Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Government Mule"

‘Are Americans ‘Government Mule’, created by the government, for the government? A Government Mule is dependent on the government for everything. In my condo complex, I’d be willing to bet that if the electricity went off during the night. Most of the residents couldn’t make themselves a cup of hot tea in the morning, let alone a warm breakfast. And that’s just how the government wants it, ‘they own you’, as George Carlin would say. Marked at birth with a birth certificate and stamp of the child’s foot, marks the live birth. (A Government Mule will be Branded.) You came from your mother’s birthing channel and you docked in America. This is Maritime Law. To the system in which you were born into, you are just another slave to be exploited. From birth until death, you shall remain in your country of birth, unless granted permission to leave and return. You will be allowed to marry if the State gives you permission. Your children will be forced to attend public indoctrination in either public or private schools. Your children must first be vaccinated before attending indoctrination, with vaccines loaded with mercury and other poisons. Before the child can enter the workforce, the child must obtain a number (Social Security). Some states require the child to have a S.S. number at birth. To me this is the ‘Mark of the Beast’. For without a S.S. number, most if not all employers will not hire you. With no job, no income, your a non-entity to the system without your S.S. number. All this Freeman talk is just that, talk. Just ask Santo Bonacci who recently tried the Freeman augment in Australia. (Santos Release from Jail Interview.  )

Think of the amount of chaos if the electricity went out for just a week from a CME (coronal mass ejection). First thing in metro areas the water would stop flowing. As massive pumps are required to move the water through the cities and towns. No gas for your vehicle. Within only hours, most grocery stores shelves will be emptied. Water will be the first thing off the shelves. Gas stations will not be able to pump fuels for customers. Within a day or so, riots will breakout as the masses believe the government should be taking care of all their needs. (This is just what the government wants in their slaves, total dependency.) Martial Law will be declared instantly, as police and military will start to patrol the streets. Their will not be enough police and military to protect the citizens from each other. It won’t take long before the ‘have nots’ realize who the ‘haves’ are. (The Twilight Zone ‘The Bomb Shelter’,  ) Brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, race against race, religion against religion the lines will be formed. The ‘powers’ will love seeing the masses do to each other, what they couldn’t do openly. With Americans armed to the hilt, only the most prepared and ruthless will survive. The cities and towns citizens will be on fire with rage against the government. The government will fight back with even more force to maintain their powers.

None of this would happen if folks would simple not rely on the government for help everytime something goes down. Never going to happen, unfortunately, as the obese and uneducated populations swells in America. Which is just part of a larger plan, absolute control. In other words, ‘Government Mules’. “Government Mules’ who are completely under the systems thumb. They’ll never revolt the Government Mules. The Mules are happy in their complacency, fat dumb and happy, not me. The Mules never look up, never question anything their government tells them. Believe everything on the Internet is a lie, because the government told the Mules they and them alone can be trusted. The mules accept these lies from the masters. The Mules believe America must invade any country it wants for the country’s ‘National Interests’. America’s ‘National Interest’ are any assets an America or Globalist company wants from another country. America Mules will be sent in to steal the country's assets. The military Mules for the most part want a job and to feed their families. The military Mules have for the most part no idea what they are being exploited for. The ‘powers’ cast America into financial woes, to be able to supply the military with Mules. The military Mules will be the most uneducated, perfect for the ‘powers’ to use up.

Will the citizens Mules of America ever wake up to the fact they are just some old slaves? It would appear this is slowly happening, maybe part of the Aquarius Age. The Mules have stopped watching the evening news as most don’t trust the national media now. The big three news networks only draw a few million viewers each night. Obummer and congress rating are at an all-time low. The Mules and Putin stopped the invasion of Syria. Some of the best news is coming from the Ukraine. Where Russian and Ukrainian troops are refusing to shoot at each other. This must be really bad news for the blood thirty leaders of America. What, armed troops unwilling to Kill each other, what madness the leaders must believe their powers over the masses are truly deteriorating.

As for me, I’m a Government Mule for sure. As much as I speak out and write about my hatred for strong governments, I’m stuck in it. The ‘powers’ have brainwashed the American public that getting ahead at any mearns, is the ‘American Way’. That just the way the ‘powers’ want it. This helps the division of the masses from each other. The masses no longer trust each other, they isolate themselves in groups. Towns and cities are being broken into ethnic groups. Folks from all over the World flood America’s borders, this is what the ‘powers’ want. As these immigrants come into America they do not assimilate now into being an American. The immigrants keep to their past ways, never wanting to become American in lifestyle. This causes more division amongst the masses. This breaks down America and what America once stood for. Once folks came to America and became an American, to assimilate and become a new person, a Free American. Now this is just the opposite, immigrants hang on to their old ways. Look how this happened in Detroit and other large cities. In LA you go from one ethnic hood to another. You have gangs of every ethnic group, Mexican, Central America, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, it goes on and on. All just part and parcel of ‘Agenda 21’.

With these divisions and the ‘powers’ ability to brainwash the masses, I’m afraid of doing business with the masses. Learned my lesson years ago about doing electrical work for the non-paying jews. All the ethnic groups try and use their own. Jews for jews, mormons for mormons, catholics for catholic, etc., leaves me on the outside looking in. I’m an independent, relying on my own “God” given skills to get me work and income. I’m forced to be a Government Mule, only trusting the government to pay me. I can’t count on others to protect me, give me work. I must go out in the government documents (construction bid lists) to look for work to bid on. The private sector can no longer be trusted with my money. With government type jobs the money has already been allocated for the projects. The General Contractor must pay the subcontractors within 7 days of the GC getting paid from the government.

In the private sector it’s, ‘dog eat dog’. This is how America has been programed into thinkings. Ripping others off was once mainly a ‘jew thing’, now it’s common practise. The government allows companies to become LLC or ‘Limited Liability Corporations. LLCs are not responsible to pay those they owe, if the company fails. Corporations are now treated like a human being. One reason this was done, so that large corporation can donate massive sums of money to individuals who are running for political office. In fact the top 10 donors to the Democratic Party are the same top 10 donors to the Republican Party. No one is donating money to my dumb ass, I must earn it. Thus I’ve become a ‘Government Mule’.

‘Flight 370’ of Malaysia Airlines, where are you? Reports just came in as I typed this.  An object 72’ by 43’ was dicovered 1,500 miles off Perth Austrailia. This object was first reported Tuesday by the Chinese. This could just be a cargo container that fell off a ship, which is common. Myself, starting to wonder if it’s just another distraction, as events unfold in the Ukraine and Crimea. Almost 3 weeks of front page reporting on the missing Airliner. Reports about the pilots motive, four Chinese scientist who had invented an Anti-Radar Stealth technology which was not Patented yet being onboard. They were partners with a American corporation, the 4 Chinese with 20% each and the American corporation the other 20%. Without a patent yet given, if the other 4 partners were killed, the American corporation would get 100% of the patent. Imagine a Stealth Technology that could be applied to an aging B-52 bomber built in the early 60s, becoming Stealthy. No more ground-up designs to make an aircraft Stealthy. Every country in the World’s military would be all over this type technology. Then a story like this could just be a planted story line. The whole thing could just be a planted story. There's no way of really knowing anything anymore is the truth, that comes from the World’s Controlled Media. And at last the World’s population is awakening to this, I THINK.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’ pt. 3
Choosing A Womb Entrance

O, Child of Buddha Nature, although you do not wish to move forward, you are powerless not to do so. The avenging forces, who are the executors of the unfailing laws of cause and effect, will be pursuing you. You will have no choice but to move forward. before you, the avengers and executors will be leading the way. The experience will arise of trying to flee from these forces, of trying to flee from darkness, from the most violent windstorm, from the (thunderous) tumult, the snow, the rain, the hail and turbulent blizzards, which swirl around you. (Frightened), you will set off to seek refuge and you will find protection inside an enclosed space, such as within a mansion, just described, or in a rock shelter, or a hole in the ground, or amongst the trees, or within the bud of a Lotus Flower. Hiding here, you will be very hesitant to come out, you will think: ‘I should not leave here now.’ You will be very reluctant to be separated from this protected place and you will become utterly attached to it. Then, because you are so very hesitant to go outside, where you would be confronted by the fears and terrors of the intermediate state, you will,  because of this fear and awe, continue to hide away. Thus,  you will assume a body, however utterly bad that may be, and you will, (in time), come to experience all manner of suffering. This (experience of wanting to hide) is a sign you that you are being obstructed by malignant forces and carnivorous ogres. Particularly related to this stage, there is a profound instructions. Listen, therefore, and understand!

At this time, when you are being pursued by avenging forces and you feel powerless to escape and you feel powerless (to escape) and you are terrified and frightened, you must, in an instant and with perfect recall, visualize the  Transcendent Lord Mahottara Heruka, or Hayagriva, or vajrapani, or else if you have one, your personal meditational deity. (Visualize the deity) as having a huge buddha-body, with thick limbs, standing upright, in a terrifying wrathful manifestation, which pulverises every form of obstructing force. (By virtue of this practice) insulated from the avengers by the blessing and compassion (of the meditational deity), you will secure the ability to choose a womb entrance. This is a profound and genuine crucial point of the oral instructions. So, understand this now!

“God” bless


PS: “Time”,  “Alien”

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