Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Spying on Americans"

When it was first announced about the new surveillance, everyone was talking about it. Give it a few days or weeks, and it will be forgotten. For feeding yourself and family is the first priority. Someone spying on you, is the least of your worries. Besides the ‘powers’ will give the masses another ‘False Flag’ mass shooting soon. All these distraction are done for a reason, ‘control’. And with the ‘powers’ making there final push towards total control, every day now. There will be something new to distract public attention soon.
Spying on Americans for there own protection is good for the citizens of America. Just ask president Obummer, he’ll tell you. The corrupt Freaks who do as they are told by there masters. Have just announced they are starting to record everything you communicate with. You home phone, cell phone, e-mails, etc., are now being monitored. Of course it’s all for your own good and you should recognize that, or you must be a terrorist yourself. Be a good citizen and don’t rock the boat, or you just might disappear one evening. Just like in Argentina and other corrupt system. You can now be taken away put in prison and not be charged. So you better do just as your Freak masters tell you, be a good slave. For others are looking out for your own good, night and day.
What a bunch of crap, I’m not buying for a single moment that spying on citizens of America just started. Spying on the citizens of America, has been going on for a long “Time”. Anyone like myself who express there own opinions via the Internet, have been being watch from the first post. Anytime the government tells you there about to do something. There is a good chance, it has been going on for years. I’ve done electrical work on facility that is called a ‘Mirror Facility’. What they are, is your life history is stored in a computer as a backup to what is already known about every citizen of America. In other words, ‘a mirror of you and your activities.’ There is a new facility being built in Utah now that has even a greater capacity for storage of Americans doings. It’s called ‘NSA  Data Spy Center’ The Freaks know they have gone way too far in the control of the citizens of America. And a place to store information that can be used to lock up each citizen of America Is a must now.There are so many Draconian laws passed recently. Every citizen of a America can be prosecuted for some law they have broken. Or as a cop once told me, ‘everyone has an unpaid parking ticket out there somewhere’(metaphor).

‘Coup’ a word that is often associated with ‘Third World’ countries. There are bloody coups and there are non bloody coups.  And as usually what happens, is like what is happening in Egypt. The New Boss is no better than the Old Boss.  Well if no one has noticed, there has been a Coup in America. I’m old enough to remember America in the 50s, this just ain’t the same. The Coup rolled into town softly, you never even noticed it. It was silent, slow moving but always moving forward. You could call it a Military Coup, but far too sophisticated for only one front. No the Coup of America was a many headed Snake. This Snake was spearheaded with the controlled mass media. American soldiers and sailors returned home from WWII thinking the last major war was fought. Only to be lulled into the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ Ike warned of. Americans are only live better, is because it’s the weapon needed to remove World leaders at leisure. Then putting McDonalds, KFC, Taco Bell, etc into there cities, while extracting the country’s resources. As the American military will remove the opposition for the corporations. I’d list the countries this has been done to, but it’s rather obvious, like bombing Iraq back into Stone Age.
So now that the Coup of America is complete, with Obummer wielding the final knife into America's heart. You could call it the Sacrifice of America. Death to the old Power, bring in the new Power. Out of the ashes of past America, will come the Phoenix Bird. With the new Power structure, who got power from deception, they fear the masses. For it is so obvious to me and many others what has happened to the masses. And the ‘powers’ realize it’s only a matter of “Time” (you would think) until the masses wake-up. To see they are now more enslaved than ever before. This is why the all-out surveillance is needed on the masses now. To intercept any small pocket of resistance to the new Power. You can already be picked up and locked up without probable cause. Now to find these pockets of resistance is what the ‘powers’ are after. This new surveillance makes every citizen of America a criminal. Americans have been classified as criminals, thus Americans can be surveilled.
Does anyone realize what has just happened in the last few years? No, because it was done slowly and deliberately over “Time”. No one saw the Coup, including me. I thought this would have never gotten this far, it’s like a bad dream. But it is here now, total and complete control of the masses through surveillance. Nowhere to hide your thoughts, except to yourself. Germany pre WWII, the NAZIs idealism has survived, it is now America. Now you have corporation that control the American government and World Governments. Right now the ‘Bilderberg Group’ of World leaders are meeting in Watford England. These are the leaders who decide the World’s populations fate.
With the new surveillance not everything you say and write is read or listened to.  It is locked away for when it may be needed. All though with the new laws in place, all Americans are criminals and can be rounded up and locked up. So why have the sophisticated spying system? I’m not so sure the ‘powers’ are recording everything Americans are writing and saying. The propaganda to let the citizens of America, know everything about them is be recorded. May be just a ploy to scare the masses from organizing themselves. Tell the masses they are being watch very closely, could stop many from making plans to rebel against the ‘powers’ control system. Just the fear of knowing what the American government will do to it’s own citizens. Will deter a mass revolt. And with the control of the media, any protest will not be given airtime in the media.
If Americans feel there not in a Open Air Prison, there asleep.  For folks are bound by there debt and low wages. The American diet has been so modified to keep the masses unhealthy. And unable to rise up against what is being done to them. Fluoride in the water, helps pacify the masses. A bad diet filled with GMO foods is part of the larger plan. Keeping the economy is a state of flux, make for a strong military. For without jobs for the youth, who are untrained, the military becomes there only choice for a job. And with the media making the military career appealing, you have kids filling the ranks of the military.
In fact how would the masses find the “Time” to organize themselves. Most parents work full “Time” jobs. You have a media that has convinced women they can make it there own without a husband in the family. Divorced fathers saddled with child support payments, working at poor paying jobs. Are not going to have the “Time” to get with friends and say, ‘we’ve had enough’. This didn’t happen by itself, it was part of a major plan. That leaves the family unit either broken down, or both working parents just trying to get by. Now the ‘powers’ can enact laws that imprison the masses even more. So when America’s foreign born president announced this week about the open surveillance. Is all you heard where the cries of a public that has no power or fight left in them. And all hoping that some outside force will come and save them from a fate, that now looks irreversible.
My generation the ‘Baby Boomers’ will be long gone when the final blow is delivered to the general public. There is no place for freedom of speech in the NWO. For the ‘Baby Boomers’ were the last generation to hit the streets in protest of there treatment. Now you only have a population of dumbed down and malnutrition individuals, who will do nothing to stop what has been done and what will be done. As my generation always says, ‘I feel sorry for future generations’. And there is good reason for this, just look around the deterioration of the infrastructure of America. If the country is broke fighting wars against enemies that were invented for them. How in the future will things turn back into the great years America once enjoyed? Enough said!!!
Suppose one day while traveling north of Flagstaff up on the Navajo rez. I decide to pull over to take a short video of the contrasting layers of sand. To show the very sand that was once the bottom of a ocean, now is used for Navajo Sand Paintings. And like Buddhist Monks a half World away, also making there Sand Paintings. Both will be blown away for the ages.  Say I wanted to cross the barb-wire fence to get a better close-up shot. Then a Navajo rez cop pulled up, ticket book in hand. First question would be, ‘do you know you're on Navajo Nation land’? Lets say my response would be, ‘this is the land of the “Gods” first’.  And if you really think about it, pretty much a Native American answers 150 years ago. Because how can you own land when it all belongs to “God”. But here in the year 2013 on Mother Earth. A young manipulated rez cop, will enforce the laws of the Freaks of Nature. When just like yesterday it seems, the rez cop would have been me.
Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 9
O, Child of Buddha Nature, from the west, the six yogini of the west will emerge from within your brain and appear before you: The greenish red vulture-headed Bhaksasi, holding a club; the red horse-headed Ratt, holding a large torso; the pale red garuda-headed mighty one (Rudhiramadi, consort of Mahabala), holding a cudgel; the red dog-headed (Ekacarini) Eaksasi, wielding a vajra-razor in her hand; the red hoopoe-headed Manoharika, firing an arrow from a bow; and the greenish red deer-headed protectors of wealth, (Siddhikari, consort of Vasuraksita), holding a vase in her hand. Do not be afraid!
O, Child of Buddha Nature, from the north, the six yogini of the north will emerge from within your brain and appear before you: the bluish green snake-headed Vayudevi, brandishing an ensign; the reddish green ibex-headed Agnayi, holding a glowing fire-brand; the blackish  green sow-headed Varahi, holding a noose of fangs; the reddish green crow-headed Vajra (Camundi), holding an infant human corpse; the blackish green elephant-headed Bhujjana, holding a club and drinking blood (from a skull); and the bluish green snake-headed Varunani,  holding a noose of snakes in her hand. Do not be afraid!

O, Child of Buddha Nature, the four yogini who are the (four) female gatekeepers will emerge from within yoour brain and appear before you: from the east, the white cuckoo-headed Vajra (Mahakali), holding an iron hook; from the south, the yellow goat-headed Vajri (Mahachagala), holding a noose; from the west, the red lion-headed Vajra (Mahakumbhakarni), holding an iron chain; and from the north, the black green snake-headed Vajra (Lambodara),  holding a bell in her hand. These four yogini, the female gatekeepers, will indeed emerge from within your brain and appear before you. Do not be afraid!

Since these twenty-eight Isvari emanate naturally from the expressive powers of thee naturally arising deities, which are the wrathful Herukas - recognise them now!

“God” bless







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