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"Hopi Tale and Los Angeles"

I’d like to share this information I found on a GLP Thread. Super busy trying to re-enact my Electrical Contractor license and up in the Verde Valley area looking for land to build on. Looked a 4 different properties that the list said were gently rolling landscape. 2 of the lots you could have jumped off and committed suicide. Honesty in listing real estate is even BS now in this new World of ‘dog eat dog, winner takes all’.

In 1934 an Engineer named G. Warren Shufelt used a Radio X-Ray developed by him and his assistants. To explore the area Fort Moore Hill in Los Angeles. Shufelt believed there were ancient catacombs under the city of Los Angeles. And in those ancient catacombs lay great treasures and records of the ‘Lizard Peoples’ (“Aliens”) who created the catacombs and treasures. A 250 foot shaft was sent down near Sunset Boulevard. The shaft would be sent down to a total of 1,000 feet, before abandoning the operation, if nothing was found.

Shufelt was taken to meet a Hopi in Arizona named Little Chief Greenleaf. Whose english name was L. Macklin. The Hopi Chief Macklin told Shufelt of a legend that was the exact same as what Shufelt had discovered. That the ‘Lizard Peoples’ had built a large underground city in what is now called Los Angeles. According to Chief Greenleaf the ‘Lizard Peoples’ were given the name ‘Lizard Peoples’ because of how long they lived. And the underground city was laid out like a Lizard.

Hopi Chief Macklin said that the reason behind digging the massive underground city was that 5,000 years earlier. The legend says that, ‘a huge tongue of fire (CME?) came out of the Southwest, destroying all in it’s path’. (Here in the southwest we do have massive dust storms that do look like tongue.) This path of destruction was several miles wide. The city was rebuilt underground for escaping future catastrophic events.

The underground city was built by the ‘Lizard Peoples’ using powerful chemicals. Tunnels were built that dumped into the ocean so that the chemicals being used for tunneling could be dumped into the ocean. (quote)The tide passing daily out of the lower tunnels, forcing fresh air into the lower tunnels, sanitizing them.(?)

Shufelt claims that he had X-Ray photos of tunnels, rooms and gold pictures. Also 37 tablets were photographed with four of them the corners were cut off. Chief Greenleaf said the ‘Lizard Peoples’ were of far superior intellect than current humans. A child 9 years old was as smart as a college graduate (Not saying much now days.). The cement to cover the walls and tunnels of the underground cities was better than any concrete coating of today. Chief Greenleaf backed up Shufelt with a tale the Hopi aviced other Native American tribes. There was a lost city in a chain of hills shaped like a, ‘the frog of a horse hoof’. The area Shufelt was exploring was shaped as the ancient legend speaks.

The Radio device used by Shufelt was made of a cylinder glass case with a plummet (plum line) attached to a copper wire. Claiming the device will sway continually in a circle when over a mineral deposit. And when over a tunnel it will sway, back and forth showing the direction of the tunnel ran underground. Shufelt claims the device has been used extensively in mining fields.

One must be very careful when listening to Hopi tales. I learned this from my Hopi bud Ernest Honanie . Or as Ernest said to me, ‘Hopi like blowing smoke up White man’s ass’. I was listening to a young Hopi kid tell me about  a UFO sighting of his. Ernest was listening, later Ernest later said, ‘that kid was blowing smoke up your ass, Hopi like doing that to Whitey’.

It’s my 66th year here on Mother Earth and being a numbers freak, I just knew change was coming. Un-like Obummer changes, that are destroying the fabric of America. I’ve been doing electrical estimating for a small electrical contractor here in Scottsdale. They had asked me if I could take into big “Time” electrical projects. I fulfilled my part of the bargain, by getting the company over 3 million in electrical projects here in metro Phoenix. Majority of the electrical jobs were for the City of Phoenix.  The italians I worked for soon realized how much effort goes into large electrical projects and were were not prepared mentally or financially. After 4 years they had had enough and and wanted to go back to doing small jobs and electrical service work, or as I call it, ‘crawl through someone’s attic and install a Fart Fan’. The owner came to me and said he was seeing a psychologist and couldn’t take the pressures anymore. So I stopped bidding work as we closed down our last major project for the City of Phoenix.

I had several thousands of dollars in saved wages, so I had “Time” to figure out my next move. With paychecks coming until mid January 2014, I was safe for now financially. Yet it was “Time” to see just what my next employment would be. Some call it Meditation, I call it, ‘turn off all the lights, lay down and think’. As I thought the more I panicked about my future. At age 66 who would hire me? My Social Security wasn’t going to cover my old ass, so a sort of panic set in. Then it came to me, I’ll have to go back to be being self employed. I was an electrical contractor for 14 years earlier in my life. And by age 40 I was burned out of being an electrical contractor. Electrical contacting or any construction contracting is what I call, ‘a young man’s sport’. You're always chasing your own money (draws). The general contractor pulls at you mentally and financially, the job site superintendent is always trying to make himself look good by pushing the subs contractors. The property owner is always somewhere in the background lurking to see his money is properly spent. You not only have to do your job correctly, but also on “Time”. Then when all the smoke clears, you wait for your last draw that holds all your previous draws 10% retention. So what you have, you never see your profits until you receive your last draw. And this in hopes the GC or owner pays on “Time” or doesn't go ‘belly-up’ on you.

With age comes knowledge, how many dumb old men have you ever met? With the knowledge of what can happen while contracting, I feel much safer this “Time” around. And now I know what types of jobs to bid on. All government local and fed jobs are bonded. The General Contractor must put up a cash bond that totals the job’s construction cost. You cannot lien or sue the government for your money if the General Contractor doesn't pay you. So what you have is a bonding company backing all the sub-contractors money’s due. If the GC goes bad on you, all you do is go to the bonding company and get your money. It’s up to the bonding company to try and get there money from there own client. One other very, very important lesson I’ve learned about doing work for the private sector, ‘never do electrical work for a j$$$$$$w!!!’

To the j$$$$$$w anyone that isn’t a j$$$$$$w is a goyim. And the j$$$$$$ws believe that the goyim are no more than cattle to be exploited and even killed if necessary to better the j$$$$$$w. The goyim were only put on Mother Earth to service the j$$$$$$ws, according to the Koran. For the j$$$$$$ws it is not a sin to bring financial or physical harm to the goyim. Now you can see why the j$$$$$$ws have no souls when it comes to business or war. To the j$$$$$$w who owes you money, he could care less. I worked for a j$$$$$$wish electrical contractor for about a week once. I couldn’t take the idea of making short-cuts that made the electrical install unsafe. So after 1 week working for the j$$$$$$w, I told him ‘I couldn’t take is immoral work ethic anymore’.

The poor vets are constantly taking a beating from the controlled media. Of course the controlled media is the same system that recruited the young innocent man to become a soldier in the first place. Now that the vet has been used up and is no longer needed to kill Israel’s enemies. Or to help the NWO (or Oil) set up its banking system in every country in the World. The vet is discarded like yesterdays newspaper. If that wasn’t bad enough, the vets are branded as being unstable mentally. How could the system be so cruel to the vets? The problem for the ‘powers’ is, the vet is trained killer. And after serving there “Time” in the military and see what really goes on. Like myself, most vets get out of the service bitter at American politics and policies. There are so many vets from all the wars, they out number those who are currently serving in the military. This presents a big problem for the ‘powers’ who want to take away everyone’s guns. That is why this sublet noises in the background, ‘don’t trust the returning vets’. And I have to admit the propaganda has worked out well for the ‘powers’. Here is one amazing statistic about the returning vets, they have a lower unemployment percentage than civilian population. So just how can the system keep trying to destroy the vets future?

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’  pt. 12

Once again, even when the Kankani Dharani incantation for the dead is being recited for you and the Purification of the Lower Realms (Sarva Durgatiarisodhan Tantra) is being recited on your behalf, you may perceive, with your present subtle cognitive ability, that these (rites) are being performed impurely and distractedly, and that those (who are performing the rituals) are impure in both their commitments and vows and are careless in there conduct. As a result, you may have no confidence in them, you may form a bad opinion of them, and you may become fearfully and horribly aware of there past negative actions, etc., as well as of their impure practices of the (sacred) teachings and the rituals. Feeling this, you will experience the utmost sadness, and think: ‘Alas they have betrayed me!’ They have truly betrayed me’. As a consequence of your profound disenchantment, instead of maintaining purity of perceptions and (feelings of) respect, negative opinions and loss of confidence will arise in you. Thus (these perceptions and feelings) will form a connecting link that will certainly propel you into the lower existence, and, in this way, (your a sublet cognitive ability and the rituals recited on your behalf) will not have been of benefit, but rather a great harm.

However impure may be the practice of the (sacred) teachings by your friends left behind, you must maintain respect and purity of perception from the depths of your heart. Think to yourself: ‘My own perception is so polluted! How could the speech of the buddhas be impure? These (impure perspectives) have arisen as a consequence of my own impure perceptions, and (will appear to me) just as the flaws on my face will be reflected in a mirror. As for these (individuals performing the rituals, in reality) their bodies are the (sublime) community of monks and nuns, their speech is the genuine (sacred) teachings, and their minds are the essence of buddhas. ‘Therefore, I take refuge in them’. Thinking thus, whatever activities occur in the place you have left behind, they will certainly be beneficial to you. It is extremely important to maintain this purity of perception. Do not forget this!

Even if you are about to be born into a lower existence, (yet you do maintain purity of perception), and you perceive the relatives that have left you behind practicing the virtuous teachings, unstained by negativity and you see your spiritual teachers and masters purely practicing the rituals with various body, speech and mind, you will feel great joy. Simply through this (experience of great joy), even though you were about to fall into a lower existence, this (joy) will form a connecting link, which will certainly turn you back towards the higher realms. Since there is such manifold benefits, do not now lapsed into impure perceptions. It is extremely important to maintain purity of perception and to be unbiased devoted. So, be careful!

“God” bless


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