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"The Powers Really Don't Have to Answer too You"

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There have been warning issued to American over the last few years on the Internet, ‘Get Out of America’!!! Well if there was ever a “Time” to abort your American citizenship and jump ship, it’s now. I feel somewhat safe because of the actions of my Martian buds over the years, but still a bit nervous. With no TV, I’m constantly listening to different interviews on the net. Folks genuinely are expressing there fears of the Obummer Creeps (Zionist j$$$$$$ws) imprisoning all Americans with Obummercare. The only thing saving most Americans from there mandatory enrollment, is Obummer’s army of idiots (who only know how to kill the innocent). Trying to hire a firm to fix the Obummercare Computer glitzes. With all the moneys laid out for the computer program alone for enrolment into Obummercare, most of the needy in America’s, health insurance could have been paid. Just like the bankster bailout, all the profits will go into only a few hands. While the American public is forced to have a Porsche payment each month, without the Porsche.

Because I’m a vet, thank “God” I’m not required to sign up for Obummercare. Can you imagine how many elderly who live day to day on there Social Security check, have to put out 25% of it for health insurance? Then when they do need the services for life threatening illness, they can be reject because of age. A handful of j$$$$$$ws will decide how long you get to live. Once the health of the citizens of a country is under control,  all freedoms are gone. Obummercare is the final step of complete control over Americans lives from birth to death. The child is given vaccination to dumb down the child and shorten the childs life. They when the child is no longer a good taxpayer, the life of the individual is TERMINATED. Americans don’t want to realize this yet, give them 5 or 6 years to figure this out. You send a loved one to the doctor, your loved one may never return. Because the fate of the individual has been totally taken away with Obummercare. The new American slave will never have the mind, health or “Time” to escape from his lifeless box.

And you know Mister and Miss America, ‘your master feels no need to answer to you’. For you have lets this be done to you. You never stood up and said, ‘stop;. You just got up each morning did as the morning TV and radio told you to do. And now as 2014 soon approaches and all you freedoms have been taken away, even the freedom over your own health. A handful of psychopaths have taken over and they have absolutely no empathy for the masses of American citizens. The psychopaths look at the American people as cattle. You are branded at birth with a birth certificate and now days a S.S. numbers.

Psychopath; Oxford Dic., a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior, an unstable and aggressive person

Substitute the word religion for ‘person’ and I see no real difference. Religions all have chronic mental disorder or violent social behavior. If you don’t believe in our “God”, then I must kill you. Sounds like some pretty violet social behavior there!!! Count the dead millions from religious wars, sounds unstable and aggressive person (religion) to me.

If you look at organized religions over the years, you can see the psychopathic order to all of them. Religions of the World have never accepted there counterpart religion. And now with over 20,000 types of Christianity alone, what a mess of divided souls. With every one of those different types of Christianity, none will agree with the other. All will say that they are the ‘Only True Religion’. A psychopath feels no empathy for others, remember. And the j$$$$$$wish religion(?) says that robbing and killing anyone not a j$$$$$$ws is not a sin. The Muslims feel the same way and what about all those Christian Soldiers marching off to war? Take Israel off the face of the Earth and see just how much peace can be had in the middle east. After all it’s the j$$$$$$ws (Zionist) stirring up the mess in the middle east. Next “Time” someone tells you he’s a religious leader, think of him as a psychopath. Rabbis, Priests, ministers, iman are all psychopaths by nature. For they do not accept others as an equal. And who could ever forget Bush II flipping off America. ‘I really don’t answer to you.’

This was the fourth year I went up to Globe Az. to record the dancers and performers at the ‘Apache Jii Day’. This year was a real treat as a young group of Apache Crown Dancers were on hand. I approached the leader of the young dancers and asked if I could record and take pics. The leader of the children dancers knew of me from my videos and said ‘sure’. I got a chance to get next to the group while they performed. Cibeque Creek Apache Crown Dancers (kids 7-9 years old)  Cha-Bii-Tu Apache Crown Dancers (adults) Me and my camera have got so well known at Native American events, I’m now recognized. At the same event a group of Navajo performers from New Mexico asked me not to put there routine on YT, never seen the group before in my life. Yet they knew of me, that’s make all the travel and expenses worth it.

Made another attempt to find some acreage in the Page Springs area again this past week. It simply amazes me how people can treat there own land and that of the “Gods”!!! Lets face it, Americans can be the most primitive peoples in the World. And the American masses do need someone to tell them how to be a good human being. In the Cornvill area with it’s natural beauty, folks throw there trash out around there own homes. Nothing to park an abandoned car next to the house, instead of recycling the vehicle. What happened to American pride of ownership? Here in Scottsdale there are tough laws in place to ensure your neighbors cannot drive down the value of your own home, with a neighbor who trashes there own property. I used to be against all the property rules as an infringement on private freedoms. Yet when I drive around looking for land in other communities, I see the need. Folks for the most part will not govern themselves. They will take as long as there is no one to stop them. And having no respect for your neighbors by trashing your own property is one of them.

What you see in rural areas, is the same thing you see on Native American reservations. Complete disrespect for the lands that belong to the “Gods”. And that mankind is only a visitor too. When you hear rumors of depopulation, do you think that is a good idea? Do you feel your temporary home here on Mother Earth is being ill treated? That large corporations are disrespecting Mother Earth. Yet you can see the same thing being done to Mother Earth by most of her inhabitants. The Hopi tell of how only the Good Folks are saved during each Earth Cleansing. Do you think that those who misused Mother Earth are the ones the ‘Hopi Ant People’ save? Does Mother Earth cleans Herself from those who abuse Her?

If I was diagnosed with cancer, the last thing I would do is let some j$$$$$$wish doctor put Chemo in my body. There are so many alternative to Chemo and number 1 is making sure your body has a high alkaline count. I listen to this video on the subject you might learn something from. Mexico Cancer Clinics  

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 11  

Yet, since there is a possibility that (the deceased) will not achieve recognition, even though the introduction has been given, it is very important to preserve. Therefore, once again, one should call to the deceased by name and say the following words:

O, Child of Buddha Nature, your present perception can, like a catapult, in a instant, cast you into the most awesome states; either blissful or full of suffering. Therefore, now, (it is critical that) your perception are not colored by either attachments or aversion.

It maybe that you are about to take birth in higher realms, yet at the same time when the perception of the higher realm occur, your living relatives, now left behind, are sacrificing and offering many animals in your behalf, dedicating (this activity) to you, the deceased. Corrupted perceptions will thus arise and consequently an intense aversion may well up (within you), and this will (form a connecting link to a birth in the hell realm. Therefore, whatever activities occur in the place you left behind, meditate on loving kindness, and ensure that aversions does not arise!

Alternatively, your mind may grow attached to your wealth and possessions, now left behind, or else, knowing that your wealth and possessions are now being enjoyed and owned by others, you may become both attached to those worldly goods and also hateful towards those left behind (who are using your possessions). As a result of this, a connecting link will certainly be formed at birth amongst the hell beings or amongst the anquist spirits, even though you may have been at the point of attaining birth in (one of) the higher realms, you do not have the ability to enjoy it. Since it is absolutely of no use to you, abandon your attachments and yearnings for the wealth you left behind. Let it go! Be decisive! Regardless of who is enjoying your wealth, do not be possessive! Let it go! Cultivate devotion, and imagine that you are offering these (worldly possessions) to your spiritual teacher and to the (Three) Precious Jewels. Rest in a state free from attachments and free from clinging.

“God” bless


PS: “Alien”

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