Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Ukraine Revolt"

All the good folks of the World really want is Peace. Something that a very few at the top will never allow. In order to rule the masses, you must have chaos constantly. The World slips from one World Crisis to another it always seems. A few months ago the American citizens were up in arms over invasion of Syria. With a little help from Putin, American troops and military aircraft never entered into Syria. Now the crises in Crimea in the southern part of the Ukraine, with all the Russian troops occupying that area. Wanting to ensure their southern sea port is protected. Meanwhile the IMF (International Monetary Fund) is offering billions in fake fiat currency for the Ukrainian people to come over to the West into the European Union. The EU has been a failure and has dragged other nations like Greece and Cyprus into bankruptcy and receivership. That’s when the troops in blue helmets arrive and some globalist company starts removing a country’s assets.

I Believe that is what America is being set up for. The Federal Reserve just keeps printing money at interest to the American public. Other countries including the IMF backs these loans to American, knowing America could never repay their existing debt alone. One day the banksters will call in their Shorts (short term loans) and huge areas of America filled with natural resources will be handed over to some globalist corporation for exploitation. Just like you have Fracking next to folks home they can do nothing about. One day some massive Chinese or Japanese mining firm will move onto American soil to extract minerals for profit because of the default by the American government to repay their loans. Obummer is the mere puppet, others far more powerful than the gay Obummer are bring America down. With only a few countries left for the BIS or IMF to have complete control over the World’s banking. Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are the only holdouts I believe.  

Here in Arizona we have massive amounts of copper, silver and gold reserves. One day China could say, ‘we want our cash or assets now’. Is all the government of America could do, seeing how the cash or gold could never be produced to repay the debt. Is to turn over the land to the Chinese miners. Do you think for one moment that the Chinese mining corporations would give a hoot about the American environment, never. Look how China in her greed has destroyed their own environment. You would think that the Chinese culture being thousands of years older than the western World, the Chinese would be more sophisticated, not so. The Chinese in fact have shown to be more primitive than their western counterparts. Enslavement, pollution, corruption, poor working conditions, attacks on the Tibetan Monks, show what a truly primitive society the Chinese really are. The Chinese past apparently has no effect on current mentality of the Chinese leaders. Once a Great Cultured Society has been reduced to ruination for greed just as their western counterparts have done.

Turns out there are massive amounts of natural resources sitting under the Ukraine. You don’t have the American puppets fighting over Iceland when it defaulted, they don’t have oil just themal. Yet in the Ukraine all these billions of dollars are being thrown around like confetti. Your county has something the banksters want? The banksters will send in the American troops to seize what the banksters want. That’s how all the Banana Republics were established in Central America, remember Gaddafi and all his Gold, Oil and Water. In a more open society now, cash can be just as good as bullets. And the IMF is standing by with billions for the leaders of the Ukraine. Knowing the Ukraine leaders are just as corrupt as the banksters. With Putin in the background trying to bring the Ukraine back under Russian control. Most folks don’t realize this area was once the soul of Mother Russia. That’s why the troops were so welcomed. As Russian troop occupied Ukraine bases without ever a shot being fired. What is going on in the Ukraine is the problem for the Ukrainian peoples to work out. Not the international banksters. People just want to be left alone good  people just want to live in peace. And peace is such a oddity in the modern World.

The World’s banksters will continue to keep the World in turmoil until the banksters get what they want. Total control over the World’s population. The banksters will continually pit human against human, race against race, idea against idea, until either the World’s population say, ‘enough’ or the banksters enslave the entire population. Putting the World’s population in concrete jungles to kill each other off like Rats. While the World’s elite enjoy all the beauty the World has to offer. While the slaves kill each other off in the Ukraine, plans are being made to enslave the balance. “God” bless the peoples of the Ukraine, who just want to be left alone.

What the World's population needs is ‘Total Anarchy’. Sounds terrible doesn’t it, that’s because the World’s population has been programed to believe it is. Like the “Alien” Thing. Websters dictionary, ‘a person who believes government and laws are not necessary’. The ‘powers’ have convinced the World’s population they cannot govern themselves. And that the masses are incapable of such abilities, that’s why the masses need to be lead, their so called leaders say. If the World Leaders don’t lead the masses, won’t the masses just self destruct? Won’t the masses starve to death, kill each other off, die from plagues and other natural diseases. If this was true the masses would have gone extinct thousands of years ago. This control of the masses in the history of the current Planet is quite new. Mankind roamed in small groups, the family unit kept everyone safe. This is why the ‘powers’ currently are making so much effort to break down the family unit. Is all central governments and religions do is divide the masses from each other. The masses are actually just one unit called Mankind. There is no need for separations of the masses, they are simple ‘One Collect Group’. Like birds in the skies that turn all at once, this is also mankind.

Mankind has a built in preservation mechanism the “Gods” installed. Mankind’s creator knew that they would not always be around to protect their Creation. So certain life sustaining abilities have kept mankind alive here on Mother Earth for thousands of thousands of years. There is absolutely no need for some false leader, a mere mortal like the masses. Mankind has only one leader, that is Mankinds Creator “God”.

Today is the first day in over 6 weeks the skies are Blue, almost. Millions in fuel cost alone, have kept chem-trail aircraft overhead, not to mention the chemical concoction being sprayed. I have my own theory on why there has been so much snow and cold weather in the eastern part of America. Here in the southwest and California, there has been a great draught for years. Our weather drops down from Artica to Hawaii, then makes a left hand turn towards the west coast of America, this is called the ‘Pineapple Express’. As this moisture arrives on the west coast, chem-trail aircraft are steadily making their ‘criss-cross patterns in the skies. The barium and aluminum being sprayed absorb the moisture in the air. With the Tradewinds blowing mostly from left to right across America due to the spin of the Earth. All this moisture is absorbed and carried toward the eastern part of America, at a slight angle upward from Cali to NY. When these chem-trail clouds loaded with moisture arrive back east. The cold weather conditions condense the moisture and turn it into snow and rain. All the water Mother Earth started with is currently still on Mother Earth. I believe that now through the chem-trail operations, water in the form of clouds can be delivered across the country.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’
Choosing A Womb Entrance pt. 2

If you are to take birth on the Eastern Continent, Videha, you will see a lake, adorned by male and female Swans. Do not be drawn towards this (place)! Call to mind the methods of reversal (and apply these)! For were you to go there, even though it is a happy and tranquil place, it is an environment where the (sacred) teachings do not flourish. So do not enter (this continent)!

If you are to take birth on the Southern Continent, Jambudvipa, you will see grand and delightful mansions> If indeed you can enter here, do so!

If you are to take birth on the Western Continent, Aparagodaniya, you will see a lake adorned (around its shores) by male and female horses. Do not be drawn towards this place! Call to mind the method of reversal (and apply these)! for even though it is a place of great wealth and (abundant) resources, it is an environment where the (sacred) teachings do not flourish. So do not enter (this continent)!

If you take birth in the Northern Continent, Uttarakuru, you will see a lake adorned (around its shores) by cattle or a lake adorned with trees.Recognize these appearances as indication of the birth that you were about to assume! Do not enter there! For even though this is a place where there is longevity and which has merit, it is an environment where the (sacred) teachings do not flourish. So do not enter this continent!

If you are to take birth as a god you will see delightful celestial palaces, many-storeyed and composed diverse jewels. If indeed you can, enter here.

If you take birth as an antigod, you will see exquisite groves and spinning wooden torches (creating) wheel of fire. Do not enter there, under any circumstances! Call to mind the methods of reversal (and apply these)!

If you are to take birth as an animal, you will see rocky caverns, empty hollows and straw sheds, shrouded in mist. Do not enter there!

If you are to take birth as an anguished spirit, you will see tree stumps, black protruding silhouettes, blind desolet gorges, or total darkness. Were you to go there,  you would be born as an anguished spirit and experience the manifold suffering of (insatiable) hunger and thirst. Do not enter there! Call to mind the methods of reversal (and apply these)! Be courageous and strong!

If you are to take birth as an hell being, you will hear the songs of those past negative actions. Or, quite simply, you will feel powerless and compelled to enter. Whereupon, the perception will arise that you are moving into a land of darkness, where there are black and redden houses, black earth pits and black roads. were you to be drawn to this place, you would enter the hells and experience the (searing) unbearable suffering of heat and cold. Be careful! Do not enter into the midst of this, for there will be no opportunity to turn back. Do not enter there, under any circumstances! As it is said (in the root verses): You must obstruct the womb entrance and call to mind the method of reversal. These are (wholly) necessary now!

I start my first project this week as RD Slusher sr. Electric, it is government work. Well we will see just where the “Gods” take me in the next few years of self employment again. Taking care of myself, is something I’m quite well equipped for, the “Gods’ made sure of that.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


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