Sunday, May 11, 2014

"As Best I Can Tell"

These Bastards who call themselves the government, are doing their collective best to Kill me. I'm in a personnel War with the very government who claims they only care for my Best Interests. My Best Interest include, bombing every contry who the Bastards that now control America, don't like. My Best Interest is to be Chem-trail daily. My Best Interest is distroying all local organic farming, even farming in my own yard. My Best Interest is removing all guns from all Americans. My Best Interest is eveything in my life regulated by the government. My Best Interest is being Micro-chipped. My Best Interest is a Good Hard Working Slave. My Best Interest is to be weakened at birth, with vacines loaded with Mercury and other posions. My Best Interest list could go on for ever, because every single segment of my life in America is watched or controlled. American have let this happen to themselve, for the most part unknownly. This has been a slow and deliberate process that has now gotten America here today. With a handful in the Nevada desert saying, 'enough is enough'. Interesting noter on the Bundy Ranch standoff. Over 2/3 of the so called Patriots who were staying at the Bundy Ranch for support. They all split when America's loving government spread a rumor, 'Obummer (I'm really good at killing people) was going to order in a Drone Strike. Americas loving government, has it's own citizens living in fear they could also be part of a Drone Strike. With the new law put in place that says, 'American citizens can be Kill with out a trial or any due process'. In fact Obummer has passed over 400 new laws into place since taking office. Each one of these laws are designed to make that much easier for Americans to be arrested for almost anything now.

These Soulless Bastards the government, have armed every segment of government. Just why is the Postal Service, Homeland Security, BLM, and most other agencies, armed to the hilt? Why do these agencies need 'Hollow point bullets'? To kill American citizens with, government claim target practice. Then it is target practice to kill Americans. When the loving American government tells it's own citizens employees to Kill other Americans, will they? Because it's starting to look a whole lot like the America's loving government. Want a 'show-down' with it's own citizens. And with citizens all over the World in the streets protesting their governments, and now finally here in America. I believe the Internet is responsible for the Great Awakening. Why and who really gave mankind the power of the Internet to communicate with each other. I've never ever gotten a straight answer. But the Internet has including myself, has awoken my Sleeping Eyes and many others. Without the Internet, most would never know the slavery conditions in other countries. Protest would be only heard and seen by those directly involved. Would the Free World known of the protest in the Ukraine, Egypt, Bundy Ranch? No, because the media is under total control. Only the Internet allows these protest to be heard around the World. The Internet forces the controlled media to show event they ordinarily wouldn't broadcast to the public. But with the Internet pouring out information around the World instantly. The World's corrupt government are now showing protest so they can put their own twist on the news. Look how the controlled media turn Cliven Bundy into some sort of racist, by baiting him, then twisting his words to fit their propaganda. Yeah as best I can tell, I'm not only be poisoned constantly, lies never stop.

I'm finally back playing with the Kids as I call it. Took 4 months from inception to go back to being an Electrical Contractor. To now on a job-site trying to make dead-lines. Somethings never change though. The kids by design, have no idea what is being done to them. I was one of those kids for years, thank "God" us baby boomers were awaken, not so now. The kids just don't have the drive or the knowledge to stand up and get in the streets. At the Bundy Ranch you have vets, retirees, current military, but no faction of the younger generation. No the kids are just being kept in the dark from birth now. I can mention to the kids about the Chem-trails, poisons in everything, their slaves, on and on. When ever I do the kids get a puzzled looks, then I have to explain to them what I mean. When I point out the Chem-trails the kids just say, 'I never noticed before you said something'. Some of the kids are so young on the job-site, they have never seen a real Blue Sky. Have no idea how just enslaved they are, think the government cares for their Best Interests. Odds are very good, none will live to be even my age of 66. Never seeing the S.S. taken from their paychecks each week. No reward for years of back breaking construction work. Like the cattle, ran hard and marked for Death. (FYI: Turns out that after the Lottery Draft order was established in 1969, the year I got out of Navy. The Anti-War Moment started to fade, now that everyone knew there place. It was the Vets like myself who kept the Anti-War Movement going until that terrible scene from the Saigon Airlift.)

My project is in East Mesa or commonly known as the 'Trail'. Brings back memories of a pristine desert that seemed to go all the way to Utah. A perfect place to hide a kid out in the 50s. Now a mixture of elders (that's always been there), Middle Class in small Cookie Cutter homes enclosed by block walls, then you have. 'If I just get a new Tattoo, I'll feel better about myself, I'll think clearer', group. Went to lunch and saw in the parking lot of a M/Ds, Obese guy in his 30s, belling hanging between his thighs, sucking on a fag, in a mobile chair. A Bum just hanging out for "God" only knows what (great tan). With a kicker of a Native American as thin as a Bone, begging to use someone's cell phone. The Trail a thousand years later, I feel a culling by the "Gods". Or are all the children of "God" protected, each on their own individual journey? Maybe their Karma, placed them where they are at today. Maybe some pass through life, never to return. It's just down right scary seeing how the population deteriorating before my very eyes.

With the 'powers' destroying the economy, putting poisons in every conceivable food or drink item. You have what I saw in the M/Ds parking lot. This has all been done by design, Agenda 21 is the 'Trail'. Folks with no clue to what is being done to them, slaves all of them. I'm sure the 'Trails' is in every state, every county, folks just hanging on. Their lives and health taken from them, by some viscous master. For a loving "God" would not let happen, what I saw. Things have changed drastically, in a handful of years, with only a few noticing. And those who have seen behind the scene, are marginalized by the controlled media. Can you just imagine what it will be like in 10 years? Who will be working, who will be allowed to work? How will the Skies look in 10 years? How thinned out will the population be from the constant spraying in the Skies? The Planet is being changed, maybe even be Terra-formed for another arriving species from somewhere out in the Galaxy. Is the only explanation for what is currently happening to the Planet Earth. Everything about Mother Earth was created for the arrival of the Human Beings. The Hopi and Mayans tales both tell mankind this. So what is going on now? Has mankind's "Time" came and gone, like the Dinosaurs and other species? Why have the Blue Skies been robbed from the citizens of Mother Earth? Why this massive movement to ensure that every citizen of the World eventually will die from some sort of strange new cancer?

It is War for every individual of Mother Earth against the 'powers'!!! Instead of bombs and bullets, it's the food, the environment, air, that is the Weapon of Mass Destruction. When you don't fight back with taking care of yourself, you are saying, 'come on and kill me'. Sadly most will never notice because of the great propaganda machine in place now. But those who see the Light, know the 'rules of engagement' with the enemy, your federal government. It's not storming DC or banishing your rights to bear arms. No it's a silent war with the 'powers'. A silent war for your death via the very environment you live in. Every educated person knows the rules for protecting yourself from those Bastards who want you dead before age 60. The War is in your own home, your soul, your life to live as best and as healthy as you can. If the citizens of American would stop buying all the crap that is called food for even a week. The system would be forced to make a change in the food production. Imagine if the World woke up one day with masks on for protection from the Chem-trails. Just finally said, 'enough is enough'. One day maybe the World will arise against those who have shortened their lives, made the citizens for the World live with bad health. Murdered millions in wars, by dividing the masses against themselves. This murderous machine will never be stopped by armed confrontation. In fact it looks more and more that is what the 'powers' want. But the only true way to confront the monster is by individual efforts. A silent monster of good intentions by the masses, is the army of choice now. Taking care of yourself, is the weapon the 'powers' cannot defeat. Like my old Martian bud and I once declared many years ago. 'We will not lets these Bastards destroy are beliefs and they will not drive us to suicide with the constant mental propaganda'. Each individual is a Soldier for humanity.

First Project back at being an Electrical Contractor.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
'An Elucidation of the Intermediate State of Rebirth pt. 8
Choosing a Womb Entrance

Nevertheless, with the exception of certain persons who have experience of this (equanimity) it is difficult (for beings) to sever themselves from the deep-seated and long-lasting disease of negative habitual tendencies. Therefore, if (the deceased) remains unable to be free from attachments and aversions, in the above manner, such negative beings who are of the lowest capacity may seek refuge in the animal realms or similar (kinds of inferior existences). In order to counteract this, again calling to the deceased by name, you should speak as follows:

O, Child of Buddha Nature, if you do not know how to choose a womb entrance and you are unable to give up your attachments and your aversions, then, regardless of which of the above appearance arise, you must call out, by name, to the Three Precious Jewels. Take refuge in them! Pray to Mahakarunika! Go forward with your head held high. Recognize that this is the intermediate state! Give up your attachments and your clinging friends, sons, daughters, and relatives that you have left behind. These (attachments) are not helpful (to you now). Enter into the blue light of the human realm. Enter into the White Light of the realm of the gods. Enter into the mansions of the precious jewels and the garden of delight.

This (introduction) should be enunciated up to seven times. Then one should pray to the buddha and bodhisattvas, (reciting the Aspirational Prayer Calling to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for Assistance). Then one should read aloud, up to seven times, the Aspirational Prayer which Protects from Fear of the Intermediate States, the Root Verses of the (six) Intermediate States, and the Aspirational Prayer which Rescues from the Dangerous Pathways of the Intermediate State, Then, one should also read aloud, clearly and with the correct pronunciation, the Liberation by Wearing: Natural Liberation of the Psycho-physical Aggregates. And you should also read aloud the Spiritual Practice: Natural Liberation of Habitual Tendencies.

"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Aliens"

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