Sunday, May 18, 2014

"Terra-Forming, Will We Ever See Blue Skies Again?"

What is Terra-Forming and how does it apply to you? Oxford Dictionary: transform a planet as to resemble the Earth, especially so it can support life. As I look out my window while typing this blog entry, I only see White Skies, with White streaks in them. This is not the sky from my childhood, or even 10 years ago. The sky the World faces now is totally different. Here in Arizona in the past we were spared the constant chem-trailing during summer months, not anymore. So just exactly what is going on to the Earth's skies? And can anything be done to stop the constant chemical spraying from the skies? You would first need to know who is exactly doing the spraying. Then direct your attention to that group, but who is that group? Is it the UN, the United States acting on their own, "Aliens'? From my window seat, it's all about Terra-Forming the Planet Earth. Maybe for the arrival of another species from somewhere out in the Galaxy.

Could it be, mankind has had it's run here on Mother Earth and the next level of human development is beginning to start? After all, Mother Earth had to be Terra-Formed for the arrival of the human species. A certain level of oxygen, gravity, food, water, shelter on and on. While since the beginning of mankind's "Time" on Earth. Mankind has been doing his own type of Terra-Forming. This human activity of Terra-Forming is terrible for Mother Earth. Strip mining, destruction of the Forrest (Amazon mainly), pollution from petroleum based energy, Are all low levels of Terra-Forming. The blockage of the Suns rays, tons of barium and aluminum being sprayed into the air. That will all eventfully fall to the ground, polluting everything on Earth. If that wasn't bad enough, your breathing the toxic chemical concoctions constantly.

As I drove this morning to the store, their must have 6 or 7 chem-trail aircraft in the shies overhead. The sky is a ugly dirty white color. Not the rich blue it should be here in the Arizona deserts. Why is their no explanation for the constant spraying? Why not even a lie from the corrupt government, saying the spraying is for mankind's benefit. The system acts as if nothing is happening, this is just business as usual. Why has Monsanto developed seeds, resistant to the aluminum being put into the soil?

Monsanto is the USDA as the leaders of Monsanto exchange places with the USDA officials. In fact Americans Kenyan president Obummer just signed into a bill called the 'Monsanto Protection Act', bill #HR933. What this does is effectively stops anyone from ever suing Monsanto for these reasons.

#1 Federal Courts cannot sue Monsanto in the future for any health issues that may occur from Monsanto  GMO or GE (genetically engineered) seeds.

#2 Monsanto seeds can still be planted after the discovery of health issues from the plants.

#3 HR933 was hidden in a bill that states the government must still be their bills, even during a shutdown of the government.

#4 Over 250,000 people signed petitions to stop HR933, were never represented. Obummer basically signed a bill into law that makes Organic Farming illegal.

Nothing short of Geo-engineering is being done to Mother Earth. No matter if this is being done to ensure the enslavement of all of mankind via their diet. Or something else is being planned for Mother Earth, it's happening. The squeeze is being put on from every angle now. Food, water, air, where you live, what GMO foods you eat. It's all being controlled by some outside source. The population is being sickened and poisoned deliberately for some unknown reason now. A weakened population because of diet, will not have the physical or mental s strength to combat what is being done to them. Other than the groomed jocks, look at most of the younger Americans. Do you believe for a moment that the younger generation will ever stand up to their imprisonment? Do they even know what is being done to them,  of course not. The kids are being lead off to the slaughter, smiling, texting as they are killed off or die off from a poor diet.

It is up to the Baby-Boomers to stop the destruction of the human race. Others born after the boomers have not the mental capacity to stop what is happening. Look at Cliven Bundy standing up to the BLM and federal government, he's a Baby-Boomer. He knows what the score is, he knows America is dying. That all freedoms are slowly being taken away secretly, just like in bill #933. I hear constantly from friends oversea, 'the Americans and their guns, must stop the enslavement'. The World knows the kids will just lay down and be run over. While the only strong and educated ones are the Baby-Boomers. They see what is being done to their children and grandchildren. The children effected by all the vaccinations to ensure they will not rebel against their corrupt leaders. Sugars made from corn is in everything now, from food to soft drinks. This GMO corn sugars are the Weapon of Mass Destruction to the 'powers'. A soft kill, no one will notice but a few educated elders.

How long until the aluminum has built-up in the soil so bad. That the only seeds that can grow in the poisoned soil is Monsanto GMO seeds. And Monsanto's GMO seeds will not produce seeds for the coming years plantings. So the farmer is forced to buy Monsanto GMO seeds for each years crops. Once all the seeds have been modified by Monsanto. Then Monsanto will be a monopoly for the seed market, and this is being well planed out. Monsanto will control the food supply for the World. Thank "God" nations around the World, are see just what Monsanto and the corrupt federal American government is doing. Monsanto GMO seeds are banned in Russia, India, Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Austria, Switzerland and many others. China and the US are the largest users of GMO and GE foods. Research into Mexico has shown that all corn crops have been affected by cross pollination of Monsanto GMO corn plants. In America, Monsanto can sue a farmer if their GMO corn strain has infiltrated a neighbors corn crop. In Hungry all Monsanto crops were recently destroyed. As the World wakes up to Monsanto, Monsanto and government regulars trade places. List of Monsanto employees and the FDA connection

If the Planet isn't being Terra-Formed, then what is going on in the skies? In the hours it took to write this blog entry. The skies have turned into a whitish blue, to nothing but white skies from all the chem-trail aircraft spraying in central Arizona. How many thousands of pounds of barium and aluminum have been sprayed this morning alone? Where is the money coming from, who's flying the aircraft, who killed JFK??? These are all unanswerable questions, how can this be in a so called 'Free Society'. The fact is, this is a 'Prison Planet' (Alex Jones). Mankind is stuck on Mother Earth and has no idea what is being done to the environment and mankind.

Tibetan Book of the Dead
Prayer 'Om Ah Hum'

May the elements of space not arise as a hostile force.
May I see them as the field of the blue buddha.
May the element of water not arise as a hostile force.
May I see them as the field of white buddhas.
May the elements of earth not arise as a hostile force.
May I see them as a field of yellow buddha.
May the element of fire not arise as a hostile force.
May I see them as a field of red buddha.
May the elements of wind not arise as a hostile force.
May I see them as a field of the green buddha.
May the (awesome) sounds, lights, and rays not arise as a hostile force.
May I see them as the infinite fields of the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities.
May the rainbow-colored elements not rise up as a hostile force.
May I see  them as the fields of the manifold buddhas.

May I recognize all sounds as my own sounds.
May I recognize all lights as my own lights.
May I recognize all rays as my own rays.
May I spontaneously recognize (the characteristics of) the intermediate states.
May the fields of the three buddha-bodies be manifest.


"God" bless on this Sunday afternoon, may you have sweet dreams with soft landings.


PS: "Time"

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