Sunday, February 16, 2014

"Deep Military Underground Bases (DUMBs), The Chosen People"

Imaginary Enemies, Imaginary Wars, Imaginary Religions, what do you get? You get a divided population that can be controlled by their Emotions and Fears. Watching a Muslim cleric pounding a message of hatred into a young Muslim child, drove this point home for me. A World in witch the good folks only want nothing more than to be left alone. Religions and race have been used for centuries to control the masses. With all this recent effort lately to divide  the masses, it would appear the 'powers' are preparing to go Underground. Underground into what are called DUMBs.

The Hopi Tale of how every so often mankind is destroyed, fits in perfectly with current events. "Sotuknag" or "God" of Universe ordered the 'Ant People' to take the good peoples of the Earth and place them underground for safe keeping. While all those not deserving  were destroyed on the surface of the Earth. It looks like the 'powers' are getting ready for some sort of catastrophic event to occur soon here on Mother Earth. In this case scenario, only the most corrupted and powerful will be saved from certain destruction. The current rulers of the Earth believe they rule from a position of ancestry. And that the few at the top of the Food Chain, rule by divine inheritance. With their bloodline going back to beginning of the human civilization. As most everyone can see today, the ruling Beast has no love for the masses of humanity. The Hopi Tale envisions a "God" of love to those who live by the Natural Laws of Mother Nature. Today you have rulers who kill thousands through starvation, wars, poisoned food/water/air, blatant murders of the masses in Africa. These methods of population reduction are not going fast enough for the 'powers'. Vaccinations are being used on children through out the World population, not to ensure good health. Instead to insure that the population only lives to be a certain amount of years. And those years the individual is weakened by constant medical problems. It's a giant cycle folks are finally wakening to.

History here on Mother Earth is only doing what the Earth has done for millions of years. Cycles of Life on Earth do not always include mankind in the equation. Living on the surface of the Earth. The Hopi and many other civilizations have tales of life underground (Mayan). Ancient tales and pictographs show large object approaching the Earth. On my blog pics, you can one one pics from the cliffs of Old Oraibi, showing an object coming straight down. The ancient ones who had years to prepare for the arrival of an object from space. The ancients would of had plenty of "Time" to prepare and relocate underground. These natural cave system are everywhere on Earth and would have been known and explored. There are many pictographs here in the southwest showing folks running from something in the sky.

So as the history of Mother Earth has shown, inside Mother Earth can be the only safe place from CMEs. And the 'powers' know these cycles of events. That's why the 'powers' are preparing for the eventual event to happen. Telescopes are searching the skies for unwanted visitors like a massive comet or Second Sun, maybe a Dark Dwarf Star. The sister Star to Earth's own Sun. Here in Arizona there are supposedly several DUMBs, including in the Sedona area under the Enchanted Resort in Boynton Canyon. Other suppose sites are, Fort Huachuca (Army Intelligence) is a reported detainment camp, 2 NSA facilities, Luke Air Force base, Page (tunnels to Area 51), Wikiup (tunnels to Area 51 and Yucca Mountains near Yuma).

Reports from the newly constructed Denver International Airport, of having 8 levels underground facilities. Stories of how DUMDs in Denver airport being the true headquarters of the CIA. These DUMBs have been being built since the 40s, day and night. The DUMBs are large cities with supposed magneto-levity trains that can travel at over 1,000 MPH between DUMBs. Nuclear powered drilling machines, turning solid rock into a smooth lining in the tunnels. With machines capable of drilling several miles a day. Agencies like the NSA, CIA, DOD, FEMA, ATF, US Army have spent over 12 trillion $ constructing these facilities. With all this being done in preparation for some future event either natural or un-natural to occur. The bottom line is, this is all being done for the "Time" when the World will become a NWO, one government, one religion.

The real 'Chosen Peoples' are not the jews, it's the Hopi Peoples. The Hopi out-date the jews by  thousands of years. The Hopi are a passive peoples, unlike the jews who claim to be "God's" Chosen Peoples. The Hopi history goes much further back than Genesis of the Old Testament of the Bible. The Hopi past Three Worlds link the Hopi back through "Time". Meanwhile the jews have a rather short history of life here on Mother Earth. In fact recent discoveries have shown the jews originated in an area in Russia. And the fact the jews are not even a race of peoples. Anyone can be a jew, to be Hopi, you must be born Hopi. The Hopi have always thought of themselves as the 'First Peoples of Mother Earth', as do most other tribes of the Americas. The Hopi view the Universe as an inseparable interrelated field of continuum (change gradually). While the jews and most others try to control Mother Nature with mechanization. The Hopi offer the World words of peace, while the jews kill inocent chioldren on a daily bases. Would "God's" Chosen Peoples kill innocent children, the jews think so. The true Chosen People the Hopi, live in peace with Mother Nature. The jews live in peace with no one. The jews enemies are the rest of the World's population. While the rest of the World tries and learn from the ancient Hopi ways, which the Hopi predicted.

The Hopi call themselves the 'Chosen People', because they were chosen to be the first inhabitant of the newly created Mother Earth. Not because some fictional god the jews invented, to say they are the Chosen People. And the jews are to rule over the goyim (whites) as mere cattle. To be exploited in every imaginable way. Every "Time" I go to the Heard Museum to record or meet my Hopi buds. I'm reminded how exploited the Native Americans artist are by their host the jews that are in control of the Heard Museum. Many of my Hopi buds are bused down from the rez for the shows, to sell the Kachina Dolls and artwork. The buyers of the Hopi artworks do not pay the artist themselves. The buyer must give money to the Heard, then the Heard pays the Hopi artist. This is a slap in the face of the Hopi artist. They are treated like they are unable to sell and collect for their own artwork. Anyone who buy Hopi artwork knows their is a unwritten rule, 'cash and carry'. As the Hopi rez is so isolated with no banks to cash checks, not even convenience stores like 7-11s. After the show is over, prices are given to the various categories. The Hopi artist are the given a small plated of dried out carrots, celery and apple slices and sent on the way back to the rez. Then next year the same cycle will be repeated. The Hopi are the Hallmark of the show, yet the jews treat them as money generators and no more. Who are the true 'Chosen Peoples', the ones "God" chose to be the "First People' the Hopi 'Chosen People'. Who lived in 'Tokpela' in harmony with their mother, Mother Earth.

"God" bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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