Saturday, August 31, 2013

"The Mindset Is War"

In America the land of constant propaganda, the current Mindset is ‘War’. So when the ‘powers’ decide they are going to invade some poor country with American troops. The propaganda machine kicks in with the same old BS, just inserting different country’s name. And today’s villain who gasses his enemies supposedly, is the leader of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Friends it looks like once again America is going to war with a country, because the banksters want al-Assad and Syria stuff. As the hourly propaganda machine, pounds BS into folks minds. The masses will accept the fact America is going to war once again. This is because the mindset of America constantly at war, has been put into place. The Mindset of the average American is, ‘punishing whatever enemy is presented to the general public’. And the general public unknowingly have been brain washed to to going along with whatever the mass media tells them.

So here the country goes again, ‘you're either with us, or against us’ crap. How much longer will the general public stand for this? Sending there children off to fight in some foreign land. Will be coming home either dead or mental problem from what the child had to face during war. The country is bankrupt, but there's alway money for invading some country. And even if the general public was against the current  system. Obummer has proven that his marching orders come with trampling all over the constitution. So now you surely must see, that America has been completely overtaken by outsiders. There is nothing to stop the final chapter of the control of all nations under IMF. Russia make noise, but will never go to war with America over some country they support currently. And there just probably just part of the same old BS anyway. China can’t deal with it’s own internal problems, starting with the massive amount of pollution problems. So there you have it, the gig is up. Only Iran is left in the way for complete monetary control of the World by one group. Unless BRICS pulls something off, it’s over. Right on schedule, oil prices are going up, another part of the overall plan. And seeing how almost all products are moved with oil energy, everything else will start going up. (oil $112 today 8/28/13)

The next step, who lives and who dies!!! Who works, eats, lives, will be done by committee. The population will be reduced, there is nothing to stop this. I don’t care how well armed you are, tanks and airplanes always win. It might take the ‘powers’ another 30 or 40 years to complete this, but there thinking and the mass just ain't!!! The leader of Iran will be a answer in a trivia question one day, ‘who was the last leader of a non IMF (federal reserve) controlled country?’

Folks will look back one day and just wonder how they let the system enslave them. Not knowing that it was done over several decades, a drop at a “Time”. With the citizens never ever realizing they were brainwashed into this mindset of War. And with this mindset of War, the masses themselves were enslaved. In much the same leaders like Saddam Hussein was propped up, only to be declared an enemy of the free world.

Today is the 31 of August and just maybe American citizens have had some influence into the invasion of Syria. England’s parliament voted to not invade with the American Zionist controlled troops. While the whore Kerry tells the American citizens it must invade Syria to protect innocent civilians. To these worthless, soulless bastards. ‘You must kill to save’. Even Sarah Palin got it right in this statement, ‘We’re going to bomb Syria because Syria is bombing Syria, Im I an idiot?’ The Zionist will eventually get there wish, just not right now, we hope.

Spent last weekend visiting places I always wanted to, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park Utah. On the way home I stopped by and made a couple of videos with Ahkima a Hopi bud. Whenever I visit the Hopi Homeland I always go by and see if my old bud Lonnie is still alive in Old Oraibi. Haven’t had much luck the last few “Times” I visited Old Oraibi. Good new this visit I found Lonnie at home and in good health. Here is a short video of Lonnie and me on the cliffs of Old Oraibi When ever I think of Lonnie and his old friend who has since passed Patrick Lanza, it’s there meeting of Henry Winkler (Happy Days). Both Lonnie and Patrick were sitting carving on there Kachina Dolls in Old Oraibi when Henry Winkler showed up. Like most TV stars, Henry thought everyone should know who he is. Henry approached the two as they carved away. Although both Lonnie and Patrick knew who Henry was, they pretended not to. The fact that the two of them ignored Henry, it was driving him nuts. Finally Henry had enough and asked the two if they knew who he was. The both replied ‘no’. Henry was astounded by this fact and started explaining to the both of them who he was. Lonnie told me the both of them were laughing under there breaths at Henry. The both of them had to explain to Henry there was no electricity in there village, thus no TVs. So there is no way they could possibly know who Hollywood stars are. Just for the record Lonnie and Patrick used to travel off the rez to hang drywall for Pete King Drywall, a large drywall contractor here in the southwest. They would stay in hotel rooms while they worked on job sites in Arizona and Las Wages. That is where they were exposed to actor such as Henry.

It’s a long story about how I became friends with both Lonnie and Patrick, whose great grandfather (Patrick) was once the Chief of Old Oraibi. But here is how it all started. I’d found the infamous Stone shown here on my blog. I took a photo of the Stone and headed up to the Hopi rez. I went from village to village showing the pic to anyone who I could find. As I went from village to village, the Stone had no meaning to anyone. Then I drove into Old Oraibi where both Lonnie and Patrick were working on there cavings. The same kiva porch Henry Winkler would have meet them. Showed the both of them the picture of the Stone, they both got big smiles on there faces and ask me to return in 3 hours. I returned and the both of them took me out to the petroglyphs on the cliffs facing south on Old Oraibi. There they point out a petroglyph of the Stone. Later I was taken on a walk around the village. Before leaving that evening, Lonnie and Patrick told me I could come and live with them on Old Oraibi. And they would find me a kiva to live in the village of Old Oraibi. Now some 20 years later, Ahkima and his uncle offered me a place to stay out on there corn fields.

Can’t stress how important it is now to try and eat and drink properly. Especially now with all the pollution from Chem-trails and such. Your diet should consist of foods high in Alkaline and not acids. Foods like green veggies, lemons, raw nuts, green teas, avocados, cold pressed olive oil, root tubers, lentils and beans are high in Alkaline. While foods such as red meats, processed foods, processed sugars, refined grains, energy drinks, alcohol, and coffee are high in acids. Acids are cancer starters while alkaline foods are cancer preventers. One good way to get alkaline into your system would be to add a twist of lemon to the water you drink. I drive up to Sedona and fill jugs with artesian water right from the ground. This ensures my alkaline intake daily. You can buy alkaline additives to add to water at any good health food store. But there’s no replacement for eating properly. You can see here why bread is so bad for your body, because processed grains (wheat) are an acid.

11 June 2013 a massive network of tunnels have been found under Europeans countries. These tunnels are thought to be over 12,000 years old. The tunnels reach from Scotland all the way too Turkey. There is much speculation why these tunnels were built. Safety from the harsh weather conditions, safety from wars, safe travel around Europe or something greater. LIke a incoming Meteorite or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection). With all the petroglyphs all over the southwest showing object coming from the skies. (The Mayans have tales of the underground networks that were used for travel also.) I would go with the my ideas of either a Meteorite or CME. A meteorite you could see coming for years. And a CME could have hit the Earth earlier and folks were just preparing for next CME Event. It’s not news that every so often mankind gets wiped off the face of the Earth. Here is the best pictures I could find of the tunnels (top few).

Geez things have changed from Vietnam and current wars in the middle east. In the My Lai Massacre Second Lieutenant William Calley was convicted of the brutal massacre of over 500 Vietnamese children, women and old men. (Lt. Calley was convicted of personally killing 22 men, women and children.) Lt. Calley only spent 3 years in base arrest. While Bradley Manning was just sentenced to 35 years in jail for blowing the whistle for crime against humanity by military personnel. The only thing that stopped Calley’s men from killing more innocent civilians was a armored helicopter pilot notice what was going on. He landed his helicopter between the soldiers and the civilians. And told Calley’s troops he would mow them down with the helicopters 35MM machine gun.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 4

O, Child of Buddha Nature, with a body having qualities such as these just described, you will (once again) see your homeland and your relatives, as if in a dream. Yet, even though you call out to your relatives, they will not reply. You will see your family and relatives crying and realize: ‘I am dead. What should I do now?’ Thinking this, you will be overwhelmed by intense suffering - you will feel like a fish (expelled from the water), writhing on hot sand. Although you will suffer (on realizing you are dead), this is not helpful (to you now). If you have a spiritual teacher, pray to your spiritual teacher! Pray to the meditational deity, Mahakarunika! Although you will feel attached to your relatives, this is now helpful (to you now). Do not be attached! Pray to Mahakarunika, and be free of suffering, awe and fear.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, your (present) awareness, freed from it’s (physical) support, (is being blown) by the coursing vital energy of past actions. Choicelessly, riding the horse of breath, it drifts directionless, like a feather in the wind. To all those who are crying, you will call out: ‘I am here! Do not cry!’ But they will not hear you. Yet again you will realize ‘I am dead’ and experience a very profound despair. Do not be absorbed by this suffering!

Continuously, there will be greyness, like autumn twilight, with neither day or night. The intermediate state (between death and birth) will last for one week, or  two, or three, or four, or five, or six, or seven weeks - up to forty-nine days in all. It is said that suffering in the intermediate state of rebirth will last, generally speaking, for twenty one  days. However, since the duration (of this state) is based on past actions, a specific number of days is not certain. (Just like Santa Claus and Christmas morning. me)

"God" bless


PS; "Alien"

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