Saturday, July 13, 2013

"I Don't Want To Die"

‘I don’t want to die’ a friend of mine’s grandfather told his nurse, while in the hospital. A few days later he was dead. The same nurse sent a email to my friend’s father telling him, ‘the doctors are killing your father’. The nurse covered her tracks by having the email sent to the father in Phoenix, via a Flagstaff email address. It would appear even she was afraid of the doctors she worked for in a Phoenix hospital. Mr. Saldana my friend’s grandfather was in the hospital for cancer of the esophagus. My friend told me, be believed a stent or something similar was placed in his grandfathers esophagus. For four days over the July 4 break, my friend and family stayed at the bedside of the grand father.
Why would the doctors want to kill, my friend’s grandfather? Is this common practice against the aging Hispanic population? Is there something more sinister going on here? Like the covering up of mistakes made by staff and doctors at the hospital. If my friend’s grandfather was younger, one might be suspicion organ harvesting? One of the dumbest things you could do, is to put on your driver license, ‘I’m a organ donor’.  Because in this day and age, your worth far more dead than alive to others, if your young. There are so many stories of illegal organs being sold in underground markets. There are reports of j$$$$$$wish JDL soldiers killing citizen in Gaza, to have the victim's organs removed for sale.
My friend told me about how his grandfather was dropped on the floor at the hospital. While being transferred from one bed to another by the nurses. The only reason they knew this, was the fact a family member was in the room when this happened. She was asked to leave the room. Right after this incident, my friend’s grandfather was rushed into the operation room in shock.  Soon my friend’s grandfather was dead. The fact there was a witness to the dropping, could this seal my friend grandfather’s death? Was the patient better off dead to the doctor? You know, dead men can’t sue.  

How far reaching is the propaganda when it comes to coming forward, when the system fails? Once I told my friend that I was going to write about his grandfather in my blog. He stopped talking to me about the subject. I’d like to give you my friend’s grandfather full name and the hospital here in Phoenix this happened, but I can’t. I guess he thinks if I use names and locations, they will be repercussions against him and his father’s family. Bet you his grandfather would be ashamed if he knew the children and grandchildren refuse to talk about what happened. So I guess it’s up to me to stand up to the mistreatment and death of there grandfather Mr. Saldana. I see this type of behavior on the construction job sites now. This fear of authority and government has been brainwashed into the generations after the Hippies rebelled against the ruling elite. The treatment of the citizens of America today. Is far worse than in my generation. My generation went into the streets to protest the war in Vietnam. While this generation has wars going on all over the World. Chem-trails of poison stream down on them from the air. The middle class has all but be wiped out. The kids coming out of school can’t find a job they were educated for. Wages go down, while everything else goes up. Who know’s what the unemployment rate is for people in there 20s. Yet here they sit with there collective thumbs up the collective asses. Getting a new bitchin tattoo with whatever extra spare change they have.
Funny you know, whenever I tell the kids on the job site, ‘there screwed when I depart’. They never laugh me off, in fact they seem to get quite serious all of a sudden. They see me at 66 years old working just as hard as them, plus having the answers to there questions. The guys on the job site no matter what trade, always show respect for me. And if there is ever a problem they don’t want the big bosses to know about. I’m the one they turn to. The coming generations don’t have a ‘me’ coming along in there system, because the system has made sure my types have been killed off at the pass with propaganda starting at birth. Just like my friend not wanting to make waves over the MURDER of his grandfather. Yet here I am, avenging as best I can, his MURDER. While the family sits quietly on the sidelines, hands over ears and mouth. For they seen the MURDER of the grandfather, through others eyes.
The term ‘Prison Planet’ is a common term today, as more and more citizens of the World. Wake Up to there situation of being totally under control by a few elite families. And America is quickly being turned into the largest of all the prisons. The constant cycle of, ‘arrest, trial, incarceration, probation. With prisoners never leaving the system, is a giant financial gold mine for the ruling elite. There are new prisons being built constantly all over America now. Seems every day now you hear in the news about a new PRIVATE prison being built here in Arizona. As the prison population just keeps expanding. With laws against almost everything you do now days, insure the prison population keeps growing.
In Arizona with a population of only about 6 million, 40,000 sit in prisons today. While the tax payers fund the bill for not only for paying for the prisons to be built. They also foot the bill for all the cost related to housing the prisoners. Medical, dental, food, clothing, guards, etc., all part of the cost. But you want to know who is getting slave labor at pennies a day. Corporations who use the prison as slave labor camps. With convicts getting only pocket change an hour for there labor. While the John Doe taxpayer foots all cost for incarceration of the convict. In 1908 the first “Time” convict labor was used. It was used to build the prison in Florence Az. Now you have what is called ‘Arizona Correctional Industries’. Sales from the slave labor totaled 40 million last year alone. With the state getting only about 2.8 million of it. The ‘ASI’ is called ‘self-sufficient’ now. There are now 36 ‘ACI’ programs in the prison system now. With 16 of them controlled by the state government. State controlled ‘ASI’ programs pay the convict 40 to 80 cents an hour. While the labor rate for the corporation controlled programs starts at $2.00 an hour. With the court-ordered restitution getting first crack at the convicts income. I ran a large national restaurant chain electrical install with mostly convicts working out of a Halfway-House. Most said they never got a dime for there labor, after restitution and having to pay for there stay at the Halfway-House.
With all this going on, you can see why a law was passed called ‘three strikes and you out’. In other words, three strikes (convictions) and you never get out of prison again. A friend who was sent to federal prison told me the trick while being in prison, is to never volunteer for these programs. It was the best way to get an early parole. The prisons need hard working young white and Hispanic boys for there slave labor. That is why the Black prison population is paroled at a much faster rate. Blacks make for bad workers even in prison (visit any construction job site, you’ll see what I mean.). Your local prison will have jobs for various business partners. Here  you have, bakeries, print shops, farms, ranches (taming wild horses) etc.. A friend of mine was a journeyman electrician in prison (tried to buy $50,000 worth of pot from the wrong Cats.). He would get up in the morning and be sent out of the prison to work on private electrical projects. You can just imagine how much others were making off his labor daily.
Talked to my Hopi bud Ahkima this morning, who was at his home in Bacavi, Third Mesa. Next month he will be harvesting his crops of Hopi Corn, squash, beans and melons. We're going to make a video of the ceremony surrounding the harvesting of the first ear of Hopi Blue Corn. Not sure what that entails so viewers will learn along with me. The videos I made with Ahkima are still getting there views every month and not dropping off, like most videos on Youtube. We talked about the weather up their on the rez and Chem-trails mainly. Ahkima said before that maybe they would be getting Chem-trailed over about once a month. Now he says that it’s a daily happening, even on cloudy days he see the Chem-trail aircraft flying over his fields. He asked me why this sudden increase in the Chem-trails and why are they doing more and more. Unfortunately I had no answers for him, only a few suggestions why. He wanted to know if it was for weather manipulation. Here again I had no answer, only that is one of the ideas (theories) behind the constant spraying. I told him a new rumor I’d heard, was the spraying was being done to prepare Mother Earth for the return of the Reptilian People. That lead to the fact that all petroglyphs I’ve recorded, have Lizards figures with them. And the Hopi do have tales of the Reptilian Peoples. You see them on the petroglyphs on the Hopi rez I recorded with Ahkima. So like having a navel, everyone has one (opinions).
In the morning I’m heading up to the town of Yarnell to record what the area looks like after the recent fire that killed 19 ‘Granite Mountain Hot Shot’ crew members. One of the saddest part of this tragedy is the fact that if the crew members would have never been killed if the monsoon rains would have came 2 days earlier. Funny how the “Gods” do things somehow. 48 hours made all the difference in the World to those who died along with the firefighters families. Children who now have no father, will be changed forever. Maybe it was some Karmic Justice, who knows for sure. “God” bless the firefighters who lost there lives along with the wives and children, now fatherless.
Big changes coming in my life, I feel it in the air. I want to start making my jewelry again, lost wax casting method. Tried a few years ago (2008), but the economy fell on it ass. Folks had no extra money to buy the old lady a piece of my artwork, just wanted to house and feed there families. This morning with no idea of the date, I ordered a Australian, Yowah Nut Boulder Opal. The date to my surprise 7-13-13 that adds up to 33. WOW
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