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Where did the idea “Aliens” looking like the bug eyed creature start? Here again, ‘a Reality perceived for you’? Never meet anyone who ever meet an “Alien”, or seen one up close. Got a friend who says some Off Planet Caricatures visited him one evening in a hotel room. ??? Have my own tales to tell, my guys looked like you and me!!! And of course the Hopi have the ‘Ant People’ who look and act the ‘Greys’. Problem is the idea of what a Grey looks like, was given to me by the system that surrounds me. No one that I know of, has ever captured a Grey, put the Creature (?) on display.  Seen old black and white movies of Flying Saucers and bug eyed Creatures. Now the Flying Saucer I can vouch for, because one of my sons and me saw over the road coming back from the Hopi rez. It didn’t have windows it appeared, to see what the occupants looked like.
For whatever reason “Aliens” have been presented looking like these imagines The first movie made about UFO/Aliens was made in France in 1902 called ‘Trip To The Moon’. It was based on two novels by HG Well's ‘The First Men In The Moon’ and Jules Verne’s ‘From The Earth To The Moon’. Here is an actual copy of ‘Trip To The Moon’ 1902. Before the 1950s there were only 7 movies made about the subject of UFO/Aliens. During the 1950s almost 30 movies were made about UFO/Alien subject. The first “Time” the term UFO was used, was by the U.S. Air Force in 1953. A statement released in 1953 via ‘Operation Blue Book’ claims , ‘the UFO phenomenon does not represent a threat to national security, or anything worthy of scientific pursuit’. In 1947 Kenneth Arnold coined the term ‘Flying Saucers’ after seeing what looked  like a flying saucer from his small aircraft (24 June 1947). During WWII there were many reports by aircraft pilots of strange objects in the skies. These objects would be known as ‘Foo Fighters’. In the 30s ‘Ghost Fliers’ were reported in Europe and North America. Also during the 30s in Scandinavia, mainly Sweden, ‘Ghost Rockets’ were reported. And of course the most famous UFO Event was Roswell on 2 July 1947. Roswell Museum
As for the Roswell Event I have mixed emotions about the Event in 1947. This all could have been staged for use in later years. By the U.S. government coming out and saying, ‘a flying saucer has crashed outside Roswell N.M.’. Then the very next day denying the Event took place saying, ‘it was only a Weather Balloon’. Would be a very good way of convincing the general public that UFO/Aliens do exist. For the most part no one trust the government statements on any subject. By admitting then retracting the statement about Roswell. Folks would think, ‘see there really was a UFO crash in Roswell and now the government is trying to cover it up’. This puts the idea in everyone's heads, there really are UFO/Aliens. Then later down the road the government could say the World was under attack from some “Alien” force (Reagan speech to the U.N.).. And all of mankind has to surrender to ‘Martial Law’ for there own protection. Just like what happened to Americans freedoms after the event of 911. When so many freedoms were taken away from the citizens of America. Claiming it was for the protection from Terrorist. (One man’s opinion)
The Christian bible in Ezekiel has many UFO descriptions in it, such as the ‘Wheel Within A Wheel’. From tales in Ezekiel to modern day sightings of these Triangular objects now being reported in the skies. The idea of these Bug-eyed creatures from outer space has been firmly implanted into everyone’s minds. And the fact that these Creatures are not benevolent and can’t be trusted. Is waiting in the wings for future use. It’s only a matter of “Time” before the folks of America wake up to the idea the only terrorist to worry about, were created by the government’s own agencies. And the next threat is from an “Alien” outside force.
If there is so much information about the “Alien” connection in modern society. Why doesn’t the American government and others, come out and have ‘Disclosure’ (Admitting the UFO/Alien presences.). The idea of the government telling everything they know on the subject of UFO/Alien will never happen. There is are good reasons for this not happening. The government says the general public could never handle the truth about the UFO/Alien presences. And that the religions of the World would be destroyed if the true facts were ever let out. The real truth is the fact that the governments of the World have no control over what goes on above and below them. And if the public knew this, there would be no need for governments of the World. Plus if the governments of the World admitted the presence of UFO/Aliens. Then everyone in the World would want to know what else the governments of the World are lying about!!! You would have total chaos, with no one believing in there leaders. This is the main reason for keeping the masses in the dark when it comes to the UFO/Alien connection.
If the same ‘powers’ who control the governments and social media. Then why have the governments on hand say the idea of an “Alien” presence is ludicrous. While on the other hand, the media is full of “Alien” indoctrination. it would be so easy to keep the idea of an extraterrestrial presences quiet. Yet the citizens of the World are bombarded with facts supporting both the cause of an Extraterrestrial presence and the non existence of Extraterrestrials. Look how popular movies on the “Alien” subject are. Yet the governments say the “Aliens” don’t exist. Is this all done in support of ‘divide and conquer’? Where you have the religious zealots claiming the idea extraterrestrials don’t exist. While on the other hand, over 50% of the World’s population believe in the UFO/Alien connection. The Catholic Church recently came out and said the “Aliens” are mankind's brothers and that “God” must have created both species. If any religious organization knows the most about life here on planet Earth, it’s got to be the Catholic Church. And with a following of over 1.5 billion, the Catholics are the largest religion. So why would the Catholic Church come out with there assessment of the UFO/Alien phenomenon? Does the church know thing the rest of the World’s population can only hope for? Is the Catholic Church hedging there bets? Can the Catholic Church be part of the larger question of future ‘False Flag Event’, aka a fake “Alien” invasion?
In 2009 a video was made of a UFO object out over the Mediterranean was filmed. (article on Turkey UFO This is some of the best footage I’ve ever seen. And it screams, ‘I want to believe’, as it would be hard to CGI the film. In this video you can roughly see the occupants of the UFO craft. Yet like most other if not all UFO videos, it’s hazy and out of clear view. Not sure why this is always the case about UFO/Alien videos. You would think with all the cellphones with cameras now day, someone would get a clear video. That would make for a rock solid case for the UFO/Alien presences. Yet somehow this has never happened, how can that be? That all UFO pics and videos are barely discernible and grainy. The best UFO picture is here on my blog. It’s clear and close up, yet no one has ever asked me about the pics authenticity. The picture was taken with my camera by someone else, near Dugas Arizona. The guy who snapped the photo had no idea that the object was in the view. And the four of us never heard any strange sounds that afternoon. It only showed up when I had the film developed at Walgreen.
I am well known for my honesty and being a firm believer in the UFO/Alien Reality. But if I ever bring up the subject in public, there will be both pro and cons from folks on what I’m telling them. And rolling eyes are always part of the expression on folks faces. ‘I saw what I saw’ is the best answer I can give. But until someone comes up with solid in your face evidence, skepticism will always be the norm. History is filled with tales of Flying objects in the skies. And ‘Beings’ from outer space with great powers. And all religions beginnings are filled with UFO/Alien facts. Yet what mankind knows about the subject comes mainly from the controlled press. And those like myself are always pushed aside as some sort of Freaks telling tall tales. And if you came up to me with some sort of UFO/Alien tale. There is a good chance, I’d question your tale myself. This has been programmed into peoples minds via the media.  And it’s hard to stay open minded when the subject of UFO/Aliens comes up. Facts are facts and many have seen there own UFO. As long as a central government wants power over the individuals of a country. The governments can never come out and say, ‘yes the UFO/Alien presence is a fact’.
Here are a couple other links I found researching this subject this week.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 11
O, Child of Buddha Nature, if you do not recognize the present appearances as a natural manifestation (of actual Reality), even though you may have learned in all the sutras and tantras, which form the (Buddha’s) transmitted precepts, and even though you may have practiced these doctrines for an eon, buddhahood will not be attained. Yet, if you recognize now the visionary appearances that are manifesting naturally, then, through (the understanding of) a single essential point, and through  (the understanding of) a single word, you will attain buddhahood.
If, immediately after death, you do not recognize the appearance which manifest naturally, these appearances will (eventually) arise during the intermediate state of reality, in the form of Yama Dharmaraja. The largest form assumed by Yama Dharmaraja is vast as space; the medium form, the size of Mount Sumeru, filled with World system. (Thus, Yama Dharmaraja will appear), his upper teeth biting into his lower lip, his eyes glassy, his hair tied up on the crown of his head, his belly bulging and his neck thin, brandishing in his hand the wooden slate (documenting) past actions - his mouth echoing with cries of ‘strike’!, and ‘kill’! - he is drinking brains, severing heads and ripping out internal organs. In this way, (it will appear as if his (form) fills the entire World.
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