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"We're the Hippies Pawns?"

Being part of the Hippie Anti-war movement, now I wonder, was I pawn? Just to clarify myself I only agreed with in the beginning, ‘stop Killing our brothers in Nam and quite fucking with the Indians,’ Like the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Hippie movement was created by those who want to control the World’s population. After all just like the mass media does so well, ‘your reality is created for you’. The Hippie movement was to divide the American population, and that it did. I can testify to that with my own family. Brothers and sisters who once loved me, now hated me for my anti-war ideas. I was a Nam era vet and I knew what was really going on in Nam. But to tell my family members that all went astray, for they were brainwashed by the mass media. Just like you have today with the Truthers and 911. Half the country buying into the 911 propaganda, the other half saying ‘it’s all lies’. ‘Truths From Vietnam’

‘Dirty Fucking Hippies were Right’ (video) Here is a video I found that’s singing about the Hippie Movement. The Hippie Movement was born out of the Vietnam War, sort of. First you needed a war to divide the country, then you needed an opposition to the war. Many from my generation believed that the Vietnam War was to test new weapons and to get rid of the stockpile of old munitions the American military was sitting on. Others believed it was to kill anyone who wasn’t going along with Christian thinkings. Then again America’s propaganda machine told the public it was all about stopping the Communist. And that Communism had to be stopped in South Vietnam. This would be the ‘line in the sand’. Funny how currently America has been pushed into a sort of Fascist/Communist country now. And I’m sure this has been the plan all along. Where America is today, is where it was being pushed to starting long ago.

Anyway the Hippie movement was born from the Vietnam War. And the Hippie Movement and it’s followers were all pawns. Look at the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ movement, same situation. Those at the top of the movement provoking those who live on the edge of society. Even in my short video about the protest of ALEC or ‘American Legislation Exchange Council’, reeks of this sort of thing. Pawns being pushed along by those with a much larger agenda. In the ALEC video you see kids protesting exactly just what? Like the kids who live on less than $10,000 a year are going to stop anything, let alone something as powerful as ALEC. By the way ALEC is where the fascists tell the legislators what laws to write and push through congress. In the Hippie and Wall Street movements you had the children of the rich and powerful provoking the innocent and poor children. With one common thing in mind, ‘chaos’. And this chaos would help to push along the civil unrest in America which would eventually lead to a type of ‘Martial Law’ situation. And of course every “Time” you have this chaos in the streets. The government jumps in and says's, ‘we need to stop the unrest in the streets of America’. Exactly what you have with all these stage mass shooting now. With all these words coming from members of government, ‘we’re going to take away America’s guns’.

Well the bottom line is, ‘the ‘powers’ want mass chaos in the streets’. Just as the Hippies were used to bring about larger police forces who went from the cop on the corner to looking like some sort of Robocop. And like the Hippie Movement these Movements have many sides to them. The Hippie Movement started the ‘Environmental Movement’, which was the beginning of closing down forest and open government lands to the public. The public being used for free to recycle there waste. Instead of the corporate powers inventing ways to use less resources to make electricity and power automobiles. I’m collecting most of my waste and putting it in the recycle bin here (for free). While the American government spends billions of taxpayer dollars killing innocent folks in Third World countries. Bombing these countries into the ‘Stone Age’. While I peel the paper label off a tin can and recycle both. How bad is the environment abused, when the U.S. Navy moves a Carrier Group into waters off Iran? More energy than I’ll save in a million life “Times”.

The Hippies were used to break down the basic family unit. This free-love BS was all about tearing apart the family unit. The inter-racial marriages were to breakdown the pride in one’s self. Make the masses just one unit for slaves. The Hippie Movement gave the gays a path to openness, which is now being pushed in the public and schools. If everyone is gay, you have a natural depopulation. America’s Rock Stars are tiny ‘Bitch Boys’ who couldn’t resist a strong wind. Just what the ‘powers’ want, no resistance or push back from the males. Alpha Males are pushed into a corner, to not be noticed. While weak Bitch Boys and pushy single women with children are shown as the heroes in the media now. Not to mention the military who will be used against the citizenry by the ‘powers’.

This all started with the Hippie Movement, who would have thought it? The Hippies thought they stopped the war in Nam, BS. The Vietnam War was ended to make America look embarrassed to the World. As American troops were pushed from Vietnam by a much inferior force. A force led by skinny men in pajamas. All part of the plot to get America where it is today, on the brink of Civil Unrest. And the final part to push Americans into the streets is guns.

Any way you look at it America is fucked. Take American’s guns away and the ‘powers’ can push along any agenda they want. Americans doing battle with the ‘powers’ is a no win situation. At 65 I’ve watched this all come to this. America finally pushed into a corners by there Masters they never recognized. With over half the population dependent on a government handout. While the other half can’t buy enough guns and ammunition to go with there guns.

In the end the Hippies had a ‘Ace in the Hole’ on this one. The “Benevolent Aliens” would come down and save them all. As I heard a kid on the Net say, ‘wasn’t the UFO things, just some old Hippie thing anyway’?

Isn't Love Great?
Here in Phoenix Arizona there is a bizarre murder trial going on. A young lady named Jodi Arias is on trial for murdering her boy friend. She put a bullet in his head while he was showering. If that wasn’t enough, she stabbed him 27 more “Times”. Then slit his throat from ear to ear, almost decapitating him. And now she is claiming ‘self defense’. (Sounds like self defense to me. LOL) Just before she murdered her ex-boyfriend, they were taking nude photos of each other. The victim Travis Alexander was a Mormon and a Motivational Speaker. She’s young and pretty, so the press is on-board, and the fact soon after being questioned about the murder of her lover Travis Alexander. Who’s body wasn’t discovered until five days after the murder. One of the best lines was from Jodi Arias ‘they’ll never convict me’. There so much intrigue about the whole trial, I’m following it in the morning newspaper myself.

The defendant claims her lover abused her, that’s why it was self defense.This story has everything the controlled mass media loves. Sex, murder, controlling relationships, religion, youth, man against woman. And it keeps the republic's minds occupied, not thinking about what is being done to them with there own taxes. It’s almost too good to be true, so is it? With all the knowledge coming out, because folks recording everything. And the mass media even helping with all there close-up coverage. The big publicity murders (Tucson, Aurora, Newtown) are now getting exposed, as the plots they are. Could this just another one of them? link

Was Israel created in the long run to kill off the jews, just as the Christian bible predicts? A lot of things had to happen before the idea of a Israeli homeland could exist. #1 You needed to fool the World into thinking there was a jewish holocaust. #2 And long, long before that you needed a so-called Holy Book, to proclaim the jews are to have a Homeland by a handpicked god, that promised them. #3 A strong military and the World knows about the American feed Israeli military. #4 You need a cause, so Israel attacks itself and blames there Arab Muslim neighbors. #5 A great propaganda machine, just like America’s. #6 The big kicker, get the jews from around the World to come to Israel to defend it.#7 Create a nuclear war with most of the Middle East population wiped out.

Will this be your ‘Armageddon’? With finally a New World Order, under one “God”, one religion, one government. Just like the ‘powers’ told, who would listen. (PS: the Hippies get a free ‘get out of jail’ card for this one also, the “Benevolent Aliens” save there collective asses!!!) Whatever is happening in the Middle East, is being orchestrated by one group stirring the pot. And the pot has come to a boil for there own agenda. It’s like the Hopi and the Navajo, hate goes deep and long in the Middle East. You have here what you had in WWII, powerful bankers financing both sides. These powerful bankers are disguised as Nation States. With America building up Israel’s military and the Chinese and Russians backing the Muslim countries like Iran. And the banksters are as always, the big winners. Only this “Time” around it’s for all the marbles. This will more than likely be the final major war. As the World will fall under one control. And with this control the World of slaves, will have only one Master. I for one hope this never happens, but see no way out of this dilemma. Unless some major force falls from the skies and stop this madness. And everyone is looking for someone to come and save there asses. When in reality you can only save your own ass. Stand on the sidelines, leave your emotions out of the equation. Let the other kill each other off in an emotional rage. While you take stock of the situation and roll with the punches. ‘Pick your battles’ is an old adage, it fits perfect here.

Religions have been used to get to this situation in the World today. Brother killing brother, sister hating sister. For without religion, you can’t get there from here. The three major players in this final Death March are religious zealots. Christians, jews and muslims religions all started in the same local. And now this same location will be used to bring the World under one master elitist. Who has outsmarted the masses and brought them under control, by using human emotions. Off Planet controller? Ancient families? The ‘powers’ who have planned this, mankind my never know.

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 14

By making this aspiration prayer (pt. 13), (the superior adept) will recognize (the radiance of pristine cognition) to be natural manifestation (of actual reality) and thereby, upon dissolving indivisibly with them, buddhahood will be attained. Those of average ability will achieve recognition on the basis of fervent devotion and thereby attain liberation and even all (those of inferior ability) can, through the power of pure aspiration, close the womb entrances through which the six classes (of beings born), thus if the nature of ‘the four pristine cognitions combined’ is realized, (all of the above individuals) can attain buddhahood through ‘the hollow passageway Vajrasattva’. (Interesting this last line and how it connects to the Hopi Emergence Story. The Hopi believe they left the underworld by going through a hollow reed to the surface of the Earth. This could in reality mean there rebirth into life. The Hopi believe that the peoples of Tibet are there cousins from the other side of the Earth.) As a result of being introduced in such a clear and detailed way, the majority will attain recognition and many (individuals) will achieve liberation. (The Hopi thought they were being liberated from those who live inside the Earth, who were living in sin.)

However, those most lowly individuals in the human World who totally lack the propensities for a spiritual practice, and those who have broken there commitments and so forth, will continue to be bewildered, as a result of there (negative) past actions. Despite being introduced, they will continue to roam downwards, failing to achieve recognition.

So it is, that on the seventh day, the divine assembly of there Awareness Holders will arise from the pure realm of the sky-farers and come to escort (the deceased), as well, simultaneously, the light path to the animal realm, formed of the dissonant mental state, delusion.

At this “Time”, calling the deceased by name, the introduction should be given with the following words: (pt. 15)

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.



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