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"Saturn Death Cult"

‘Saturn Death Cult’, most have never heard such words combined. What is the ‘Saturn Death Cult’, how did it get it’s start? The World has known of Four Ages, Golden, Silver, Bronze and currently the Iron Age. Exactly like the Hopi tales have Mankind living in the ‘Fourth World’. The Saturn Death Cult believe in the Earth’s First World, that Saturn was the Sun for our solar system. Saturn was originally a Brown Dwarf Star and was replaced by mankind’s current Sun.  As Saturn being the source of light and warmth in the First World. The World basked in a Purple haze (Jimi Hendrix?), same as the Hopi tales say. There was no Moon in the First World, their were no tides, just calmness. Saturn would be locked into position in the North. Just a steady purple light covered the Earth. No nights, no days, just eternal purple haze. Without a Moon, no way to calculate “Time”. Some theorize that the Moon was put in place for mankind, when the Modern Man was created from existing primordial man. Mayan tales have the Moon and Stars being placed in place, for the benefit of the newly created mankind. (Saturn Death Cult pics)

With Saturn as the source of energy for life, being much smaller than the current Sun. The gravity on Earth was much less and would explain the size of all  the creatures, plants or dinosaurs. Without that steady 14.7 PSI pushing down on all living things today. You could easily see how if the planet had half that amount of gravity. That all living thing would be much larger and probably live longer. (14.7 is killing you from birth.) In the distance lurking, where the inhabitants of Earth could see it, was the current Sun. Evently the current Sun would replace Saturn and push Saturn into place orbiting the Sun with all the other Planets in our solar system. When Saturn ruled the skies, it was the Golden Age, the “Gods” were close by. Just like the Hopi First World Tale. This was the Egalitarian Age, where everyone was an equal. There was plenty for everyone, the atmosphere calm.

After the breakup of the Saturn configuration and the emergence of the Sun. This was the beginning of the Silver Age. The Age when leaders would emerge to control the masses, during the chaos between ages. If you think about it, the World is going through these same type tumultuous “Times” now. As mankind passes from the Age of War to the Age of Aquarius. During the chaos, money, leaders, agriculture and governments began. This was done to control the massive amounts of disorder about the Earth. Imagine if You had your “God” constantly near by. There would be no wars, poverty, hunger, just like the Hopi First World. The Silver Age changed mankind forever, to what you have currently. All of a sudden the Earth was not bountiful, life was a struggle. Things had to be put in place to ensure the survival of the human race. Weights and measures, math, helped keep things on a level playing field. Writing, numerical systems to record crop harvest were put into place. Next the Silver Age produced rulers, priest-kings, who tried to keep thing as they were in the previous World of Saturn. Unfortunately powerful leaders would emerge from the era. Secret Societies began to blossom, people polarized into groups. Leaders with knowledge from past rituals in the Saturn Era, soon rose to the top in leadership. Fiat money and usury, became the norm. Temple priest created debt slavery. Exactly what you still have today.

Next would come the Bronze Age, Alchemy was born. This is when the ‘Saturn Death Cult’ gets it’s power. By taking ancient ways and rituals from the Golden Age. The leaders took the ancient celestial events and distorted them into humanistic dramas. These past rituals were acted out in hopes of gaining the power of the Saturn Age or Golden Age. You have the same thing going on today in most of the powerful cults. Peoples trying to gain power from the hidden side of life. Leaders began thinking of themselves as “Gods”, Warrior Gods. Temple were built to honor themselves (Pyramids). The beginning of sex magik, blood sacrifice, and cannibalism emerged.

Next would be the Iron Age, the Age of Roman power. Constant warfare would be the norm as now days. Consolidation of control grew over the masses. A banking class was born. Mythology from the past now has been totally corrupted. Power for only a few select, powerful families emerge in the Iron Age. Today mankind is still living in the Iron Age, getting closer to the ‘powers’ goal of New World Order. The idea of the ‘All Seeing Eye’ of the ruling, is derived from the bottom Saturn itself.  Today you would recognize the ‘Saturn Death Cult’ as the Illuminati ruling families. Stanley Kubrick in several of his movies, tried to show the public of this sick perversions of today’s Illuminati.

This has been the hardest subject I’ve ever tried to research about. There is plenty to look up, but getting it to tie together is almost impossible. As best as I can tell, the very top of the food chain originally was the families from the original Saturn Death Cult families. Today that would be the ruling families like the Duponts, Bushes, Rockefellers, etc.. These tales of missing children go back to the Bronze Age ruling elite. Rituals filled with sex, bondage, sacrifice are a throwback of past “Times”. Bohemian Grove meetings, are a modern version of past rituals for the leaders of the World. Here leaders make commitments for the continuation of the ruling families, human sacrifices. Now the masses are awakening to where they are being taken to. Things I write about a few years ago would get attacked, not so much anymore. Folks are turning away from the controlled mass media, the internet has changed folks viewing habits. Rising up and saying, ‘no more invasions’ by American military forces, was one of the biggest moments in modern history. Never before has the population of America, stood up together for one cause, ‘Americans are tired of war’. If you do the research about the Saturn Death Cult, you can see how well it fits into the World’s history. Here is a good link to start some research on the subject of the Saturn Death Cult.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’
Choosing a Womb Entrance pt. 4

Moreover, O, Child of Buddha Nature, the gods (inhabiting the form realms) of meditative concentration, and similar beings (of the higher realms), take birth through the potency of their meditative stability. Also, certain classes of malevolent forces, including the anguished spirits, arise on the bases of the transformation of their mental body itself during this very (intermediate state), through a shift in their mode of perception. (In this way) they assume the form of an anguished spirit, malign force or carnivorous ogre, capable of displaying diverse miraculous acts. The anguished spirits who reside in the ocean depths, the anguished spirits who move through space, the eight thousand classes of obstructing forces, and so forth, all come into existence consequent on such a shift in their mode of perception, while (still) in the mental body.

At this time, therefore, (while visualising the wrathful deity) it is essential that you hold in mind the meaning of emptiness, (the essence of) the Great Seal. If you are not able to practise in this way, you must cultivate your experience of the illusion-like natural expressive power (of actual reality). If you are unable even to practise in that way, you should meditate on the meditational deity Mahakarunika, without allowing your mind to experience attachments, in any respect whatsoever. Through (practise this effectively), buddhahood will be attained in the Buddha-body of Perfect Resource, during this intermediate state.

“God” bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: “Aliens”

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