Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Your Dollars Are Your Bullets"

If there was Civil Uprising in America, Americans involved would lose the battle. Your only bullets are dollars and how you spend them. Stop buying crap you don’t need that is made in China or some other Far East county using slave labor. Stop buying anything that was made in a prison in America, it’s slave labor. Try and buy as much as you can from farmer’s markets, and co-ops. Try and keep your spent dollars close to home, buy Mom and Pop vendors things. Always buy Organic as much as possible. This will help to keep you away from corrupted doctors who know less about your health than you do. It will force Big-Pharma to rethink how they do business and stop killing Americans with there poisonous killing prescription drugs. A ‘Peaceful Civil Uprising’ is the only uprising that will succeed. The ‘powers’ will unleash there Mind Control Enforcers onto the American public. If the armed Americans rose up against them. And they don’t necessarily need to be American troops. America’s population has been set-up to be hated by the rest of the World now. Americans are looked at as invaders, children killers, soulless, mindless, less than educated by the rest of the world. Most Americans are not even aware how the rest of the World views them. The rest of the World would love to see all Americans dead. America is about 5% of the World’s population, but use over 70% of the World’s resources. It’s a ‘Spoils of War’ kind of thing. Killers are always rewarded by there masters. Look at Mexico and the Drug Cartels soldiers, doing there killing for a better living.

Some will respond you will bankrupt America and put millions of folks out of work. If you start saving your hard earned money. America is already bankrupt, so much for that idea. The only one that will be most affected are the countries using slave labor, including America. Remember when Wal-Mart claim to fame was, ‘only American made’. Like one of Obummer’s lies to get elected. As soon as they are in a power position they revert back to who they really are. Americans are so heavily taxed they don’t realize it. The ‘powers’ tax your income, then tax you again every “Time” you buy something. If you want a vice like cigarettes or alcohol product, they are even taxed greater. Want to go somewhere via car, train, airplane or bus, look at the taxes on fuel. Then the money gathered from the taxes is used against you such as spraying the citizenry with Chem-trail aircraft. Telling the citizens that Fluoride in there water is good for them. Vaccinating kids for no other reason than to shorten there lives. If you want to fight against those who want to harm you, you must be careful with your spending habits. Today I went to the Farmers market here in Scottsdale. The money I spent went to local citizens. Save tons of money on fuel to transport vegetables and fruit from Mexico or central America.

Just think if your cloths were made locally, how much energy would be saved alone. You would help to free the slaves who work for pennies an hour. If it wasn’t for slaves in other countries, Americans could never live the lifestyle they live. The slaves working for pennies would lose there jobs, big corporations would be forced to lay off there labor force. Folks would return to there roots, living in small farming communities. Large cities with all there pollution and crime would become a thing of the past like Dinosaurs. Folks would be freed of central governments who bleed them for all they got including there health and souls. This  could all be done simply by taking the American dollar out of the hands of the Slave masters. Americans living humble could free the World’s population. The prison system would revert back to only putting real criminals in jail. Not some kid selling an ounce of pot or some guy trying to feed his family. There would be no need for prisoners making goods for pennies an hour. Americans are slaves to there buying habit now. If an American has an extra dollar, he or she rushes down to the dollar store and spends it. Just where was that product that cost only 1 dollar made, China. And did the product really help the individual, of course not. The individual has been programmed by the mass media, to spend, spend, spend. Speaking of the mass media that drives the American population. Tune it out of your life and free your slave mentality. The work all week, spent all weekend mentality that is America today. If you want to live better, eat better, eat healthy, simple stuff. Bankrupt the system, stop America from attacking every little country who doesn’t do as the ‘powers’ tell them. Be a real Freedom Fighter for the enslaved, with your money. Take back the power from the soulless corrupt ones, give it back to the peoples.Your Bullets Are Your Dollars.

My blog entry about Cell Salts is getting plenty of advertisers from around the World who want me to give my entry a link to there site. This is never going to happen. (Gucci anyone?) I must reject 40 to 50 of these ads a day. What this tells me that the entry is getting plenty of hits. I have no way of knowing how many hits each entry gets. My Dashboard tells me Pageviews only daily, which is only a sample. I would put a counter on, but can it even be trusted. I have an awful lot of friends sick now. And today here in central Arizona we are getting blasted with Chem-trails. One area in the sky looks like a Star-Burst pattern. For some reason a giant X with many crossing lines intersecting in the middle (never seen this before). As my doc says Dave Stewart in the video about Liquid Vitamin ‘C’, the formula will be helpful against the effects of the Chem-trails. So here is a link to the video. Here is how to make the Liquid Vitamin ‘C’

3 Tablespoons of Lecithin Granules (95% Phosphatides)
1 Tablespoon of Vitamin ‘C’ (ascorbic acid crystals)
Blend the Lecithin in 1 cup of purified water in a blender at a slow speed for 6 minutes
Dissolve Vitamin ‘C’ in ½ cup purified water completely
Then combine the 2 ingredients in a Ultrasonic Cleaner for 20 minutes ($30 at Harbor Freight)
I take 2, 1 ounce shots a day and chase it with juice, morning and just before bed. I also do the same amount of Apple Cider Vinegar (Organic ‘Bragg’) to keep my Alkaline levels high. And of course don’t forget your Cell Salts depending on your birth sign.

 Isn’t funny how the ‘powers’ put corrupt morons in high places. Then bring there own media, and make all the politicians look like fools. As if to say, ‘we have both ways’. Who said, I don’t care how the people vote, it’s the ones counting the ballots that matters (close). Just like here in merry olde America. Look at all the TV ministers, all the Cats in D.C., hollywhore actors, who ever the ‘powers’ put in front of the public. And when the ‘powers’ want to remove them, they start rumors about them. The ‘powers’ already have them under Mind Control long before they put them into the publics eye. In return the benefactors gets to live well, but that can be taken away, when the ‘powers’ want. Not even leaders of foreign countries are immune to there grasp. Step out of line and rumors will be spread wide and far how terrible you are. The ‘powers’ attitude is that we put you in the place you are and we can take you out at will. (Was that really Hillary Clinton being grilled by congress recently?)

Looks like this Gun Control push is where Americans make there ‘line in the sand’. As most of us know, most Americans have been pushed places that they don’t even know they have been pushed too. But this push to take away Americans guns has awaken the country. Look at the turn out at Gun Shows, folks line up for block to buy weapons and ammunition. You can’t find an assault rifle now and if you do the price had tripled. A few thing that could be going on here. #1 the ‘powers’ want to arm the citizens of America, so that no other country dare invade America, #2 An “Alien” invasion. The first one doesn’t seem too far fetched, the second one is questionable. #3 The ‘powers’ who own all the gun manufactures and ammunition makers are making a ton of money off this rush by Americans to arm themselves. The ‘powers’ are so many move ahead in this game of reality, none of my ideas could not be in place. Maybe the Gun Control and 2nd Amendment removal has backfired in the ‘powers’ faces. ‘I may not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll always agree with your right to say it’. Has Gun Control united the American people in this way? Americans are determined to make sure there local law enforcement is not better armed than them. As for the U.S. military that’s a different story. As local sheriff after local sheriff line up to defend the 2nd Amendment, the federal government has different plans it looks like. And will it come down to the federal government arresting local law enforcement officers and sheriffs for not enforcing there Gun Control measures? That looks where things are heading currently. A battle between the federal government's powers and local City, County and State powers.

 There are not enough federal agents to force the states to abide by there federally mandated policies. So just where is this all going? I think most folks know how this game of ‘take away America's freedoms’ works by now. Make a soft law, such as no one can own a ammunition clip over 7 rounds. That the ‘powers’ believe they can get now. Next step will be assault rifles, then semi-automatic weapons, large gauge pistols like 9mm handguns. Final step will be like laws in Australia and Canada. To where the only guns allowed are hunting rifles and they all must be registered. You will have to prove your need for killing wild game to survive. Then of course the federal government will say who and who isn’t in a situation where there survival depends on wild game. Final step is the obvious, total control over an unarmed masses. Just like Hitler and Stalin did and so many other leaders.

There is a group of Native Americans in Canada that have formed a group called, ‘Idle No More’. What the group ‘Idle No More’ is contending is the fact they are a ‘First Nation’ (Native Canadians) just as Canada’s Crown is. And that Treaties between the two ‘First Nations’ cannot be broken by the other. But what has happened just like in America. These treaties are always broken by the government. Just as soon as there are natural resources found in Native Peoples Land. The ‘powers’ rush in and break the treaty between the two First Nations. Here in Arizona the government is trying to take away the Hopi and Navajo Water Rights, with a guarantee that both tribes will always have plenty of water, which is just total BS. Now in Canada ‘Oil Shale’ has been found on Native Canadians Sovereign lands. As these sites are expanded the Native Canadian people must be force to sit and watch as there natural environment is being destroyed in front of there eyes. Streams are being flooded with chemicals that kill off the fish population and make the surface and ground water undrinkable. Beautiful natural forest are be logged out to make room for expansion of the ‘Oil Shale’ mining operation. The ‘powers’ corporation will destroy the natural environment then simply move on. Leaving the Native American people with a mess on there hands and no way of bringing ‘Mother Earth’ in that area back the way it was. Nothing is more destructive to the environment than mining and logging. It will take hundreds of thousands of years for the environment to recover from these type operations.

And as all this goes on, no jobs for the local Native Peoples. For they have no skills that the massive operations need, other than custodian type jobs. The real high paying jobs will go to outsiders who are brought in. The local Native Americans will get no improved infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, roads, etc.. They will get the backlash of drugs and alcohol being prevalent everywhere, brought in by the imported workers. The Native People will be further degraded until they will never be able to stand in the way of the ‘powers’ machine in Canada. The creators of ‘Idle No More’ are.

Nina Wilson, Nakota/Plains Cree from Kahkewistahaw

Sylvia McAdams, Saysewahum from Whitefish Lake Reserve

Jessica Gordon, from Pasqua

Sheelah McLean, third generation Scottish/Scandinavian

‘The Manifesto’ (written by Jessica Gordon, in part)

We contend that: The Treaties are nation to nation agreements between The Crown and First Nations who are sovereign nations. The Treaties are agreements that cannot be altered or broken by one side of the two Nations. The spirit and intent of the Treaty agreements meant that First Nations peoples would share the land, but retain their inherent rights to lands and resources. Instead, First Nations have experienced a history of colonization which has resulted in outstanding land claims, lack of resources and unequal funding for services such as education and housing. (This is not far off from what I posted last week by fellow Canadian Cree Jonathan Mack.)
Link to ‘Idle No More’ Home Page:

From the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’

‘Great Introduction to the Intermediate State of Reality’ pt. 13

O, Child of Buddha Nature, together with the radiance of pristine cognition the six (dull) lights (indicative) of the six classes (of beings) who are obscured by impure and bewildering perception, will also arise simultaneously. That is to say, the dull white light of the “Gods”, the dull red light of the antigods, the dull blue light of humans, the dull green light of the animals, the dull yellow light of the anguished spirits, and the dull smoky light of the inhabitants of the hells will arise along the radiance of pure pristine cognition. At that moment, do not seize upon, or become attached to, any (of these lights)! Relax and abide in a non-referential state. For if you are fearful of the pure radiance of pristine cognition and become attached to the impure lights of cyclic existence with it’s six classes (of beings), you will assume a body amongst (one of) these six realms, and you will be debilitated; for there will be no (immediate) opportunity for escape from cyclic existence, this vast ocean of suffering.
O, Child of Buddha Nature, if your are one who has not been introduced to the oral instructions of a spiritual teacher, you will be frightened and overwhelmed by these buddha-bodies and the radiance of pure pristine cognition, just described, and you will feel attachment towards the (dull) lights of impure cyclic existence. Do not do this! Be devoted to the bright and dazzling radiance of pure pristine cognition. Be full of devotion and think: ‘The light rays of pristine cognition, which are compassion of Those Gone to Bliss, the transcendent lords of the five enlightened families, have come to seize me with compassion, I take refuge in them.’ Do not be attached to the bewildering lights of the six classes (of beings). Do not cling to them! Focus one-pointedly on the male and female Buddhas of the five enlightened families and recite the following aspirational prayer:

O, as I roam in cyclic existence (driven) by the five virulent poisons,

May the transcendent conquerors, (the male Buddha) of the five enlightened families, draw me forward,

Leading me on the path of radiant light,

Which is the four pristine cognitions combined.

May the five supreme female Buddhas, (the purity of) the expanse, support me from behind,

And, thus (encircled), may I be rescued

From the light paths of the six impure classes (of beings)!

Released from the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,

May I be escorted to the five utterly supreme and pure Buddha fields.


“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.




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