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"RD Slusher Sr. Electric"

Kinda got a nice ring to it, I’d say. While most folks my age are preparing for either death or retirement, I’m starting the next phase of my life. Feel I’m in better shape than most my age, because of those above. And because of those above, I’m making a point. The point is, ‘don’t let anyone paint you into a corner’. All this crap in the media everywhere about the Baby Boomers retiring to nursing homes or grave sites. I must get dozen funeral plans a month in the mail. Funeral Homes offering me a senior discount for cremation. ‘Buy your plot now’, the ads will read, not for me. Your mental state of mind is all you need and a little luck from accidents for a long life. Your life must not be measured in financial accomplishments. In the Big Picture, large financial gains may be a budden at death. It is what you did with your life that is the most important. If harm was brought to others, mental or financially, your life was a Failure. If you die a Pauper with nothing but a smile, because of the good you tried to bring others around you. You life was a complete and satisfying journey. The ‘Pauper’ will judge himself righteously at death. The ‘corrupt’ ones will punish themselves at death. The Righteous Man lives for eternity, the ‘corrupt man’ dies a little everyday.

I believe I’ve tried my best with the circumstances that surround me, for good to others. And because of that fact, at 66 life for me begins, not ends. I will now pass on to my employees the knowledge I’ve gain over all the years. It will be more than how to wire a building or piece of machinery for my employees. It will be a lesion in life and for those who  recognize that fact. Because most folks are in a corrupt mental state from all the propaganda around them. They will not survive with me. You must first be a quality human being first and utmost, I’ll teach you how to be an electrician. The Italian Electrical (estimator) company I last worked for, only looked at the bottom line, how little can I pay my employees. Never took into consideration that the employee who works for poor wages, produces poor work. Guys with tattered cloth and tattoos everywhere on their bodies, will not impress those you need to. As the old line goes, ‘you only get one chance at a first impression once’. Folks don’t want to see some kid showing up at a jobsite or home, all tattooed-up looking like a freak. No matter what the media tries to instill in peoples minds, folks still like the looks of a clean cut worker, not some freak. My generation were considered the first freaks, but nothing like today, my generation had a cause. The current generation has no cause other than to be told what to do and look like. The ‘powers’ have this generation convinced that the dumber they look the better. Maybe I can have some small effect at reversing this BS. Try and instill in the young electricians to be proud of the natural looks and abilities. You don’t need to look like a freak, a dumbed down freak. “God’ gave you beautiful skin, not to be covered with some crap tattoos. When “Time” comes to place an ad for helpers it will read, ‘no freaks, no tattoos, clean-cut respectful wanted only, will train’.

I’ve already put out over 3 million $ in bids, knowing I could never pull off 2 of the projects I bid on. The day I passed my contractors test, that evening I got an email from Sundt Construction, one of the largest General Contractors in America. It was an invitation to bid a large health club. called Ocotillo Village Health Club. That bid would go out for 1.6 million $ for the electrical. Of which $650,000 was for lighting fixtures alone, sitting on some dock shrinked wrapped uninstalled. No way to finance such a large project, just wanted to show Sundt Corp. I could put out well put together bid packages on such large projects. In hope that Sundt will give me a chance at some smaller high-tech type electrical installs. A Native American owned General Contractor has asked me to bid jobs on the rezs with them. I’m currently bidding a office building with them on the Gila Reservation near Firebird Raceway. I put out a bid on a Kia Car Dealership at 1.17 million $, waiting to hear back on that bid. In this business if you don’t have the Lighting Fixture and Electrical Gear people in your corner, you're just spinning your wheels, this is a corrupt business once it get in the higher dollar amounts. Because the companies who are getting the larger project, have there own skeletons to deal with to get work. One must show loyalty to certain Gear and lighting representatives. No matter how large this metro Phoenix area is, the walls have ears when it comes to bidding larger project. Shop a Lighting Package or Gear Package, word will soon get back to those you are trying to shop. Once  this happens you might as well go back to doing small jobs like crawling through someone’s attic to replace a Fart Fan!!! The suppliers, lighting and gear companies now days are basicly all Multinational Corporation owned offshore. They can make you or break you down to some little contractor doing only service work. It took me over 40 years of being in the electrical business before I realized how corrupt things really are. The largest electrical contractor in the state is owned by a Mason, he gets the large jobs with negotiation, not low bid. That’s how things work and I have no problem with that as long as I know it. You see so many contractors running about with their collective heads cut off. They don’t know the contest is rigged against them.

Like the government you have in D.C., it is only a reflection of the country now. Globalist Corporations are now the governments. The Globalist tell the government's how to rules and pass laws that protect the largest of largest corporation. Bills are being passes constantly to protect big Pharma for example, to be protected from lawsuits because of the bad products. The system is rigged against the little guy and newcomers. So if you are going to jump into the water now  days, you better be prepared. I’m prepared with knowledge of how the system really works. Because of my skills in electrical controls and industrial electrical installs, that’s what I’ll pursue. A friend I’d meet recently asked me to bid government housing project with the him. This remodel work is not what I wanted to do, but it’s a start. There's security in government jobs, they must be bonded by the General Contractor. The reason being, you can’t sue the government for non-payment, the biggest worry in contracting. If the General Contractor goes belly-up, you get your money due from the Bond Fund. It is then up to the Bonding company to chase down the General Contractor who defaulted to his sub-contractors.

The first “Time” I became an electrical contractor I was only 26 years old. An older brother had over 150 plumbers working for him, so all the doors  were open. I had plenty of contacts for work, just didn’t know what was about to happen to me. I went along with all the ups and downs of doing electrical work for the private sector. Until one day I got hit hard on a large apartment project in Phoenix. The jew General Contractor drove the project into bankruptcy by stealing the subs money in typical j$$$$$$wish fashion. Being just another goyim sub to the j$$$$$$w contractor, I got hit owed $100,000 in today money. I struggled to stay afloat for a couple of years until I gave it up and got a regular job. That regular job lead to my growth into the high-tech World of Computer Room installs. From just another podunk contractor, to working with corporation like IBM in computer rooms. I managed 6 computer rooms electrical for McDonnell-Douglas when they were building the Apache helicopters in Mesa. Now as I’d fallen to my lowest by just another corrupt j$$$$$$w businessman. I’d landed once again on my feet, thanks to those above. Now some 25 years later, here we go again. Armed with the knowledge of how things really work and who not to do work for. We’ll see what happens, as I plan to go for about 15 more years. That will make me 80 years old and now ready for retirement, I think. I thought I was this “Time” at age 65. I realized I have far too much energy and knowledge to pass along to quit now. Wish me luck and some protection from ‘those above’.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’
(Choosing a Womb Entrance) pt. 1

Then again, there are several kinds (of persons) who do not achieve liberation, despite having received the above introductions and having been taught the above visualization techniques. This (lack of ability) comes through limited familiarity with virtuous past actions, extensive primal familiarity with non-virtuous past actions, and the potency and great force of negative obstcurations.

So at this stage, if the womb entrances have still not been (successfully) obstructed (as described) above, there is a profound oral instruction for choosing an (appropriate) womb entrance, which should now be presented. Again, one should request the assistance of the buddhas and bodhisattvas, take refuge in ( the Three Precious Jewels) and cultivate an altruistic intentions. Then,as before, calling to the deceased by name, three times, one should say the following words:

O, Child of Buddha Nature, (repeat the name of the deceased), listen carefully. Even though many (authentic) introductions to the instructions have been previously been given to you, up until this stage, you have not taken these to heart. Now, if you have been unable to obstruct the womb entrance, the time has actually come for you to assume a body. There are (not just one, but) several different kinds of profound (and genuine) instructions which relate to your  choice of an appropriate womb entrance. So comprehend these well. Do not be distracted. (Listen) without distraction! Understand, and maintain a firm intention!

O, Child of Buddha Nature, now, (if you are to be born as a human) the indications and signs which relate to the environment into which you may be born, on one amongst the (four) continents, will arise. You must recognize these (indications)! Indeed, you must choose the continent based on (careful examination of these) indications of the environment into which you may be born.

“God: bless


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