Sunday, February 17, 2013

"America the Sleeping Giant"

You know America was called the “Sleeping Giant’ before WWII. Europe, Africa, Asia were at constant war with-in each other. While a young America was growing and getting stronger each second. Just what would it take to awaken this ‘Sleeping Giant’, and turn America into the war machine you see today. Pearl Harbor and Hitler would do the trick. The ‘Sleeping Giant’ almost over night was turned into a ravaging monster. America was used to bomb Europe and Japan back into the Stone Age briefly. And look at what you have in the year 2013. America the Monster on steroids militarily, draining the taxpayers, now and in the future. America has troops everywhere in the Middle East and now even in Africa.

What you have now in America, the gun the ‘powers’ use to rob the rest of the World. America has been called the Police of the World, sounds cute doesn’t it? In reality it is more like selected World enforcement. How many American troops in Central and South America, few they don’t have oil. How many troops in the Middle East, tens of thousands, they got oil. Note to self; are American troops protecting cocaine operations in Columbia? (Like in Afghanistan Opium fields)

The French military is being used in Mali to protect the gold mining operations of the ‘powers’. American troops are being deployed into the African nation of Central African Republic (bet you never heard of that country). 50 combat troops were sent in to protect the evacuation of Embassy employees and civilians. The troops were deployed in neighboring Chad. Obummer said the move was only for protection of American citizens. Just when did Obummer start caring for the citizens of America? In part of Obummer’s statement he was also protecting U.S. citizens property. Hummmm I wonder just whose property that could be? I don’t have any real estate their, how about you? And of course once America puts troops in a foreign country, they have a tendency to stay forever. Obummer says that the troops will only be their as long as there are Americans still in the country. lol In October of 2011 Obummer sent 100 troops to Uganda to help hunt down Warlord Joseph Kony. Just what business is it of America to hunt down and kill other countries former leaders? Here again America the hired killer being used to Police the World.

It appears as if the last big puzzle part needed to be put in place for the NWO is Iran (forget about tiny North Korea). And of course all this current American propaganda is be directed towards the citizens and leaders of of Iran. Israel would get there asses kicked if they tried a land invasion of Iran (nuclear that’s another story). So Israel’s bitch America is being pushed to lead an invasion of a peaceful Iran. Who hasn’t bothered anyone in recent history if ever. If and when this attack should ever occur. At the end of the takeover of Iran, the ‘powers’ would have no more use for America’s military power. And America will be torn apart for sure. That is what you have now going on in America today. Bit by bit America’s fabric is being destroyed financially and spiritually. All part of a much larger plan. America the ‘Sleeping Giant’ was always in the plans of the ‘powers’ to be used to control the rest of the World. Once that is done, the gig is up for America. Disarming the citizens of America is now being pushed along. It may not happen today or tomorrow, but eventually this will happen. And then the ‘Sleeping Giant’ will be put back to sleep forever, more than likely, even broken up into smaller countries like Europe. That will be called Nation States.

So what is behind the sudden retirement of Pope Benedict XVI? He was born Joseph Ratzinger (the rat) in Marktl Bavaria Germany in 1927. The retired Pope will go live out his remaining years first in Castel Gandolfo. Then be sent to live out his final years in a monastery. To devote his “Time” to reflection and prayer. lol These are not my words they are part of the statement released by the Catholic Church. The church said the Pope is in good health mentally and physically. So why the sudden change in the leadership of the Catholic Church? Could it be because of the rampant pedophilia in the Church? Is the Pope immune from prosecution? Turns out he is. What ever happened the Catholic Church turned on the current Pope. Here is a video of the Pope being ignored by a group of Cardinals.

My question is, ‘was the current Pope Joseph Ratzinger tied to the Hitler Nazi organization’? There has been so many rumors about this subject, so I did a little research myself. Here is what I found, problem being I can only report what is written. And seeing how in today’s World everything is so tightly controlled, especially the print. This is what is written on the subject of Joseph Ratzinger’s youth.

At age 14 Ratzinger was forced to join the ‘Hitler Youth’. Those are the words from the Ratzinger. Other dispute this fact say that compulsory membership in the ‘Hitler Youth’ was not mandatory in 1941 the year Ratzinger became 14 years old. According to Ratzingers brother, Joseph refused to attend meetings of the ‘Hitler Youth’. Ratzinger left the ‘Hitler Youth’ to study for the Catholic priesthood. And in 1943 he was drafted into the Hitler’s army. He was assigned to a anti-aircraft unit. He would later desert the Army and was taken prisoner and put into an American Army POW camp. If you would like more information about Joseph Ratzinger here is a good link.

The noose around Americans freedoms just got a little tighter. Anyone who disputes what the American government is telling them, is now a ‘violet sovereign citizen. ‘Sovereign Citizens’ are considered to be ‘anti-government extremist’ who deny although they are citizens of America are ‘sovereign citizens’, or separated from America. With no media coverage the White House announced a new inter-agency called ‘Working Group to Counter Online Radicalization to Violence’. That will not only target Is Islamic terrorist, but so called ‘violent sovereign citizens’. A good barometer to anything the government tells you they are going to do too the citizens of America, they are already probably doing. Site like God Like Production, Lunatic Outpost, Drudge Report, Facebook, Twitter, etc will now be monitored. I find it hard to believe these sites are not already heavily monitored. These type sites have so many government paid debunkers anyway. So to say that now the federal government is monitoring them, is pure BS. In fact if you attacked the system on sites like God Like Production the site will ban you. I’ve been banned so many “Times” I’ve lost track. That just shows that sites like I stated are and have been either set up by the ‘powers’ to monitor what folks are saying. Or they have been being monitored from day one. These type sites are used to encourage folks to speak up about there displeasure with the federal government. In that way folks are self incriminated for just speaking there minds. After all doesn’t the federal government constantly telling the citizens of America ‘just how free they are’?

Everyone needs a hobby to keep there minds free from all the BS that the good citizens of America endure every day. I’m now building a ‘Top Flight’ P51 Mustang WWII fighter plane. The wingspan is nearly 6 feet across and 5 feet long. When completed it will have retractable landing gear, .90 2-stroke engine, and totally remotely controlled. The R/C plane comes in a box with flat pieces of balsa wood. I do the rest to make into a replica of the famous WWII fighter escort. Where can I fly this aircraft according to the federal government? No where unless I join a R/C club and get insurance. Here again this just shows how far the federal government reaches into folks private lives. I’ll spend around $2,000 to build my P51 and hundreds of hours building it. Yet on completion I will be forced to only fly where the federal government allows me too. Just another example of how every portion of Americans lives are controlled, even hobbies.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 15

O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen without distraction. On the seventh day, a five-faceted multi colored light, (which is indicative of) the purity of your habitual tendencies in the expanse (of reality), will arise before you. Simultaneously, the divine assembly of the awareness holders, arising from the pure realm of the sky-farers, will come forward to escort you.

In the center of (this mandala) suffused by rainbows and light, the unsurpassed (Vidyadhara) known as the ‘awareness holder of maturation’, Padmanartesvara, will instantaneously arise, his body resplendent with the radiance of the five lights, embrace by his consort, a red dakini, (who is dancing) with a blood-filled skull and a carved knife, raised in the gesture of pointing to the sky.

From the east of the mandala, (the Vidyadhara) known as the ‘awareness holder who abides on the levels’ will instantaneously arise, his body white in color, a white dakini, who is dancing with a blood filled skull and a curved knife, raised in the gesture of pointing in the sky.

From the south mandala, (the Vidyadhara) known as the ‘awareness holder with power over life spans’ will instantaneously arise, his body yellow in color and adorned by the exquisite (eighty) minor marks. He is embraced by his consort, a yellow dakini, who is dancing with blood filled skull and a curved knife, raised in the gesture of pointing to the sky.

From the west mandala, (the Vidyadhara) known as the ‘awareness holder of the great seal’, will instantaneously arise, his body red in color, his face radiant and smiling. He is embraced by his consort, a red dakini who is dancing with a blood filled skull and a curved knife, raised in the gesture of pointing to the sky.

From the north mandala, (the Vidyadhara) known as the ‘awareness holder of spontaneous presence’, will instantaneously arise, his body green in color, his face both wrathful and smiling. he is embraced by his consort, a green dakini, who is dancing with a blood filled skull and a curved knife, raised in the gesture of pointing to the sky.

Encircling these awareness holders, there will be inestimable crowds of dakinis: the dakini of the eight charnel grounds, dakinis of four enlightened families, dakini of the three abodes, dakini of the ten directions, dakinis of the twenty four power-places, spiritual heroes and heroines, faithful retainers, and protectors of the sacred teachings - all wearing six kinds of bone ornaments, playing drums, thigh bone trumpets, and skull drums and (waving) banners made of hide of ‘ritual liberated’ beings, canopies and streamers of human hide, (the entire display pervaded by) an incense cloud of burning human flesh, reverberating with the sounds of countless and diverse musical instruments, the sound permeating all world systems, causing them to vibrate, tremble and quake. The crescendo will reverberate as if to split your head. Performing there diverse dances, this ( array) will come to escort those who have kept there commitments and to bring to account those who have allowed there commitments to degenerate.

A very informative video talking about the effects of Chem-trail spraying.

“God” bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.







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