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"Spider Women, Gaia"

The ‘Gaia Hypothesis’ and the Hopi ‘Spider Women’ (Kokyangwuti) could tie together quite neatly. ‘Gaia Hypothesis’ states that ‘Mother Earth Gaia’ is a living Entity. Here is the best explanation I could find to describe ‘Gaia’ by James Lovelock in the 60s. ‘That living matter on the Earth collectively defines and regulates the material conditions necessary for the continuance of life. The Planet, or rather the Biosphere, is thus likened to a vast ‘self-regulating organism’. ‘Gaia’ is both your Mother and Father, the same could be said for the Hopi ‘Spider Women’.

The Hopi ‘Spider Women’ was created by Sotuknang, who was created by “Taiowa the Creator”. Sotuknang was created to Create the ‘First World’ known as ‘Tokpela’, (Endless Space). (Mayan; “God” did not create the human race, but created those who created the human race.) After ‘Sotuknang’ created the living Earth from Endless Space, Sotuknang arranged for Universal Kingdoms. One Universe was created for “Taiowa the Creator”, one for himself. Seven others were created for life to come. Sotuknang then was told by “Taiowa the Creator” to create “Spider Women’. ‘Spider Women’ was to remain here on Mother Earth for eternity as Sotuknang Helper. “Spider Women’ who had no idea why she was here on Mother Earth. Sotuknang told ‘Spider Women’ to look around herself, Sotuknang told ‘Spider Women’, ‘you have been given Great Knowledge, love to bless others you have Created. That is why you are here’.

Spider Women took some Earth, mixed it with her saliva and molded it into two Beings. These first two Being would be the ‘Twins’. The ‘Twins’ would help keep order when life is put on Mother Earth. One Twin was sent to the North Pole the other the South Pole, here they could keep the World on an even axis. The ‘Twins’ would keep the Earth slowly rotating, the air constantly moving. Next Spider Women would create the trees, bushes, plants, flowers, seed and nut bearing plants for nutrition for future living creatures on Mother Earth. Spider Women would next create birds, and animals, molding them from the Earth. Sotuknang invited “Taiowa” to see the new creation, ‘it is very good’, replied “Taiowa”. ‘Now is the “Time” for the creation of human life.

Spider Women would gather four colors from Mother Earth. Black, Red, White and Yellow and mix them also with her saliva to mold the new human beings. Spider Women would cover them with a white-substance cape, which gave the new creations Wisdom. These new creations were in the likeness of Sotuknang (sound familiar?). Then Spider Women created four females (wuti) partners for the first four male beings. This was during the “Times” of the ‘Dark Purple Light’, which was the color of the sky in the ‘Saturn Death Cult first World’. As Saturn was the Sun before the current Sun was captured and Saturn was pushed to her location currently. The Hopi Creation symbol is ‘tapuat’ or Mother and Child’, which is made of concentric circles. This stands for the rebirth of the Spirit on it’s Earthly journey and return to the Spiritual Domain. This is the path that must be taken to Enlightenment.

The ancient Greeks called Mother Earth “Goddess”, Ge or Gaia. With the idea that the Mother Earth was the source of all living and non living things. The Greek’s Gaia was gentle, feminine and nurturing, but could also be very ruthless when needed. Long before James Lovelock’s ideas on Mother Earth, James Hutton (1726-1797) the father of geology. Described the Earth as a Superorganism. Lewis Thomas a doctor and writer described the Earth as a ‘Cell’. Thomas, ‘the Earth acts like a single system, it’s coherent, self regulating, assemblage of physical, chemical, geological and biological forces that interact to maintain a unified whole balance between the input of energy from the Sun and thermal sink of energy into space. I’ve been trying to think of the Earth as a kind of organism, but it is a no go… it is most like a single cell’.

The ‘Gaia Hypothesis’, ‘life, or the biosphere, regulates or maintains the climate and the atmosphere composition at an optimum for itself’. This would explain how mankind sometimes disappears from Mother Earth. As Mother Earth is Her own entity first and foremost. And that any living creatures living on Her, are by Her allowance only. Gaia makes modifications to itself in order to keep itself running smoothly for as many of it’s aspects as possible, such as specific organisms such as the oceans or humans. Gaia does not have a center for humans as the humans are only a small part of the overall entity that is called Gaia. “God” had Gaia created by “God’s” creation and not solely for the development of the human species alone. The Universe is alive with the human aspect being only part of the overall equation.

If it is true that all ancient tale have single source. Then the tale of Gaia the living Planet and the Hopi Spider Woman tale, must be one in the same. And I am quite sure if the research was done, most all ancient civilizations and cults would have similar tales of the beginning of the Living Planet. A loving Mother who demands respect from those who suck life giving sustenance from Her breasts. Gaia Mother Earth will go on long after mankind has been no more than a distant memory. That is not to say that Gaia was not part of the human development, as you can tell by all the Healing Plants that Gaia has provided for its living inhabitants, mankind and the animals. Gaia in the future may become a Star hosting Planets around her. Gaia’s human history will be long forgotten, yet She will live on, traveling throughout the Universe a creation of “God”, like every living and non-living entity.

‘Song of Creation’

Ther dark purple light rises in the North,
A yellow light rises in the East.
Then we of the flowers of the Earth come forth
To receive a long life of joy.
We call ourselves the Butterfly Maidens.

Both male and female make their prayers to the East,
Make the respectful sign to the Sun our Creator.
The sound of bells ring through the air,
Making a joyful sound throughout the land,
Their joyful echo resounding everywhere.

Humbly I ask my Father,
The perfect one, Taiowa, our Father,
The perfect one creating the beautiful life
Shown to us by the yellow light,
To give us perfect light at the time of the red light.

The perfect one laid out the perfect plan
And gave to us a long span of life,
Creating songs to implant joy in life.
On this path of happiness, we the Butterfly Maidens
Carry out his wishes be greeting our Father Sun.

THe song resounds back from our Creator with joy,
And we of the Earth repeat it to our Creator.
At the appearing of the yellow light,
Repeat and repeat again the joyful echo,
Sounds and resounds for times to come.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.

PS: “Aliens”

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