Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Things Will Never Be The Same"

‘Things Will Never Be the Same’ came from George W. Bush after the 911 attacks. He also said, ‘Go Shopping’ a day or so after the attack on American's freedom. (How many insiders who knew what was going to happen on 11 September 2001?) Bush’s masters gave him the perfect words to say for sure, because things have just been the same since 11 September 2001? And each week the World gets more and more Draconian . The World has been turned upside down, black is now white, devil worship is now good. The skies are filled with Chem-trails like today and yesterday over central Arizona. My doc Dave Stewart and me yesterday went out to make a recording about Antique R/C airplanes. In the morning the skies were clear of Chem-trail aircraft. As the day wore along we noted chem-trial by-product was starting to drift over us. Even without the presences of Chem-trail aircraft, the effects of the spraying was turning the skies into a milky white color. As the skies worsened so did our mental state. We both knew that we didn’t know why the constant spraying has been going on for over a decade. And the fact that Americans and millions of others Worldwide can’t do crap about it. The spraying in many ways is like the JFK assassination, there are no clear answers. The only answer is the fact that both are being carried out by the same ‘powers’ who truly control affairs on this ‘Mother Earth’. To me the Chem-trails are a type of mind control. This eerie feeling inside of you, how truly powerless the individual is!!! And you must accept what is being done to the individual. And the fact that it gets more and more blatant each day.

The country was already divided by race, religion, loyalty to country and those who want changes. Then 911 and ‘Things Will Never Be the Same’, drove a spike into the soul of America. All has been lost in a sea of corruption and cannot be hidden anymore. A few years ago if I mentioned Chem-trails or the corruption that is now America, folks would laugh in my face. Those days are over now as the public has now awoken for the most part. Problem is this apathy for what has happened to America is widespread. Has the Fluoride in the water, chemicals in the food and water prevented Americans from saying ‘no more’!!! Just how far will the World’s citizens be pushed into a corner. Then they start open rebellion against the status-quo. Is that where the ‘powers’ are trying to push everyone? Is it in there best interest if revolution against the current government happens? Make you wonder about how sloppy thing such as the 911 attacks and all the mass shootings are so full of holes. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see how full of holes the supposed airliners into the Twin Towers look. And the fact behind all these high profile mass shootings are so full of holes. Is the American public being goaded into a fight with the ‘powers’ military machine. A fight the general public could never win. In fact it is a fight neither side would win. The public has the numbers (people) and the ‘powers’ have the military sophistication.

Even with battles between the side happening, the ‘powers’ military could never control the masses. The ‘powers’ military might’ would never control every street in America. This just a dream on the ‘powers’ part. History has shown that no invading country has ever been able to occupy a country and maintain control of the masses. There will always be pockets of resistance. Do the ‘powers’ have enough manpower to bust down every door in America and confiscate everyone’s weapons, no. And just how many weapons and tons of munitions are hidden out? It wouldn’t take Americans long before they would find other ways to defend themselves even without guns. Weapons can be make from just about anything. Something as simple as a bottle of gasoline with a rag rug put in it, makes for a great firebomb. So the only way the ‘powers’ can control the masses is with drugs. And that seems to be the path the ‘powers’ are heading down. For a massive confrontation with the general public, will bring the power structure to it’s knees. Only the most uneducated one would continue to fight against there own brethren.

So what drugs are being used on the public to control there collective aggressiveness? The mind altering drugs are everywhere now, have stress there’s a pill for that. Are you lonely, there’s a pill for that. No matter what ails you, big pharma has the pill for you. It is said that Hitler used Fluoride in the water to pacify the masses. Here in America over 65% of the cities have Fluoride in the water. Most toothpaste has Fluoride in them. I would be willing to bet, that most bottled water now has Fluoride in them, without telling the general public. What effect are the Chem-trail sprays having on the general public?

Just the opposite of pacifying the public, some police are jacked-up in steroids. The steroids make an individual more aggressive, and are perfect for controlling the police behavior. And the mind control techniques by the police administration telling the police ‘it’s us against them’. A retired NYC police women Anthes Apel (her book ‘First Responders’ about 911) I know, told me that in New York City the police are always told, ‘it’s us against them’ the civilians. Just look how the police today are dressed as compared to before 911. Police departments now have armored personnel carriers. Police departments are given used military equipment. Police are sent too Israel for training on crowd control and urban warfare. Is this all in preparation for massive civil unrest? Do the ‘powers’ plan on pushing and pushing until the masses rise up against them? From my little place in the Universe it looks like that. That’s why I believe there is nothing gained by the masses going against the ‘power’s’ forces. And spending habits are one defense against the ‘powers’. Non compliance is another. Keep your children from joining the military is another effective way to stop the ‘powers’ power base. Being Spiritual and not joining a religion sect is another effective solution. For religions have only one place in society, dividing the masses. Ones right to believe in there chosen “God”, is a birthright. Why join some religious group, when the “God” you seek is within you.

Speaking about the fast changing reality after Bush’s infamous words. Lately most folks seem a little ‘spooked’ by their surroundings. Seem like crisis after crisis is being notched up into a fever pitch. Drones, unemployment, Chem-trails (that never seem to stop.), mass shootings (supposedly), rising gas prices (to harass you with), pending new war with Iran, gun confiscation, rising food prices (gas), freedoms (dripping away), etc.. Conditions that were upsetting me, now are upsetting almost everyone I meet today. And that I believe is because the ‘powers’ are seeing just how far the good folks of the World can be pushed. A year ago in my dentist office if I brought up Chem-trails, the girls would have scoffed at me. Now the girls are hip a year later. Even what to know what I’m thinking. My dentist (female) two weeks ago asked me, ‘why haven’t they killed you?’ I was at a loss for words, and the only thing I could think to reply with was, ‘I’ve been asked that before’. Two weeks later back at my dentist, I had a prepared answer. One reason I believe is something I heard from Santos Bonacci, ‘Spiritual Beings’ can’t be killed’. (I will be a guest on Santos Bonacci's show on American Freedom Radio soon, I'll post the time and date.) So I said that to my dentist and reminded her ‘how big the Universe is and how much is going on out there’. I told her one day I’ll let her see the ‘C’ on my back some day also, (which I’ve been told helps protect me). We’ve argued over Fluoride, her pro me against. She knows I won’t allow Root Canals, and X-Rays limited. Hell I’ve even given her one of my necklaces I made (lost wax casting method), because she sometimes doesn’t charge me. But lately there has been a change in her attitude of being more open to new ideas.

 I believe this comes from, a new openness that allows her to see around herself better. And that comes from getting a little ‘spooked’ by her surroundings. Because a person would have to be blind to not notice what is going on around them. The ‘blind faith’ Americans and the good folks of the World in the status quo, is quickly disappearing. Disappearing as things get ratcheted up to a boiling point. Getting kicked in the face every “Time” you open your eyes, has a way of opening up one mind to reality of the situation. Good folks realizing that they are being poisoned by there diet. As more and more try eating less and less prepared foods. And folks self educate themselves, versus buying into everything the masses hear on the TV and controlled media. These never ending attacks have in fact helped to enlighten the general public.

I’m not sure if the plan by the ‘powers’ is to force folks to open up and learn. Or if the general public is opening up on there own. And the ‘powers’ plans are backfiring in there faces? The ‘powers’ are organized as a unit, while the general public fights amongst themselves. For the masses have been divided into groups, starting with religion. But now more and more seem to have one common goal, getting enlightened. Maybe not so much as a group, but self growth. Will this lead to rebellion among the masses, I doubt it. But like I’ve stated many “Times”, the masses don’t need to be acting as a group or mob. All the masses need to do is operate as an individual. By refusing military duty, buying organic as possible, watching spending habits. For this is the only way to fight the ‘powers’ genocide of the masses. Always remember what the ‘Georgia Guide Stones’ say, ‘population reduced to a workable 500 million’.

I’ve been writing about this subject so much lately, as you can see outside pressures are affecting me. You are your environment, like a Chameleon Lizard you are affected by the Colors around you. I’m like a Bird in the forest trying to warn others of the impending dangers. And like a Bird in the forest, the closer the enemy gets, the louder I scream!!! It’s in my DNA, I’ve been doing this since childhood. Everyone has there own individual role in this play, being played out in the Universe. And like a Shaman who lives on the edge of a village, I can see the comings and goings of society. Most of society is lost, while the rest try to yell out to them.’Look around you, you’re being poisoned, killed and imprisoned’. Right after 911 attacks I’d say a minimum of 95% of the American and World populations bought into the official government line, including myself. Now you have less than 50% agreeing with the BS the government said about who was behind the attacks. In fact a majority don’t accept the government stance, yet are divided as to who were the real attackers on 911. That’s why I believe even the ‘powers’ through there controlled media, leak disinformation about the 911 attacks. This helps to divide the public amongst themselves. Some saying that the ‘powers’ did a botched job of covering there asses on purpose. In this way it would help to divide the country on a facts that is so obvious. Clouding the facts is something the ‘powers’ are gifted at and have been doing it for hundreds if not thousands of years.

And as there is all this confusion about who and what is bringing America to it’s knees continues. The Sheep are being led to the slaughter. You have the j000000ws blaming Arabs for the World’s problems and Arabs blaming the j000000ws. Everyone is pointing there fingers at the Freemasons, Illuminati and Zionism. The rock, rap, be-bop, etc. music of today is filled with lyrics with this BS. Turn on any program on ‘talk radio’, you see this constant finger pointing. To me this is all on purpose for keeping the general public confused as to who is to fear. So what you end up with is what you have today, ‘the masses divided amongst themselves’. Yeah for sure, ‘Things Will Never Be the Same’, a World even more divided, throwing punches in the night. Hoping there punch will be the knockout punch.

I want to share an interesting story concerning the video I did last summer with my Hopi bud Ahkima Honyumptewa. I’m getting about a 1,000 hits a month on it, which is good for my type of videos. There have over 300 comments added with me deleting a good portion of them. I’ve been contacted by several folks who wanted to talk to Ahkima personally. I act as sort of a filter and give out Ahkima’s phone number to those who seem sincere. One young man, a 24 year old from Washington D.C. kept sending me emails via my Youtube channel He was moved by the interview of Ahkima and had many of the same feelings about the World’s condition as Ahkima does. Sensing he was OK, I sent him Ahkima’s phone number. By the way the kid is Korean American. They talked and Joon Lee soon contacted me about his desire to go meet the elder Hopi in Hotevilla. He said he needed some directions and felt the Hopi elders could help him find his way. I asked him if he knew any Hopi in Hotevilla, he replied ‘no’. I told him it would not be a good idea to just arrive in Hotevilla, hoping someone would talk to him. For your information, Hotevilla is divided by the elder Hopi living the traditional ways, such as no electricity, running water or phones. The other part of Hotevilla could be a village anywhere in America, just Hopi.

Next “Time” I hear from Joon he says he taking a bus to Flagstaff to meet with Ahkima. Knowing Ahkima the way I do, this was a bad plan. Then last Sunday night I hear from Joon, he’s calling from Flagstaff. Seems Ahkima agreed to meet with Joon for a few hours after he did a Indian Fair at the Heard Museum in Phoenix. They were going to meet in Flagstaff, as Ahkima made his way home from Phoenix too Bacavi. I was worried Ahkima would blow Joon off, so I reminded Ahkima, Joon had traveled all the way from Washington D.C. on a Greyhound bus. Ahkima meet up with Joon and they talked for a few hours. Joon even bought about a $100 worth of Ahkima’s prints. Talk about a video having an effect on someone, Joon took it to a whole new level. Each evening while in Flagstaff, Joon would call me and we would talk about things, such as life. I’d made plans to go up to Flagstaff with Rudy a Hopi/Navajo young man who works for the company I do electrical estimating for. Friday morning I get a call from Joon saying it it’s snowing bad in Flagstaff and is scared he will get snowed in. He jumps on a shuttle bus and heads for Phoenix to catch a Greyhound bus to head home on. Here Joon has traveled 5 days in order to meet Ahkima. A meeting that lasted less than 3 hours. Joon told me that something inside him has drawn him too the Hopi and Arizona and will soon move here. This is not uncommon at all, as several folks I’ve talked to have asked me to take them up too the Hopi reservation to meet some of my Hopi friends. What is interesting about this phenomenon, is the fact the Hopi predicted this long ago. That in the ‘End Times’ the good peoples of ‘Mother Earth’ would travel to the Hopi homeland. In fact in Ahkima’s video he talks about this very thing.

If folks have this urge to get in touch with there inner self. And feel the Hopi have the answers for them, things have changed a great deal from the old Hopi Ways up on the Hopi Homeland. To think you can just arrive in the Hopi Homeland and all will be well is a misconception. As I like to say in these odd “Times”, ‘were not in Kansas anymore Toto’. The Hopi ancestors have predicted most of what the World looks like today. Problem is the Hopi of today are not the Hopi of even just 15 years ago. The kids have moved to the cities and those left behind have all the same problems of society anywhere you go in America or elsewhere. Study and learn the ancient ways of the Hopi, just don’t expect to just arrive in the Hopi Homeland hoping you will find all the answers of the modern World of today.

Why is it the United States government has bought enough ammunition including ‘hollow points’ to sustain a was for over 10 years? And that ‘hollow point’ ammunition is not allowed to be used in wars by the Geneva Conference. Just what is the plan for this large amount of ammunition?

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘An Elucidation (clarification) of the arising of the Intermediate State of the Wrathful Deities’

Having learned about the Peaceful Deities now it’s “Time” to learn of the Wrathful Deities. And that how in your living life, it is so important to be conscious of your actions affecting you in future lives. There are 58 wrathful blood-drinking deities, who are a natural transformation of peaceful deities. (Quoting) ‘Evil past actions are very potent. Negative obscuration are dense. Habitual tendencies are long lasting. The cycle of ignorance and bewilderment is inexhaustible and undiminished. Despite having received introduction in such detail, there are still a large number who roam downwards, not having achieved liberation.’ The deceased will be overpowered by fear, terror or awe. If the deceased individual recognizes the inner radiance during the intermediate state of the “Time” of death, they will attain the Buddha-body of Reality.

“God” bless





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