Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Americans Draw a Line, in the sands of Nevada"

The controlled media has done another great job of hiding the truth for their Zionist masters. The fiasco in the Nevada desert, is just another bright example. What the Zionists are having the j$$$$$$ws doing to the legal citizens of the Golan Heights, West Bank and East Jerusalem, is exactly what harry Reid (Mormon) is having the BLM do to Cliven Bundy and his family. Zionist have their j$$$$$$wish slaves move into some Palestinians home and bounce the original occupants out. Take over the home with the occupants still living there. Other “Times” bulldozers are brought in and the Palestinian homes are destroyed and leveled. Snipers are set up on the perimeter to ensure the destruction of the Palestinians homes and farms. Zionist j$$$$$$ws have poisoned and bulldozed Palestinian Olive orchards. With guns pointed at the owners head. This is how the Zionist use their j$$$$$$wish slaves to steal land they said their “God” gave them. What about the “God” of all the Peoples of Earth. Why is it the j$$$$$$ws have some superior “God”? The j$$$$$$wish inbreeding come out in Aces when dealing with the rest of the World.

Now switch to the Cliven Bundy Ranch east of Las Vegas Nevada, same exact story. How can this happen in America, very slowly, like boiling a frog. Until it is too late for the frog to realize he’s dead. Fact is, most Americans love and are willing to die for America. That America has been slowly taken away, a drop at a “Time”. Until maybe now. When the BLM first moved in on the Bunday ranch. Snipers were set up on the hill tops with guns pointed at the Bundy family every “Time” they ventured from inside their home. BLM took backhoes and destroyed watering holes both the cattle and the animals of the desert both used. Herded cattle from helicopters, shooting some cattle from the air. Separated mothers from their calves who were just born. Ran many of the cattle until they fell dead from exhaustion. Doing everything just like the j$$$$$$wish settlers are doing to the Palestinians. These are animal working for BLM. Now every “Time” I see a BLM employee, I’ll want to spit on them. What was thought to be good for the country, has now been turned into a monster by the same Zionist who control the j$$$$$$wish slaves in Israel. The Zionist will get all the j$$$$$$ws killed off, they could care less. And now the same people are putting BLM employees at the same risk. With the BLM employees coming from the lower forms of humanity in America. Just as the j$$$$$$wish settlers. Did you see the video of these mindless lower forms of humanity pointing AR15s at their own fellow citizens.  This video shows that just maybe in the future, what American citizens can do. Finally standing up, after being pushed too far, too long. For the Founding Fathers wishes for America. America was the Great Experiment in Freedoms for the citizenry. Now the Zionist have taken charge and all freedoms, like the dying boiling frog, Americans are following slowly behind. Bundy ranch land in Nevada being sold to a Chinese company (4.3 million, value at over 20+ million), long before Cliven Bundy was giving up his land to the thieves. Shows how little the citizens rights in America are thought of.

As I watched the video from the Bundy supporters, tears rolled down my cheeks. The very thing I thought was lost in the American citizenry, came shinning through finally. You look around and see just how brainwashed the children are, all dressed in Black, just as the Zionist master have told them to do. Tattoo, piercings, all kinds of crap hanging off the kids faces and bodies. Not one of them have a clue to what is being done to them, being enslaved. The younger generation is lost now, never to return to freedom. While the older generation who has not been dumbed down, fights for America’s Rights to Freedom. You saw nobody wearing black, looking like a Freak standing up for the Bundy’s family Rights. You saw the American citizens, vets and current military, in the Show Down with the morons working for BLM. Citizens arrived from all over the country in support, lined the highway. And if BLM returns, so will the citizens including me with my video recorder.

Harry the Mormon Reid says ‘the battle is not over’, he’s right, it’s just begun. (By the way, Harry Reid’s wife is a j$$$$$$w.)  A ‘Line in the Sand’ has been drawn just like on Old Oraibi over a hundred years ago. Those on one side who want return to the Old Ways, and those who want to go the Government Way.  Most Americans do not want to go the Government Way. Only those j$$$$$$ws and the brainwashed citizens like the direction the country is going in. The j$$$$$$ws hold most of the higher paying jobs in the government with less than 2% of America’s population being j$$$$$$wish. This show how secretly the Zionist have taken over the country. Go to court, good chance the judge will be a j$$$$$$w. Look at the Supreme Court, any Christians? So now is the “Time” to start reversing this corruptions in America. With the siege at the Bundy Ranch being the Straw that broke the Camels back.

The corruption throughout the country, popped open like a ugly pimple on the Zionist faces. Some how it took a man whose family has ranched on the same property since the mid 1800s to awaken the country. Not the 55,000 dead American soldiers who died in Vietnam, not  the obvious inside job on 911, not the Oklahoma City bombing, not all the False Flag Operations like Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing to awake America’s citizens. No a 70+ year old rancher in the scrubs brush of Nevada was the one.

In the Ukraine you have the seige at the Bundy Ranch all over. The Zionist want control of the resources in the Ukraine, caring little for the citizens of the Ukraine. Using money and lies by the Zionist puppet politicians of America, like John Kerry to spread lies. Bring in snipers (like the Bundy ranch) shooting and killing citizens, military and police on both sides. A country who has close ties with Russia, not Europe or the West. America the Great Aggressor with the taxpayers of America footing the bills. Over 5 billion of American’s dollars has been spent in the Ukraine propaganda, did you ask for that? Of course not, the Zionist controlled politicians could care less about the wishes of the American public. 5 billion sure could have gone a long way here in America for the children and poor vets. Who have been dying awaiting medical help from the VA.

The good folks in Eastern Ukraine are far more awake than their counterparts in America. Pamphlets were recently passed out at j$$$$$$wish synagogues.  It was asking the j$$$$$$ws to register and show their land holding and assets. No doubt that the j$$$$$$ws holdings far outreach the holdings of the White citizens of Eastern Ukraine. With the corruption inside the j$$$$$$wish community taking advantage of the local population. This is the beginning of what has happened over 70 “Times” throughout history and the j$$$$$$ws seem to never get it. Their Zionist masters have them stealing from the local populations so the j$$$$$ws Zionist master can then steal the money they have stolen. Just like good old Bernie Madoff, did to other j$$$$$$wish investor into his ponzi scheme.

Does my heart good, it needed it. At 66 years old I kinda given up hope for the country and making plans to protect myself. As it  appears no one is willing to stand up to the Zionist onslaught of America. Americans and their guns are the only last string. Holding the freedoms of the rest of the World in their collective hands. When Americans give up their guns, Americans will soon find out why all these FEMA Camps with their coffins have been built. Without guns the Zionist will have all those who oppose them in America, locked up or killed. Just like the Zionist did in Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe. “God” bless the America I knew in the 50s. Some how, some way, America needs to return to it’s Golden Years of the 50s FREEDOMS. Not the controls the citizens of America now have with their Zionist masters.

“God” Created Mankind, So Mankind Cannot Rule Over It’s Creator “God”
Mankind Created Government, So Government Cannot Rule Over It’s Creator, Mankind
(This simple fact has been lost.)

Tibetan Book of the Dead
‘Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth’
Choosing A Womb Entrance pt. 6

First, the transference of consciousness to the utterly pure realms of the sky-farers is affected by those of the highest ability, by directing their attentions as follows. ‘Alas! I am deeply sad that even after an infinite “incalculable aeon”, I am still left behind in this swamp of cyclic existence. How dreadful it is, that while so many have attained buddhahood in the past, I have still not achieved liberation. Now, this cycle of existence disgust me! It horrifies me! I have long been astray by it! Now, I must take birth, miraculously, in the bud of a Lotus Flower, in the presence of the Buddha Amitabha, in the western Buddha field of the Blissful (Sukhavati)! Focus your attention, concentratedly, on this thought! (It is essential that you make this effort!) Alternatively, you can focus your intention on whichever buddha field you  wish. On Manifest Joy (Abhirati), on Dense Array (Ghanavyuha), on Alakavati, on Mount Potalaka, or  9you may wish to focus) on coming into the presence of (Padmasambhava of) Oddiyana, in the celestial palace of Lotus Light, or indeed on which ever buddha field you wish to  enter. Be single-minded! Do not be distracted! Immediately upon establishing (this intention), you will take birth in the (chosen) buddha field. Yet again, alternatively, if you wish to proceed into the presence of Maitreya in (the realm of) The Joyful (Tusita), think as follows: ‘At this juncture in the intermediate state, the moment has come for me to proceed into the presence of the King of the (sacred) teachings, Maitreya, in (the realm of) The Joyful. Therefore, it is there that I will go!’ If you focus your attention on this thought, you will take birth, miraculously, in the heart of a Lotus, in the presence of Maitreya.

Alternatively, if you are unable to accomplish this (transference), or if you desire to enter a womb or you obliged to enter one, then there are following instructions on choosing a womb entrance within impure cyclic existence. Therefore, listen (carefully). Utilizing the supernormal cognitive ability which you now possess, examine the continents once again, as just described, and make your choice. You must  enter a land the (sacred) teachings flourish!

(Be warned however)! it could be that, (in reality), you are about to take birth, by entering into a substance which is fetid and polluted, and yet that filthy mass will be percieved by you as sweet-smelling and you will be drawn towards it and take birth within. Therefore, whenever such (attractive) appearance may arise, do not grasp at them as substantially real! Ensure that you remain utterly free from the symptoms of attachment and aversion, and on that basis choose an excellent womb entrance.

“God” bless


PS: “Alien”

Great video of the Events the day the Americans finally stood up for others Rights.

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