Saturday, September 7, 2013

"If America Attacks Syria"

To me ‘America Land of the Free’ has been lost for a long “Time”, I just didn’t know it. Being in the Navy during the Vietnam war, that was an awakening. After all these years of putting out my blog and changing as more knowledge is learned. Now I have awaken to the political realities that face mankind. America is now the ‘Mad Dog’ of the World. And the one’s who hold the leash of the ‘Mad Dog’, wants to control the World. Anyone (country’s leader) who dares to stand up to the master of the ‘Mad Dog’ (U.S. military). That country and it’s leaders will be bombed into the 18th century. This ‘Mad Dog’ has been on the attack back to at least Teddy #1 (Spanish American War?). With only two main targets left in total control of the Middle East by the ‘Mad Dog’ masters. It seems the masses are awakening to what has been going on forever. Depending on what poll you read from non controlled media. 80%+ are against the invasion of Syria.

So if America is actually a free country where the masses have a say (which they never had) in the direction of the country. Then it should be a slam-dunk America will not invade Syria. The bankster bailout had the masses united when it happened, but it happened anyway. So will the invasion of Syria just be another, ‘same old same old’? And if that does happen, the invasion of Syria. Will Americans awaken fully, that they are under control from an outsider. And have no say in what the masters of America want to do. There is absolutely no reason for America to be invading the countries of the Middle East. Look at all the problems here at home America has. But America is no more than a weapon to be used on those who step out of line. Maybe but I doubt it, Syria will be the ‘line in the sand’.

I've tried and tried to have faith in the American people. But a mixture of Americans own greediness and outside influences, and you get what you got. Half walk around blindly following some “God” that was given to them. While the other half, just want more and more of everything. The Americans will get themselves all riled up about what is happening to them. Then after the inevitable happens, they roll on with there lives like nothing ever happened. And something inside me, tell’s me the American public will do just as they have always done. Syria will be invaded and the NFL kicks off this weekend. You see things never ever change, Rome anyone, bring in the Gladiators!!!

See how it works, and have you noticed, ‘it ain’t broke’? In a few weeks, Syria will be old news. But the murders will still be fast at work, in American’s name and taxes. Bringing freedom to those ungrateful leaders of Syria. The World’s population must truly love Americans.

Here it is the 5th of September and most would have thought Syria would be under heavy attack. It appears the American public made enough noise, so the actors in D.C. will now put on a little show. After all they have the best acting teachers money can buy. And “God” only knows what is going on in the back ground, with all this smoke and noise in the air. It’s like the masses were herded into a corner of protest, so the actors in D.C. could perform. Don’t you get that feeling somehow? Like, how many moves ahead are the ‘powers’? Like a hen house with one dominant Roaster. The hens are herded around, thinking there protected from the owner of the farm, the master, by the Roaster!!! When in fact, the both of them have bad intentions for all the hens.

7 September and still no attack on Syria, public opinion has never stopped these whores who control America currently. Here in Arizona John ‘the Zionist’ McCain is shouted down in a public meeting at a library in Phoenix. With sign reading, ‘no more wars’. The whore McCain told those who would listen there would be no troops on the ground in Syria. And this attack will be a quick surgical air strikes only. Obummer was spreading the same BS tale as McCain until yesterday. Then Obummer said troops might have to be used on Syrian soil. Now just when was the last “Time” either one of these whores told the truth? Obummer broke all his campaign promises except for tossing the fags a ‘bone’.

England has now dropped its support for and invasion of Syria, while Kerry another Zionist whore tries and get support from other countries Latvia (lol). It would be nice to think Obummer and his masters have backed themselves into a corner over the attack of Syria. With the facts that once again America will go it alone. Russia and Syria are connected at the hip. Syria is Russia’s southern seaport. Russia supplies the Syrian government with military and civilian help. Russia is currently building a nuclear power plant in Syria. These facts have brought the attacks to a standstill. It would be great if the current bastards in congress are used as pawns to say that America is truly a democracy and congress stopped the bombings. Of course this would only be a change in plans currently. Reserve banking system that is in most of the World’s counties, with only Syria, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela left not under control of the Rothschild banking empire. Not so sure about the banking system in China or Russia, but one thing for sure. There will never be a war between America on one side, China and Russia on the other side. The World’s government are controlled by one central power. And the what you see going on in the World is not in the control by citizens of each country's population. So the World’s population will just have to sit back and watch to see what is in there future. If attacks on Syria commence on 11 September, would the World’s population wake-up collectively?

‘Pay your TAXES or get shot’, should the U.S. government’s motto. Did you know if you expatriate, you still pay taxes for another 10 years. Did you know that you cannot expatriate without the government's consent? You need a passport to leave the country, before you are even allowed to depart for another country. There have been a few individuals in history who tried to break away and become sovereign citizens within America and stop paying taxes. There all either dead or sitting in a federal prison. Don’t you just love America’s freedoms. Just as your government, they’ll tell you how free you are. Just as Bush #2 saying after the attacks of 911, ‘the terrorist are jealous of the American peoples freedoms’. And of course right after 911, most folks bought into this crap.

I’ve written before about the abundant natural resources sitting under both the Hopi and  Navajo rezs. There is fresh water, coal, oil, uranium sitting untapped except the water and coal. My friend who is Navajo/Hopi has an aunt that lives in Moenkopi village near Tuba City. She is pure Hopi, so she is allotted coal every year for heating her home. To give you some idea to how much coal is under the Hopi Homeland. One year my friends aunt allotment of coal, was the size of a VW bug. Asked Rudy how did him and his dad deal with it. He said his dad looked at it for a while  and decided to cut the boulder of coal in half. I say this because the Native Americans on all reservations will eventually be removed and relocate, to concrete jungles with the rest of American society. It’s  all part of U.N. Agenda 21.

I’ve been recording the Native American Ruins here in the Verde Valley region of central Arizona. Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot Ruin, Honanki Ruins and Palatki Ruins, which are all within about 30 miles of each other as the Crow flies. Here are links to 2 of the locations. Montezuma Castle Tuzigoot Ruins With 3 more videos to come from Honanki Ruins and 2 videos from Palatki Ruins. While at the Palatki Ruins yesterday, I agreed to come back this next Wednesday to record part 2 from the ruins and surrounding area. Jim one of the park rangers at the site, told me of other petroglyphs that are located outside the park’s boundaries. That he had found hiking around the area. And he would take to their locations. The neat thing about my Hopi connection, is the fact it always opens doors for me with Park Rangers. The Rangers all have knowledge of their location’s history, while I can add the Hopi connection to their location’s ruins. Especially when it come to the Native American ruins here in Arizona. The petroglyphs I’ve recorded at other Native American ruins are no comparison to the petroglyphs located on Old Oraibi. Mainly what I found at other ruins are the same old stick figures  of animals and other objects. But on Old Oraibi you see petroglyphs that are not seen any other place. The ‘Two Horned Chief’, ‘Tree of Life’, Mayan figures and others are not seen on other sites, such as the one I just posted and others. This is just more proof of how important the ancient Hopi on Old Oraibi were and still are in a small way. As the current residents of Old Oraibi are far different than there ancestors. The same problems that affect day to day society around the World, also comes home to roost on Old Oraibi. I am just the lucky one who gets to record the petroglyphs on Old Oraibi. As all the park rangers I meet generally say, ‘can’t believe you are allowed to record what you have recorded’. (Honanki Ruins)

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 5

O, Child of Buddha Nature, at this time the fierce, turbulent, utterly unbearable hurricane of past actions will be (swirling) behind you, and driving you on. Do not be afraid! This is your own bewildered perception. Before you, there will be a terrifying, dense and unfathomable darkness, echoing with cries of ‘Strike!’ and ‘Kill!’ Do not be afraid! Moreover, in the case of very negative beings, a swarm of carnivorous ogres will arise, executors of the unfailing laws of cause and effect, brandishing an a ray of weapons and screaming out aggressively: ‘Strike!’ and ‘Kill!’ You will imagine that you are being pursued be terrifying wild animals. You will imagine that you are being pursued by hordes of people, and (that you are struggling) through snow, through rain, through blizzards and through darkness. There will be the sound of mountains crumbling, of lakes flooding, of fire spreading and the roar of fierce winds springing up. Terrified, you will try to flee wherever you can, but your path ahead will (suddenly) be cut off by three precipices (cliff): one white, one red, one black, all three awesomely frightening; you will feel as if on the verge of failing.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, these are not truly precipices. They are aversions, attachments, and delusions, respectively. Know now that this is the intermediate state of rebirth, and call to (the meditational deity) Mahakarunika, by name and pray: ‘O, lord Mahakarunika, Spiritual Teacher and Precious Jewel, save me (say your name) from falling into lower existence’ (Pray with deep commitment in this way); do not forget!

“God” bless



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