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"Paiute Giants of the Southwest America"

Heading back up to the rez to do another video with Ahkima, I’ve talked about. We decided the 21 of August with it’s full Moon would be perfect. I liked the number, Ahkima liked the idea of being a full Moon. We're going to do this in the evening and try and get the effects of the Sun setting, Moon rising. I have no idea what is going to transpire. And hopefully I’ll get a couple of ears of Blue Hopi Corn from the corn plant Ahkima picks out for the ceremony. Who knows how far back these ceremonies, like the one Ahkima is doing go. 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 or more years, most Park Rangers I’ve talked to, say the dates given are at best a guess. The point is, Native American (Hopi) ceremonies, pre-date any known history of civilized society. Even the Hopi “Sotuknang” “God” of Universe, was called ‘Creator of all Ceremonies’.

After recording the ceremony with Ahkima, the next morning I’m heading up to Paiute Country. But the Paiute area I’m going to now is Mormon, Bryce Canyon, Utah. I wanted to visit the area that the Red Haired Giants were buried. And record some Paiute petroglyphs. I was doing some research about what tribes occupied the area just north of Arizona in southern Utah. Ahkima had already told me it was the Paiute tribe. The Paiutes roomed from northern Arizona,  Utah, across Nevada into central California. I wanted to make the connection between the Hopi and the Paiute. That will have to wait for another trip. What I did discover, was the tale and supposed burial area of Giants the lived amongst the paiute peoples. Si-Te-Cah was the name of the giants, which means tule-eater (tule is a freshwater plant the giants ate). Not only did the Giants eat tule, they ate Paiutes also. The Hopi and several other Native American tribes have these stories of these same Giants.

When the white settlers moved into the Paiute country, they were told stories of the Giants. (pics) The tales say that the Paiute and other local tribes decided one day to kill off the Giants. They were chased into a cave near, what is Lovelock Nevada now. The Giant would not come out of the cave, so the tribes put fire to the entrance of the cave. What few Giants that did come out were killed with volleys of arrows. The rest suffocated inside the cave as the fire removed all the oxygen from the air. Many years later there was an earthquake that sealed off the cave.

A few hundred years later archaeologist visited the cave the tales of the Red Hair Giants were killed in. The opening was so small only Bats lived in the cave. The archaeologists entered the cave to find the Paiute Giants skeletons. Along with the remains of the giants were found 10,000 artifacts. 2 mummified corpse of a giant was also found, 1 female 6’ 5”, with a 8’ male.  The more the archaeologist searched the more convincing was the fact that the Paiute Giants was true. Many broken Paiute arrows were found inside the cave to confirm the battle between the Paiutes and the Giants. No known Native American tribes had calendars, but the Se-Ti-Cah giants did. Inside the cave was found a round stone shaped like a donut with 365 notches on the outside, with 52 notches on the inside of the donut shaped calendar. To confirm the finding of the earlier archaeologist, in June 1931 two more giants were found in a Humboldt dry lake bed near Lovelock Nevada.

All this to me confirms the tales of the Nephilims in the Christian bible is true. And the tale the Hopi have of the giants that roamed the surface of the Earth, long before the Hopi Emerged to the surface of the Earth. The tale of Jack-in-the-Beanstock fits perfectly with the tale of the Hopi and the giants. Here is a Zuni tale of the Emergence that talks about the giants on Earth I recorded.

You will never find the true history of the World in any American schools. Public schools only have one purpose, ‘to create a better slave’. While the true history of America and the World is filled with nothing but lies. The fact that I’m going into Utah to record, is the only reason I knew of the Paiute Giants. The evidence of the Paiute Giants is good enough reason not to believe any of the tales of the Native Americans recorded in American history books. Early explorers of the Americas always had a scribe with them on explorations. These scribe could change any history of Native Americans quite easily. And this was done to discredit the Native Americans and call them all ‘ruthless savages’. All part of the propaganda used by early leaders to make the killing off of the Native Americans more palatable for the invading Europeans. With this discovery of the real truth of the Giants that roamed North America and the World. Is just more fodder of the lies being told the American peoples.

As I visit these various Native American ruins here in Pueblo Country, I can see the Hopi in the sites. And Round seems to be the common denominator. All the villages in the southwest have these round rooms or structures in them. Then inside of these round rooms you have a Sipapuni. (Small hole in the floor of the Kiva, represents Place of Emergence.). Aztec Ruins you see this Sipapuni Hole in the middle of a round pit, that once had a roof over it. When you read tales from other Native American tribes from the southwest, they all have a Hopi tone to them. It’s the same old Hopi tale told with a twist to it, to fit the local tribes history. These other tribes were only remnants of earlier Hopi migrations to fill the voids in North and South America. No other tribe have such a great history of the past and the future than the Hopi. The Hopi dances and handed down tales are a perfect history book.

The history of America is so distorted, just what can one believe. Listen to a historian talk about in reality, America lost WWII. This started out by reminding the listener for a country who defeated both Japan and Germany. Why did the American taxpayers foot the bill for the rebuilding of both Japan and Germany after WWII. These were defeated countries, shouldn’t they be paying restitution to the conquerors, America and it’s allies? I have “Time” now and I’ll try and do a little more research on this subject. here are some interesting facts about WWII.

With what’s going on in Egypt right now, with the citizens who backed Morsi the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’. I was wondering just what is the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’? The Brotherhood was started in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, a school teacher. The Brotherhood was formed to teach moral and social reforms based on Islam. In 1936 the Brotherhood take a pro Arab position by backing the Palestinians fighting against the Zionist settlements in Palestine. This transforms the Brotherhood into a political unit. Between 1935 and 1946 the Brotherhood develops a secret service. By 1940 the Brotherhood has 500 branches, each having there own center, mosque and schools. That same year a militant training camp in Mukatam Hills near Cairo is created.

In 1946 there are now over 500,000 members, 500,000 sympathizers and 5,000 branches. 1948 the Brotherhood starts subversive and terrorist activities. Prime minister Pasha declares martial Law and bans the Brotherhood. December 28 Prime Minister Pasha is assassinated by the Brotherhood. In 1949 the founder of the Brotherhood Hassan al-Banna is killed in Cairo by Egyptian secret service agents. 1950 Martial law is lifted and the ban on the Brotherhood is also lifted. 1951 Hassan Islam al Hudaybi is elected head of the Brotherhood. 1954 Brother Abdul Munim Abdul Rauf attempts to assassinate Hasser, it fails. Abdul and 5 other Brothers are executed, 4,000 other Brothers are arrested. Several Brothers went into self exile in Syria, Saudi Arabia Jordan and Lebanon. 1956 Israel, Britain and France invaded Egypt. 1964 Nasser releases incarcerated Brother members on a general amnesty along with communist. 3 more attempts are made on Nasser that same year. In 1966 1,000 brothers are arrested, 365 top leaders are executed. 1970 Nasser dies, Anwar Sadat becomes leader of Egypt. Sadat releases all Brother prisoners. 1976 6 Brothers are elected in Egypt as part of the Socialist Party. 1979 the Egyptian government makes a peace treaty with Israel, the Brothers strongly oppose this agreement. 1981 Anwar Sadat is assassinated by 4 members of Jama'at Al Jihad. 1987 the Brotherhood has 37 members elected. 2005 the Brotherhood has 88 members elected out of a total of 454. With the backing of the U.S. Morsi of the Brotherhood is elected  then removed by the Egyptian military. And now today you have the riots going on in Egypt.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 3

O, Child of Buddha Nature, the phrase, ‘endowed with miraculous abilities derives from past actions’, does not mean that you necessarily posses any enlightened attributes, or any miraculous ability in meditative stability, but that you do have a miraculous ability which results from your past actions. (Consequently), you will have the ability to circumambulate (walk all the way around) Mount Sumeru and her four continents, in an instant. Mere in the “Time” it takes to withdraw or hold out on arm, you can travel instantly anywhere you wish, just by thinking of your desired destination. Do not be fascinated by these diverse and haphazard miraculous abilities. (way too many words, me) Do not indulge in them. Of all the things which you have the ability to recall, there is not one which you cannot make manifest. You have the ability now, to manifest (any aspect of your past), unimpededly (not hindered). Therefore recognize this and pray to your spiritual teacher.

O, Child of Buddha Nature, as for the phrase, ‘visible to those similar in kind  and through pure clairvoyance’, the words ‘similar in kind’ mean that in the intermediate state, those of a similar kind of birth will come to perceive one another. Thus, in the case of those ‘similar in kind’ who are to be born as gods, the gods (to be) perceive one another. Similarity, those that are ‘similar in kind’ to any of the six classes (of beings), will come to perceive one another. Do not become attached (at the sight of theses beings)! Meditate on (the meditational deity) Mahakarunika. The words ‘visible through pure clairvoyance’ do not refer to the (clairvoyance) which results from the meritorious qualities of the gods and so forth, but they do refer to the pure clairvoyance with which those of genuine meditative concentration perceive. However, this is not (a clairvoyance) that can perceive (the beings of the intermediate state) at all “Times”. if you are intent on seeing (beings of like nature in this intermediate state) then they will be perceived. If you are not so intent, they will not be perceived. This (clairvoyance) will dissolve, as soon as your concentration is distracted.

Paiute pics;

"God" bless on this cloudy Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"


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Dude thanks for the vids.Hey don't quote from the book of dead and then say God bless.You will not have to go thru this earth as rebirth if you cling to Jesus in these troubling times.dude as we were lied to about the Indians so about defeating the nazis all of it is about the globalists and their greed!!! This war their tryin ti start would kill billions...they want a big diversion to kill the dollar just ad the last war was to keep it.They fund both sides and are now tired of playing with us, as the cat pounces after toying w apoor mouse. We are the new indians.Look up operation paperclip!!! We are now surrounded by hundreds of thousands of chinese an russian troops waiting for the go.God help us.I don't like being in the cities as they could be bustin down doord soon as Obamer signs w un-peacekeepin troops ha! Hes sellin us out already gave russians 6oil sites in Alaska-would love to visit Ahkima but not wantin to travel alone anywhere in ur travels we could meet up? Gimpy ole widow in OK- ps.Jesus is comin an has definite plans for them-don't accept any others as there's no need for rebirth-

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Check out operation paperclip!! We are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of un peace keeping (troops), waiting for a go.would like to visit Ahkima fore Shtf but not likin travelin alone is there anyway we could meet up.or at least good directions from OK? The war is a diversion to stop the monies just as last one was to keep it.Those "nazies" are now h igh rankin us officials! The gimpy ol widow in OK