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"False Flag Attacks in History"

Propaganda is one of the better known ways to mold opinions of the masses. Turn on the radio or TV, watch a movie, it’s all pretty much pure propaganda.  Propaganda is a long term method of poisoning the masses minds. By planting small pieces of disinformation in peoples minds over a period of “Time”. Before the first invasion of Iraq after Iraq invaded Kuwait. (note: U.S. State Department gave the OK to Saddam to invade Kuwait, over oil prices by Kuwait.) The propaganda machine was in full force against the invading Iraqi troops. One of the main propaganda stories, told of how Iraqi troops were throwing newborn babies onto the floors of maternity wards in Kuwait. Another was the accusation Saddam was setting fire to oil fields in Kuwait, causing a major environmental pollution Worldwide. It wasn’t long before America and her allies invaded Iraq with Gulf War #1. The American corrupt system didn’t need a Iraqi individual doing a suicide bombing in the streets of New York City. The propaganda machine did it’s job as most Americans supported the invasion of Iraq. Thinking this would help gas prices in the States. And Saddam was some sort of Animal who was a baby killer. When in fact, more children have been killed Worldwide from America’s attacks on the innocent. Look at the carpet bombing of Europe during WWII, atomic bombs on the Japanese. All the constant bombing of North Vietnam and chemical warfare for defoliation of the forest with Agent Orange.
The best and fastest method of molding public opinion is with a ‘False Flag Attack’. The World is finally waking up to the fact that the attacks of 911 were a ‘False Flag Attack’. FYI; a False Flag Attack is where a country or individual attacks itself, then blames other for the attacks. A False Flag Attack need not be country against country. There are many types of False Flag Attacks. The mass shooting in Aurora Colorado, Tucson, Sandy Hook are another type of False Flag Attack. These type of False Flag Attacks are all about Gun Control. In these type of False Flag Attacks, everyone is an actor on both sides. This way the attack can be coordinated, with no outside interference. The recent Boston Marathon bombing is a perfect example of everyone being actors. As that story falls apart more and more each day.
On the day of 911 False Flag Attack, the aftermath was well thought out. America’s corrupt government had everything set in place, that was suppose to happen immediately after the attack. America would blame Muslim terrorist for the attack. This set up the invasion of Afghanistan and the passing of the ‘Patriot Act’. The military complex got the war they wanted and laws were passed to further subvert Americans freedoms. By the government being allowed to spy on the citizens of America. The next step was the invasion of Iraq and we all know all the lies about Saddam regime. This was propaganda at it’s finest. Saddam was a madman who had to be stopped at any cost, the American and World public was told.
What was started with 911 attacks, was a War on Terrorism. Now America could send troops into any country saying, ‘the country is harboring terrorists’. Another by-product of the war on terrorism, it has no ‘End’, no country to conquer, just an idea. The created enemy could be anyone, even the citizens of America herself. Now the corrupt government of America can declare anyone they deem not falling in line, a terrorist. See how far reaching the False Flag Attacks of 911 have reached.
Just how far back in history do these False Flag Attacks reach? I was surprised to find out, all the way back to Roman days ruled by Nero. On July 19, 64 AD the ‘Great Fire of Rome’ erupted. A fire that started in the entertainment district call Circus Maximus. Spread from rooftop to rooftop and engulfed and burned to the ground 14 districts of Rome. The fire burned for 5 days and damaged 7 other districts. Nero wanted to build series of Palaces for himself, but the Senate rejected the idea. Of tearing down such a large part of existing Rome for the Palaces that would be called ‘Neropolis’. Nero needed to create a “False Flag Attack’, aka a large fire. Luckily for Nero, at the “Time” two people were in Rome. They were ‘Peter and Paul’ who were early leaders of the Christian Cult. The fire was started and Nero blamed the early Christian leaders ‘Peter and Paul’ for the fire. The citizens of Rome bought into the lie and Peter was crucified and Paul was beheaded. Hundreds of other followers of Peter and Paul were fed to the Lions. 911 was just, ‘Deja vu all over again’ (Yogi Berra).
‘Remember the Maine’ and ‘If it bleeds, it leads’ got America into a war with Spain. 911 wasn’t the first “Time” Corporate America drug Americans off to die for there own greed. Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst controlled the largest newspapers in America and they fabricated stories about Spain’s death camps, cannibalism and torture. On 15 February 1898 the USS Maine was sitting in Havana Harbor. The Maine was blown up, killing 266 sailors and Marines. Frederic Remington was a reporter stationed in Havana to cover a revolution in Cuba. Cuba reported by the American press, wanted there freedom from Spain. There was no revolution going on and requested to return home. Hearst asked Remington to stay in Cuba. Hearst said, ‘you stay in Cuba and furnish pictures, I’ll furnish the war’.
The American controlled press stated that Spain was responsible for the explosion that killed the American servicemen aboard the USS Maine. At the “Time” Spain was a global power, but fading fast. The war drums were beating in America’s press and president McKinley was pressured to respond to the bombing of the Maine. That summer McKinley declared war on Spain, bring forth the ‘Spanish American War’. To finance the war with Spain a temporary tax of 3% on long distance calls was imposed on the American public. (note; At this time in history, only the wealthiest had phones in America.) This tax lasted until 2005. The tax produced over $90 billion in revenues, 230 “Times” the cost of the Spanish American War. By wars end, America now had control over not only Cuba but, Philippines, Hawaii Islands and Puerto Rico.
Japan also used a ‘False Flag’ to attack the province of Manchuria in China. Manchuria had large quantities of both coal and oil. Which Japan needed after the collapse of the World economy in 1929. On 18 September 1931 Japan had a bomb placed under train tracks near Liutiao Lake. The explosion was so mild a train soon passed by on the same tracks. But this was enough to blame the Chinese for the attack and Japan soon invaded Manchuria.
Hitler was not immune to his own ‘False Flag Attack’ before the beginning of WWII. You currently here the term ‘Reichstag Fire’ in anti-government songs now. As it is compared to the attacks of 911. To were those who need a reason to invade another country. Reichstag was the government building that housed the German Parliament. Just before the election in 1933 in Germany. Hitler had the Reichstag fire started, blaming the communist terrorist for the fire. Hitler would have Hermann Goring state that he would soon have information proving the communist were responsible for the Reichstag fire. Not only was the Reichstag fire started, there were several street violence incidences started. This was all being done to drive the German public into demanding that something be done to stop the mindless violence.  Hitler claimed he had the answers and I guess you could say, ‘the rest is history’. Right after the Reichstag Fire, the Nazis (Hitler) had president von Hindenburg sign into law the ‘Reichstag Decree’. Stating many of the German’s people freedoms must be taken away to protect the German peoples from the communist terrorist. The exact same thing that happened in America just after the 911 attacks. Everything had already been put in place and was waiting for the perfect planned moment. Civil Liberties that were set by the Weimar Constitution were demolished. Any German citizen could now be arrested without cause and locked up indefinitely. Here again, just as you have in America now. There was no more freedom of the press. As anyone who opposed the Nazi regime could and would be locked up. This is the exact thing you now have in America. If what you are writing about is now favored by the American government.
In 1954 the Israeli terror cells were activated inside of Egypt. These attacks were on American and British targets within Egypt. The Israelis disguised themselves as Arab terrorist. Israel was against the fast moving friendship growing between Egypt and America. These attacks on American and British business were blamed on the Egyptians. Eisenhower wanted the British to leave the Suez Canal and turn it over to the Egyptian government. Israel was worried that the Egyptian government would start blocking the passage of Israeli ship through the Suez Canal. The best way to insure that the British stay in the Suez Canal area was to blame Egyptians for the attacks on British and American businesses.
False Flag Attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan, lead Americans to believe the war with Japan was justified. Why the American citizens believed that Japan could hide a fleet of Aircraft carriers and support ships off the coast of Hawaii, is hard to believe. Yet within hours after the attacks, war was declared against Japan. To give you some idea how close to Pearl Harbor the Japanese fleet had to be. (I was an aircraft mechanic in the US Navy 4 years.) In the 40s aircraft taking off from an aircraft carrier's deck loaded with fuel and bombs, would only have a range of about 300 miles. That means 150 miles each way. American public was told that the Japanese fleet hid in banks of fog. I lived in Hawaii for 4 years and never saw fog. The Japanese were allowed to attack Pearl Harbor to force America into WWII.
America’s involvement in Vietnam was started by another False Flag Attack. This would be the Tonkin Gulf Resolution. 2 August 1964, 3 North Vietnamese torpedo boats supposedly attacked the USS Maddox on patrol in the Tonkin Gulf. Again on 4 August the USS Maddox and Turner Joy were supposedly attacked with torpedoes in international waters in the Tonkin Gulf. Soon after president Lyndon B. Johnson ordered retaliatory attacks on the bases of the torpedo boats. The next day Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara said American destroyers were only doing routine patrols in the Tonkin Gulf.
Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolutions at the request of president Johnson. This resolution gave Johnson unlimited powers for military actions against the country of North Vietnam. As was proven later, these attacks never happened and 55,000+ Americans gave there lives. And unlimited numbers of North and South Vietnam citizens lost there lives based on pure fiction.
So the ‘Beat Keeps Going On’, generation after generation. What the previous generation learned is soon lost by the incoming generation. Will there be more ‘False Flags’ to be raised in the future?  This generation will have children and the true knowledge of 911 will never be taught them. History books will cover all the tracks of the sins by the perpetrators of 911. The steps to totally enslave the masses will be completed. Sad as I write this and find out along with the readers, just how far back these ‘False Flag’ Events go back. At the rate society is degenerating, there will be no need for future ‘False Flags’. The enslaved masses will just think, this prison is ‘Reality’. I’ve read that the last ‘False Flag’ will be a fake “Alien” invasion, using holograms. Who knows for sure, as lies are planted via the mass media it seems on a daily basis now. There have been many more ‘False Flag’ events in history, here were only a few examples. As always, ‘do look a gift horse in the mouth’. Take care of yourself, for the leaders of the World have only one agenda, power and more power.
Adolf Hitler quote;
‘If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed’.

Friday I drove up to Sedona/Oak Creek to get my 30+ gallons of water from an Artesian spring. It’s an 3 hour round trip from here in Scottsdale. Stopped by Jerome on the way home to take some pics for future video. When I got home and started unloading the gallon water jugs. 2 unmarked helicopters with nose mounted cameras arrived overhead. They stayed overhead as I unloaded the car and moved the water jugs upstairs. You would've thought I was unloading bales of marijuana. Maybe Water is the next oil.
‘What is it about Soccer’?
A Brazilian soccer referee in Maranhao Brazil got into a fight with a soccer player after the player was ejected from the game. The referee pulled a knife and stabbed the player to death. Family members of the soccer player Josenir Abreu rushed the field and stone the referee to death. If that wasn’t enough, the referee was squared and quartered. Then the referee named Otavio da Silva was beheaded, with his head being put on a stake. And placed in the middle of the soccer field. Makes the soccer Hooligans of Ireland and England seem rather mild.
Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 12
O, Child of Buddha Nature, when such vision arise, do not be afraid or terrified. Your body is a mental body, formed of habitual tendencies. Therefore, even if you are slain and cut into pieces, you will not die. You are, (in reality) a natural form of emptiness, so there is no need to be afraid. The forms of Yama Dharmaraja arise too, from the natural luminosity of your own intrinsic awareness. They have no material substance. Emptiness cannot be harmed by emptiness. (Clearly) determine now that, other than arising from the natural expressive power of your own awareness, (whatever seems to appear to you) externally - the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, the blood-drinking (Herukas), the diverse animal headed deities, the rainbow light, the frightening forms of Yama, etc. - these are all without substantial existence. If this is successfully determined, all fear and terror will be liberated (naturally), just where it is. You will dissolve inseparably (with the visionary appearances) and buddhahood will be attained.
Upon recognizing (the visionary appearances) in this way, be fervently devoted and think: These are my meditational deities. They have come to escort mo on the dangerous pathway of the intermediate state. I take refuge in them. Remember the Three Precious Jewels! Remember your meditational deities, whichever it may be! Call to your meditational deity by name and pray with the following words: ‘I am roaming in the intermediate state - come quickly to rescue me! Hold me in your compassion, O precious meditational deity!’ Call to your spiritual teacher, by name, and pray with the following  words. ‘I am roaming in the intermediate state. Rescue me!’ Do not let your compassion forsake me!’ Pray devotedly, yet again, to the assembled blood-drinking deities and recite this aspirational prayer: pt. 13
“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.



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