Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Getting My Life Together, Took Forever"

Here I am, 2014 already, just wanted to make too 2000 as a child, it seemed so far away. Now at 66 soon to be 67 years here on Mother Earth. As a child you stumble forward as most decisions are made for you. Then all of a sudden you're an adult, decisions now are your own to make. Little do you realize, your Reality has been created for you. Everything you smell, taste,touch or see has been created for your illusion. Your taught in school a history that has been tainted by leaders who have no other agenda other than to control you. Your thoughts have been preprogrammed by the incorrect information you have been feed your entire life. It all started so innocently, plopped down in front of a TV. Your parent thinking it’s all fine and dandy to let Walt Disney and others cartoons affect your child. What a great baby sitter everyone thought, look how free Americans are compared to the rest of the World in the early 50s. No one knew what was really going on behind the scenes. Americans just thought they were blessed by their government. What a wonderful place America is, with all her comforts and modern inventions.

I for one like most fell into this security trap, ‘The Great America’. Americans believe they are the most educated peoples on the Planet. Americans believe they are the smartest and healthiest peoples alive. The rest of the World is a prison, according to American propaganda. Look how America defeated the Japanese, Germans and Italians in WWII. Saved the World from sure domination by Adolf Hitler. America’s armies are the most powerful in the World and most Americans are proud of that fact. America has military bases in over 150 countries, thousands of troops stationed around the World. This is not freedom for American interest, this is World Domination. Not the cop on the corner who protects the innocent from the bully. More like, you step out of line and America will invade and instal their own type of Puppet government.

Now with the Internet, I’ve progressed by a thousand “Times”. I see how all these roadblocks have been put out in front of me. All the propaganda from my elementary schools years through high school and college. The propaganda never stops, music, radio, TV, newspaper, movies, books, everything that can put thoughts in your mind. It’s all about Mind Control from birth in America. Most Americans never awaken to what is happening to them, I did. It took the last 5 years to come to grips, with what had been done to me. I thought I was free, I was a fool. I’m still not free, but at least I can clearly see the prison bars now. Everything has cleared up from my eyes that had been blinded by so much propaganda from birth. My Earth parents had no idea as do most parents of today. of the corruption that is America.

America is a Open Air Prison, just try leaving without a Passport. Yet thousands of illegals are allowed to cross the open borders daily. The illegals think they are escaping to freedom, their mere pawns. They will be taxed, help to drive down wages, share the National Debt. With no education the illegals will now live in America’s barrios, nothing changed. The best prisner is the one who thinks he’s Free. And that is what you have in Americans. When you know you're not free, you're free. And that’s  where I am now finally, all these years later.

I now look at World leaders for what they are,, corrupted morally, and spiritually. No government can be trusted. No politician can be trusted because if a person is elected. They have already been screened so they can be bought. No law in recent memory has been passed for the good of the Peoples of America. All laws passed recently are intended for the even more enslavement of Americans. No gardens, no feeding the homeless, no natural vitamins, no raw milk sales. In fact anything good for the American citizens is being banned as fast as the whores in DC can ban them. If you recognize what is being done to the Americans, you're on your way to freedom. No reason to run out into the street and get yourself killed or locked up, with your knowledge. You are best served by doing small things, like diet. Buying local at Farmers Markets helps some. The fact that their are so few small businesses, makes it hard to fight the system.

Now that I’m all grown-up, got thing  figured out for the most part, what next? Leaving the country is not an option, as over 95% of those who Ex-patriot come back to America. Things may be bad in America politically, but the corruptions does not stop at America's borders. All I really can do now that I’m all grown-up. Is to not be fooled again, I hope. This Mad System of control has been in charge for thousands of years, and are way ahead of the game. I may see the system making a move and I react the way I think I should. I could have been trapped into that move, one never knows, remember the Hanging Chad in Florida. That’s how America ended up with Electronic Elections, talk about control. I know I must go back in business for myself now. I can see it being the only way to some self control and freedoms. Although the ‘powers’ are doing their best to make sure all small businesses are destroyed. Banks, media, food distribution, medical and most other parts of American society are now dominated by just a few. And if banking controls the World, then even the small are under control. For to be successful in any venture you need working capital. If the banks cut you off, your doomed to be just another working stiff. Just like the banks removing the capital from the system, the system does what it did in 2008, collapse. Freedom is in your head, bottom line. And you can be mentally free. While all that around you, even family and friends are slaves. You try and warn others of the conflicts, they never notice. Instead of thanking you, you are attacked, the system has been well thought out. Big brother need not be everywhere, just in peoples minds. The brainwashed will do the dirty work of the ‘powers’, I am living proof. or as a nephew once said about me, ‘I don’t want to be treated like others treat you’. I’m disdained by other, because of my arrogance, arrogance comes from knowledge and knowledge is freedom. The system can only do to you what you let it, just like the playground bully. I have friend who have great abundance, they only have abundance because their are good Slaves. I’m not a very good Slave, my home is small, I see clearly.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 21

However, if, despite this (teaching) being given, the apprehension of true existence is not shattered, and the womb entrance are therefore not obstructed and (the deceased) draws ever nearer to entering a womb, then there is a (final) profound oral instruction:

O,Child of Buddha Nature, if, even after engaged in the above (meditation), the womb entrance have still not been obstructed, now, according to the fifth (profound oral instructions), you must obstruct the womb entrance be meditating on inner radiance. The method of meditation is as follows: ‘Alas! All (seemingly) substantial phenomena are (expressions of) my own mind. Yet, (in reality), this mind is of the nature of emptiness, it is beyond creation and beyond cessation (stopping).’ By focusing your thoughts in this way, your mind should (naturally) return to an uncontrived and stainless state. Let the mind rest in this, it’s natural state, directed by itself, in the same way, for example, as water is poured into water. Let (the mind) rest in its natural flow, clear, unconstricted, uncontrived and relaxed. (By following this method) you can be sure that the womb entrance to the modes of birth will certainly be obstructed. Meditate again and again in this way, until the womb entrance is closed.

Set down above are several profound and genuine instructions for effecting the obstruction of the womb entrance. For those with high, average or low ability, it is impossible not to be liberated by these instructions. This is because: first, consciousness in the intermediate state is endowed with an, albeit corrupt, supernormal cognitive ability. Therefore, whatever one says (to the deceased) is heard by the deceased. Second, even if the deceased was deaf or blind (while in human world), now, (in the intermediate state), all the sensory faculties will be complete and therefore whatever is said will be apprehended. Third, since the deceased is continuously being overwhelmed by fear and terror, there is an undistracted concentration on what to do; therefore, what is said will be listened to. Fourth, since the consciousness has no (physical) support, it is easy to guide and it can penetrate to the essence of whatever is focused upon. (Additionally), since the power of  retention is now many times clearer, even the mentally weak will have, in the intermediate  state, a lucid awareness, by virtue of their past actions. Hence, they will have the gift of knowing how to meditate on that which is taught and the gift (to assimilate) such points (of instruction). These are the reasons why the performance of rituals on behalf of the dead is beneficial. Indeed, it is extremely important to preserve in the reading aloud of this Great Liberation by Hearing in the Intermediate State for the entire forty-nine days. For if liberation is not achieved at one introduction, it can be achieved at another. This is the reason why, not just one, but many introductions should be given.

“God” bless


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