Saturday, September 28, 2013

the j$$$$$$ws

I’ve predicted the backlash that would eventually doom the j$$$$$$ws, American standing up and saying, ‘no invasion of Syria’ was a giant leap forward in my prediction. Finally Americans can see where there leaders are taking them. There taking them down a road that leads to the control of the masses by a very few. And the majority of these controllers on a local level will be j$$$$$$ws. Look at banking, higher education, the court system, sports teams ownership,  mass media music and hollywhore. There all controled by a handful of j$$$$$$ws that answer to there masters. Who they believe are j$$$$$$ws themselves. j$$$$$$ws stealing from j$$$$$$ws is the common (Bernie Madoff), that’s why they make for perfect thieves to steal from the masses. The j$$$$$$ws of Israel think they are all powerful, yet they are only pawns. Pawns in the effort to control the World by one ethnic group. Are the j$$$$$$ws dumb enough that they cannot see there masters evidently want them all dead. A cleansing of a bloodline, if in fact the j$$$$$ws are even a bloodline. What constitutes a j$$$$$$w? Well first of all you must believe in the Christian bible. For the j$$$$$$ws in the bible were children of patriarchs (head of family) of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

World hatred for the j$$$$$$ws grows day by day as these settlement in occupied Palestinian areas are built. The constant murders in the Gaza Strip, in the World’s largest open air prison. Do you think that the fact the the World hates the j$$$$$$ws for this, even bother them, never. This psychopathic mentality of j$$$$$$ws for j$$$$$$ws, and the rest of the World’s population are mere cattle. Cattle that are to be taken from for the pleasures of the j$$$$$$ws. You have the j$$$$$$ws, the Muslims and Christians who were are created in the same local. Hell bent on the destruction of everyone not of there faith. With the banksters the only winners ever. Do you realize the Worlds has been at war every since the federal reserve was put into place by the banksters themselves.  

You want to run for political office, you’ll need media coverage. Say something derogatory towards the j$$$$$$ws, or non support of Israel and the j$$$$$$ws, see how the media ignores you. Need money for your campaign, better visit APAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). Tell them how much you support the existence of Israel, you’ll be on you way. Who has the most powerful lobby in America’s capital, the j$$$$$$ws. Who contributed the most money to the election of Obummer, the j$$$$$$ws. No wonder Obummer is obligated to do as his masters tell him, who got him elected. Telling Obummer he must invade Syria, or be ignored by history, or worst.

How can a group (j$$$$$$ws) with less that 2% of America’s population be so influential? Money, money, money is the answer. And with the money committees (think tanks) can be set up. Pushing for agendas that support Israel while America burns. This j$$$$$$wish influence in the media has turned Americans into worriers, not humanitarians as the American were once thought of. Now because of all the outside media and political pressures. America is no more than the World’s bully now. A bully that has been created by the j$$$$$$wish money and organization. Americans health has been stolen from them by the j$$$$$$wish control of the media. Where Americans were once the strongest and smartest are now rated lower than most 3rd World countries. This was all done through the j$$$$$$ws propaganda. Don’t have a balanced lunch, a slice of pizza is all the nutrition you need, the controlled media pounds into your head. All this being done to dumb-down the masses so they can be more easily controlled from without.

If you are ever called ‘anti-Semitic’ for you ideas on the j$$$$$$ws. Just ask the person calling you anti-semitic,’ just what does the word anti-semitic mean’? There’s a good chance the person will not know. I’ve even had people call me anti-semitic who weren’t even  j$$$$$$ish. This show how much influence from the mass media the gentiles have had. The word semities refers to a group of people who originated in Asia and Africa. And are descendants of Noah’s son Sem. If you don’t buy into the bible as the holy gospel. Then you shouldn’t buy into all these j$$$$$$wish rhetoric. Many cultures over the years have had or do currently have there own bible. The ‘Mayan Popul Vuh’ or the Hopi ‘Book of the Hopi’ are examples of other types of bibles. Because some j$$$$$$ws or Christians  says that there bible is the holy gospel, that don’t make it so. The j$$$$$$ws call themselves the ‘Chosen Ones’. Any group can write a book and call themselves the ‘Chosen Ones’. To me the Hopi are the ‘Chosen Ones’, because they were the First Peoples. I’ve been in fights with j$$$$$$ws because the the j$$$$$$ws say they are cousins of the Hopi. How many innocent women and children have the Hopi killed in history, none!!! How many innocent women and children have the j$$$$$$ws killed in history, tens of thousands, millions? What a bunch of crap trying to be perpetrated by the j$$$$$$ws. Trying to make themselves look humanitarian. Ask the folks in the Gaza Strip what kind of humanitarians the j$$$$$$ws are.

The j$$$$$$ws have been chases out of over 70 countries over the decades. The j$$$$$$ws were even kept out of American politics in the past. Once the j$$$$$$ws got a foothold into America politics, you can see how quickly they spread there influences. To where today America is looking more like a pawn of the j$$$$$$ws. Fighting the Muslims for the j$$$$$$ws, invading countries for the j$$$$$$ws. Giving huge bailout to the j$$$$$$wish banksters. Billions in Aid each year to Israel, for what. So the j$$$$$$ws can run around  and tell the World, America is there BITCH. And anything Israel wants from the American citizens they can have. If you look at recent history, what I say cannot be disproven. The American Supreme Court is dominated by j$$$$$$ws, how can this be? In a country that was founded on the freedoms of religion and speech. But today if anyone one speaks out against Israel or the j$$$$$$ws in American. There livelihood are now in jeopardy. In many countries in Europe if you say you don’t believe that the Holocaust happened, you can be locked up. How can 2% of the European population be this controlled by so few?

I believe that now that the American people have shown the j$$$$$$ws and Israel they are not going to take it anymore, dying in wars and financing Israel’s. It took American over 50 years to see what has been happening to them. And now that, that has happened. The race to free America from the outside influences from Israel, is on. It’s now only a matter of “Time” before J$$$$$$wish business will be shunned. The j$$$$$$ws will be doing there best not to appear j$$$$$$ish. The j$$$$$$ws are unlike most leeches, who let the host survive. While the j$$$$$$wish leech will suck the lifeblood out of there host.

Kenya Mall Hoax vid

What appears to be a False Flag event in Kenya seems puzzling. The owner of the Mall the shooting occurred, is owned by an associate of Larry Silverstein , who owned the Twin Towers of 911. Funny how the news keeps remind everyone that some of the gunman in the shooting are from Minnesota. And now Minnesota is a hot bed for recruitment. The news is now only a joke and maybe it always has been. How can anything be trusted that comes from the controlled media today. They act as if the American populous is a dumb as them. Americans should be insulted by the way they are talked down to by the controlled media. Most of the media is ran by j$$$$$$ws who are under some greater power. Bottom line is the j$$$$$$ws are controlled by greed first and utmost. So the j$$$$$$ws become perfect Pawns to there ruling masters. So in a World that seems to be running at a perfect pace to make the predictions of the Christian bible to be fulfilled. The j$$$$$$ws are leading the way to there own destruction. And with greed as a mantra, the j$$$$$$ws are too blinded to see this.

‘Black Knight Satellite’

Who was the first country into space, the Russians with Spudnik? That would be the logical answer, but it’s not the answer. In 1957 Russia put up the first satellite and there currently over 3,000 objects floating overhead. In 1899 Tesla intercepted a radio signal from space. Little did Tesla know that the signal might have been from what is called the ‘Black Knight Satellite’. This Unknown Satellite is said to be over 13,000 years old. Both America and the Russians have said the satellite isn’t there’s. The object travels a polar trajectory which both the U.S. and Russia cannot do. Here are some photos of the ‘Black Knight Satellite’. For more information on this subject.

Do you think ‘Gold’ is a way to store labor? If you work for 74.2 hours at $18.00 an hour, you can buy 1 ounce of Gold for $1,335. Put that ounce away for a rainy day, what do you have, stored labor.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 8

Liberation can be obtained in the intermediate state, as a result of the previous introduction. However, even though this introduction is given, due to past negative actions, recognition may not occur. So again, you should call the deceased by name and say the following words.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, (call the deceased by name), listen (to me). It is due to your own past actions that you are suffering this way. No one else is responsible - this is solely the results of your past actions. Pray ardently now to the Three Precious Jewels. They will protect you. If you do not pray intensely now, especially if you do not know how to meditate on the Great Seal, or if you cannot meditate, on a meditational deity, the ‘innate good conscience’ within you will now gather together all your virtuous actions, counting them out with white pebbles, and the ‘innate bad conscience within you will gather together all your non-virtuous actions, counting them out with black pebbles. At this moment you will tremble with extreme fear, awe and terror. You will tell lies, saying, ‘I have not committed non-virtuous actions.’ But at this, Yama will say; ‘I shall consult the mirror of past actions’. In the mirror of past actions, (all your virtues and non-virtues) will be reflected vividly and precisely. Your attempts at deceit will be of no use. Tying a rope around your neck, Yama will drag you forward, He will sever (your head) at the neck, extract your heart, pull out your entrails, lick your brains, drink your blood, eat your flesh and suck your bones. Despite this, you will not die. Even as your body is repeatedly cut into pieces, it will be continuously revived. Experiencing being cut into pieces in this way, time after time, will cause enormous suffering. From the moment the counting of the pebbles begins, do not be afraid of Yama. Do not be terrified! Do not lie, and do not be afraid of Yama. The body which you now have is a mental body: therefore, even though you experience being slain and cut into pieces, you cannot die. (Recognize now, that) in reality, you need have no fear, because, (in truth) your (body) is a natural form of emptiness. The acolytes of Yama are also, (in reality), natural forms of emptiness - these are your own bewildered perceptions. Your body, formed of mental propensities, is (a natural form oof) emptiness. Emptiness cannot harm emptiness. Signlessness cannot harm signlessness. Outside, and distinct from your own bewildering perceptions, Yama, gods, malevolent forces, the Bull Headed Raksa and so on, do not substantially exist. Recognize this! Recognize, now, that this is the intermediate state! Place your mind in the meditative stability of the Great Seal! If you do not know how to meditate, directly examine the essence of that which is producing your fears and terror. This (essence) is a stark  emptiness, completely without inherent existence in any respect whatsoever! This, (stark emptiness) is the Buddha-body of Reality. Yet, this emptiness is not a vacuous or nihilistic emptiness. The essential nature of this emptiness is an awesome, direct and radiant awareness, which is the enlightened intention of (the Buddha-body of) Perfect Resource. Indeed, emptiness and radiance are not separate: the essential nature of radiance emptiness is radiance and the essential nature of radiance emptiness (???). This indivisible, naked, unclouded, and exposed awareness, present as it is right now in a natural uncontrived state (???), is the Buddha-body of Essentiality. Furthermore the natural expressive power (of this Buddha-body of Essentiality) is the compassionate Buddha-body of Emanation, which arises everywhere without obstruction.

“God” bless


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