Sunday, July 28, 2013

"Rationalism, Fight or Flight"

Rationalism: a belief or theory that opinions and actions should be based on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response:

Rationalism the next great ISM? And  just how far down the road from Fight or Flight to Rationalism? The Reality of things is mankind has first a Lizard’s mentality. All situations are are first measured by, ‘fight or flight;. It’s the ‘base of the brain thing’ as I would said. Mankind is still ruled by instinct first, is it OK to be in this situation? Am I comfortable or should I split at the first opportunity? Food, Shelter, Sex mentality in mankind, the Gorilla in the room thing. Men killing men, women killing their babies. Race, Religion, Income, those that don’t have, want what those that have, got. While they all steal  from each other. Been going on forever, being a Lizard. And now the ‘powers’ are asking the masses to think about doing things based on Rationality. The idea of being rational about things rather than letting emotions get in the way. Like a fat black chick on daytime TV saying in response, ‘talk to the hand’. As far as the fat black chick is concerned,  she is being rational, cause she hasn’t ripped you head off.

Looks to me from here this whole idea of Rationalism for the masses would take some thinning of the herd. O, that’s right, ‘powers’ been trying for years to keep the herd at certain levels. War, disease, starvation, plagues have had there impacts over the generations. Yet the population continues to grow. And the majority of the World’s population is where they're at, by there own making. Those that truly want out, get out. The rest mull in there own garbage, because that’s all they know, or care to know.

Rationalism isn’t such a new idea it turns out, he are some of the earliest believers in Rationalism.

Pythagoras (570 BCE - 495 BCE)
Was one of the first, he was a mathematician, scientist and mystic. He believed all words have a numerical meaning (All is Number)

Plato (427 BCE - 347 BCE)
Plato admired Reason (rationalism) in Geometry. Plato: ‘let no one ignorant of geometry enter’. sign over door to his academy.

Aristotle (384 BCE - 322 BCE)
Aristotle contribution to Rationalism thinking come from ‘syllogistic logic’.

Currently the ‘powers’ are trying to teach the masses that black is white, gay is correct and not hetrosexuality, war is the norm and so on. This thinking is intended for the masses, all part of depopulation program. While on the other hand, the educated ones are being introduced to Rationalism. With Rationalism you would have a Worldwide court system based solely on facts and not local belief systems. If Rationalism was used in the Worldwide Court system, corruption (in courts) would come to a complete halt. Rationalism would end all wars, because religion or racer would have no factor in the decision to go to war. Disputes between countries could be decided on facts alone. There would be no rationalization for wars.

Why hasn’t the World be ruled by Rational Thought before, because mankind is still a primitive beast, reacting to emotions and not rational thought. At some point in the evolution of mankind, mankind would have to reach the point of Reality being based on Natural Rationalism. The ‘Laws of Nature’ are based on rational thoughts. Not on some group sitting around in a room doing rituals, waiting for the correct answers. Do you think for a moment the “Creator” created all you see without rational behavior. Everything in the Universe fits with the other parts. You have no odd ball truths, when it comes to the Universe. Every plant on Mother Earth has a reason for being. “God” never introduced a plant just for the hell of it. When you see plants growing in the wild in a group. That is because the plants benefit each other’s growth. Each plant, bird, reptile, mammal, insect, etc. fit perfectly together. The Stars in the galaxies dance in perfect unity, for one needs the other to keep from tumbling through space. Wild animals are not known for killing, just for the fact they can kill. Only in mankind do you see this type of behavior. Mankind currently does not live in a Rational World of Reality.

If mankind lived in a Rational Reality, just think how different the World would be. Rational leaders do not let thousands of children die each year from starvation and lack of clean drinking water. Yet here in the year 2013, how many children in Africa and other under developed countries will die from both lack of food and clean water? How can people who control such financially powerful banks that control countries. Let the poorest of the poorest die dreadful deaths? This can’t be derived from Rational Thought? When a person goes into an outrage and kills others, this is a non rational thought. The same non rational thought that is used by the leaders in Washington D.C.. As the leaders in D.C. decide daily who lives and dies over power. What is gained by building armies to fight each other? The gain is two-fold, money and population control. And neither one these are based on Rational Thoughts.
A Rational person would let there actions of Good, override any aversive thoughts. Yet the leaders of the World today are less worried about the betterment of the population, than the bottom line, money and power. How can church leaders such as in the j$$$$$$ws, Christians, and Muslim preach, killing those who don’t think like you. Is this the thoughts of a rational mind, of course not. Religious leaders have absolutely no rational thought of any kind. There ideas are based on pure power and greed. And those psychopaths that are current leaders of the World, must be stopped. For the only way for life to be fair to all, is to live under Rationalism.
The future of mankind can only be helped if World or off World leaders turn to Rationalism. Currently the World is ruled by those who have no Common Sense/Rational Thought. Common Sense tells you that the World is totally unfair to the masses. Common Sense would be fair law and court system. To where the wealthiest would be treated like the common man in the courts. But that is nowhere to be found, for justice come with the amount of money you have in the bank. When was the last “Time” a World leader died young with cancer?  But in today society, dying from cancer at a young age is common. This happens because there is no fair Rationalism.
Rules based on fact alone, what a wonderful World it would be. No more America attacking some small country because that country's leaders don’t agree with those in D.C.. (Or where ever the leaders of America are?) Groups that do Rituals to conjure up Spirits, would have no place in a Rational World. The World could concentrate on curing common illnesses, instead of the ones living in the Irrational Reality stopping cures. The educated classes could spend there energy on education the poor and uneducated which come ‘hand in hand’. Instead of working at plants making weapons of destruction. Educating the poor is the best way to control the World’s population.
The opposite to Rationalism is Empiricism. Empiricism means that experience over knowledge. Because you cannot make rational statements without first experiencing life. In Rationalism you would think “God” would be excluded. For there is no rational way to envision a “God” figure. The opposite Empiricism tends to atheism, for one cannot experience “God”. While Rationalism see mathematics as the center of all knowledge. As all things in life have a numerical system to them .All crystals have a numerical sequence to them. DNA is mathematical building blocks. Look how snowflake are always symmetrical in there patterns. You could apply this to everything in life.
So can you have a “God” figure and still believe in Rationalism. I believe whoever Created this living Universe, had to be a Rational Entity. For everything you touch or see is symmetrical to the Universe. The only non-symmetrical is mankind, yet mankind's building blocks are symmetrical. Everything on Earth benefits what is around it. Only mankind tries to put there will over Nature. So the only way mankind can find his place on Mother Earth, is to be Rational. Be a benefit to your environment, instead of a distractor. Everything you do, you should rationalize it’s benefits to your surroundings. Instead of being an Ogre, destroying life around you, as you pass through life. Rationalize your thoughts and ideas for the good around you.
Been getting some good rains lately, and the most notable is the lack of Chem-trailing. I have noticed this for the last few days now. And in the news the HAARP facility in Alaska has shut down, reason not given by the government. So I decided today while I was working on this, I would post a Thread in Godlikeproductions. Asking the World to cheap in on ‘what there skies looked like’. GLP is what it is, the ‘powers’ minions gathering info, but a great place to get instant  feedback. So I posted a Thread asking, ‘Where have all the Chem-trail planes gone’? Got 360+ hits in no “Time”, with tons of comments. Chem-tards is the nickname for those that believe the Chem-trails are real, on GLP.  And any post about Chem-trailing brings out all the Shills. The bottom line is folks from all over the World chime in on Chem-trail threads. You can find out who’s getting sprayed any place in the World in moments. The general consensus was that the spraying has been a lot less lately. With only 1 shill (Snake Airlines) attacking me. Some areas have had no spraying since the first of the year. Makes me wonder if HAARP and the Chem-trails go together. As barium and aluminum are great conductors of electricity. Even heard that HAARP was used to communicate with Submarines around the World. Another theory being what is called, ‘over the horizon radar’. And there are tons of other theories about HAARP and the Chem-trails. Bottom line, it’s great to see the puffy white clouds overhead, without being laced with Chem-trails lines above them and through them.
I would like to share a dream sent to me from a friend Hans Bergman of Sweden. J.J. Cale age 74 died this week in so. cal. J.J. was a songwriter known for such songs as ‘Cocaine’,  ‘After Midnight’ by Eric Clapton.
Hi Ron, Yesterday I was dreaming that an American would die.
He was involved in sport and/ or music. I saw 2 big new houses
and a photographer was measuring the distance or parts of  a car.
I was in his house with all kinds of music insrtuments and a stranger  said
that if that was cleaned up the view from the house outside would be much wider or better.
He was very much at a distance people  told me, but at the end he smiled at me
although I was a stranger.
That day it appeared that J.J. Cale had passed away.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation (clarification) of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 1
O, Child of Buddha Nature, listen carefully and understand! Hell-beings, gods and those with the body of the intermediate state are born in a supernormal manner. Formally, when the vision of the Peaceful and Wrathful deities rose before you during the intermediate state of reality - you did not recognize them, Then, overwhelmed by terror, you would have fainted. Four and a half days later, upon awaking from this faint, your consciousness has again become clear and a body, resembling your former one, has arisen. This (‘body’) is described in the tantras.

Having the body from one’s past and emergent existence,
Complete with all sense-faculties, and the power of unobstructed movement.
Endowed with miraculous abilities derived  from past actions,
Visible to those similar in kind and through pure clairvoyance.  
Here, ‘past and emergent’, means that your  (present) body (which) is a product of your past habitual tendencies will resemble a body of flesh and blood, but, like a body of the Auspicious Aeon it will also be radiant and possess certain of the major and minor marks. Since this (state) is an aspirational experience of the mental body, it is called, ‘the mental body of apparitional experience in the intermediate state’. At this “Time” , if you are to be born as a god, you will come to experience the apparitional field of the  realm of gods. Depending on whichever of the realms you are to take at birth, weather that of the anti gods, humans, animals, anguished spirits or hell-beings, you will come to experience it’s particular apparitional field. Therefore, ‘past’ means that for three and a half days you will possess the bodily form (which is a product) of your past habitual tendencies and existence. And ‘emergent’ means that, after (three and a half days), the apparitional field  of the next realm into which you are to be born, will ‘emerge’. Hence, the expression ‘past and emergent’ (existence).
Whatever apparitional fields emerge at this “Time”. do not be drawn by them! Do not become attached to them! Do not cling to them! If you cling to them and become attached, you will continue to roam amongst the six classes (of beings) and be turned towards suffering. Although, until yesterday, the intermediate state of reality arose (within you), you did not recognize it. as a result you have been compelled to wander here. Now, just as was (formerly) introduced by your spiritual teacher, if you are able to cultivate, un-distractedly, (a recognition of) the essential nature (of reality), if you can rest and abide without grasping and without activity, directly, in the unwavering, naked awareness, which is radiance and emptiness conjoined, you can attain liberation and avoid wandering, yet further, towards the womb entrance. If you are not able to achieve this recognition, then visualize your meditational deity, whichever it may be, of your spiritual teacher, as being (seated) on the crown of your head and be intensely and fervently devoted. This is most important. Again and again, do not be distracted.
I love quoting from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, but I have learned an important lesson. Not to be too ‘wordy’. The writers of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, spend way too much effort trying to show how great there vocabulary was. I guess the idea was to impress the reader. And that might of worked in the past, but today, no. Today it’s all about getting to the chase. So I try my best to tell the reader what I’ve found. Not to show the reader how many words I know the meaning of.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: “Aliens”



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Maria said...

Dude sorry to hear about your knee an ankle!with me its my knee an hip an I'm pretty sure its cause of the hydroflorisalycic acid in the water.I saw a vid on how it was banned when the factories put it in the air cause it was crippling livestock, so nice of them to bring it back for our water don't you think? Anyway it adds up in our systdms an can grow nodes on bones so when there's movement the muscles tear instead of gliding. Your not seeing chem trails cause they don't care those that hsvnt gone under ground yet are busy diverting us w a war ((that probly kills billions) so they can change the monie system an start raping the world all over again (at a slave level of course-don't know if they'd consider my condition great slave material) while I hate the idea of havin my door broke down an bein dragged to a fema camp.I do appreciate the benevolence of the current regime.The fact that were surrounded by Russians that laugh st how easily we've been sold out an can't wait for payback for former ha ha freindships does not really mean anything as I am a reasonable person.I'm sorry if I differ in that I love to quote the verses in the bible as there are many beautiful promises in there for me if I but ask-something my former religions never tsught me-I choose to believe in a merciful and loving living God who is about to take care of our enemies.I hope that doesn't bother you but there's no way in this hell that I can give that up! W love and peace in God, the gimpy ol widow in OK.