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"Don Raskin, The Jeweler"

I’ve noticed maybe from my early forties, sometimes I’m only around to give someone Credibility. I was hired by two ex-pro baseball players to manage a project for them. My job was to make sure the sub contractors showed up and completed their work, even though pay was slow. I would ensure the sub contractors that both parties had plenty of money and they would get paid. Because of my reputation for honesty, the sub contractors continued to complete the project. The reason the ball players wanted me in the first place. Was the fact that the sub contractors would be led along and evently not paid. The project I managed for the ball players was on the Pima Maricopa Indian rez here next to Scottsdale. What this meant and the ball players knew it, their project could not be Liened. The sub contractors were never paid, including myself be given a hot check, that was never covered. By the way the two ex-pro ball players names are, Terry Mulholland and Ron Davis whose son now plays for the NY Mets 1B.

Long before the ball players used me to screw over sub contractors unknowingly. A j$$$$$$wish jeweler located in Phoenix Arizona named Don Raskin contacted me about doing some work around his newly constructed home, on the side of Mummy Mountain in the City of Paradise Valley. Didn’t make much sense that he would contact me. After all, why not use the electrical contractor who he had wire the home in the first place. This was about the “Time” I started figuring out that the j$$$$$$ws don’t alway pay their bills. I’m sure the poor electrical contractor who wired the home was never paid from the jew Raskin. Don offered me other electrical projects in the area, either with him or family members, to get my interest in being his new electrician. The hook has been set and I going to be set up.

Then one night mysteriously (ha ha), the jew Don Raskins home catches on fire!!! The home was located on a winding road up the side of Mummy Mountain. This was in the jew Don Raskins plans, I figured out later. ‘J$$$$$$wish White Lightning’ (white gas, no residue) had struck Don’s new home. Who ever set the fire (Don?), didn’t do a very good job of spreading the fire around the home. Plus the fact that the Paradise Valley fire department, which I believe at the “Time” was Rural Metro. Got to the house fire at Don’s home in record “Time”. So much so, that the set fire never had “Time” to spread throughout the home.

With the fire easily contained by the fire fighters, Don’s bummers were about to get hugh. Fire investigators even in the nineties when this happened. Where very good at finding out what causes fire in homes and businesses. The source of Don’s fire was quickly discovered by the Insurance Fire Investigators, not sure about city Fire Officials. Anyway Don’s fight was with the insurance company, as I found out. The insurance company decided not to pay-out on Don’s home owners insurance, for obvious reasons, ‘suspicious fire origins’. In Don’s mind the only out was to prove that the fire alarm in the home was getting a faulty signal for some reason. This is where I come in to help Don’s credibility. Don called me to his home which was still livable as the fire was caught so quickly. Don asked me if I would testify in court, ‘his fire alarm was getting intermittent electricity’. This is how electricity works, simple stuff, it either works or it doesn’t. Electricity isn’t like your dripping faucet that you can still use. When you power-up a circuit for the first “Time”. Only 3 things can happen #1 it works, #2 it doesn’t work, #3 something blows up. There is no, ‘it sort of works until I can fine tune it’. LIke starting a new rebuilt motor running on only 6 of 8 cylinders, it still works, sort of.

At the meeting with Don asking me to lie in court for him. Just more proof of the fact most jews have absolutely no morals whatsoever. He was telling how much electrical work he was going to get me. While I was trying to figure out how many years Don the jew was going to go to prison for, which made me happy for some reason. Never cared for the jew in the first place, but that never stops a jew from trying to f--k you over. Don was sweating bullets as we talked, knowing I was the only chance he had in court. I told Don, ‘what do you think some electrical engineer is going to say when I announce under oath, you had Intermittent electricity? I told Don, ‘he’s going to be laughing his ass off at me, and I’m not doing that for you’. Don’s corrupt mind had no idea, I’d turn him down especially after offering all this electrical projects. Don knew of my honest nature, that’s why I was around. Don never realized being a corrupt jew, my moras aloud me to turn my back on money. Something a jew could never understand, especial the jew Don Raskin. Never followed up on what happened to Don in court, could care less for the corrupt jew. Maybe he went  to count and faced another corrupt j$$$$$$wish judge, who for the jews god named money, bought his way out of his dilemma.

You often hear the term, ‘payback’s a bitch’. With the two ball players having muddied my honest reputation a bit. And Terry Mulholland was the one who lured me into the project, Terry would get his payback. It would come in the form of the ‘Stone’ I found while doing underground lighting around Terry’s home in the City of Paradise Valley. The ‘Stone’ is pictured here on my blog, and I’ve written before on how I turned down 1 million $ for it. It would be a while before I told Terry of my finding and the money amount, didn’t know how to handle the situation. But after the ball players burned the subs and me it was easy, I told Terry to piss him off. The last “Time” I talked to Terry was at his bait store here in south Scottsdale. He asked me to meet with him and go over a few things. Here’s Terry in the most expensive Porsche money can by, me in 1969 Ford pickup I payed $600 for in payments. lol Terry said to me, ‘I want to see the Stone’, he was used to getting things his way, but not this “Time”, with me. I told Terry that the Hopi said he could come up to the rez with me anytime  and see the petroglyph of the Stone in Old Oraibi. I told Terry for now the Stone is buried until I can figure out what to do with it, the Stone. Terry sulked off, head hung down, you see, ‘payback can be a bitch’!!!

Hans Bergman, Netherlands
Reply to how the American colleges get funding.

You are right. When I had to join the Military Duty I had to do a Psychology test of 500 questions. When I looked where the test came from it was made by MIT.
The same questions were asked to check if you would answer differently.
How obvious. And they asked a question do you ever had visions.
Well I was interested in books about the paranormal, so I thought if I say yes I am not allowed. How obvious. Everybody dreams so everybody has visions at night.
So I asked them what if I disagreed with the questions? Oh just say no. So I answered no on indiscreet questions… and I was questioned later about it.
I explained why I said no and on the question where do you want to go I said that I wanted to join the Airforce, then Navy and last the Army.
This nice defense shrink asked about my hobbies, I said books about the paranormal. Well I had followed the Nautical College, but they put me in the Army.
In the training a Dutch colonel with a wooden leg asked me if I wanted to go to Libanon to position myself between Arabs and the Israelis, but I said just place me in my hometown. And I ended near the fridge in the Army kitchen, a strategic place between food.
At that time I could see my report the shrink had written about me and I could not find myself in what he wrote about me. So the nice commander who walked with his wife at Sundays on the camp and who had been fighting in Korea and saw the MIT generated nonsense said if you want to do something else just give me call.
But I had seen that the drills were a bit dangerous. In my training we used Uzi’s but the savety pin didn’t work properly and my companions could not learn to not point at a colleage, so I decided not to join because of the ineffective colleages. I had no confidence in the training. They always lacked training material. Later several collegea’s died in Libanon due to pointing an Uzi towards a collegea.
When they once said we don’t end the exercition in the official way, you can enter the building just like I that, I was just standing there alone. A collegea said are you a Marine or something. Rules are rules.
I once was visiting a Military pub run by a referee. I only had one beer and I noticed he was reluctant in giving beer, so that was the last time I went. However there was a boy who was also there and he was surrounded by colleages who were there to protect him. I love my freedom. Well I ended my course Nuclear Engineering technology studying in my Service Duty without that they knew about it.

Tibetan Book of the Dead

‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’
Choosing A Womb Entrance pt. 5

O, Child of Buddha Nature, if, due to the potency of your past actions (see how important it is to be good, me, he he, he), you must at this stage enter a womb, a further teaching on the method of choosing a womb entrance is now to be taught. Listen (carefully), therefore! Do not just move towards whatever womb entrance appears to you. If, whilst being pursued by the avenging force (of laws of cause and effect), you are powerless (and unable to resist the process of entering (a womb), then you must, at this time, meditate on Hayagriva. Since you now possess a subtle supernormal cognitive ability, you will (clearly) apprehend all the (potential) birthplaces as they arise, in sequence. Therefore, make your choice, (based on the examination of the indications and based on instructions)! There are two kinds of oral instruction (which can now be applied): (first), the oral instructions for transferring the consciousness to the pure buddha fields and (second), the instructions for choosing a womb entrance within impure cyclic existence. Therefore, (listen carefully and) do as follows.

“God” bless on this Sunday evening, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS “Alien”

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