Friday, October 18, 2013

"Poking the Bear and Punishment"

I have written this over the past couple of weeks, so it is a bit jumbled. It’s hard to write when so much BS from the government is going on around you. And this is precisely why the government tries to keep everything in constant turmoil. And just keep putting out conflicting story, after another. This is done to make anything that is said against the government sound like a ‘conspiracy theory’. (Not sure why last post came out with white background.)

To me now is a “Time” of poking the Bear, to see what it takes to awaken the Bear. The prodding is getting more intense and more often now. Deeper and deeper the stick is pushed into the side of the slumbering Bear. Recently the Bear rolled over, but that did not stop the prodding, the pushing. Even recently the evil ones stole some of the soft straw from under the Bear, trying to make is sleep more uncomfortable. You see the evil one has been around a long “Time”. The evil one may have even arrived with “Time”. And even though the Bear could at any moment stand up and kill the evil one, he doesn’t. The Bear has known the evil one all his life. He trust the evil one, believing the evil one would never bring harm to him. The evil one tells the Bear every day how lucky he is to be living in the good graces of the evil one. The evil one tells the Bear he has many enemies far and wide. And only with the evil one’s great intelligence, will the Bear be protected.  All the Bear has to do for this protection by the evil one. Is to go out every day and bring heavy logs back from the forest. It’s hard work on the Bear, but he’s proud to be working and in the good graces of the evil one.

You would think that would be good enough for the evil one. Just to sit back and let the Bear do all the work, while the evil one counts his money. Aw the good life, evil one, but this is not enough for the evil one. The evil one likes to torture the Bear. Feed the Bear poisons in his food and water. Kill the offspring of the Bear. Imprison the Bear, with the evil one’s religion. Give the Bear restless nights. Turning the screws tighter on the Bear is the evil one’s pleasure. Getting the Bear to work harder for less quantity and quality of food. The evil one is closing in spaces around the Bear, but the Bear doesn't notice, he’s now always hungry. Modified food have now taken much of the nutrition out of the food the Bear now eats. This has weakened the Bear, a plan by the evil one all along.

Yet with all that has been done to the Bear. The Bear could kill the evil one with one swipe of his giant fist, made of millions of smaller pieces. The Bear is the American people and the World is watching as the Bear has finally took a peak around himself. The evil one has done his best to keep the Bear under complete control. Yet the Bear took a small voice and save thousands of innocent children’s lives. The World said collectively, ‘can this be true’? The Bear after all these years of lies, one  day said. ‘I’ve been lied to one to many “Times”, this must stop’. The evil one’s greatest trick is illusion. You can’t kill 300 million folks and dispose of the bodies with no one left to clean up the mess. So the evil one needs to do a few ritual killings. This keeps the Bear in line. The Bear is starting to realize that there are millions of parts of the Bear. The evil one now must scurry along faster, as the Bear is awakening from hibernation. (We Hope)

‘Are Americans being punished for there uprising against the invasion of Syria?’ Heard this from someone else, interesting thought for sure. The peasants did not act as sheep and rebelled against there master. Therefore the peasant must be punished. The master will shut the government down, because over 45% of Americans are now dependent of the government for some sort of assistance. The master will close the National Parks and even the oceans and gulfs. The master will threaten the elder with there Social Security payments. The master will stop payments on EBT cards in the states that did not vote for the master. The master will keep taking privileges away from the peasant, until the master get what he wants, master been doing it for hundreds of years. I ran this by Santos, I like getting his perspective, because he lives in Melbourne and was born in Italy. His reply was ‘maybe’. Santos and another friend who is a professor at ASU, answers are always so conservative, the ‘walls have ears’ idea. To where I make my living with my hands and mind and am free. But the majority of Americans are just like these two. Santos did agree with me on the EBT, ‘poking the Bear’.

When you really think about it, the master is always punishing the peasant. Peasant drives around in a car or truck with 100 year old technology that keeps the peasant broke trying to keep petroleum in it. Americans are living shorter and with illnesses that have been created by the master. The master has poisoned the food, water and air, then blames it on the peasants. I could go on forever. There will be thousands of theories as to why the EBT and the government shut down for many years to come. They'll all be correct and they will all be wrong.

When I go up to the Hopi rez and watch a Kachina Dance or go and record the Apache Crown Dancers, these are Rituals. And most of the World’s population would respect these Rituals. All indigenous people around the World had or still have there own individual Rituals. After thousands of years later these so called religions of the World sprung up. And are all some sort of spin-off of Astrotheology. And that goes for the Indigenous Peoples of the World rituals and tales. For all are based on the movement of the Heavens, Constellations and Stars. For thousands of years a few have known how to control the masses through these Rituals. When you first walk into a Catholic Cathedral you are overwhelmed by the Rituals played out on the walls, windows and ceilings. It’s there for a reason, for the church understands mankind’s basic instincts when it comes to the unknown. And the eye catching visions fill the mind with thoughts and visions. The same thing happens when you first observe your first Kachina Dance. You wonder what all this could mean, you know it goes back hundreds of years and is steep in tradition. There is something in your soul that draws you in. Maybe it’s all just the pomp and circumstances, that overwhelms you? You may hate what the Catholic Church stands for, but you have to admire there presentation.

So when someone says to me, ‘look at those Masons, Shrines, etc. in all there costumes and rituals’. I can see no difference between them. There just new versions of some ancient Rituals that have been performed by previous groups of indigenous people. (There is nothing new.) Because individuals belong to groups and perform rituals or rites. They are carrying out or playing out something that is within them. A way to show you belong, where you fit in the group. You even had these types of activities in Native American tribes, such as the ‘Warring Societies’. I can see nothing wrong with wanting to be part of a larger group that like’s the idea of performing rituals. Hell there still fighting the Civil War in the south with all the recreated battles. These are rituals being played out by grown men. But when the rituals turn to bringing harm to others, this intent to bring harm is wrong. (‘Halloween Anyone’) And these powers that can be brought forth, should only be called upon for the good of the group. Not to be a weapon. These Spirits that live all around you, can bring harm. There is Good and the Bad in everything, Yin-Yang.

Well here we sit, government is still shut down. Plenty of money to send out armed patrols to guard National Parks. Plenty of money to put up barricades at the Veterans Memorial in D.C.. Chem-trail aircraft still pollute our skies. Military actions continue Worldwide. Any government agency that kills the innocent around the World, have plenty of money. This is not the America of my childhood. The country of America has been hi-jacked.

Because none of the current actions were by coincidence, what is the next move? Are American citizens being punished because they forced the American war machine not to invade Syria? Is this the first step in the complete devaluation of the dollar? Would devaluing the dollar help the American debt to the rest of the World, that will never be paid back. There are reports that the Chinese are foreclosing on the American government. More rumors of foreign troops training with American troops on American soil. None of this can be confirmed, so are they just rumors to confuse the general public?

The Trucker invasion in D.C. has fizzled for the most part, with the veteran arriving tomorrow in D.C. to join the truckers. The veterans are going to D.C. to protest the shut-down of the War Memorial. With the country now under complete control from outside forces. The controlled media will report only what they are told. So any large scale protest will get no media attention or just negative reports. How bad are the lies coming from the White-house, someone press released that one of the truckers had loaded a bomb in the tractor-trailer.

It is being reported that in several (17) states the EBT cards are not working at grocery stores. EBT is the modern food stamp, only electronic. I’m following the posts on GLP of angry folks loading up shopping carts, then EBT card not working at checkout. It appears the division between the citizens of America and corrupt leaders in D.C. widening. The post are coming in from around the country on GLP, I can’t keep up with them. Some are suggesting that the states that Obummer got support from, EBT systems are fine.

Sunday morning and listen to reports from D.C.. Seems far more truckers have shown up at the Capitol, along with the vets who marched on the War Memorials. Today the vets took down the barricades around the War Memorials with no interference from the D.C. police. In fact the police have been very cooperative with the vets who are at the memorial. Obummer has been ordered to make things as miserable as he can for the population of America, starting with the vets. These soulless bastards in D.C. put out all this propaganda to get the youth of America to join the military. Then as soon as they are done with them, the vets are discarded like yesterday’s newspaper. The War Memorials just like the national and State Parks belong to the citizens of America. Not to a piece of Crap like Obummer. I hope and it appears this shut-down has backfired for the bastards in D.C.. Hatred for Obummer and congress grows by the moment and by the moment citizens of America are waking up. You could hear cheers from the protesters chanting, ‘lies. lies, lies’.

Looks like the Dog and Pony show called the U.S. Congress has went and bought a Mercedes/Benz with the American’s population grandchildren's money. Here is a video that explains what I’m talking about when it comes to ‘Debt Limit’ and who pays. What congress has done is to delay the inevitable, the death of the dollar. These same whores in D.C. who extended the Debt Limit, will do just as the banksters  tell them. And that will be with a Bank Holiday or raiding all private sector’s retirement funds. You could go to bed on Friday night and find out Monday morning 50% of your money has been stolen. It was done in Iceland and Turkey. The globalist banksters have no loyalty to any country, only power and money.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 10

Through this introduction, even though (the deceased) may have failed to attain recognition previously, he or she will be able to do so at this stage and consequently attain liberation.

If, however, (the deceased) is a lay person, who does not know how to meditate, you should say the following words:

O, Child of Buddha Nature, if you do know how to meditate you should call to mind the Buddha, the (sacred) teachings, the (sublime) assembly of monks and nuns, and (the meditational deity) Mahakarunika and pray to them. Meditate on all the fearful and terrifying as being (forms) of Mahakarunika, or your meditational deity. Remember your spiritual teacher and remember the name which you received during empowerment ceremonies in the human World. (Say this name to) Yama Dharmaraja and do not be afraid of him. (know now, that) even if you were to plunge down over the precipices (cliff), you would not be harmed. So, abandon your fear and  terror.

Even though liberation may have not been achieved previously, if the above introduction is accepted, (the deceased) will attain liberation at this juncture.

Life on Mars

Comet ISON

“God” bless

PS: "Alien"

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