Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Gospel According to Hopi"

At this point in the ‘Reality of Life’ here on Planet Earth Mother, sky being the Father. Some major intervention is needed quickly before all is lost. This slippery slope of Reality is crashing hard to the bottom of the cliff. Seems daily now new laws are being introduced to make the citizens of America criminals, all of them. Obummer now has the power to take out anyone who the ‘powers’ believe are a detriment to there powers. These killings will be done with Drone Aircraft. There will be no arrest, no bail, no trial by jury, just you dead. The ‘powers’ of America will be judge, jury and executioner. In recent speeches Obummer has said so. As Obummer is presented to America and the World as ‘God and Savior’ His powers are unmatched in the history of America. In much the same way as Hitler was to the Germanic peoples before and during WWII. This is a crushing defeat to the freedoms given by “God” to the citizens of the World. As a child of “God” you have the rights to basics in life. Clean water, air, food, freedoms to believe as you wish. This has all been taken away within the last two decades. What was started before by the likes of the Bushes, Clinton and others, is being finalized by Obummer. Who (Obummer) was brought in as the one to put the final touches on Americans freedoms. Being a non-American psychopath, he will do just as instructed.

This last Monday night I was the guest on Santos Bonacci’s show on American Freedom Radio. show link date 3/11/13 Santos and I agreed to have both Ahkima Honyumptewa and me on the following week. As plans were be being finalized, Santos asked if I would be the guest that night. And could I contact Ahkima about being part of the show. I called Ahkima but he said no to the idea of being on with such a short notice. Told Santos Ahkima couldn’t be on with me, ‘to short of notice’. Santos said no problem and would I come on by myself. Telling me if I don’t come on his Monday broadcast would be cancelled. This put pressure on me to say yes. After thinking about it, I agreed. I’ve been a guest on so many other shows (Internet Radio), what was there to lose. The interview went great once we made contact via phone lines. As the station’s Skype would not connect to my Skype. I’ve spoken to a few folks who listened to the live broadcast and they agreed there was some great information from the interview. What I wanted to accomplish was to establish the connection between Hopi History and Santos knowledge of Astrotheology and Christian bible. (note: The Christian bible is based on many facts from Astrotheology.) As I knew the two subjects would, they fit ‘hand in hand’. What I like about Santos’s interviews, is the fact he lets the guest talk without interrupting. As I listen to his other interviews, I wonder if he’s not doing another task while asking questions of his guest. The only thing I regret saying was, ‘I speak for the Hopi’. Which I don’t, but I do represent a few Hopi buds and the knowledge that I feel needs to be passed along about the Hopi. After all they predicted hundreds of years ago, there “Time” would come. And I’m a firm believer there “Time” has come. For the ancient knowledge of the Hopi needs to be heard.

All the BS you hear from controlled media people, who are just trying to confuse the masses. With this constant BS of mankind is destroying the Planet. Humans are a creation of the “Gods” who were created by “God”. As the Mayan’s tale say it, ‘God didn’t create you, but “He” created those who created Mankind’. But the ‘powers’ want mankind to think otherwise. They want the good folks of Planet Earth to believe they are single handedly destroying Mother Earth. And mankind is the scum of the Earth and must be reduced or even eliminated altogether. Mother Earth was created for the inhabitants of the Earth. Not some propaganda that says mankind just happened along via chance or Darwinism. For the most part, people are just a victim of there environment. Just as the pollution that surrounds the World today is from the fact that major secretes are being held from the population. There is no need in today’s World for carbon based energy. Yet that is what the World is stuck with. Because those who want the population either sick or dead, have forced this on the unknowing population. The Hopi predicted that the World’s controllers would bring harm to the masses. And those who are awake or have awaken, would find the Hopi way in the ‘End Times’. And as predicted by the Hopi, this has happened. This is the ‘Gospel of the Hopi’.

These ‘End Time’ scenarios are being played out before mankind. If you just take a moment to look around yourself. At the bank I use, there is now a armed security guard in the patrolling the entrance. He is armed with a loaded gun and acts as if someone is about to make a rush on the bank. Why all of a sudden is this guard needed? Do the banksters know there is going to be some type of ‘bank holiday’ as some have predicted. For you would have to be a moron to have all your assets in a bank. The little known secret is that when you deposit your money in a bank. You have given away your rights to your money. And if the bank should shut down one day forever. You would have no legal way to retrieve your money or items you have in the bank’s ‘safety deposit box’. You should only have enough money in your account to pay your bills. By doing this you take away much of the banks powers to us your money as there’s. After all the laws says, ‘that as long as your money is in a bank account, it’s the bank’s money’. Just a reminder how important it is to have some precious metals in your possession. With silver being manipulated at around the $30 range now. it would be a good idea to buy some silver with your extra money. When you buy metals such as silver and gold (copper also), you are buying insurance. This insurance should always be in physical product, not some paper saying you own such amount of precious metal. Silver is so much better than gold in your possession. A good idea is to try and buy 1 ounce ingots. That way if the dollar should crumble and it will. You can barter with your ingots of 1 ounce silver. How would you like to get change for your ounce of gold, when you just want some food for your family. You would live in fear of being robbed in the transaction. ‘Hey bud I want $50 worth of vegetables, got change for a 1 ounce silver ingot? Sure, as a gun is put to your head’.

A funny story about the new guard at the bank. I asked him, ‘are you here now, in case the citizens rise up against the banksters’? His answer was, ‘this 357 pistol ensures that won’t happen’, with a dead serious look in his eyes. The Black guard in front of the bank had already decided, ‘it was him and his masters against the general populous’. You see this is good example of how the ‘powers’ are using the masses own people to control them. The ‘powers’ are even using the American tax money to pollute them with Chem-trails. That armed guard is payed out the fees and interest (usury) on peoples banking accounts. It’s a free ride for the ‘powers’ as the masses pay for even there own incarceration and death by pollution, both body and environment.

David Dees picture, ‘Yesterday and Today’ Here is a great artist illustration of life in America from the 50s and 60s compared to today. Look what has happened to the American family in a short 50 or so years. it is a perfect example of the powers of Mind Control of the masses. How one day all of a sudden it seems. The skies are filled with Chem-trails and everyone appears to be obese. This didn’t happen overnight, it was a slow progression, or as I like to say, ‘drip, drip, drip.

If you scroll down my pics to near the bottom, you will see a odd looking object. The pic has a ‘?’ above it. I bring this up because yesterday I found this video from the ISS (International Space Station). Fake or not in the video, I have the same strange object in a picture. When the odd object was photographed with my camera, in someone else’s hands. We were at a location here in central Arizona. This location was used by Native American tribes for centuries. As you can clearly see for hundreds of miles in all directions. Any tribe in power in Arizona would have to had control over this 7,000+ feet elevation. With no obstructions of the view to the north, east, south or east. Even more interesting the river below this lookout point is where the Verde (green) River runs. And Fossil Creek dumps into the Verde River at this location. Take it a step further, for generations and even today. Hopi Kachina Dolls are made from the root of a dead Cottonwood tree. This root must be from the Verde River for an authentic Hopi Kachina Doll. If you are a numbers freak like myself, what are the odds of this object showing up in my camera? I only discovered the picture when I took the film to a store to get it developed. When I looked at the pictures that were developed I noticed this odd object. I had the girl who developed the pictures (1 hour) blow it up for me. When completed the girl looked at the picture and said, ‘does stuff like this show up in your pictures a lot?’ I asked her if there was something wrong with the process she used, her reply was ‘no’. Next I took the picture to a friend who had a system to see if the object had depth (heat signature). It had a ‘heat signature’ and not a run of ink (?) from development. There are other object that have been pictured before, they are called ‘Rods’. You will see a picture of a ‘Rod’ and UFOs with it also in my pictures beside my blog. By the way the guy that took the picture had no idea he even took the photo. He was getting ready to take a picture of one of my sons and me. Even tho someone else took the picture unknowingly, it was my camera.

Now that a new Pope has been put in place in record “Time”. And the word ‘Jesuit’ has been flying around now that the new Pope is a ‘Jesuit’. I wanted to know just what was a Jesuit.

Jesuit: A member of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic order of priests founded by St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Francis Xavier, and others in 1534, to do missionary work. The order was zealous in opposing the Reformation. Despite periodic persecution it has retained an important influence in Catholic thought and education.
Catholic: A member of the Roman Catholic Church.

A little history about the new Pope:

Yesterday as I started preparation for this week’s blog. I’d written how important it was to keep a minimum in your banking account. Well look what happened to the good folks of Cyprus, who had there saving in a bank their. Up to 10% of there saving was taken away from them, it could have been worse. If you think about it, America’s government is in much worse shape than them. I could picture the banks going on a ‘Bank Holiday’, with no way to retrieve your money from your account. All the banks would have to do is shut down all branches and use of an ATM to get your money out. What could you do about it, ‘nothing’. Legally your money is there’s once it is put into a bank account. What you see happening in Cyprus is just a test run. A test run to see how much ‘push back’ will come from the folks of Cyprus. If the citizens of Cyprus do not ‘push back’, then who knows what country is next. The American government is so in debt to the rest of the World. There is not enough money in the World to pay back all the creditor nations. (Just a little food for thought!!!)

16 MARCH 2013

People with Cyprus bank accounts will lose up to 10% of their savings as the price of a 10 billion euro (£8.6 billion) rescue package for the cash-strapped country from its European partners and the International Monetary Fund.

The bailout was agreed early on Saturday in a bid to keep the island nation from a bankruptcy that could rekindle the region's debt crisis.

But in a major departure from established policies, the package also includes a one-off levy on the money held in bank accounts in Cyprus. Analysts have warned that making depositors take a hit threatens to undermine investors' confidence in other weaker eurozone economies and might possibly lead to bank runs.

People with less than 100,000 euro (£86,000) in their Cypriot bank accounts will have to pay a one-time tax of 6.75%, those with more will lose 9.9%. The measure is expected to net 5.8 billion euro (£5bn) in additional revenues, Mr Dijsselbloem said, greatly reducing the country's financing need.

Source Belfast Telegraph

Ten years ago this week, the World watched as Baghdad was bombed on live TV. ‘Shock and Awe’ it was called and America was getting into a war, with a country who had nothing to do with the attacks of 911. The country and World was lied to, just as it had been done to years ago. The last reason before going to war with Iraq was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. That lead America into another ‘Blood Sacrifice’ with North Vietnam. It to was a ‘False Flag’ attack, just as Pearl Harbor and other before it, ‘Remember the Maine’. And now America is being prepared for another ‘False Flag’ attack. The next one will be used to go to war with Iran. ‘False Flag’ attacks are not only used to lure America into wars. The recent mass shootings like Aurora Colorado, Tucson Arizona and Sandy Hook, are also a type of ‘False Flag’ attacks. Only these last three type of ‘False Flag’ attacks are aimed at gun control.

As most of Americans are beginning to figure out they have been lied to, when it comes to these fake ‘False Flag’ attacks. It is doing nothing to deter the ‘powers’ from there quest for a One World Government. In fact more laws are being passed through a totally corrupt congress to ensure the citizens of America cannot question the decisions of America’s corrupt leaders. What all these wars boil down to is the banksters, using America’s military and tax dollars to further there own agendas. And in the end the banksters are financing both side in any military conflict. And one by one any country not using a Federal Reserve type banking system are being taken out. These Federal Reserve banking systems have nothing to with the various countries federal governments. As the World realizes that these Federal Reserve systems are controlled by private banks. The Federal Reserve system simply prints paper fiat money with nothing backing it. Then the Federal Reserve system charges interest to the varied countries for printing there worthless paper money. There are now only a few counties that are not on Federal Reserve systems, with Iran and North Korea being two of them. That’s why these two countries are being headline news. The propaganda against these two countries is being used to soften up the general public. So that when these countries are attacked, it seems like they had it coming. One of the first thing done in Moammar Gadhafi's country after his assassination, was a Federal Reserve banking system setup.

The American press tells the unsuspecting American citizens that only 4,480 soldiers have been killed up to 15 Dec. 2011. And another 32,000+ have been wounded. The system also wants the citizens of America and the World to think only (only???) 100,000 Iraqis have been killed violently. I personally don’t buy into either of these numbers. After all just who is releasing these counts, the same whores who put America in Iraq in the first place under a false pretenses. Even sadder about all the death brought to the Iraqis by American soldiers. Is the fact that these same soldiers who were lied to about why they are occupying another country and murdering there civilian population. Are now being treated as War Criminals upon there return to America. The same thing that happened to the veterans who returned from both WWII and Vietnam wars. Evan a good friend of mine who teaches at Arizona State University. Told me that he was scared of the veterans in his classes who are Afghanistan and iraq veterans. Just how did this idea get into his head? The mass controlled media has portrayed them as unstable and suffering PTSD. Heck there is legislation being proposed that will stop veterans from owning a gun. The real reason behind this is, the veterans are trained to fight. These same veterans who have been used and thrown in junk heap. Will be the first to stand up to all the Draconian Laws being passed by the American Congress these days. And the last thing the ‘powers’ want is these who have woken up to be armed. Being a veteran from the Vietnam Era, I can relate to the fate of the returning soldiers. Just like after Vietnam the vets are coming home to no job and a population who fear them. With all these fears being brought on the propaganda machine that has ruined the returning vets lives. And now after all these years at war in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Obummer says he is finally bring the troops home. When in reality these troops are being replaced by civilian mercenaries. Who don’t fall under the Laws of War. They can hunt down and kill anyone they choose to and not fear prosecution. And according to the “Gospel of the Hopi’, this has all been foretold. As America is being prepared for a war on it’s own Homeland. A war that will have foreign invaders fighting the unarmed citizens of America, if the ‘powers’ get there way and disarm all the citizens of America.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘An Elucidation of the Arising of the Intermediate State of the Wrathful Deities’.

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt.1
O Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. Although the intermediate state of the peaceful deities did previously arise within you, you did not recognize it. So now you have wandered, (through the succession of pathways,) to here. Now, on the eighth day, the assembly of wrathful blood drinking deities will arise. Recognize them and do not be distracted! O, Child of Buddha Nature, he who is called Great Glorious Buddha Heruka will (now) arise, vividly manifesting before you from within your own brain. His body, blazing in a mass of light, is dark brown in color, having three heads, six arms and four legs, which are firmly set apart. His right face white, the left red and the central face dark brown. His nine eyes are fixed in a fearsome wrathful gaze, his eyebrows are quivering like lightning, his fangs are bared and gleaming, and he is laughing loudly, uttering the sounds of Alala and Haha, and Shoo oo-like whistles, in loud piercing cries. The golden auburn hair of his head blazes and rears upward, Sun and Moon-discs, black serpents and dry skulls adorn each of his heads, and black Snakes and flesh skulls form a garland around his body. In his six hands he holds, on the right in the first hand, a wheel, in the middle one, an axe and in the last hand a sword and to the left, in his first hand, he holds a bell, in the middle one, a plough share and in his last hand a skull. The female consort of ‘Buddhakrodhesvari’, is embracing his body, her right hand clasped around his neck and her left offering a skull-cup filled with blood to his mouth. Amidst loud pounding palatal sounds of ‘Thuk-chom’, and an (echoing) roar like the reverberation of thunder, the fire pristine cognition blazes from the fiery indestructible pores of his bodies, and thus they stand together, (with one leg) extended and (the other) drawn in, on a throne supported by garudas.

Do not be afraid! Do not be terrified! and do not be awed! Recognize this to be the buddha-body of your own intrinsic awareness. These are your own meditation deities, so do not be terrified. This, in reality, is the transcendent Lord Vairocana and his consort, so do not be afraid. Recognition and liberation will occur simultaneously!

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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