drinking deities, will arise from the eastern direction of your brain, and appear before you. His body is dark blue in color, with three faces, six arms, four legs, (firmly) set apart. His right face is white, the left red, and the central face blue. In his six hands he holds, on the right in his first hand, a vajra, in the middle one, a skull cap and in his last hand an ax, and then to the left, in his first hand, he holds a bell, in the middle one, a skull cap and in the last a ploughshare. The female consort Vajrakrodhesvari is embracing his body, her right hand clasped around his neck and her left offering a skull cap filled with blood to his mouth.
Do not be afraid! Do not be terrified! And do not be awed! Recognize this to be the buddha-body of your own awareness. These are your own meditational deities, so do not be terrified. This, in Reality, is the transcendent Lord Vajrasattva and his consort, so do not fear them. Be devoted to them! Recognition and Liberation will occur simultaneously!
If, upon hearing these words, (the deceased) recognizes the meditational deities, he or she will dissolve indivisibly (with them) and thereby attain buddhahood in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource.
“God” bless

Iraq 10 Years After Invasion by America

Idle No More, San Carlos Apaches









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