Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Time To Be Hopi"

Me and one of my sons were laying in the back of my old 69 Ford pickup, trying to get some sleep, It had been a tough night up on Old Oraibi, the World changed suddenly. Some day I’ll share that story, maybe in a book. As me and the kid lay out under the stars of Old Oraibi, a voice awoke me, ‘It’s “Time” to be Hopi’!!! Patrick Lansa, a grandson of a past chief of Old Oraibi John Lansa Badger Clan, was the voice. What Patrick was talking about was the first morning a new Hopi baby is taken to the cliffs on the east side of Old Oraibi. On the twenty first morning after the  birth of the Hopi child on Old Oraibi. The child is kept in the dark until the child is taken to the cliffs, where the child’s first view of light, is from the Sun rising in the east, on the twenty first morning. This is just one of many ancient rituals that are still performed by some Hopi today. These ancient traditions of the Hopi, must come to the current World mindset. These rituals are “God” given. And as Hopi prophecy is for the Hopi. It is now “Time” for those Hopi tradition, to be incorporated into modern society. As the Hopi prophecies become more and more known to the general public throughout the World. This was predicted in Hopi prophecies. And the good people of Mother Earth will learn of the ancient Hopi ways. Many will come to the Hopi homeland and they will be welcome according to Hopi prophecies.

As in past destruction's of the World, the Ant People (Greys) will be called to take the good peoples of the World underground. Doesn't it seem rather odd the currently massive underground bases already exist with more being built. These DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Base) are now in many countries around the World. The Russians claim they can take 30 million underground when the “Time” is needed. Here in America the only ones to be saved will be the leaders and those thought needed to reconstruct, once the return to the surface of the Earth is right. And the rest will be left to die on the surface, just as in a ancient Hopi tale. In the Hopi version of saving the good folks, “God” decides who lives and dies. In America it will be the corrupt leaders of America to decide who lives and who dies. Will the “Gods” allow there authority to be over-ruled by the corrupt soulless/godless leaders? Or will those who dare to treat themselves and “Gods” be destroyed?

What the World is going through now has been predicted by many ancient societies. The Christian bible in Revelations is a running play-by-play of current events. Coincidence or pre-planned scenarios? The Hopi tales say that there will be a Great War on American soil, before the cleansing can begin. A great shaking to be more exact. How did the Hopi know that there would be both Chinese and Russian soldiers stationed in America now? The Chinese even have duty free trade zone in southern Oregon, where cities are being developed. Russian troops are in mock war games with American troops, training for urban combat (door to door).

Even as America protest this mentality of constant war, America’s leaders work behind closed doors. Moving forward to another war, no matter what the general public wants. A bill is being prepared that would allow Obummer to bomb Iran without congressional approval. These whore who steal Americans lives, money and freedoms never rest, the price is way too high for them to stop. The price was a deal with the Devil, trading American lives and souls for personal gains. Just picture Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obummer and most all senators, shaking hands with the Devil. To insure they have more material things in this life. Do you really think the Devil could trust those (snakes in the grass) who turn on there own humans, so they may have more? Just what is the solution to the mess the World is currently involved in?

Been thinking about the only way mankind will survive, if that’s possible. Is to become Hopi or, “Time” to be Hopi. Back to small groups, cities abandoned. Mono-mono with Mother Nature. If mankind does not do it to themselves, Reality will. Overpopulation is not the problem, it’s governments (religions) and money. The ‘powers’ herd the masses together, turns them into caged animals. Turn mankind against mankind, steals there souls, right from them. You can only get there with central governments. The kicker is, how do you stop the ‘Beast’? There is an easy fix, an overnight fix, the working slave saying, ‘enough is enough’. Turning there backs on the ‘Beast’ and walking away, no violence needed. Go back to city States, until the masses can be redistributed away from the cities. Most all needs for local communities can be self sufficient in this day and age of alternative energy sources. If a community had to feed itself and only those contributing to the survival of the group, would be feed. There would be no welfare society. Only the elder and the sick would be provided for. Others would have to take a, ‘long walk in the woods’.

How can the government control 300+ million that are feed-up with being slaves. If the slaves shut everything down!!!  Who would the American government use to force folks back to work? The military, the cop, foreign troops, do you feel like going to Russia or China and dieing so your masters (leaders) can tell the Russian and Chinese people how to live? You might as well have a giant red target on your back. So would it be any different here, of course not. These noise makers who work tirelessly at, having the slaven enslave themselves. The ‘powers’ give the slaves, money they print themselves, then charge the slaves interest on the worthless paper money. Everything you buy with the worthless paper money belongs to those who printed the worthless paper money. You traded the only you have to trade to get the worthless paper  money. You traded your labor and mental capacities for worthless paper money at interest. That turned you into a debited slave forever. Even at death, the ‘powers’ take another swipe at you.

Right now what you have in America, is less than 50% of the population supporting the rest of the population. And this number goes down daily, as more and more Americans lose there good paying jobs. The ‘Beast’, Americans support with there taxes,  enslave them. The only way to stop all this nonsense, is to stop. I’ve been saying this for years and just now maybe, with the Bikers riding on the capital and next the truckers are currently over 70,000 strong. (The Truckers plan on shutting down D.C. with massive traffic jams, in protest.) Take all the truckers off the roads and within 4 day all grocery stores selves will be empty. It’s easy to stop the ‘Beast’. Sad part folks need to be backed in a corner it appears before they react.

And the best  reaction to the problems that surround America and the World, become Native Americans. Shut the place down, yesterday!!! Let  the strong survive, stop the Welfare System that is designed to enslave everyone. If you want to be obese, that’s not my problem, that’s your problem. You want to be lazy and rely on others to care for you, that’s your problem not mine, go starve to death, that’s not my problem. Blacks killing each other over drug turf, that’s a black problem, that’s not my problem. These socialist systems are traps, all governments are traps. All religions are part of the same trap. It makes the population lazy and dependent on the governments and religions to care for them. I don’t see how any of that is my problem. Cults, religions and governments are corrupt by nature. They all want to enslave the masses. Can’t do that if everyone is living in small groups like the Native Americans did. Where religion is just part of living day to day. And listening to tales from the elders, that’s there bible.

This last Wednesday I went back to the ruins near Palatki looking for some more pictographs. I never found the ones Range Jim told me about. But I did run into a couple my age who were into chasing and recording petroglyphs and pictographs. The week before I’d found what looked like the end wall of an old cliff dwelling in the same location. The couple I’d meet agreed to go with me and hike to the ancient cliff dwelling. Cliff swelling are just as the term implies. The hike up to the ruins was hell, but well worth it. First “Time” I’ve never found such a ruin before and recording it was a thrill. I’ll be heading back into the area soon to look for more pictographs. Here is the link to the short video I made of the ancient cliff dwelling. The gentleman in the video is a retired engineer from Tucson. As we hike along we talked and he told me 2 tales. He said he had heard a story of how an “Alien” spaceship crashed at the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff. And that the “Aliens” were staying with the Hopi until there spacecraft was repaired. And that the Hopi started then carving the Kachina Dolls. The Kachina Dolls were replicas of the “Aliens” aboard the Spacecraft. Myself I’d tied the Kachina Dolls to the “Aliens” for near the same reason. And years ago I started a rumor that an “Alien” craft had crashed near Old Oraibi in 1947.  That crash had a survivor, that the Hopi of Old Oraibi nursed back to health. That rumor has come back to me full circle. In the rumor I started,  the lone survivor was me. I did this because of the fact there is no record of my live birth. The other story he told me about was the fact that there was a meteor explosion over the area of Tucson some 1,300 years ago. And that remnants of that explosion cover area from Tubac to the Catalina mountains north of Tucson. With all the meteors now being reported along with the news of ISON. Not to mention the recent meteor explosion of Russia, this story seems very viable. Last night there were reports of a green light flashing across the skies from southern California, across Arizona and New Mexico all the way into west Texas.

What happen as theses comets and meteors pass by our Sun. The Earth passes through these debri fields and that is why you have meteor showers. There not falling from the sky, the Earth is simply passing through the debris field.

“Time” to prepare for my old age now, by getting out of Dodge (Scottsdale). Don’t want to die in some condo or nursing home in south Scottsdale. I want to die under a tree I’ve planted or maybe tending my garden filled with non GMO vegetables. The Verde Valley of central Arizona seems like the logical place to relocate. With an elevation of about 3,500 feet, that seems perfect. Summers days seldom over 100 degrees, with a light dusting of snow in the winter months. I’ve narrowed down my search to the area around Cornville and Page Springs area. I can drop my own well and build my home. I plan on using adobe blocks for the construction and try and stay as organic as possible. With all the chemicals used in construction now days. It take approximately 15 years for a new home to bleed off all the chemicals in the construction products. Your carpet is one of the worst killers in your home. It’s one thing to build green, but another to eliminate the chemicals from seeping out for decades.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt.7

The “Time” will come when you realize that, you have no food, except that which has been dedicated to you. As for companionship, (here), similarly, there will be no certainty. These are both indications that the mental body is wandering in the intermediate state of rebirth. Your present feelings of happiness and sorrow are (now) driven by your past actions.

(Once again), seeing your homeland, circle of friends, relatives and even your own corpse, you will realize: ‘I am dead! What should I do now?’ You will feel deeply sadden (by your experience) in a mental body and wish. ‘O that I might obtain a physical body!’ Consequently, you will experience roaming here and there in search of a body. You might even attempt, many “Times”, to re-enter your body, but a long “Time” has already elapsed in the (previous) intermediate state of reality. In winter your body will have frozen, in summer it will have decayed, Alternatively, your relatives will have cremated it, buried it in a grave, or offered it to the birds and wild animals. Not finding a way back, you will feel utterly depressed, and you will certainly feel yourself (trying to) squeeze (into the crevices) between rocks and stones. Torments such as these will enfold you. This being the intermediate state of rebirth, so long as you search for a body, you will experience nothing but suffering. Therefore give up your cling to a body and rest in a state of non-activity, (distractedly).

The Mushroom Composer

The Living Universe, We Know Nothing

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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