Sunday, April 27, 2014

"NWO in Construction"

As the World is being slowly and deliberately directed towards a single government and "God". I can see it happening in the construction field. I've noticed how the Electrical Supply houses used to be small mom and pop operations. Now their is only three major electrical distributors and they are Globalist companies. In fact a French company now owns 1/3 of the electrical distributors. How long will it be before those three combine? Turning the electrical parts into a Pawn, with the best pricing given to the insider by the distributor. The electrical distributor could decide who gets what projects. Smaller electrical contractors could be destroyed in a heart beat. Just a few large electrical companies would control the market place. Then slowly over "Time" the strong electrical companies who become one. It's called communism/fascism, where the company manufactures create the demand for a product. Even if their is no real demand. I see this constantly in the electrical business, always saying it for the safety of the consumer. Just as the same BS about terrorist being behind every door and bush. Before a Main electrical panel for the average home would have been about $150 - $200 with circuit breakers. Today with all the government regulations, that same panel is now over $500. It has gone so far, it would be almost impossible to be electrocuted in your own bedroom even if you tried. These new Arch/fault breakers at $35 a pop prevent any leakage to ground (you). Never heard of anyone getting electrocuted while changing channels with their remote in bed. But just for the consumers own safety, instead of $5 circuit breaker in your bedroom circuit, you now have a $35 circuit Arch/Fault breaker. The consumer is told it's all about their safety.

The larger construction companies who do business all over America and internationally, seem to all go by the same rules. It as if they are part of some larger order, which they probably are. Companies like Halliburton, Bechtel Corporation seem to get all the large project that are done at cost-plus. You want to bid on a Nuclear Power Plant construction, sorry selected group of General Contractors only. I recent did a bid on a Army Corp of Engineer project. The Computer Room power back-up (Gen-Set) could only be purchased from one company. Not knowing this, when I told the person with the only Gen-Set that could be provided, laugh at me when I told him I'd gotten other prices. His price was twice as high as the next competitor. This company had the exclusive rights to all government Gen-Sets, how can that be in an open bid system?  It is all done with back-door bribery. Saying that one unit was some how the only Gen-set qualified for government installations. When most of the Gen-Sets use the same basic components.

Walk onto to a large job-site today, you'd thought you have traveled into another Space and Time. All the workers are clones. Brightly colored vest, hardhat, safety goggles, steel toed boots, safety signs all over the place, safety meetings weekly. Safety monitors who work for the GC, patrol the job-site. The insurance companies who are part of the coming NWO, want no injuries on the sites. I once heard a superintendent for a GC say, 'we don't care if you don't get anything done, just don't get hurt'. Of course this overboard safety only raises the price to the consumer. While protecting the insurer and the GC from law suits. It is still Old School on smaller job-site, but for how long? With the big GCs getting stronger and the small operator fighting on a daily basis to stay alive and in business.

While bidding on a major project with my last employer. A bidding war broke out between to of the largest Lighting Distributors in the country. When you bid large electrical project, the Gear (electrical panels, disconnects, etc.) are grouped. The same way with the Lighting Package. The Gear people don't seem to play as many games on bid days, protecting their numbers. Maybe the Gear manufactures are all in bed together and decide ahead who get what projects. It appears that the major Lighting Distributors are a different animal. One bid got just weird and exposed what really goes on behind closed doors. (Rockefeller: The best competition, is no competition) The first Lighting price came out at $600,000. With-in minutes a counter bid was put out on the Street at $500,000. Then just after one Lighting Distributor countered at $500,000. The original bid of $600,000 within an hour now is $400,000 is the counter price and final price. The question is, how can their be a $200,000 Lighting swing? I called my rep at one of our suppliers to ask, 'just how that happened on the Lighting quote?' His reply was, 'the ugly truth is, no one knows just how much each Light Fixture costs to manufacture'. Or the real truth could be, 'it's all just a game', just like American politicians, 'it's all just a game for the general public to think they are actually free', and system is not corrupted. One thing I learned much later in the electrical construction World. Their are insiders and their are outsiders. After many years of proving my loyalties can be trusted. I am finally on the inside looking out. Just this last week I went on a pre-bid walk through. Their was another young electrical contractor  there. I looked at him and said, 'that used to be me'. Thinking that the World worked on a level playing. That kid will never get the same Light price as me. If he out bids me, it's because he missed something. Been there done that as a naive young electrical contractor. If the World was fair and not corrupt, their wouldn't be a Chem-trail aircraft overhead right now, poisoning the very air me and everyone breaths.

 More and more rules are being put in place to protect the large firms, while the paperwork burden buries the small guy. Like the electrical supply houses, the GCs will be only a handful who are in connection with each other to fix prices. Bottom line, it's always the consumer who will put the bill for the monopolization of construction. Before the big housing collapse you had all sorts of Home builders. Their are now only 3 Major Home (track) Builders in America now. This has been done through lending practices by the banks who finance the construction of new homes. Before any large tract of homes are built, the money must first be in place. This is how the banks condensed the Home Builders. So that they can be more easily controlled on who and how many of anything is built. Just another wing of Agenda 21. Try and get money for projects in rural areas, good luck with that. What money for a massive apartment project on fill-in land, no problem.

How many years until everyone is riding on the same type bicycle, consuming the same GMO foods? Not being allowed into the once open areas of America (BLM). Pushed into Concrete Jungles like rats. Once all the Guns and competitions is gone. Then you will have your NWO. It will be a World of 'One'. 'One', bicycle manufacture, one home builder, one farmer (conglomerate), one medical system, one energy supplier, one of everything. As the slaves are systematically robbed of all freedoms and health. Not NWO but OWO.

Once again I'm having troubles transferring my writing from Google docs over to Blogspot. I'm now trying to just write from blogspot in hope nothing gets lost. In the past this has happened. So the fear of losing hours worth of typing is still their. The last post about the Bundy Stand-off, came with a white background. I'll re-write on blogspot and re-post. I see folks still drop by and check out my thoughts and I want to say THANKS.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
'An Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth' pt. 7
Choosing a Womb Entrance

It is extremely important that your motivation is firmly concentrated (as you approach the womb entrance). Therefore think as follows: 'Ah! For the sake of all sentient beings, I shall be born as a universal monarch, or (acting purely) like a great (dignified) sal tree, I shall be born into the brahman class, or as the child of an accomplished master, or into  a family which maintains as immaculate lineage of the ( scared) teachings, or into a family where the mother and father are deeply devout. Then, once I have taken on a body which is blessed with the merit of being able to act on behalf of all sentient beings, I shall (dedicate myself to( acting on their behalf'. You must concentrate your motivation on this thought and (thus) enter the womb.

As you enter the womb, consecrate it (by perceiving it) as a celestial place of the deities. Be full of devotion. Ensure that you enter whilst praying to and imagining that you are receiving empowerment from the conquerors of the ten directions and from their sons, as well as from the meditational deities and, in particular, from Mahakarunika.

(However be warned), for as you make this choice of a womb entrance, there are risks of error. There is a risk of error when, through the potency of past actions, an excellent womb entrance is perceived as a good one. At this time, the essential points of the  teachings are crucial. Therefore, once again, you should act as follows. Even though perceptions of an excellent (womb entrance) may occur, do not become attached to these. And, (conversely) even though perception of a poor (womb entrance) may occur, do not feel aversion. The essential point of the profound and genuine (instructions) is that you enter the womb ina state of great equanimity, utterly free from (the dichotomies of) good and bad, acceptance and rejection, or attachment and aversion.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.
PS: "Alien"

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