Saturday, September 14, 2013

"Always Got a Tear in my Eye, Don't You"?

How America and it’s families have been torn and ripped apart. How could not, the whole nation feel the pain, that is unless you are a politician. The mindless, the soulless, the uneducated, the psychopath, there your politicians. Watched a video on John McCain today, proclaiming he has never been associated with terrorist. Yet there are photos of him with al-CIAda. White is white no more and black is black no more. Americans troops are dying fighting al-CIAda in America’s other wars. Now Obummer and his puppet master want American troops to fight alongside al-CIAda in Syria. Now you see, Black is White, and believe any and everything you're told, by America’s lawless government. Doesn’t it make plain sense, you can’t see the logic in this? What is wrong with you if you don’t go along to get along? Whatever your government tells you should make total sense to you, are you a terrorist non believer? If so there is a special place for you in the near future, FEMA Camp could be in your future. There you can get your head on straight, buy into everything the government tells you. You will learn to be a good slave or a dead non slave.

I go to the grocery store, I see single moms dragging there kid through the store, like they drag the child through life, I get a tear in my eye. I walk the grocery store aisle, as good folk take items off the shelve, believing what they are feeding there family is good for them, I get a tear in my eye. I get up in the morning, check my newspaper and look for the latest news from around the World on GLP, get a tear in my eye. I find a radio station to listen to, too get my mind off things, they play the same payola songs over and over, I get a tear in my eye. I see good folks walking along many obese, but happy, I get a tear in my eye. I see the school buses pick up the kids and take them off for indoctrination, I get a tear in my eye. I quit watching TV to avoid some of the pain, there is no escape, I get a tear in my eye. Knowing the American government leaders like Bush II, knew beforehand 911 was coming, brings a tear to my eyes.

And the biggest tears are the anniversary of 911. Each year the government and local municipalities goes through the same BS with there 911 Memorials, in what seems every town, village, and nook in America. While over 80% of Americans question everything they have been told about 911. Yet these whore who are in control of America now, pretend everyone is buying into there crap. America is finally waking up it appears, with what happened this week about another invasion of a foreign country of Syria. And the recall of 2 congressman from Colorado who voted for tighter gun laws.

As America wakes-up, my fear is an even larger False Flag attack within America. The ‘powers’ are now forced to do something even bigger than 911. That is why all the effort was put into attacking Syria now. Now that the citizens have spoken that they are collective tired of wars and tired of fighting Israel’s enemies. The ‘powers’ mental powers over the masses is waning quickly and something to get the masses in line again is needed. These soulless monsters have no second thoughts about killing thousands of innocent civilians, to get what they want, ‘power of the masses’. So for the ‘powers’ to nuke some city, then blame it on some terrorist group, must be near.

What are there like 500 million guns in America's hands today? And just how would the central government take away all these arms? How many soldiers would it take to disarm American citizens. Lets say that 8 million troops were brought in from Russia and China, to disarm Americans. Number one, that’s a lot of mouths to feed, cloth, arm and move around. If each individual kills only one soldier who tries to disarm him. The foreign troops would never even be able to disarm southern California, let alone the rest of the nation. So the idea of going house to house and taking away Americans guns is out of the question. Think about imposing Martial Law across America. Now just who in the hell could enforce this? A few cops and military killed off by the civilian population would end that idea. Just as you have in both Afghanistan and Iraq now, American troops are limited to where they can travel. Would that really be any different for foreign invaders in America. Do Russian and Chinese troop really want to die on American soil far from home? How could these troops even move around? There would be ambushes set-up on every corner. Look how the Russians were defeated in Afghanistan, by out armed  local freedom fighters, And just because you take a mans gun away. Does not stop him from rearming with locally manufactured guns. Not to mention all the improvised weapons that would suddenly show up.

So this is the corner the ‘powers’ are in now. The masses are becoming unwilling pawns, in these games of deceit and death. And telling the citizens why they must give up there children's lives and there own money to invade a sovereign country. Is now falling on deaf ears. Look how a million bikers who were denied a permit to ride on D.C., did it anyway. And who cares if the mass media gave them not one moment of coverage in the media. The word still got out and with hundreds of videos on Youtube and other location, the ‘Ride’ became know. And how can Americans who services are reduced daily, buy into more wars? Everything in America infrastructure is in dire need of repairs. Yet the ‘powers’ tell the citizens of America, they must constantly be at war. That they will be nuked by some power the size of Memphis, any moment now. And now, just maybe the citizens of America have said, ‘enough is enough’.

With this week being the anniversary of 911, here are a few links of some of the lies the ‘powers’ expect the citizens of America and the World to buy into. In the first video you will see a complete aircraft somehow fly into the Twin Tower, without breaking up. These 2 video shows the BBC reporting that Building 7 had fallen, when in fact it is still standing. A building that was never hit by an aaircraft.

Been visiting several Native American ruins in Verde Valley the last 2 weeks. And have made videos and posted them on my YT channel RD47blog. While visiting the ruins at Palatki a volunteer Park Ranger told me of some pictographs that were not part of the Palatki Ruins. He gave me a brief description on how to find the pictographs. Pictographs are different from petroglyphs. Pictographs are made by painting the subject on the rock wall or rock. While Petroglyphs are pecked into the rock with another rock. Petroglyphs are the most common here in the southwest. In fact I’ve found very few if any pictographs on my own. With some idea how to find these pictographs, I returned to the area to look for them. I got lucky and found the location I believe are the same one I was told about. I have no way of telling if it’s the same location. To say I was thrilled to death, would be putting it mildly. No only did I find there incredible pictographs, there was a mataha corn grinder sitting where some Native American female left it around a 1,000 years ago. I left the corn grinder where is was, not knowing if I should remove it in fear of bad karma. You hear these stories of Native American grave robbers, who are looking mainly for pottery that is completely intact. I often wonder how stealing from a grave would affect one’s own Karma. Not one to take chance, ever with a corn grinder on the surface. Here is a link to the video I made of the locations I made.

After recording this video of the pictographs, I went scouting about the area. After the past few years after finding and recording petroglyphs and pictographs. I gotten good at thinking how the artist behind these messages would place them. With this knowledge, that afternoon I spotted what looked like the protruding end of an ancient rock and mud wall. I hiked back to my truck to get my binoculars. My eyes were correct, there was an ancient wall. With the binoculars I could tell it was the same type of construction as other ruins in the area. I made a pile of rocks with sticks indicating the direction of the wall. This coming week I’ll head to the location to see just what I can find. I’m sure the area around the wall has been found by others. What I’m hoping to find are more pictographs located near the ancient wall. What I look for are smooth canyon walls that are on the leeward side of the canyons. This offered afternoon shade for the Native American artist to leave there messages.

The big questions is about these pictographs and petroglyphs. Are they art of history lessons? I believe they are both art and history. They tell how long the tribe or clan has been in the location,  the animal types and surely the tribes name or symbol for the Clan or Tribe. One common denominator is the fact that there always seems to be a Lizard in the collection of markings. With all this fuss over where did mankind come from or get started. The fact that these Lizards symbols are always part of the overall symbols. Is mankind somehow related from the beginning to Reptilians? Lets face it, mankind brainstem is the same as the Reptilians. And the three basic instincts of, shelter, food/water, and procreation are the same basic instincts of both mankind and Reptilians. Were the Native Americans trying to tell mankind in the future that they were once Reptilian? Also the Hopi have tales of how mankind once had a tale and that mankind did emerge from inside the Earth. Just a thought, do Lizards cry, or constantly have, ‘a tear in there eye’?

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 6

At this stage, in the case of those individuals who have gathered the accumulations (of merit and pristine cognition) and have sincerely practiced the teachings, one will be welcomed by (visions of) abundant riches and one will experience manifold blissful and happy states. (In the case of those individuals who are indifferent or diluted, who have been neither virtuous nor negative, one will experience neither pleasure or pain, but only an apathetic delusions.) Whichever of these happen, O, Child of Buddha Nature, whatever objects of desire or blissful or happy states appear before you, do not be attached to them. Do not cling to them! Be free from attachments and clinging mentally offer these (experiences) to your spiritual teacher and to the (three) Precious Jewels. Particularly, if these visions are of indifference, devoid of happiness or pain, abide in the experience of the Great Seal, where awareness is (naturally present), without meditation and without distraction. This is very important.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, at this time, you will try to find shelter (from the hurricane of past actions) below bridges, in mansions, in temples or grass huts or beside stupas and so forth, but this (shelter) will be momentary, it will not last. Your awareness, now separated from your body, will not rest and you will feel reckless, angry, afraid. Your consciousness will be faltering, superficial and nebulous (vague). Again you realize: ‘Alas! I am dead, what should I do now?’ Reflecting on this, your consciousness will grow sad, your heart will be chilled and you will feel intense and boundless misery. Your mind is being compelled to move on, without sitting in one place. Do not indulge in all kinds of memories! Let your awareness rest in an undistracted state!

"God" bless



"Alien" and "Time"

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