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"Yarnell Fire, 19 Dead Firfighters"

Went up the small community of  Yarnell  this past Sunday. Yarnell is the where the forest fire was that killed 19 firefighters. 18 of the Firefighters were from the Granite Mountain Hotshots Crew. The other firefighter was from a different Crew.  For Arizona this was a rather small forest fire.  A few summers ago ,Arizona had a fire that  was the size of Connecticut. Being a Hotshot firefighter is only a part time  job.  And many Hotshot Crews here in Arizona employ several Native Americans, as jobs are hard to find on the rezs.  The Crew of  19 had no Native American members. The firefighters were killed by a ‘Flash-over’,  and never had a chance to escape the fire bomb that surrounded them. The Hotshot Crew had an escape route, as is standard procedure. I believe the last communication from the ;leader of the Crew was, ‘we're heading for safety’. The Crew was forced to use there protective tents that the firefighters call ‘shake and bake’.  This did not help the 19 firefighters on this Sunday evening/night.
As you can tell from my video the fire was mainly  in small trees and grasses.   It just took the ‘Perfect Firestorm’ to kill these firefighters. A lot of thing had to go wrong in a short period of “Time”.   As the Crew was hit with 45 MPH winds from a different direction all of a sudden.  Which put the fire at there backs instead of there front. In Arizona the best “Time” to fight a fire  is at night.  That way the winds are much calmer. During the daylight the thermals from the hot winds  blowing in from the west, make for dangerous conditions. You would like think that these firefighters who lost there lives  on that Sunday evening, were where they were suppose to be. Placed in a place that a sudden change in wind would not affect them.
Forest fires are not attacked by firefighters as the movies would want you to think.  Defensive  fire lines are built along with aerial tankers dropping fire retardant chemicals from the air.  The whole idea is to let the fire burn itself out. With the fire itself running out of fuel.  That why you hear the term ‘backfire’. Starting a fire in front of a fire so they can meet and burn up all the available fuels the fires need to keep burning.
I meet a Hotshot crew a few years ago who were from Minnesota here in Arizona fighting the forest fire near Sedona. The Crew leader was telling me that each forest fire has it’s own personality. At that particular “Time” Crews fighting the Sedona fire were getting much praise for putting out the fire.  The Crew leader told me the fire put itself out. And that they were also there building fire lines to stop the fire. But suddenly one evening the fire decided to say, ‘enough’.  It turned on it's self and died out.  So you can see just how little control over a fires the firefighters have. The firefighters are completely at the mercy of the fire itself. and weather conditions.
As I talk about in the video, the fire in Yarnell would not be contained by the firefighters.   It was contained by weather front moving in from the west and dousing the fire. Unfortunately for the 19 firefighters, it was 48 hours to late. Now if a forest fire has it’s own personality, the personality of the Yarnell fire was all about death. Then you throw  in the collective karma of the firefighter and you get what you got. Was it Karma of the firefighters that  was there undoing?  How does this all play out in the much larger picture? You could call the tragic death of 19 firefights, just an accident. Or is there something much greater at work? If everything happens for a reason, then what  was the reason behind such a small fire killing so many men suddenly on a Sunday evening on 30 June 2013?
When you think about the devastation brought to the children of the firefighters, there is something much greater going on here.  For family members lives will,be changed forever.  Young children losing there fathers  at such a young age, how will there lived be effected forever?  The wives and parent of the lost firefighters lives will never be the same.  There is so much more going on here besides the death of the  19 firefighters. That’s what I look at while  I was staring at the fire’s remains. The forest will recover, as forest fire are just part of the life of a forest.  But the lives of those affected, will never be seen by the outside.
I want to mention that the presence of the Red Cross was nowhere to be found.   But I’m sure somewhere in the background the Red Cross is using the death of the 19 Firefighters to raise money. The only relief  I saw was the Southern Baptist Church stationed here in south Scottsdale had there emergency relief vehicles parked downtown Yarnell. I stopped trusting anything the Red Cross does after they were nowhere to be found during the Katrina ordeal. To me there just a giant money scam.
Want to add my 2 cents about the recent trial and verdict in Florida. I don’t believe anything ever happened and the whole trial of Zimmerman was simple ‘Race Baiting’, divide and conquer. 19 Firefighters death here in Arizona is a much larger story and effecting far more folks. Yet the Zimmerman trial was constantly pushed into everyone’s faces. Even America’s dumbass president Obummer is making a even bigger ass of himself. Saying that he could have been Trayvon 35 years ago. Zimmerman trial was Nicole Smith all over again. All distractions from the real truth about what is going on in America and what America is doing in the name of freedom and democracy in the Middle East. The ‘powers’ have been using the ‘race’ card forever and the Zimmerman trial was that ‘race’ card on steroids. Here is a link to an investigation into, just who were Zimmerman and Trayvon  Martin. Hint, they never existed.
Monsanto products have been banned from Europe countries. That means no more GMO crops can been planted in European countries. Just to show how corrupt things are here in America, Monsanto products are being protected. The absolute corrupted government will allow Monsanto to proceed as usual.  Monsanto is just part of a much larger picture that include all Americans in poor health living in concrete jungles. With Monsanto seeds being the only crops that will be allowed raised on American soil. Just a reminder, ‘Americans are the freest peoples on the planet’
After yesterday trying to do something as simple as transfer a company cell phone number to my personal cell phone took a total of 3 hours. These large corporation can just wait you out, just as the ones who control them are doing to the masses. Is the system broke, or just a great plan? No matter how frustrated I got being transferred from employee to employee at Centurylink and Verizion, it didn’t matter to them. If I got upset with the person I was talking to, they could just wait me out. I must of given out the last four numbers of my social security number 10 “Times”. I was asked the state I born in, I had no answer. The rep pushed me until I invented a name of the place I was born. It was like I was talking to robots at each company. Well the fact is I was talking to robots. They were dumbed down humans who had been programmed to reply to whatever question I may have had. Can you imagine that within a few years they will be no human customer reps to talk to. You words will just key a response from the machine you are talking to. Just to get through to a human customer rep, you must first now answer to a machine. These is just another in the line of programing the human to become a total flesh robot. Mankind is being taught to respond to sounds and pictures. Then down the road the need for humans will have been gone. And just as the Georgia Guide Stones spell out, a population of 500 million citizens of the World is all the planet will have on it. Of that number only a few elites at the top with old blood lines will be free. The rest of humanity will bow to the wishes of a few.
Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Liberation by Hearing’ pt. 13

O, as I roam in cyclic existence, (driven) by deep-seated habitual tendencies,
Mat the assembly of (male) Peaceful and Wrathful Deities, transcendent Lords, draw me forward,
Leading on the path of radiant light,
Through which (all) awesome and terrifying perceptions are left behind.
May the assembly of the wrathful female deities, Dhatvisvari (and so forth), support me from behind,
And, thus (encircled), may I be rescued
From the fearsome passageway of the intermediate state,
And be escorted to the level of an utterly perfect buddha.
Now when I roam alone, separated from my loved ones,
And (myriad) imagines of emptiness arise, naturally manifesting,
May the buddhas (quickly) release the power of there compassion,
And may the fear of the awesome and terrifying intermediate state be annulled.
When the five radiant lights of pristine cognition dawn,
May I recognize them as my own (nature), without awe and without terror,
And as the (manifold) forms of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities arise,
May I be fearlessly confident and recognize (the characteristics of) the intermediate state.
When I experience suffering as the result of negative past actions,
May the meditational deities dispel all such misery,
And as the natural sounds of reality reverberate like a thousand peals of thunder,
May all (sounds) be heard as the resonance of the Six Syllables.
When i am driven on by past actions, unable to find refuge,
May the Great Compassionate One, Mahakarunika, protect me,
And as I experience the suffering of habitual tendencies and past actions,
May the meditative stabilities of inner radiance and bliss (naturally) arise.
May the fields of the five elements not rise up as a hostile force,
And may I see (them as) the fields of the five enlightened families!
Recite this aspirational prayer with deep devotion. it is very important. As all fear and terror dissolve, you will assuredly attain buddhahood in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource - so do not be distracted!
Next comes from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, will be.
‘An Elucidation (clarification) of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’

“God” bless on this cloudy and hopefully rainy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.

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