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"Christians, Jews, Muslims"

These three religions, cults or whatever you want to call them, the rest of the World lives in fear of these three Monsters of Hatred. These 3 religious groups are called ‘Abrahamic Religions’, because they all can trace their the  beginnings to the Covenant “God” made with Abraham in the Hebrew Bible. (The Prophet Muhammad meet with both the jews and christians in his lifetime.) These 3 histories are so connect to the past their days of worship are as follows. Fridays are the Muslims religious day, the jews attend the synagogue on Saturdays while the christians worship on Sundays. The jews worship Saturn, thus they meet on Saturdays, the christians worship on Sundays because they worship the Sun and not the Son, unbeknown to the average christian or jew. How the Muslims got Fridays, not sure, compromise with the other 2? The christians can claim over 2 billion, the Muslims are at 1.3 billion, while the jews are only 14 million strong. But that 12 million jews (judaism) have the control over most of the World’s finances, fact. Muslims read the Quran (Koran), the jews and christians both share the Old Testament while the christians have added the New Testament. Both the jews and christians religions were founded in Palestine, while the muslim religion was founded in Saudi Arabia.

All three religions believe in one “God”, all three recognize the existence of Jesus. The muslim believe that Jesus story was corrupted, the jews say he was just another ‘False Prophet’, the christians call Jesus the saviour of the World’s population. The christians and muslims call Jesus birth, was to a Virgin, the jews call Jesus birth, normal (just another jew baby). The muslims believe Jesus never died during crucifixion, but ascended to Heaven. While the christians and jews believe Jesus died on the cross of crucifixion. Only the christians believe that Jesus Resurrected. Both the christians and muslims believe that Jesus will return. The christians believe in Eternal Life after death. The muslims say that there will be Eternal Paradise. The jews have mixed feeling on the prospect after death. From no Afterlife (Why offer the masses, no out?) too Heaven. If you are christian or muslim, you better be good here on Mother Earth. Their “God” offers you Eternal Hell for your misdeeds. Some christain offer a Purgatory for those of you who just Sin a little. The jews can’t figure this one out, with no Afterlife to promised to their uneducated followers.

How do these three religions feel about each other on paper. The muslims believe the christians and jews are ‘Peoples of the Book’, who have the wrong belief system and only partial revelation. The jews believe the christians and muslims are false interpretation and an extension of judaism. The christians think the judaism is a true religion, with incomplete revelations and islam (muslim) is a false religion. All three religions have had major breaks from the ranks. The original type of christianity was the catholic church who had a breakout of the Catholic/orthodox in 1054 AD and the protestants in the 1500s. The muslims in 650 AD had the creation of shia/sunni. The jews in the 1800s had the reform/orthodox division. One thing all  three religions have in common, ‘ They hate everyone who isn’t just like themselves’.

And with all this hatred built-up in the christians, jews and muslim religions, you have a World at war. Without these murderous type religions the World would be safe from teriney and fear. You never hear about how the Buddhist want to rule the World and want to murder everyone who isn’t a follower. In fact I can’t think of any other Waring Types of Religion. There three religion that were born in the same region of the World, are the Haters of the World!!! How many millions of deaths are there of innocent folks around the World who did not adhere to these three religions Dogma? Why is it these three religions mainly fight and kill amongst themselves mainly? Why can’t these three  religions leave the rest of the World in Peace? While rest of the World lives in peace from military conflicts with their neighbors (except Africa). These three all have armies fighting each other, killing millions of innocent folks along the way. These three religions call the others religious fanatics, while killing the innocent themselves. Religion has a way of only collecting the most naive uneducated folks in the world. And then turning them into a group of murderous souls. Telling their followers that those not like themselves are out to get them or even murder them. This keeps the followers in complete control. Telling the followers that they are the most intelligent people on Earth because they have found that particular type of religion. This BS has been working for as long as mankind lives in fear of there own Mortal Death. Death is part of Life and makes for a great weapon to control the masses.

Mankind will never be free as long as there are religions trying to control the masses and turn the masses against each other. No where in the christian bible does it say to build a church in Jesus name. The Church is you, not some building. All three religions have to build these great structures for their masses to worship in. Yet the construction of these mass structure cause great danger to the “God’ created environment. These false leaders of these religions could care less for their own patrons or religious followers. The masses are just being taken advantage of by only a handful who live extremely wealthy lives off the donors to their churches. (If you really want to make some REAL money, ‘start a religion’.) Without all these different types of religion of which their are over 30,000 now. Mankind would live in total peace with their neighbors, there would be neither church or state. As both are born out of religious beliefs. America was founded on christian beliefs and now it appears to be under the control of the jews. Who want total and complete control over the World’s population and goods. If you had no religions, how would you get neighbor to kill their neighbor? Not going to happen without religion. You can only get World Wars with religions. If everyone walked away from organized religions tomorrow, the next day would be World Peace!!! So tell your friend every chance you get, Peace is just around the corner.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

“Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth” pt. 20

Yet if, having done this (pt.19), the womb entrances are still not obstructed and the (deceased) draws ever nearer to entering a womb, then the womb entrance should be obstructed by giving the oral instruction on the unreal and illusion-like nature (of all phenomena).

(O, Child of Buddha Nature), mediate in the following way! ‘Alas! The Father and the Mother (in sexual union), the rain, the blackness, the hurricane, the thunderous sound, the fearful and terrifying experience, the nature of these and  of all phenomena is illusion like. In whatever form (phenomena) arise, they are not real. All substantial things are unreal and false, like a mirage. They are not permanent. They are not changeless. So what is the purpose of my awe and terror? That  which is non-existent, I am seeing existent! (In reality), all these things (that i perceive) are the perceptions of my own mind. Yet, the essentials nature of mind is primordially non-existent, like an illusion. So how is it possible for things to exist externally, in their own right? Since I have not understood this before, I have (always) regarded the non existence as existent. I have regarded the un-real as real. I have regarded illusion as truth. This why I have roamed in cyclic existence for such a long time. Now, yet again, if I do not realize that all these (phenomena) are illusions, I will continue to roam in cyclic existence, interminably, and without doubt, I will drown in a swamp of every manner of suffering. Now (I must realise that) all these (phenomena)  are completely void of substantial existence even for a single instant. (In reality), they are like a dream, like an illusion, like an echo, like a celestial city, like a mirage, like a reflection, like an optical illusion, like the Moon (reflecting) in water. It is absolute certain that these Phenomena)  are not  truly real, but they are false. Through this singular resolve, I will blow apart my apprehensions of their existence. Through utter confidence in this (meditation), my apprehension of self-existence will be preserved. By knowing from the depths of your heart that all these (phenomena) are unreal, the womb entrance will certainly be obstructed.

“God” bless


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