Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Bank for International Settlements"

'Bank for International Settlements', is top top of the banking systems. Bet most folks had never heard of this banking institute. Including me until a few nights ago, no TV!!! The World has been bombarded with how the Rothschild control most of the banks in the World, including Bank of China, to my surprise. Here is a list of banks controlled by the Rothschild banking empire.  Back in 1930 the Bank for International Settlements was established in Basel Switzerland. Other offices of BIS are located in Hong Kong and Mexico. The original intention of the BIS was to facilitate the reparations imposed on Germany after WWII.

10 "Times" a year well dressed men arrive at the BIS headquarters in Basel. These men come from all over the World, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Washington D.C. and other major cites around the World. These men check into the same hotel called the Euler Hotel in Basel. Which is across the street from the BIS headquarters in Basel. The dozen or so who make up this group, are the most powerful financial men in the World. During these meetings in the BIS offices, the price of Gold and other precious metals are determined. Dail interest rate, credit amounts to various banks, money supple to each country. The membership to this exclusive club, includes members of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Swiss national Bank, German Bundesbank. The bottom line, this group wants total control over all monetary activities in the Industrial World. With 40 billion $ in cash and more Gold than their is in Fort Knox (if their is any?). Daily loans to international bankers at interest, pays for all the expenses incurred by BIS.

BIS is a organization of the World's Central Banks and it makes monetary policy for all 58 members of the Central Bank System. The real reason for attacks on Iraq, Libya and Iran, is the fact that these countries do not have a Federal Reserve banking system in place, controlled by the BIS. You hear all this crap about how certain leaders mistreat their own citizens. Then all of a sudden these countries come under attack from the U.S and U.N. troops. This is just an excuse for the BIS to use their controlled military called the 'U.S. Military' and UN troops. Banks have long been responsible for all World Wars and the eventual winners of such wars, with financial aid to fighting countries. In fact their were never any World Wars until the creation of the Federal Banking System. BIS is the one who financed Hitler via the Swiss banks. That's why you see a black Iron Cross on Hitler's fighting machinery. The black represented Death verses the red of the Swiss cross. Sad so many Americans have died and suffered fighting the Banksters Wars. WWII was a mainly used to genocide many Russian and ethnic European populations, with the big prize, being the establishment of Israel.

The World's financial capital is Basel and not London, Hong Kong or NYC. Basel is where the 'Group of 7' was first formed. G-7 was formed as a directive of BIS. The countries of the G-7 are, England, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, and the U.S.. The G-7 banks (private) control 80% of the World's gold bullion and is stored in vaults of the  Credit Suisse. BIS is called the 'First Beast', with the IMF (The World Bank/International Monetary Fund) being the 'Second Beast'. Originally (?) the BIS was only a clearinghouse for payments between banks and nations. The "Second Beast' IMF was established in 1946, to be a collection agency for  the BIS. Just like the private corporation called the IRS does for the U.S. government, which it's self is a corporation (look it up!!!). The Wall Street branch of the 'Federal reserve' is the 'fiscal agent' for the IMF in the USA. The capital (cash) pool for the IMF are the Ptime Banks of the First World. That interlock it with the G-7 Military Industrial Complex (Ike) and Oil Conglomerates. And the G-7 act under the aegis (protection) of the United Nations. To lend credit to Second and Third World countries.

For the Second and Third World countries to get loans form the IMF/BIS, they must first pledge to buy vast amounts of G-7 currency (like petro dollars). Not only is this done to the borrowing nations. Strict payment schedules are set-up to loot the countries of their natural resources, if payments are not made. These resources taken from the defaulting country are funneled through the General Agreement and Tariffs and Trade or GATT. GATT is also located in Geneva Switzerland. As you can see, these divisions of BIS will loan great sums of money to countries like in Africa. Knowing that the corruption in said countries, will never be able to repay their monetary loans. Then all of a sudden troops wearing Blue Helmets arrive in the defaulting country, to insure the extraction of the country's natural resources. The U.N. Security Council will call this a 'Police Action'.

To give you some idea how long the corruption has been going on by the BIS. Between 1933 and 1945 the BIS board of directors included Walther Funk a NAZI official and Emil Puhl who were both convicted of War Crimes at the Nuremberg Trials. Also board members included Hermann Schmitz director of IG Farben and Baron von Schroeder the owner of J.H. Stein Bank, which held the assets of the German Gestapo. BIS was accused during WWII of helping pro-NAZIs. The BIS also was accused of helping Germans loot occupied countries during WWII. BIS arranged the transfer of 378 million ($) and gold to the German's Reichsbank. The money and gold had been looted from Austria, Czechoslovakia, Holland and Belgium. A book called 'Trading With the Enemy' and BBC's 'Banking with Hitler' are examples of the corruption of the BIS.

Somehow the Jesuits get tied into the BIS and if you listen to this interview explaining how the two are  connected.  I've spent several hours researching this subject, reading all sorts of articles, but never found the connection. That does not mean their is no connection for sure. If the Jesuits are the creator of all religions via the Catholic Church. Then it would make total sense that the Jesuits do control the World's finances via the BIS. I can't say for sure, like everyone else, 'I only know what I read'. And must some how read between the lines of truth and lies. As currently the lines between the truth and lies has been all turned up-side down. And every day their seems to be a new 'Boogie Man', trying to steal my soul and money. All I'd like to know is the truth. The truth about who is actually in-control of the Realty here on Mother Earth. This is just one more step in that direction. For more on the BIS visit their homepage @

'The Only Real Money is Gold, the Rest is Credit'

Next I'll bee writing about another Monster I've found called the 'Saturn Death Cult'.

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