Sunday, February 24, 2013

"Making Americans Look Like Fools"

The ‘powers’ are quite good at making the American public look like fools. The ‘powers’ gave America the ‘Shoe Bomber’. Now if you are getting ready to board an American flight. You must hold your shoes over your heads before boarding flight. You can just hear the ‘powers’ laughing at how gullible the general American public is. Once the ‘powers’ pulled off the 911 crap, with very little push back, well the ‘game was on’. They dragged America into wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. With the fooled general public supporting these two illegal wars. The public let the ‘Freedom Act’ be put into place. Telling the American public, ‘we can protect you from the evil terrorist, but it requires taking away most of your freedoms’. And the general American public said, ‘sure’. It’s a wonder Americans aren’t holding there underwear over there heads now. And walking onto boarding aircraft with there asses bare and there underwear over there heads, while in the other hand there holding there shoes. Not sure what happened to the ‘Underwear Bomber’ BS. But the by-product was the radar scanners folks must go through before entering areas that lead to aircraft boarding. And of course as these new scanners were put in place.That didn’t deter airline passengers from lining up to walk through them. I cringe every “Time” my dentist wants to Xray my mouth. Yet the general public lets themselves be subjected to full body X-rays.

America use to be #1 in education, birth death rate, health, longevity, now look what has happened. Now Americans lag behind even Third World countries in all these categories. And is anybody marching in the streets wondering, just how in the hell this happened, no. The World hates Americans and only see them as invaders and baby killers. Yet the general American public has no idea what has happened to them in the last 50 or 60 years. War has been so glorified by the controlled media. That it is accepted you raise your sons and daughters to become hired guns for the Corporate Wars That America is so fervently involved in now. You know, ‘be all you can be’ by killing innocent children and women in foreign countries. Here again the ‘powers’ are looking at Americans with laughter and hatred at the same “Time”. Knowing how the general public can lead along like sheep, while hating there naivety at the same “Time”. When you are on top of people like the fake American government is. You have a tendency to have a love/hate relationship with the citizens, the government claims they are protecting. Obummer once stated, ‘my first priority is protecting the American public’, who asked him to?

And the next big step the ‘powers’ are going to do with the naive American public. Is to finalize there plans of One World Government. Using the American military to take out the few remaining countries who are in there way, like Iran. Then once that is accomplished along with separating Americans from there guns. The World’s population will be reduced down to around 500 million people Worldwide. Look no further than the ‘Georgia Guide Stones’. After all, what is stopping them? Sure Americans are arming themselves right and left. The problem is these are individual acts and not organized acts. While the ‘powers’ are organized and anticipating these moves by the general public. For the ‘powers’ who have been in charge for so many of hundreds of years. They have ‘think tanks’ thinking of the possibilities that might arise or ‘worst case scenarios’. This is why folks are better off not getting involved. And to be cautious about taking on the ‘powers’. That it is better to prepare silently.

More proof of how the ‘powers’ make Americans look like Fools. Look how the youth of America is covered with ridiculous looking tattoos all over there bodies now. All the piercing hanging from the youths noses, ears and “God” only knows where else. Got the morons waving the Lucifer sign (index and little finger) with there hands at every chance, most having no clue what it even means. They just know they saw a celebrity Cats doing it in the media. So like good slaves they do the same. The hand sign that use to mean OK, now means an Illuminati symbol. I’ve seen pro basketball players such as Kobe Bryant use this symbol. Even the new NASCAR point champion is flashing this hand sign in the media. Makes you wonder if not all sports are rigged and just who really controls who are winners and who are losers. The education system is now a joke, but who cares. Kids are pushed through schools like cattle, being taught to follow along and answer to any authority. The ‘powers’ want the youth ignorant, they make better slaves that way. The ‘powers’ tell the youth that if you want to be individualistic, ‘get a tattoo’. Now the real individuals have no tattoos. You can tell how educated American kids are today by there lack of tattoos. Lack of them shows they have not been totally brainwashed. The next step in this process is dyed hair. Once only a few women dyed there hair. Now boys and girls are running around with all these different colors in there hair. These type of brainwashing techniques are used to see how well the ‘powers’ brainwashing is moving along. It’s not that the ‘powers’ want to see everybody running around with rainbow colored hair. The ‘powers’ just need to see how effective there techniques are, that’s all.

And as long as individuals accept what the governments are doing to them. Then the governments of the World will just keep pushing folks along into things, the public know are not just right. Like in the movie the ‘Wizard of Oz’, a few control the masses. How far will the general public be pushed? Who knows for sure, but as long as there is no ‘push back’. The masses will just keep acting like fools. Fools the ‘powers’ have created.

Once you pull yourself away from the mental boundaries the ‘powers’ have set up for the individual. You will learn that the seemingly harmless Walt Disney cartoons and movies, are pure propaganda. As soon as your child is old enough to set-up. You stick them in front of the boob-tube. You let the ‘powers’ via the TV take over control of the raising of your child. You say to yourself, ‘these cartoons are harmless’. Little do you know how wrong you are. These so called harmless cartoons are turning your children against you. The child is being taught to answer to a greater authority than you. And that the ‘state’ has total power over the individual thought. Your child is taught to go along with the public. And being an individual is not right. This usurps the power away from the parent. As the child grows older, these ideas the ‘powers’ have put in your child head at a young age continue into adulthood. And that the controlled media will have all the answers for the individual. That’s how the American citizens got to where they are today. Looking like fools and killers to the rest of the World.

Now I’m a firm believer in the “Alien” thing you might call it. I’ve personally had several legitimate UFO sighting and always with other individuals. But here is a Walt Disney movie from the 80s I believe, showing there side of the UFO agenda. Now would Mickey Mouse lie to you? After all you’ve been programed from childhood to trust whatever Mickey Mouse tells you, haven’t you? All the so called experts in this documentary are actors, and some of them around even today. So #1 what was behind this documentary when it was first released? #2 just why has it resurfaced to the public now? What agenda is the public being prepared for now. Could it be a “Alien” attack from non benevolent “Aliens”. And the only one that can save your ass is your trustworthy government? How about all these meteors showing up all over the place in the media now. Look how much press the recent Russian meteor event has gotten. Like the Sandy Hook shooting, I wasn’t their to observe it. So how do I know I can trust this story? The problem is I can’t, I’m like others sort of, ‘at the mercy of the controlled media’.

Just as the Pearl Harbor attack led America into war with Japan. And 911 led America into Afghanistan and Iraq. Are Americans being led into believing that an “Alien” attack is imminent? Is the sky starting to fall because of an impending passing of a large celestial body? How would the citizens of America and the World know? Without the mass controlled media telling them. Here in lies the kicker, ‘know one knows who’s telling the truth’. There is no way for the masses to be able to communicate with each other. That the ‘powers’ cannot stop the message. So if what you hear or see from the media is totally controlled. Why would you base your decisions on what you hear and see from the media. This is the same media that makes ‘Americans Look Like Fools’ to the rest of the World. Lets say that a bunch of us here in Arizona form a massive march to protest the BS coming from our government and it’s officials. And this group reaches into the hundreds of thousands. If the mass media didn’t report it, the rest of the World would never know it happened. You could tell your friends in other places, but would they believe you? After all the controlled mass media says it never really happened.

So in reality what you have today is, ‘the masses making decisions based on what the controlled mass media tells them’. This is all a type of ‘False Reality’ that was created for folks, via the controlled mass media. Americans are arming themselves like WWIII is about to happen. Why is this happening, because someone in the controlled mass media let out when Obummer was first elected. That the 2nd Amendment (the right to bear arms) was about to be removed. Without the mass media putting this news out, there would be no run on guns and ammo. The ‘powers’ want the Americans disarmed. How do the ‘powers’ do this, with these so called mass shootings. And who tells Americans that there are these mass shooting, the controlled mass media. Like a puppy dog chasing it’s own tail, it’s Americans today. Americans running in circles trying there best to find out who the enemy is. When in fact, that enemy is created for them. A simple divide and conquer concept. The ‘powers’ have used it for centuries and it still works. The only difference from the past to the present, you hear the propaganda immediately now. So why Americans are preparing for war with it’s own government, or preparing for war with the “Alien” invaders. They are preparing for an enemy that was hand picked for them. ‘Making Americans Look Like Fools’ is easy for the ‘powers’. Stir up the pot with a little disinformation, mix in the race card and the fact that you know you can’t trust the government. And here you are today, everyone trying there damndest to find a AR-15 at a good price. Not to mention buying more ammo than anyone could ever shoot at a false enemy. My advice (cheap) is to just set back and see how thing wash out. Don’t let the controlled mass media turn you into just another ‘American Fool’. Anyone seen any Zombies around lately?

And now here mankind is, living in the Hopi Fourth World. With no connection to the previous three Worlds. No knowledge of how the Great Pyramid, Machu Picchu (,)Mayan Temples, I could go on forever were built. Where there from or where they're going. Most never knowing there ‘reality’ was created for them. I call it a ‘prisoners mentality’, you adapt to your surroundings or die. And there is where the Worlds population has been taken. Robbed of there souls, there worth. All true freedoms stolen long ago, probably with advent of ‘money’, maybe before that. Most have been herded into cities. Given religions, different languages, poisoned food, Armies, boundaries, corrupt leaders, corrupt judicial system, booze, drugs, illnesses, vaccinations treated like cattle. With the sole purpose be absolute ‘Control’.

All I’m saying is that you cannot on one hand say you trust your government or what the controlled mass media is telling you. Then on the other hand, agree with what your government or mass media is telling you. You can’t have it both ways. It’s like saying, ‘OK system now I trust you’. ‘I’ll forget about all the lies you’ve told me before’. Because the truth is the population has been lied to from the moment they were born. That is the main reason that ‘Disclosure’ (government telling the population that “Alien” are part of ‘Reality’.) will never happen. The first thing folks would think would be, ‘if you lied about the “Aliens”, what else have lied about. So being fourth right with the citizens of the World about anything will never happen.

And if the World’s population decided one day that all the power system must be replaced. Then what would you replace the current system with? These are hard questions that only an outside intervention could possibly help with. And seeing how life here on ‘Mother Earth’ didn’t happen spontaneously, maybe that will happen. The best thing the citizens of the World can do is try and not add to the situation of hating one another just because of some BS the government or mass media has told you. In the end, all of mankind could of only come from one original seed, or thought. Just as the Mayan Popol Vuh points out. An original thought created mankind and ‘Mother Earth’. All this hatred, wars, divisions were created later by those who want to control the masses absolute. Turning mankind into a type of Slave Planet. I’ve heard some say that the Earth and everything that makes up ‘Mother Earth’ was abandoned by the original Creators. And that a psychopathic entity has come along and changed the history on ‘Mother Earth’. No way of saying this is true, but how did the population of ‘Mother Earth’ get from the Hopi First World to what you have now? A Hopi First World were the animals and mankind lived side by side. ‘We're not in Kansas anymore Toto’.

Helping the Deceased After Death

“Tibetan Book of the Dead”

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 16

O, Child of Buddha Nature, a five colored light, which is (indicative of) the purity of your habitual tendencies in the expanse (of reality) and the co emergent pristine cognition, composed of colored threads (of light) twisted together, pulsing, shimmering, translucent, radiant, clear, bright and awesome, (will emanate) from the heart of five principal awareness holders and will shone piercingly before you, at the level of your heart (with such brilliance) that your eyes cannot bear it. At that moment, a dull green light, (indicative of) the realms of animals, will arise simultaneously with the light of pristine cognition (and touch your heart). At this “Time”, bewildered and confused by your past habitual tendencies, you will be frightened by the five colored lights, and wish to turn away. Instantly, you will be attracted to the dull light of the animal realm, so therefore, do not be frightened by the five colored light! Do not be terrified! Recognize the (radiance) to be pristine cognition! Within the (five colored) light, all the natural sounds of the sacred teachings will resound like a thousand simultaneous peals of thunder. They will resound like a (violent) echo, an overwhelming reverberation, a tumultuous crescendo, a cacophony of war cries, and (pound with the roar of( wrathful mantras of terrifying ferocity. Do not be afraid! Do not turn away! Recognize these sounds and luminosities to be the naturally expressive power of your own awareness, manifesting naturally. Do not be attracted to the dull green light of the animals. Do not cling to it! If you become attached to it, you will fall into the obscure realms of the animals and be enveloped by the limitless suffering of obfuscation, dumbness and servility, from which there will be no (immediate) opportunity for release. So do not be attached to that (dull green light)! Be devoted to the five colored light that is radiant and dazzling! Focus intently and one-pointedly on the divine assembly of the awareness holders, the transcendent Lords and spiritual teachers, thinking: ‘As you, the Awareness Holders together with your (attending) heroes and dakinis have come forward to escort me to the pure realm of the sky-farers, I implore you, pity sentient beings such as myself who have failed to mass the accumulation (of merit and pristine cognition), and pity those we have embraced by the compassion of all the assembled deities of the five enlightened families, Those Gone To Bliss, Throughout the three “Times”! today may you, the divine assembly of awareness holders, not allow me to descend any further than this. Grasp me with the hook of your compassion, and lead me immediately to the pure realm of the sky-farers.’ Focusing intently and the one-pointed on the divine (mandala of) awareness holders, recite the following aspiration prayer:

O, as I roam in cyclic existence (driven) by deep-seated habitual tendencies,

May the divine assembly of the awareness holders attend to me

And lead me on the path, with great love.

May the assembly of spiritual heroes and awareness holders draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radiant light,

Which is (the luminance) co emergent pristine cognition.

May the supreme consorts, the host of dakinis, support me from behind,

And, thus (encircled), may I be rescued

From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

And be escorted to the (sacred) pure realm of the sky-farers

By making this aspirational prayer with fervent devotion, you will dissolve into rainbow light, in the heart of the divine assembly of awareness holders, and thereafter, undoubtedly, be born into the pure-realm of the sky-farers.
All types of spiritual friends can attain recognition at this stage, and (thus) they will attain liberation. There is no doubt that even those with negative propensities can attain liberation at this point.
This concludes the first part of the ‘Great Liberation by Hearing’, the introduction to the inner radiance in the intermediate state of the “Time” of death and the introduction to the peaceful deities of the intermediate state of reality.
Next I’ll get into part 2
‘An Elucidation (clarification) of the Appearance of the Wrathful Deities in the Intermediate State of Reality’

“God” bless on this windy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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