Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Ignore Them"

Thursday 20 of June, tough “Times” here on ‘Mother Earth’. As each day passes, you can see these gates closing in and on you. That is if you happen to be looking. I’m looking with both eyes and my Penal searching out ahead of me. What appears to be happen is the ‘powers’ (name change coming soon) are taking the value out of everything. Today silver dipped below $20 an oz., gold $1,287. The masses have been sucker punched once again. The ‘powers’ ran up the prices of precious metals, while selling it. Now they are buying it back a reduced value. This has been going on forever, just happened with the housing market. It’s an insiders world, like large  construction in America and especially the electrical, mechanical and concrete end of it. The good prices are always given to the insiders. Then the rest of the slaves scramble around like rats. I’ve learned t you don't necessarily need to to be part of the power system, say like the Freemasons or the Catholic Church (Here in Arizona, the Mormons.). Pay your bills, be loyal will go along way in your success. There are plenty of whores within these established organization, to where a loyal piece of the chain can always be added and needed.
But what is going on now has to be a very well kept secret, within a very, very small group.  You see these fools like Obummer who thinks he’s an insider, but in reality he’s just a better dressed pawn. When the ‘powers’ are through with Obummer, he’ll be thrown in the garbage pile along with the Bushes, Clinton, Cheney, and so many others. The wealth of the World is being removed and not to return like in the past. This has gotten really serious now, doctors (Obummer Care) and lawyers, etc. will just be part of the masses soon, everyone broke. Now that all buying habits, movements, money, thoughts (Face-book and others), can now be traced. The only thing left is where did you go by foot. That too will soon be monitored with pilot-less drones. With all the barium and aluminum in your system from the constant chem-trailing. You all ought to be glowing brightly to infrared cameras.
It’s now just ‘all in your face’. The Bilderberg meeting a living proof of that. These meeting could be held in total silence. No these World leaders want the masses to know who they are, and the fact they cannot be touched. For individuals from the masses, protect them from the masses. And that is really in your face Reality. How many millions are spent to protect these meetings with the taxpayer's own money. Then the protesters are given an area to protest the meeting. Then presented the ‘powers’ own pawns like David Ickes to give speeches to the masses. If you ignore what’s going on around you. Then you are telling the system, ‘do what you must’. If you become part of the protesters, you are classified and watched. It’s a ‘Catch 22’, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
Just how did the Bilderberg Group get it’s name and just how powerful and influential are the individuals in it. Some have stated that you can see who will be the next president by who is invited to the meetings. The name of the group or club got it’s name from the first meeting that was held in Oosterbeek, Netherlands at a hotel called the ‘Hotel de Bilderberg’, on 29 May 1954. It’s original meeting was to help stop the hatred toward America after WWII. Most Americans have been taught that the Americans were the good guys after WWII. When in actuality American forces bomb and blasted Europe into the Stone Age. Cities in Europe were leveled by the Carpet Bombings. The Atomic Bombs dropped on Japan were total over kill. As most of Japan was already in ruins from the constant aerial assault by American bombers. Who were dropping incendiary (fire) type bombs on the Japanese peoples.
There is a base of 21 nations included in the Bilderberg Group, plus individual leaders in business, economic, health, military, etc.. One agenda for the 2013 meeting in Watford England was the future of Africa, with no one from Africa in attendance. Because Africa’s fate will be decided by the most powerful. With reports of oil being discovered in many nations in Africa recently. You can see why the ruling elite wouldn’t want anyone from Africa to know the ‘powers’ plans for the region. Here are other items up for discussion (press release), Cyber Warfare(?), medical trends, European Union, Middle East, Education (on-line), and Current Affairs. All seems rather harmless except for the future of Africa. Whose population is being thinned by starvation and murderous Black leaders. Plus who’s to say what is really being done behind closed doors. The fact that the ruling elite believe it is there job to control the masses. Tells you that there are no repercussions from there decisions. Yet you hear stories of how the ruling elite are divided amongst themselves. I’m not buying into this, as long as there are Chem-trail aircraft spreading lines across the skies, such as is happening today over central Arizona. You can see a solid core who rule the Earth at his current “Time”.
For most of the World’s population has no idea that theses powerful type groups even exist. Folks go about there lives just trying to stay alive. While in the background the masses health is being decided for them. I feel as long as you are aware that your best interest are in others hands. And that these ruling elite could care less for your health. It is up to you to protect yourself. You can ignore the ruling elite, with the idea they are there. And it is up to you to defend yourself. By educating yourself and those around you. If you try and warn others and they attack you, simply move on. Because the lower forms of humanity will never be awaken. Just those who have the ability to see through the smog of life, have any chance. Eating and drinking healthy are the base for your well being. For a weak mind is the by-product of poor nutrition and poisoned water and liquids. That is why the ‘powers’ have put poisons in almost everything mankind consumes today. This makes for a weak population that can easily be control.
Rising up against the ‘powers’ is a dead end street. The ‘powers’ have the weapons and individuals to carry out there war against the population. Take care of yourself, because no one is going to do that for you. Get your rest, drink safe liquids and healthy foods is your best defense.  Putting your head in the sand is no position to take.
Here is a funny story about odds and me. Thursday I slept in a little because the illegals weren’t blowing weeds for a change in the neighborhood somewhere. I got up and started my usual routine of, get newspaper, fill water bowl for wild birds and feed the wild birds who count on me each morning. Only difference on this particular morning, I can’t open my security screen door. Both the deadbolt and the door handle are locked shut somehow.  You would figure maybe one being bad, but both??? It was odd, but first thought was, am I imprisoned somehow? Being half asleep still, I tried opening a window to get out. I’d forgotten I’d painted the sliding window shut. A bit of a panic set in, so I called a neighbor for help. When he got here, he was able to get the locks to open from the outside patio. After getting me out my bud asked a funny question. ‘Did you think the Illuminati locked you in’? My reply was, ‘that thought crossed my mind’. LOL You see my friend has asked me more than once, ‘how come ‘they’ haven’t killed you’. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the “Gods” didn’t want me to be in a particular spot at a certain “Time’ for my own protection. Always a firm believer in that, ‘everything happens for a reason’. And for whatever reason on this Thursday morning, I would be on the road at a later “Time”. Fate or a greater plan? I’d go with, ‘a greater plan’.
One final thought on this hot Sunday afternoon, ‘quit blaming the Baby Boomers’. Seems many of the younger generations want to blame my generation for all there problems. The Boomers had about as much control of things as the youth of today do, ‘none’. The only difference I see, is my generation hit the streets in protest. While today the same illegal wars go on, and the youth stays at home playing there video games.
Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 10
O, Child of Buddha Nature, through the expressive power of emptiness, the Buddha-body of Reality has arisen as the peaceful deities, recognize this! Through the expressive power of radiance, the Buddha-body of Perfect Resources has arisen as the wrathful deities. Recognize this!
At this “Time”, when the assembly of the fifty-eight blood-drinking deities manifest from within your brain, you should recognize all that arises as the naturally arising luminosity of your own awareness. Then, (if recognition occurs), you will immediately attain buddhahood, inseparable from the blood drinking deities.
O, Child of Buddha Nature, if even now you do not recognize this ( reality), and become afraid and turn away from the (visionary appearances), you will go on to experience yet further suffering. If recognition does not occur, all the blood drinking deities will be perceived as Yama. You will be overwhelmed by fear, by awe, and by terror at (the sight of) all the blood drinking deities; and you will faint. Those (visionary appearances), which are a natural manifestations (of actual reality), will (seem to) have become demons, and you will continue to roam in cyclic existence. But ( even now), if you are not awed and not terrified, you will avoid the continued wandering within cyclic existence.
O, Child of Buddha Nature, the largest of the buddha-bodies of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities will be as vast as the sky; the medium ones will be the size of Mount Sumeru; and even the smallest will be the size of eighteen of our bodies, standing one on top of the other. Do not be afraid! All phenomenal existence is now arising as luminosities and buddha-bodies. By recognizing all the present visionary appearances to be the natural luminosity of your own intrinsic awareness, manifesting as lights and buddha-bodies, you will dissolve inseparably within the lights and buddha-bodies, and buddhahood will be attained. O Child of Buddha Nature, whatever fearsome and terrifying apparitions appear to you now, recognize them to be natural manifestations (of actual reality). Do not be afraid! Recognize these (appearances) as inner radiance, your own natural luminosity. Upon recognition, you will undoubtedly attain buddhahood, right now. That which is called ‘instantaneous perfect buddhahood’ will occur at this very moment. Remember this, and hold it in your mind!
Child of Buddha Nature, if you do not recognize (the visionary appearances) now, and continue to be afraid, then all the buddha-bodies of the peaceful deities will arise in the form of Mahakala; all the buddha-bodies of the wrathful deities will arise in the form of Yama Dharmaraja; and then all your perceptions will turn into malevolent forces. In this way, you will continue to wander in cyclic existence.
“God” bless on this Sunday hot afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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